January 04, 2016


Best camera ever, but...

This camera has it all: solid build, dedicated buttons for the user functions you need most, articulated screen, great lenses, makes beautiful images, and is comfortable in the hand. But Olympus has totally dropped the ball by dropping the DSLR and the 4/3 system. And by doing so they have dropped support for thousands of their loyal customers who have invested heavily in this system. As good as the E-5 has been, the competition is now outpacing it. It's so disappointing that Olympus has chosen to abandon the DSLR - and with it - a large segment of their customer base. Yes, there is a place in the world for micro 4/3 format, but there's also a place for the DSLR. Hopefully, one day Olympus will do the right thing and provide the next greatest DSLR for the world to enjoy.

November 24, 2014


Olympus E-5

I think over time the Olympus E-5 will be regarded as one of the finest cameras ever built because of it's superb build quality, it's on board Image stabilization, it's Titanium water proof and dust proof body, very good quality video, articulating LCD screen, superb low light shooting capabilities, and a multitude of Professional functions and setting that put it into a professional class among the best cameras anywhere in it's price range. It's really unfortunate that Olympus chose to discontinue the Professional E-series four thirds mount cameras when it could have had a winner if they had continued to improve such a fantastic series. What were you thinking Olympus?

November 27, 2013


Two Plus Years Later

Still I am learning more and more about the E-5.
Purchased for the daughters' weddings of 2011, I have used it in more hockey arenas than I can count since.
Any sports photographer will tell you that there is no such thing as constant lighting in any arena even those that hold professional games.
The E-5 has dazzled me when compared to my EV500 under these conditions.
The auto WB is more than enough in most of these lighting conditions and the ISO advancement keeps the hi-res jpegs clear and refined.
Kudos also to Olympus for keeping the batteries for the E series DLSR compatible through out.

October 21, 2013


Built Like A Tank

This IS a professional camera because of it's rugged build and it's use of the finest lenses ever produced for any camera system.

Olympus may be marketing their EM-1 right now which is also a fine camera but for some the E-5 is the perfect size. The E-5 while not having a modern sensor like the new EM-1 still stacks up favorably against the competition because of the SHG f/2 lens suite that is available, and no other manufacturer even offers lenses of this caliber.

For now the E5 is still a good choice for those who already have 4/3 lenses but because Olympus will no longer make DSLR's, those just starting out and wanting a more substantial body then mirrorless cameras have, you may want to look at other brands.

September 30, 2013


Amaziing Camera... Love my E-5

I reviewed this camera back in April, and gave a good description of what I thought were bits of valuable information; I will try to give a better opinion here.

I have shot with Olympus (Exclusively) since 1976 (except for 1989 & 90, when I shot a medium format Mamiya 645, maybe 20% of the time); Most of my images were made with an OM-1, manual camera.
I have a degree in commercial photography.

The E-5 is a true workhorse of a camera, built solidly and very comfortable to hold. It is heavier than my E-500 or EM-5, but with heft comes stability! which helps reduce camera shake. For me, the weight is perfect... all my lenses feel balanced when mounted on the E-5 (50 f2.0 Macro, 11-22, 12-60 even the 50-200, and the 14-45 std zoom and 40-150) they all work great, they all focus quickly, and images come out great.

The best features of the E-5 are the adjustable image monitor, the Layout of controls on the back, and top, and the fact that there is a "grip" where the shutter button is located.

This "grip" is what makes the camera so easy to hold, for me.
Your index finger rests on the shutter button, and just below is an adjustment dial, easily accessed.

I love the location of the "view images" and "trash images" buttons around the OK button etc. Makes it easy to review images, and delete bad shots, and such.

The rotatable monitor is really handy when you need to use an extreme camera position (that your body simply is not able to get to). By switching on Live View, and rotating the monitor to the required view angle, you can make the shot.

I like the built in flash, and use it for fill-in when light is a bit low, or contrast is lacking.

Now for the features that I don't care for, or I think should be improved!

First, the 12.3 MegaPixel Sensor really needs to be higher!!
16 MP is a minimum, but really needs to get to 20 -25 MP
(But that is asking A Lot!, since Olympus's Image Sensor has the Highest Pixel Density {Pixels/mm^2} of Any camera system today)
So, an increase in MP rating is first on my list, but to be honest, I have taken some truly impressive (sharp and contrasty) images with 12.3 MP.

ASA, ISO rating needs to be in-line with the EM-5 and EM-1.
I took shots when re-modeling our kitchen, of the inside of a drawer... which was really dark, no flash, but the EM-5 bumped the ISO high enough to get a clear image... the E-5 was limited in that respect.

I like the EM-5's Live Image, mirrorless environment. The E-5 has it, but you have to activate it (I think by locking the mirror up). This feature works good, but maybe the mirror-less design would be good for the E-5 in the future.

Finally, the Art Filters! I really like the art filters, on both my E-5 and my EM-5... but the E-5 does not appear to have the Art Bkt option; and there are not as many filter choices on the E-5.
Art Filters make photography FUN.... (wish my E-500 had them)

The E-5 is really a joy to use! There is also a sense of pride in owning such a fine camera. I understand the restriction that Cost puts on a person's choices, and the cost of this camera is high, but it was definitely worth the expense for me. I was looking for quality, and found it nestled in excellence.

p.s. I have a spread-sheet, illustrating Olympus's image sensor Pixels-per-mm^2 density, compared to Nikon and Mamiya, and Olympus's density on their 16 MP sensor in the EM-5 and EM-1 far exceeds any others.

April 02, 2013



I got my E-5 over a month ago now, and was really overwhelmed by the quality of the camera! My E-500 does not compare! The E-5 is a heftier, solid work of art. The layout of controls seems to be Much better and easier to use, focus is extremely fast and accurate, ISO range is way better, there are much improved art filters, and the pop-up flash works the way I prefer… everything is superb.

I also have an E-M5, which compares more favorably to the E-5, but I really like the E-5 better. It fits my hand more correctly, while the E-M5 is much smaller, made for someone with small hands.
Focus speed seems very fast in low light. I have noticed the ISO (in Auto ISO) will jump up to 800, 1200, or better, depending on how low the light may be. ISO goes to 6400 with the E-5, which seems to be more than adequate.

The E-5 holds two media cards, just as the E-500 does, which is a Great advantage. I like to shoot on smaller media cards to allow a photo project to be on a card. If I happen to shoot two weddings in a single day, it is convenient to switch to a new card per wedding, keeping everyone in the correct group (2 Meg cards were great, but 4 Meg are just fine too) But now days, it is harder to get CF (compact flash) cards, so with those I take what I can get. The Nikon D600 takes two cards, both SD, so maybe the E-5 (or the next generation) should have two SD media cards as well. The E-M5 only has one media card slot, and that is not as nice.

The adjustable LCD monitor really helps when shooting “Low” viewing angles. I have found I can rotate the monitor down, so I can view images at waist level (just like I would with my old Mamiya 645 with waist level finder). The E-5 can give me the same viewing angle, but there are so many more angles… the E-5 was really thought out well! Plus, you can shut it, so it is protected, when you turn off the camera.

When using the E-5, I feel like I am shooting with a professional camera (which I AM!)

The camera seems to function as if all parts respond in unison. Everything works well together, and all parts respond logically when utilized. It may be the Perfect Camera! (at least for me, it is!)

I think all E-System users should get a chance to Try the E-5 to appreciate it. I would like it to get upgraded to the higher 16MP sensor, and increased ISO range, but other than that, it is an absolutely amazing camera. Everyone should have one!

July 26, 2012


This camera does everything I wanted it to do.

I have owned an Olympus E-5 for 2 years. I have used it to do Macro, Landscapes, wildlife, family, sports. It has handled everything I have tried effortlessly. The results have been absolutely beautiful. I have used it on beaches, in the mountains and everywhere you can think of. The weight, balance, color clarity, sharpness are beyond reproach. All in all just what I imagined before purchase has been confirmed since purchase.

June 15, 2012


Awesome image quality

Upgraded from an E620. The E5 is superbly built camera, with phenomenal picture quality, gorgous LCD screen, built like a brick. Highly recommended.

May 12, 2012

Picture guy

So far, so good

This is an upgrade from my E-30, which I like very much. However, noise in the30 is a problem. My testing to this point suggests that I will be happy shooting @ISO 800, which I think will be enough for me.
I like the camera features and operating it is easy. A bit heavy with a 50-200 but stil manageable.

May 09, 2012


Olympus E-System is FANTASTIC!

The E-5 is an inspiration to use. Olympus should be blessed to have developed it. I have a lot of experience with APS-C and full format bodies of the big N, and the red dotted rangefinder. What I miss in all cases are really good colors. I remembered the great colors of my E-620, that I sold two years ago, and hoped that the E-5 would bring them back. I bought it together with the 12-60 lens. What can I say? I am amazed by the image quality of the E-5. I absolutely love, love, love the high quality of the RAW files. It is simply fantastic to see which intensive colors, contrast, and dynamic range, not to speak of the very high sharpness, can be squeezed out of the E-5's RAWs. It's mind-blowingly great. Olympus, please do not drop the E-System, it is one of the highest quality digital camera systems on the market. I think it is two notches above the M4/3 system (which I also know from the Pen E-P2).
Apart from the very high image quality, I LOVE the excellent viewfinder. The camera simply fits perfectly to the eye (even with glasses on!), so that I can shoot with full concentration on the subject. Again, the E-5 is inspiring.
Ergonomics, grip, everything is excellent.
Olympus, you did an excellent job. Again: Please keep this system alive.

May 05, 2012


Very Expensive, great lenses, inuitive(for me) op

Feels great in the hands, great build quality. Seems to be much easier to use than my e-620 which was pretty easy :)
Olympus lenses bang for buck are amazing, the cameras much less so. A little bulky maybe but i wouldnt complain about that considering how it handles.

May 05, 2012


I've owned four Olympus digital cameras prior to purchasing the E-5 so I have found Olympus to provide an excellent quality product and the E-5 is no exception. I am an amateur so I am still experimenting with all of the unique features built into the camera. I am also very pleased with the workmanship of the camera. The E-5 has all the features I think I would ever need and the menu and feature selection process is very straight forward. So far the image quality has been exceptional.

April 21, 2012


Best of the 4/3rds to date

Love the camera. Still wish for the weatherproof body in a smaller (non m4/3) size.
I've been amazed at the image quality diff in all my lenses. Comparing shots side by side the E-3 or E-510 is night and day.
Yes, it's as big as any other prosumer/pro camera out there. But it's tough (been shooting in sub zero weather, as well as rain and snowstorms with no ill effect) and reliable. Controls are easy to master, and offer lots of customization. When paired with Oly lenses, the system is a steal compared to other brands.

April 19, 2012


Only Olympus

I own or have owned the E-500, 510, 520, 620 and now the E-5. There is no comparison. The only words I have for the E-5 is that it rocks. I just received it and took it to a photo field trip I was leading. As I was the instructor I just took the E-5 and the 50-200 SWD (I shoot almost everything from a tripod). My thoughts were that I'd freehand a few shots while teaching and see how good it was without a tripod.

Results are below. I backed sharpening down to -1 and it was still tack sharp freehand with auto focus. Never seen an auto focus this fast before.

All photos handheld - auto focus, full 200 mm zoom, varying metering settings, f/4 (I was teaching depth of field). The closeup is of a goat's eye. Levels adjustments only and cropping. The eagles are about a 300% crop (need to beg the wife for a longer lens).

Photos resized to medium quality for uploading

April 05, 2012

Ichabod Crane

The E 5 is incredibly rugged

The E 5 is a worthy successor to the E-1 and E-3. I used both cameras and while the E 5 has evolved from those cameras ( and I loved those cameras)it is a joy to use with an amazing array of features. I just hope that Olympus continues the E series. I should also note that the Olympus tech support staff is ready to a fault to provide assistance when I call with an inquiry.

March 22, 2012


Great feel and control when taking pictures

The E-5 was purchased to be used as my primary camera body when using my Zuiko 50-200 lens.
It has not disappointed me. Autofocus is fast and reliable. Living in an area with low light conditions due to cloud cover, the need to boost ISO settings is a must. Results have been good with settings up to 1600. I like having the manual controls over settings, and the layout of the menu is easy to navigate. The LCD monitor is awesome! This was an upgrade from an E-30, and low light performance with the E-5 is worth the upgrade.

March 22, 2012



Wow...it is a light weight amezing out put...thanks to Olympus..

March 10, 2012


Great camera!

Before getting the E5 I used the E500, and the E520, and with every camera I was able to see the incremental improvements. The E5 I find easy to use (like other Oly's - the controls make sense to me), fits nicely in my hand and accompanied by Zuiko lenses (any lens) you hit a home run ! I use the 9-18 mm, 50 mm, 14-35 mm, 14-54I mm, 35-100 mm, 70-300 mm. I don't do much video, but every time I use it I get good results. Enjoy the articulating screen, excellent built, cf and sd cards, art filters etc. In conclusion - excellent technology that is easy to understand and use.

February 22, 2012

Image Gatherer

The E-5 is a very fine camera. Pleased to own one.

I have owned my E-5 for almost a year. I am still learning from and about this exceptional camera. With the E-5 coupled to my Zuiko Digital ED 12-60mm and 50-200mm lenses the quality of my images has improved immensely. I am always pleased when I process my gathered images. Whether the images are portrait work or field landscape work they are always sharp and clear. The E-5 is light, solid, and fast. The rare instance that I have an issue with the E-5 it mostly turns out to be an operator error or a learning issue.

February 11, 2012


Under recgonised great value

Fast, accurate, waterproof, a great platform for the best lenses, the 150 f2 is unbelievable

February 07, 2012


Another fine product from Olympus.

This is an excellent camera and met my expectation. Thanks Olympus!

January 25, 2012


Excellent shooting and quality

I've been shooting photographs since 1979 and am a professional fine art photographer.

The Olympus E-5 is an amazing camera. Quality and build are excellent and the camera provides beautiful results.

Lower noise at high ISO and built in image stabilization are huge. The camera display is large and articulating which is very handy when shooting over the tops of peoples head.

The glass in their mid-level and higher grade lenses is outstanding and the zoom ranges are nearly perfect for what I do.

January 19, 2012


Received the Olympus E-5 as a gift and I love it. I am a novice photographer, but this camera is easy to use. Plus Olympus has a friendly and helpful Tech Support for questions I couldn't find answers to in the manual.
I've taken some fantastic night photos.
The menu is very user-friendly too to be able to quickly change settings.
I haven't tried the HD recording feature yet or the art filters, but look forward to using them.

January 14, 2012


I Am Stuck on Olympus

The E-5 is the 5th professional Olympus camera I have owned, in addition to some point-and-shoot versions. I love the compact size of the format. I could go on and on because there are VERY FEW features that I have a problem with.
There are two areas where Olympus needs some improvements in their professional cameras. I photograph dancers on stage during rehearsal with no posing or control over the lighting. I often find the autofocus balky the in low light stage lighting and I would still love to have access to even higher ISO's and with a bit less noise.

January 13, 2012


What I like about the camara is its rugednes for outdoor photography. Its true to life colors,fast auto focus,excelent lenses and its ergonomic design.

January 11, 2012


Still learning

I upgraded from an E-500 which is a good camera and good base (with quite an investment in lenses!) but I wanted something with a little more capability. I took my E-5 on vacation and used it as an opportunity to experiment and have not been disappointed. Wouldn't pretend to have become a master yet - another vacation is on the horizon... Some clear differences - pictures in low light are so much better, while have not used much the video is impressive, picture stabilization, white balance and speed are much improved. Much still to learn but very impressed so far and I can now take photos I simply couldn't before.

December 29, 2011


Great IQ and Solid Build

While there is much debate these days about future of Olympus and the commitment to DLSR, I took the leap to E-5 and do not regret it. The camera does give a jump in IQ over E-30.

It is a plus for those of us who are already committed to 4/3 that Olympus has not made radical changes to user interface or how accessories will match up with E-5. The camera has a great feel in your hands and is built like a tank. It does fall short on video but that isn't why I purchased this DSLR.

The JPEGs are very nicely rendered though I personally prefer RAW. The addition of an SD slot was a welcome addition. While noise at higher ISO is much improved, it is still there but at low ISO this camera will stand toe to toe and then some with any APS-C sensor offering.

Most of all when coupled with Olympus glass, the E-5 is a stunner and a worthy flagship camera. The price is starting to come down now to a point where the Olympus 4/3 system system dollar-for-dollar can't be beat IMHO.

Oly please don't stop making great cameras like the E-5!!!

December 25, 2011


Best digital SLR so far

This is my 4th Olympus DSLR. I began with the evolt 500, then an evolt 510, moved up to the E30 and now the E5. Each was an improvement on the last, and loved all of them. The E5 seems to be the pinnacle, love that it is faster focusing, faster in setting variables and yet still follows the same general format that previous models used. It is built like a tank and with my array of Olympus Zuiko lens it is used all the time. Cannot believe the picture quality and ease of use. Fantastic overall.

December 15, 2011


Love it!!

I bought my E-5 about nine months ago and I love it. Well built, dust proof and splash proof are important to me. Plus all the functions that are available blows my mind. Image quality is great and noise is not an issue at all.

December 12, 2011

franco patruno

Finally I got it!

I started with an E-520, upgraded to E-30. Finally I got an E-5. My pictures totally changed.

November 22, 2011


Excellent Camera Overall

My introduction to Olympus began with the E-520. That camera is a feature packed monster. From then I moved to the Olympus E-3, then the E-30 and now, the E-5.

This camera is an absolute beast. Let's get that out of the way from the beginning. The images it produces are very clear and detailed (especially in combination with SHG Zuiko lenses). It can provide excellent quality, and images are great for resizing when extremely large print work is needed.

At lower ISO settings is where this camera truly shines. When shooting at ISO 200 you get the most dynamic range from it and much better range in the highlights. There is some shadow noise that I have noticed, but this is something that doesn't appear in my prints. When underexposing an image to preserve highlights however, noise can become a problem when increasing the exposure in post production.

When you're not in an extremely contrasty scene, the camera provides excellent metering (I mainly shoot in Aperture Priority mode, Manual mode when I'm using strobes).

I would love to have more frames per second, but 5 is plenty enough for the work that I do.

The build quality? The same as the E-3. Which equals almost "everything-proof". I've shot in extremely heavy rain, dusty conditions, etc. The camera never missed a step and worked excellent.

It's a bulkier camera, being in relatively the same size as the E-3.

The battery life has varied. With BLM-5's the camera has seen exceptional life. Using older BLM-1 batteries from my previous cameras, they die quicker.

The image stabilization is excellent. I've actually managed to get a handheld 2 second exposure! This isn't a normal occurrence though and I was lucky to be as still as I could while holding this camera with the 12-60mm lens.

I don't use the art filters, however, I feel they are an excellent addition for those who don't have time to edit their photos in post production.

The HD movie implementation could be better. I notice that when I shoot video in manual mode, it seems that I don't get full manual control as the exposure changes as I pan through a scene with varying dynamic range. I believe this could be improved with a firmware update however (as well as adding 25p, 24p, 50p, 60p recording). I feel the Zuiko lens are excellent and with these additions would help make the E-5 an even more attractive camera.

The menu system of the camera and screen are beautiful. There are a lot of buttons on the body (similar to the E-3) which will take some getting used to. I would love to see a button layout to the E-520 (which I feel has beautiful ergonomics).

The viewfinder is beautiful and the digital spirit level inside has helped tremendously in getting straight photos.

November 20, 2011


Great Camera, Great Value!

I wasn't going to upgrade from my E3, but decided it would be a nice, early Christmas gift from my wife. :) I have no complaints about the E3, it's also a great camera, but the quality and clarity of the photographs were noticably better with the E5. The fact that it's compatable with all my lenses, batteries and the HLD-4 battery holder makes upgrading from the E3 a painless process. Olympus glass is also some of the best made, so you'll never have to worry about lens quality - and some after market companies make some decent lenses too if you're on a budget (but Oly is still the best way to go). I like the fact that you can do video, but, since I've been doing photography for over 20 years, I have a hard time using live view. You can only shoot video in live view and I'l not use to that at all (I always look thru the view finder). Now this is MY problem, not necessarily the camera's. If you look at the video I've taken you'd probably get motion sickness, but I'm confident I'll get the hang of it with some practice. I'm including two basic photos. One of my dog and one of the ferry we went on across the Tennessee River. Although it was quite cloudy that day, I think the photos came out well. There was no learning curve for me to use this since I upgraded from the E3. Only a few buttons have been moved to make room for the large, much clearer LCD screen. And if you never used a E series camera, it's really not that hard to figure out. I really love this camera and plan on having it for many years. Rock solid construction make it a bit heavy, especially with the HLD-4 battery holder (which I highly recommend), but it's shock and water resistant. Besides, personally, I like a camera with a bit of heft to it. You can't go wrong with this camera - I love it!!

November 19, 2011

Dean D

excellent tough camera

great feel in hand, this camera can take some punishiment. performence is excellent. prints up to 17x11 look great with no upscale there size

super high grade lens with this camera. fast focus and great color and sharpness

November 04, 2011

Martin Klar

Great camera

Have had the camera for over a year and taken over 4000 photos during some travel adventures and it performs superbly

November 03, 2011


Great Camera

IT IS A Great Camera! Just a little bit bulky for everyday use, but that shadows over the quality of shots variety of options it delivers

October 25, 2011


Superior camera with the best glass available

I have shot both the other "big" brands and must say the E5 is miles ahead of them. The camera is an absolute beast that can put up with anything I throw at it, as I am an "action" photographer that is tough on equipment. It won't scratch, wear or dent not matter what I do to it. I am amazed with the abuse that it just laughs at.

Beyond being tough, the E5 picture quality is amazing. I love the fact that the exposure is almost always dead on when I am in Aperture Mode. The jpegs are extremely sharp and accurate (I don't like spending hours correcting photos, I would rather be shooting). Colors are correct and vibrant. The controls are easy to use and all of the buttons are well placed and I very rarely ever mistakenly change modes or settings as I did with the "other" cameras. All of my pictures are tack sharp if I follow proper shooting guidelines.

Some of the other things I like about the camera are the durable and awesome swivel screen. What top rate, pro camera offers this? I love the Art filters. Are they a little corny? Maybe, but if it a dreary day they can add some fun to the pictures. Dramatic tone can make an overcast day awesome. Best yet, the filters don't touch the raw file. I also love and treasure the anti shock feature. Gone is the stupid mirror lock up feature. For a landscape photographer, this is huge benefit and true genius from Olympus. I also like the in-body camera stabilization. Put good glass in the lenses, not electronics. I like the two card slots also. Now I can use both type of cards and never run into memory problems if I have 2 cards in.

I love the feel of this camera. It feels tough and it fits my hand well. You feel like you are holding a professional (which you are) piece of equipment when you hold the E5. Throw on the superior Zuiko glass and you have a heavy duty masterpiece.

I only have two complaints with this camera. The eye cup. Watch out, it falls of easy, so if you move around a lot with the camera, have extras in your bag because you are going to lose one or two. The remote cable release was not well thought out. For a tough camera, this is the camera's Achilles Heal. You look at it wrong and it will break, costing you over 60 bucks a clip. This has been a big frustration to me.

The E5 is a big winner. I have a much more expensive competitor's camera and it stays in the bag all the time. I have 2 E5 bodies and an assortment of the top level Zuiko lenses. I absolutely love them. When I read reviews that say the Olympus is expensive compared to competitors similar models, I think they are comparing the wrong models. The E5 is a professional camera that should be compared to the big two's pro cameras that cost almost 3 times more.

I have compared images in exact same settings and the E5 images are sharper, more true to color, and better exposed. Add that to the super tough body, and you have the best of all features in one camera. Well done Olympus. Please keep the DSLR cameras going. The E-PL system is awesome (I have one of those also), but the E5 is simply the best. It makes my photography better and much more fun.

October 03, 2011


The E-5 produces exceptional color quality.

You can feel the build quality the moment you pick up the camera. It's built like a tank. The ergonomic design fits naturally when taking photographs. The autofocus is amazingly fast. Particularly with the ED 50mm,f2.0 lens. I have a picture of a bubble floating in an outdoor breeze to prove it. I enjoy using the art filters to show different perspectives. The processor processes RAW files quickly when doing high sequential shooting. The ability to access menus and make changes is quick and easy. I am most impressed with the picture quality and color. In my opinion, the Olympus E-5 produces better picture quality and color than any other camera in it's class and better then many of the competitors' more expensive high end cameras. I also own the Olympus E-3 in addition to the E-5. With the weather sealing, I feel very secure using these Olympus cameras in foul/stormy weather conditions and when boating, etc.

Thank you Olympus. You keep DSLR's like the E-5 coming and I'll keep buying. :-)

September 30, 2011


Dramatic Upgrade

As a longtime E-1 user, who skipped the E-3, the E-5 is a significant upgrade. I have less than two weeks with this camera, but the improvements in image quality and responsiveness are significant. I really love the 3" LCD, the viewfinder and the information displays. I will have a more cogent review in a few months, but so far, so good.
Note I listed good for value, as similarly capable bodies, from other manufactures, sell for less. If I factor in lens quality vs. price, for Olympus DSLR cameras, the value borders on excellent.

September 25, 2011

Nashville to New York

Superior Camera need to know the future

I've shot Olympus SLR since the E-10.
I have all the pro series zooms from 7-4 to 90-250mm. I shoot about 500 frames a week.
The quality of the colors and clairity beats my friends. The sharpmess and image quality stand out.

I just want to know that the E system SLRs will continue.

September 20, 2011


Excellent masterpiece of art and technology

Simply a masterpiece product from Olympus. Combined with almost any Zuiko lenses, you will get beatiful photos. E-5 is an excellent tool for any type of photography. I have used in several countries in different weather condition, the camera and lenses never failed. Oh yes, you can take stunning night photos without flash.

September 15, 2011

Wet in Seattle

Image quality rivaling those costing up to 4X more

My E5 makes all the other cameras in it's price range feel like plastic toys. Pair an E5 with a SHG Zuiko lens and I don't think you can match the image quality no matter what you spend!

September 15, 2011

Greek BABA

I love this camera

Camera is truly amazing Easy to navigate, feels very much like my beloved E1, great in low light, works flawlessly with any oly lenses, weight and size perfect for a pro camera, raw and jpeg output needs very little tweaking, filters are Great!, off camera flash works great for portrait photography, view finder menus are very easy to use and very functional. And with the amazing oly lenses the E5 produces pictures that you will cherish for years to come. I love this camera

September 12, 2011


Great camera body

I upgraded my 420 to an E-5 and wish I would have dobne it earlier. This body is great, it pairs wonderfully with my Zuiko lenses. The AF is super quick even in low light conditions.

August 29, 2011


The Best Available Zuiko Lens Attachment

As a very experienced photographer I chose a system not a camera. There are better bodies available, but when you add Zuiko SWD lenses to the equation Olympus was my choice.

August 14, 2011


Olympus did Not disapoint me.

Outstanding camera. I am self made professional photographer. I "grew up" with OM - 1 and added OM - 2 and OM - 4. I expect quality built cameras and high reliability. It was reading the reviews on these pages that helped me to decide to buy E - 5
body and ED 12 - 60 mm SWD lens. To say I am not disaponted would be understatement. Very hapy how the camera performs. True to life colors and razor sharp images. This is very important to me. Great camera, Olympus.

August 11, 2011


Excellent results with this camera

I upgraded from my E3 to the E5. It is a wonderful camera. The pictures are coming out tack sharp.

July 11, 2011


Very Satisfied with Olympus E-5

I've been shooting with the E-5 since Jan 2011 and have been very pleased with the image quality. I'm frequently surprised at the amount of cropping (enlargement) that can be done while maintaining clear images. I've also been impressed with the quality of photos when using higher ISO. Now I'm the limiting factor not the equipment.

May 27, 2011


E5 versus the Evolt500

I was committed to Olympus when I bought the Ev500 in 2006.The E5's autofocus is what attracted me.In low light conditions the Ev500 had trouble with focusing to the point I carried a portable light source for it to lock onto. The image stabilisation is a wonder as I am not as steady as I once was when shooting photos on the fly.My 1-2.8 to 3.5, 14 to 54mm lens that I bought separately from the Ev500 package is perfect with the camera. Also the battery well every good photographer carries backup batteries. But I went through 600 photos at a recent wedding on one charge.The Art Filters allow me to make a good subject with a bad backgound into a great photo that in the past I would have deleted. IB is big step uo over Master 2.

May 21, 2011


Huge improvements ...

Working with the E-5 over the past few months has me loving the upgrades from my E-510.

The bright, clear articulated LCD allows for camera positions otherwise difficult or impossible. It's extra size is a big improvement.

Combined with the Zuiko High and Super-High Grade lenses, the 12MP sensor captures clear, well-balanced images. Highlights seem better controlled with the E-5 and the in-body stabilization is one of my favorite features, as I tend to have a shaky hand.

Olympus color is spot-on. The built-in white balance sensor reduces the need for WB adjustments except in certain circumstances. This makes stime-to-shoot faster and easier.

Movies are solid in 720p, but not the main strength of this DSLR compared to other options on the market.

Battery life seems very good.
Controls and menus are well-placed and easy to navigate once I became familiar with them.

The camera is larger and heavier than the E-510; expected, and actually easier for me as it fits my hand better. The dust and splash sealing keeps me shooting even when conditions deteriorate.

This is a workhorse of a camera for someone that appreciates Olympus lenses, color rendering, and build quality.

May 17, 2011


Olympus E-5 is an excellent camera!

The E-5 definitely has hit the mark, and finally offers significant improvements that place it in the top tier of cameras, taking full advantage of the best Olympus lenses. I particularly appreciate the low-light performance and the incredible synch speeds, as well as the ergonomic controls and intelligent design. I love having the primary controls at my fingertips and not buried in deep menus. I have been shooting theater and sports and, even in murky conditions, I have been able to create images that are saturated and low-noise.

April 26, 2011


Professional Results and has Rugged Durability

I am enjoying my E-5... the color and clarity of the photos is amazing. Two pluses are the in-camera stabilazation and the larger screen. The 4/3rds format also appeals to me. Coupled with my SWD lenses my shots can be taken rapidly and are tack sharp...perfect for nature photography. I have always liked the colors my Olympus camera produces and have owned several Olympus cameras... camedia, E-510, E-3 and now the E-5. My only wish would be a greater selection of long lenses at affordable prices. I do love my E-5!

April 24, 2011


I Was Made For You.....

This camera was designed with me in mind. I have been an Olympus owner and user from the first film camera I bought all the way to my E-5.

The E-5 sturdy, rugged, and absolutely a joy to use. All of the most important functions are there for you to access at your fingertips. Switching aperture or exposure on the fly is a breeze. The menus are logical and well thought out and the image quality is superb. If you are looking for the ultimate Four Thirds camera, this is it.

I already had a few lenses that I'd acquired over my ownership of an E-300 and then an E-520 so it was a logical decision to move up to an E-5.

This camera does 720p video recording so that is a nice feature to have too in case you want to take some video. I wish that there would be a software update so that the camera could record 1080i or 1080p video. I could be wrong here but I do believe the hardware is capable of it and that a software update could enable it.

One annoyance was that Super Fine Mode is not the default setting and it requires activation by the user. Had I actually read the manual, it might have been apparent to me. The reason I did not read the manual was a very simple one. For most of the functions, I didn't need to.

Anyone who has owned an E-520, E-620 or similar camera will feel instantly at home with this one. The transition was extremely painless.....with the added bonus of extra functionality and even easier to use major controls.

The software that came with this camera is wonderful for the most part. Some functions require a bit of consultation with the help section. I used to use Olympus Master with my older camera but now use Olympus Viewer 2 with my E-5. While I'm getting accustomed to this software, there is a learning curve and that is to be expected.

A new service which allows you to print your images and store them online called ib has been added to the mix. While this is a nice addition, the full range of services may not be available to you depending on where you reside.

The bottom line for me is that this camera offers me the ability to produce a high quality image and lets me be creative too.

The art filters are a nice touch and can create some very nice effects. This combination of both hardware and software is awesome. Olympus fans and owners won't be disappointed and any new converts will quickly see why this is a fantastic camera.

Lastly, Olympus lenses are top notch and produce amazing images. When considering a camera purchase, it is important to check out the lenses first because they will make or break your image more so than any other component. The spectrum of lenses one can choose from is broad. You can't go wrong with any of them. Their ability to render a subject is quite impressive and on some models, the speed of the autofocus is either class leading or simply the best there is.

As you can tell, I'm impressed with this camera and am quite pleased with my purchase. I'd recommend this camera to anyone who is either an advanced hobbyist or a professional.

April 24, 2011


Professional/Flexible results in all conditions

Match the E-5 with the 12-60 SWD & the 50-200 SWD for professional results in all weather conditions.This combination provides a 24-400mm equivalent with reasonably fast lens (f2.8-f4). Autofocus is quick & accurate and colour superb. Previously owned batteries, lenses, flash & remote control are all fully compatable with the E-5; well done, Olympus. The art filters provide inspiration for interpretation of results and can be applied in camera or in Viewer 2 Software if shooting in RAW. I find it is best to shoot in Raw & JPEG mode to maximize possibilities. Overall a desireable package for professional results and maximum flexibility in almost all conditions.

April 23, 2011


A balanced all rounder dSLR

In my opinion, E-5 is a dSLR that is designed for outdoor uses. This is because this camera is weatherproof. Coupled with any High Grade and Super High Grade lens I can shoot in an adverse environment confidently. It has never failed me in this aspect.

Shooting indoor in low light situation is never the strength of Olympus. I think E-5 is a camera that is designed to use with flash when shooting indoor. Color reproduction is natural. Though I shoot RAW all the time, I am also impressed by the image quality of JPEG produced out of the camera.

The new image processor TruePic V+ is another area which impressed upon me. The noise and moire control is a big improvement over E-3 but still lag behind competition. The new image processor produced image quality that looked sharper and contained more details.

As for the AF, it is not the fastest as compared to competition. I find it fast enough for my usage though it did failed on me on some IMPORTANT occasion. I really hope Olympus can put more effort into improving the AF performance.

To conclude, I like E-5. It's AF speed is not the fastest and high ISO performance is not the best among the competition. There is no perfect camera. In my opinion, E-5 is a balanced all rounder dSLR that Olympus faithful will use it to the fullest.

April 20, 2011


Much better than E-3

The new E-5 is definitely much better than my old E-3. It is much more "shootable" at 400-1600 ISO range for wildlife and birds. Shooting birds-in-flight is still a challenge due to low performance in CAF. Shooting without flash in restaurant or party places still have occational focus hunt problem despite using Olympus best 12-60mm. Noise is manageable with ISO-3200 and below. ISO-6400 requires hard working with post processing. Lastly, video is a welcome addition but focusing is hard to handle. Tripod is a must and MF may be the best method.

April 13, 2011


Everything I hoped it would be!

I added the E-5 and 14-54 II lens to my existing 3:2 aspect ratio system so that I would have a 4:3 aspect ratio camera because I had been cropping a lot of my portrait oriented pictures because they just looked so much better that way and I hoped it would help me with my compositional development and boy did it ever! I just love using this camera! The ergonomics are absolutely top-notch! I can change the major settings on the right side of the camera while totally supporting it with the same hand. Everything you've read about the color fidelity is true, they frankly look more "poignant" while being less "gaudy" at the same time. The superb jpegs have me seriously rethinking my "RAW OR DIE" mentality. The wake-up and autofocus times with the above mentioned lens are a little slower than my 3:2 camera but I didn't buy the E-5 for high FPS action shooting. The super control panel is the best I've ever come across for accessing settings to be modified directly, very handy! Thank You Olympus for a wonderful camera!

April 12, 2011

Captain Jerry


I switched from a popular DSLR camera brand that I had been using for over 40 years - all the way from the film days to todays digital. One day I noticed (while shooting at a butterfly exhibit) everyone there was shooting with a few brands of camera and as we were comparing captures they all looked the same. I wanted my captures to be different.

Recently I had purchased a Pen (E-P2) to use for a Route 66 documentary (that's another story) and though I investigated the E-5. What I found was an expanded range of useful art filters that were excellent. The art filters allowed me to perform more work in the camera by using various techniques and filters resulting in less post work. Plus if the filter did work as expected I had a beautiful RAW image as a backup. I now have a wonderful range of Olympus optics and simply, I truly enjoy this camera for both studio and landscapes. Oh, by the way I carry the E-P2 with me everywhere wherever I go.

April 11, 2011


One of the best, if not the best pro SLRs.

The E-5 is the best SLR I have ever used. The image quality is just amazing. I especially like the Art Filters*, especially the Dramatic Tone one. The filters are just so much fun. I also like the fact that the E-5 is the only Pro SLR with a pop-up flash. I don't like to particularly carry a lot of equipment if I don't really have to; so I don't like lugging a flash everytime, but I like it that I have the option of having a built-in flash just in case. The quality of the camera is also top-notch. This thing is built like a tank! The excellent Olympus lenses are a perfect complement for the camera too. All in all, I would have to say that Olympus has built my dream camera!

*As a side note, I remember how the photography press criticized Olympus' Art Filters when they first came out as being "gimicky". However, now another major manufacturer has just released a new SLR with their version of Art Filters, and the press greets it like it is a great innovation. Go figure??

April 11, 2011


Fun to shoot

I've had the E-5 about 3 weeks & used it regularly. It is an excellent camera, fun to shoot. I have an E-520 and E-30, I will continue to use them as alternate bodies, but the E-5 is really a class apart.

Mainly it's the bigger and better viewfinder: it makes auto-focusing better with all my lenses. The detail and the colour rendition are improved.

I haven't found the E-5 particularly heavy after the E-30 and if anything the former's ergonomics are better - I have medium-sized hands.

The price does seem high given other offerings for pro bodies, however. the camera has made a difference and upped the quality of my output from my entire kit.

April 09, 2011


Great Camera

Been really enjoying my E-5 from the first time I turned it on. I came from the E-30 and I wasn't sure how much more I could like my camera till I laid hands on the E-5. Didn't notice the minor size/weight difference but I did notice the beautiful new high resolution LCD! This was one of things I look forward to the most.

I love the extra control over the art filters, and especially love the new Dramatic Tone filter. The video capability will certainly come in handy at times, though the video format is a bit disappointing. Since it is not compressed with H.264 or some other video codec clips must be small and take up a lot of space!

The jpeg quality is outstanding though, the color is amazing and the detail is there. It really brings out the quality in every Zuiko lens! Autofocus has been fast and spot on in all light types.

I can say with confidence, if you use an E-system camera & lenses you will get a lot out of an E-5 upgrade!

April 06, 2011

Albert E

Fills my expectations

Having Olympus OM4Ti,E330,and E3,and lenses,the E5 with all the great new features like special filters,and movies as well as higher quality imaging is just what I wanted,and I am very happy!!At first I thought the price was high,but it is well worth it!!

April 05, 2011


One Great Camera

I photograph wild birds and am tickled pink with the E-5. It has met all my hopes and expectations, plus it does HD video, which I didn't think I wanted but find now that I do.
Birds in flight are hard to track and hard to focus, or was until the E-5 came out.
Coupled with the ZD300 (and sometimes with the EC14 attached) it is a photographer's dream. Easy to carry, easy to shoot and crystal clear images to boot.
Thanks, Oly

March 31, 2011


Newer regretted the gear switch

I like this camera very much. The autofocus is precise and sites in 8 out of 10 shots.

For my type of photography, aircraft spotting, the weatherproof lenses and body are essential to make me feel comfortable while it begins to rain.

Out of camera images can be used for print up to ISO1600. Even ISO3200 is very good useable when used for my family or some parties.

In IBIS is much better than the OIS, nevertheless, while taking movies IBIS does not work.

March 29, 2011


I can make money with this camera.

Stepped up from OM to E, have owned all three and the -5 shows a continuation of most of the good plus adding better image range and what I feel is an improved and more efficient ability to customize camera setting to suite any shooting situation. My one wish; reinvent the E-1 feel in the hand with it's offset, palmable, lens position.

March 24, 2011


even better

i had 2 E-3,wich were by far the best cameras i ever owned!
but olympus did it again,and even better with the E-5!
whatever i wish that was "missing" in the E-3(and that wasn't much),is now in the E-5.
great job olympus,and please keep up making these fantastic cameras!
best value for the money!

March 24, 2011


Logical move from a e-520

I opted for the e-5 because I was ready to upgrade from the 520, seriously considered the e-30 but very few around and they appear to be phasing out. Price showed no sign of falling although there were some deals with "add-ons" at no additional cost. Love the camera so far, much faster focus than my 500 or 520 and I much prefer the 5's controls

March 22, 2011


This is a great camera, very easy to operate and i'm very pleased to with the images and the art filters are awesome.

March 21, 2011

Frozen Feather Images

An Evolutionary Improvement

May I start by saying this isn't my first Olympus E-series product? I've owned an E-1, an E-500, and E-30 and and E-3 as well. I've taken tens of thousands of photos with these cameras. I've lugged them, used them and probably abused them from Alaska to Ecuador; from Antarctica to Panama. I claim some authority for this review.

Olympus famously uses the Four-thirds technology it helped develop in its DSLR products. That technology defines both the strengths and weaknesses of the DSLR product line, including the E-5.

The sensor in Olympus DSLR cameras is half the size of a 35mm frame. On the downside, that limits the number of pixels the sensor can capture, in comparison to a full-frame product. It also implies more noise than a full-frame sensor at the same ISO setting. The E-5 captures 12 megapixels; there are [Other Brand] and [Another Brand] cameras in the same price range that get twice as many pixels. The E-5 can now shoot with acceptable levels of noise at ISO1600 (a four-fold improvement over the E-3). But, again, [Other Brand] and [Another Brand] DLSR cameras in the same price range manage the same low noise at ISO3200 and even ISO6400. This is by no means the best low-light DSLR camera on the market. The E-series won't be as long as it uses the Four-thirds technology.

But there are very real, very important advantages to the Fourth-thirds technology, too. The Zuiko lenses built to 4/3rds are quite simply the best DSLR lenses available in the world. Especially the Super High Grade lenses. It's not just that they are razor-sharp, aberration free and well-built; the 4/3rds tech makes them focus faster, makes them lighter and superior to the equivalent [Other Brand]/[Another Brand] glass. The Olympus 300mm f/2.8 Super Telephoto ED Lens for Olympus Digital SLR Cameras is by far the best telephoto lens I have ever owned. Because image stabilization is in the camera, not in the lens, the form factor is smaller as well as lighter. The improvements to the E-5 play to these strengths.

I just finished a 17 day trip into the tropics, photographing birds. I used the E-5 for every shot. While the E-3 is a splendid camera, that that I have happily used for years, the E-5 is so superior to the E-3 that I never broke the E-3 out of my gear bag.

Some of those advantages:

(1) Much faster focusing, and more reliable - although still not ideal - focusing in low light. Focus acquisition with a teleconverter on is especially improved, and it's now possible to shoot a bird in flight with the 300mm with a Olympus Zuiko EC-20 2x Teleconverter mounted.

(2) Greatly improved performance in low light. Noise levels are acceptable to ISO1600, where the E-3 wasn't much good beyond ISO400.

(3) Improved in-camera processing. Images emerge needing much less Photoshop work. The level of detail is simply extraordinary.

(4) Substantially improved multiple shooting, with a higher frames per second rate and a bigger buffer. There's some improvement in the write speed as well, so you spend less time waiting for the buffer to write to media.

(5) Larger, more accurate LCD view screen. Pixel count and density are higher, and you can adjust the viewer for lighting levels.

(6) Greatly enhanced user configurability. As someone who is left-handed, that's especially important to me.

I understand that the JPG processing is especially good, but I shoot exclusively RAW, so there's little benefit for me. Art filters aren't of any use in nature photography, so I can't speak to the ten new art filters, either. The new video features are fine, but not my primary goal.

If you have an investment in Zuiko lenses, or want the best possible glass for your work, then the E-5 is an easy choice. Beyond question, you'll get better photos. If you haven't invested in Zuiko, then the E-5 may be a more difficult choice. But if you are a nature photographer looking for the sharpest possible images, and not shooting in consistently low light, then Zuiko lenses and the E-5 are the tools of choice.

My highest recommendation.

March 20, 2011


Powerful Camera

I am a previous E-620 user and I really love that camera. When Olympus released the E-5, I feel & I know that it will be my next camera. Although the price is a bit too high for me, I trust Olympus that this camera is worth every penny and so I pulled the trigger. Just holding the camera, I know it is a serious piece of equipment. It feels very solid, very durable. I noticed also the sound of the shutter is so smooth compared to my E-620. I previously own a 12-60mm SWD lens so now I got a very good tandem between camera and lens. I love the very fast auto focus and I believe it is the world's fastest auto focus as Olympus claims it. The 3.0inch swivel LCD is gorgeous, sometimes, my pictures look better on the camera LCD than my computer! I love the colors, sharpness, and the performance of this beast, maybe the only drawback I can think is the weight but I think with all those technologies packed inside it, it is a good compromise. The only thing I'm waiting now is new Four Thirds lenses. Good work Olympus! My camera, my choice.

March 06, 2011


Best Olympus DSLR ever, well worth the price.

Having happily used the Olympus E-500 for five years, I was hesitant to move to the E-5. However, my shooting with the E-5 in these past two weeks since buying it (and the 12-60mm SWD lens and the 50-200 mm SWD lens) has demonstrated the advantages I had only read about until now. I love the magnificent picture quality, which is the most important thing. Using the 12-60mm SWD lens and the 50-200 SWD lenses, autofocus is incredibly fast and my pictures are tack-sharp, with the famously true and beautiful Olympus colors. JPEGs come out perfect, no post-processing needed. Specific features that I wanted and am glad to have now are in-body image-stabilization, a large and bright and clear LCD that articulates, multi-point autofocus, live-view magnification for manual focusing, the option of autofocus-with-manual-focus (S-AF-M) which is very useful, face detection, a level gauge which I use a lot, autofocus adjustment for individual lenses if needed ('though these particular two lenses did not need it), weather-sealing, durable build, customizability, and HD video. I don't shoot high ISO, so the high-ISO performance did not matter much to me in my decision whether to buy this camera. Also, 12.3 megapixels is quite enough for the extent of cropping and printing that I do. I am looking forward to using the E-5 and my two lenses for years and years to come.

March 02, 2011

OM-1 since 1976

My first DSLR

I've been shooting with an Olympus OM-1 since 1976 and this is my first DSLR. I do own a few different digital point and shoots, medium formats and a view camera. Even when 135mm SLRs' went autofocus, I kept shooting with my Om-1 with Zuiko prime lenses. I also have an OM-2 but always preferred non electronic cameras, no worrying over batteries in cold conditions while doing nature /landscape shots. Since K-14 is no longer available (R.I.P.), I needed to get with the 21 century and get a digital DSLR. So I waited for the E-5. After checking reviews and other manufacturers, I stuck with Olympus. I bought the E-5 with the 12-60 F/2.8-4.0 (I haven't used a SLR zoom in 30 years).
So far it has been a good camera. I haven't put it through all it's paces. I'm still learning this rugged computer camera and how to set it up to be one with the camera. I have some good results, here are a couple of examples.

March 01, 2011

Triumph Steve

The E-5 is the best Olympus DSLR yet; love it!

I have been a very satisfied E-3 owner for 2 years now, so with the E-3 as my benchmark to measure the new E-5's improvements, I can say the E-5's image quality is ultra sharp and superb. Olympus has again achieved another milestone by improving upon its flagship DSLR. Coupled with the many great Zuiko lens, it is a winning combination. I highly recommend the E-5 to current Olympus users, and also feel that users of other camera brands would be very pleasantly surprised and impressed with this excellent new four thirds camera.

March 01, 2011


This product is very well built!

My first digital camera was an Olympus E20N, then I upgraded to the Olympus E-1 when it came available. Then I upgraded again when the E-3 became available, there were many nice improvements on it, over the E-1. ( The E-1 is still a very nice camera.) Now I have the E-5, and the improvements over the E-3 are very nice, through not as major as from the E-1 to the E-3. I like the weight and size of the E-3 and the E-5. The E-1, E-3 and the E-5 all have the power grip attached. If I was not happy with the Olympus cameras, would I have bought as many. Olympus makes very fine DSLR's and some of the best lenses you can buy! Again, great cameras and lenses!

March 01, 2011


Oh What A Relief

Upgraded from the E-1 along with adding the SWD 12~60mm lens and overall find image quality superlative.

February 12, 2011

Love taking pictures

Good, but could be the best

The biggest problem is the fact that it does not nail white balance and exposure in all conditions like most of its competition can. ISO sensitivity should be increased and pixel count should be at least 15.

February 01, 2011

PetePhoto USA

E-5 well worth it

What A surprise this model is in the flag ship line . It demonstrates in the right hands the diversity that is Olympus . I shoot mainly wildlife and tho do urban and street at times with the E5 art filters and and some adjusting in camera I see I will be doing more of this venue. With wildlife typical birds I shoot 500 to 800 frames a day and with
the AF improvements , I certainly notice the difference s of the E5 over its former model ! The glass alone is
certainly the best that I use other brands . In body IS , Dust sensor cleaning and an all weather body , with all weather lens to boot . While out in the rain I'm un hindered to get
the job done.

January 31, 2011


Great full featured camera

In the 40 years I've been in phototgraphy this is the the most robust, fast & accurate camera I've used. So far I've taken it to extreams & not a hicup. Images are sharp & very color accurate. I would recommend this camera to anyone who take photography seriouslly & wants to take their photography to another level.

January 27, 2011


A New World of colours by Olympus.

All I can say is BRAVO Olympus !!! You did a truly wonderful job with this camera,Sharp, Fast accurate focus,great contrast as usual and the IS work perfectly...Finally ! The weather sealed body/lens combination the most reliable on the market..All that I was waiting for. Thanks.

January 26, 2011


Great Camera, amazing images.

I’ve been using Olympus cameras since the OM! The E-5 is the best yet. Sharp, sharp and great colors. Give one a try with one of there lens… you will be surprised.

January 26, 2011


Keep the others I'll keep my Olympus

The color reproduction of the E-5 is amazing. The 35mm-100mm f lens added to the efficiency of the e-5 just blows away any full frame camera I know of.

If you want to get it in the camera like you remember seeing it, the e-5 is the way to go. I have used Olympus as my DSLR since the E-1 and have never been disappointed.

January 25, 2011


Olympus just keeps getting better.

I waited on the Olympus E-3 to be developed for years and was probably one of the 1rst photographers to own it. I was so impressed with the features of the camera and quality of the photos I took, I figured I couldn't go wrong moving up to the E-5. I was right.

January 25, 2011

Olympus Man

A step above the E-3

A solid weather tight camera, that performs. With the battery grip attached, it feels great in my hands, with its weight contributing to help hold down camera shake. I have two E-3's and this is a step above in performance, focusing and image quality. The E-5 with the great Olympus Pro-Quality glass will give a winning combination, that rivals others even with higher MP's. I have used Olympus camera's since 1972 and will stay with what works the best for me.

January 25, 2011


My upgrade from E-30 to E-5

I replaced my E-30 with a new E-5 and am very pleased with the new camera's handling and performance.
In my in-house tests I can see a very significant improvment in detail over the E-30 and about a one stop improvement in noise.
There are too many things I love about this camera to list, however one of my favorites is the improved MyModes selection capability. It is now first class!

January 25, 2011


Excellent Camera

The E-5 is a worthy upgrade to the E-3 and included very helpful new features and image quality.

January 24, 2011


Great build quality, amazing contrast and sharpness.

January 24, 2011


excellent upgrade from e 520

have had an e 10 and e 520 in the past (still own them). the auto focus and dynamic range seem much improved relative to the 520. my 12-60 and 50-200 swd lens are much better balanced. with the weather sealing, i am no longer fearful of shotting out in the rain.

January 24, 2011


This product is so much more a professional camera

I'm so amazed at how many features that are on this camera!!! You can truly customize your photos in so many ways to make them the way that you invision them!! I love the live screen the most to be able to view my photo before I take it with the adjusted settings and to see how my photo changes such as WB, ISO, Aperature ect.....
The reviews that I read so far said that this camera did not have a lot of updates to this new model but I totally disagree!!! I love my e-5!!!

January 24, 2011




January 24, 2011

Light Commander

The best camera in its class

I have owned and used an Olympus camera starting with my OM-1 film camera almost 40 years ago. I started the digital age with an E-410 and used that camera until I started shooting professionally. I still have it and use it as my backup and fun on the run shooter. The transition into the E-5 from the 410 was seamless with just a short adjustment to relocate the control buttons and dials. I am still growing into this camera and loving every minute of my growth. My art photograph has expanded as well as my environmental work. With this camera I can go from studio to the great outdoors fully prepared to get the shot.

January 24, 2011

Duffy's Dad

E-5 is great in every aspect, no compromises.

E-30 owner who traded up to E-5, extremely satisfied. Happy with increased satisfactory ISO and noise reduction for low light shooting. Auto Focus incredible with the outstanding Zuiko glass. Colors and sharpness due to processor is amazing.

January 24, 2011


Rugged workhorse, high-quality images

This E-5 replaced an E-3. Work is product documentation, architectural, and fire department; hobby is nature, environment, etc.

The E-5 brings everything I liked about the E-3: extremely fast auto-focus, ergonomic grip and controls, rugged construction, in-body IS, and no worries in inclement weather. For me, the E-5 adds more accurate auto-focus in low-light, larger articulating screen, higher resolution, and video.

My lenses are all Zuiko ‘high grade’, the favorite being the 12-60mm. In real-life subjective comparisons to peers’ N and C models, the E-5 easily matches — and usually exceeds — for image quality. For outdoor night work, the E-5 does a great job auto-focusing, with minimal need to manually touch-up.

I used to use a compact video camera to shoot an establishing clip, helpful when piecing things together during image processing. With on-board video, the E-5 can do it without switching cameras.

Still using my collection of BLM-1 batteries without upgrading to the new BLM-5. Excellent battery life nonetheless.

Slightly faster sequential shooting and less noise at higher ISOs would be nice, but not a deal-breaker.

Overall, the E-5 is a great, rugged workhorse that can produce highest-quality images, even when shooting at night or bad weather.

January 24, 2011


Good camera but too expensive ...

Overall the E-5 is an a very good camera. The feel of the camera is just perfect. There are just a few things I though Olympus cam improve upon like low focus, faster frame rate, the 4 way button is too small and noise.

January 17, 2011


Nice Camera

The Best Camera Ever Best Images , High Quality Images .

December 20, 2010


Some changes reqiured

I would like to see some changes for the future (E-7): The same finish like E-1, the E-5 finish looks like an industrial tool, not very elegant. Get read of the mirror. Would make the camera silent. After having live view you don't really need it any longer. For sunny days you can include a sun screen. The screen should be De-touchable and usable as remote control. You have already the wireless flash, so what is the big deal with the screen ? Of course it should be a touch screen. All camera adjustments are done on the screen. You can get read of all the buttons and wires inside. Saves a lot of money since the camera is better protected (no openings). Since you have now more space, make the screen larger. The art filter is not necessary, when I want change the picture I can do this on the computer. It's like the function to print direct from the camera, nobody is really using it. A function to put a voice tag to each picture (like other cameras have) would be a good addition. Better adjustment to light condition, if you make photos with flash of people from different races (black and white), the white faces are often totally wiped out. What is with tethering - would be a good idea. When attaching the HLD-4, it should also supply the flash with power when the batteries are empty (by choice) and perhaps other way around.

December 03, 2010


Feature-Rich and Flexible

¶ Background: My first Olympus camera was the incredible and revolutionary C2100UZ, which I still consider was the best digital camera for its size and price that anyone ever built up to that time. It was way ahead of anything else on the market. It went with my wife and I on a trip to Hawaii and gave us hundreds of gorgeous images. My only complaints were (and still are) the long shutter lag and limited ISO settings. I wish I hadn't sold it to a person who refused to learn how to use it! But I digress.

¶ Over the years I worked my way through a number of consumer level Olympus point/shooters until I traded up to an E-500 (which I later sold) and then a pair of E-510s that, ever since their release until now were my main cameras as a freelance photographer (now I use them as backup cameras). However I found myself needing some features that they didn't have (such as high noise-free ISO settings, swing-out swiveling view screen, fast focusing in extreme low light, weather resistant body), and finally it came -- the E-5! It was time to trade up again.

¶ My first substantial shoot with the E-5 was a big banquet at a Los Angeles university faculty center. I used it with an 18-180 (36-360 2xFOV) Zuiko zoom, which I keep on the camera all the time. The only exception is when I need my 70-300 (2xFOV 140-600) which I usually leave on one of the 510s. I noticed right away how the AF was faster. The images on the monitor have even more gorgeous color than my 510s (that color palette is one of the reasons I went with Olympus in the first place). With the E-5's special new circuitry, the image details are superb. (I also used an FL-50 flash with a bouncer, which made for a lovely diffuse umbrella-like lighting effect.)

¶ One surprise was the Level Gauge! I didn't realize that the camera even had that feature until it popped up! One of the "problems" I have is my bad habit of tilting the camera slightly, and as a result I was constantly having to rotate the image back to horizontal in Photoshop. No more of that, thank you very much!

¶ Another refinement: Sometimes the nature of the shot needs you to stop even the least amount of camera shake. Enter anti-shock. You can control mirror vibration from interfering with the shot by delaying shutter opening until the mirror has ascended and completely stopped vibrating. Perfect for astrophotography.

¶ One thing that distracted me -- until I learned how to turn it off (I thought something was wrong with the camera) was a special feature that makes the LCD monitor picture switch back and forth among dim, normal and bright according to the light falling on a special sensor. Some may like that (it saves battery life), but I like the image brightness to stay constant.

¶ Another thing I found extremely useful that I at first thought was going to be one of those silly "bells and whistles" is the facial recognition feature, which I now use when subjects are shifting and moving fast. I found out that when I turn it on, along with selecting the "all target AF mode," it will quickly glom on to faces wherever they are in the shot and focus on them (or at least the first one it comes to), enabling me to take pictures quickly "on the fly" without having to take the time to pick a face to focus on and then recompose the shot. All I have to do is grab the shot and trip the shutter.

¶ And speaking of shutters, one of the very greatly appreciated features of this camera (which I think should be standard on all DSLR cameras) is the eyepiece shutter, which, with a flick of a small lever, blocks excess light from shining through and spoiling the exposure. This is essential when using Live View, and especially useful when the camera is mounted on a tripod for long exposures or self-timer shots. Thank you, now I don't have to jam a piece of black cardboard into the eyepiece any more!

¶ I find the one-touch white balance feature essential for when I'm in a situation with a weird light source. That feature is so important that I assigned it to the Function Button. All I do is aim the camera at something white and trip the shutter. Presto, the camera is perfectly white balanced. There's even a preset I can select for using a flash as the primary light source. On the other hand, if there's no "something white" around and the light source falls in the cracks between what the presets can provide, I use a device that fits over the lens that blends all the light sources into one, so the camera absorbs the exact blend of light, thereby giving me a spot-on accurate white balance.

¶ Yet another totally unexpected and welcome goody from the whistle/bell list is the ability to enter my name (invisibly) into the Exit information of each and every shot as the copyright owner! For me, this is extremely important in this digital age of email and the web, where pictures go out and land who knows where.

¶ Also another very neat refinement: the camera can set the images to the optimum dpi for one's printer (in my case, 240). It is truly amazing what the E-5 is capable of.

¶ Another important feature (on all E-System cameras) for me is the way that the four thirds system allows for a smaller sensor and therefore a smaller lighter camera and lens combination. I did a major shoot for a local railway with my 510s that lasted three years. During that time I had need of my 70-300 (2xFOV 140-600) zoom lens much of the time. I was able to take shots that would have been impossible had I been using other brands of cameras that, because of the size and weight of their zoom lenses mandated the use of cumbersome tripods and monopods. The Olympus cameras and lenses allowed me to get shots without all that burden. All I had to do was get into position, aim the camera, and take the pictures.

¶ Lastly: One of the more astonishing surprises on the E-5 bells and whistles list is that this camera plays music! You can set it up to play a slideshow through your TV and select music to match the mood: NOSTALGIC, JOY, MELANCHOLY, and a few others. Wow!

¶ I look forward to incorporating more and more features of this superb feature-rich camera into my photography. Needless to say, I recommend it to one and all.

November 03, 2010


Definitely, this camera has excellent performance.

I started in photography in my younger years using analog cameras of different brands and I remember I got to use an Olympus point and shoot that belonged to my mother, who always attracted me by the quality of the reproduced colors . I never had the opportunity to use at that time an Olympus SLR.

In 2002, I realized that digital photography had matured and that it was time to purchase a digital camera.

I evaluated the cameras were on edge in the market and I chose between all offers available, the Olympus C-740, which I used to photograph the exotic locations of the trips I made. Spectacular pictures I took in Argentina, Venezuela, Dominican Republic and other Caribbean Islands.

In 2006 I had the opportunity to make a trip to Europe, so I decided to buy a more advanced camera model, (I had already purchased the Olympus C-765 primarily for photographs of the work in Engineering and Architecture, but I preferred still use the C-740, mostly by the type of battery that used my old camera) and I chose to buy a SP-500UZ.
I took very good photos on my trip to Europe, which made me even more enamored with the Olympus brand.
In December 2008 I decided it was time to move into the DSLR camera and I decided to re-evaluate the market, which was evidently inclined towards the use of two brands and none of them was the Olympus brand. However, previous experience with the brand, and the simplicity of the choice of models and lenses led me to the choice of E-520 camera, which I bought with zuiko lenses 14 - 40 mm and zuiko 50 - 150 mm.
My passion for photography grew and while I was preparing a trip to the Mediterranean with my family I decided to buy other objectives (Zuiko 12 to 60 mm, Zuiko 50 mm Zuiko 70-300, Macro Extension Tubes, etc.).
As expected, the Mediterranean cruise was a great show and my camera Olympus E-520 with my Zuiko lenses were there to demonstrate it.

Then came the moment of truth, and I wanted more, not because the E-520 is not capable, but because it was time for the next step. The Olympus E-5.

I have only 4 days I received the E-5 and in this short time the E-5 has filled all my expectations, and may be demonstrated by the fact that my presence in the photographic community to which I belong is more prominent.
In connection with the E-520 I can say that the auto focus is much more efficient, however, by normal I frequently use manual focus; the screen has a higher degree of definition and a very functional mobility.
The display is very bright and has the appropriate information for sub-expose the image efficiently and to make a precise focus.
The shots with manual focus using live view allows accurate focusing, because if you have activated the automatic extension of the image, with the simple act of turning the focus ring, it automatically expands the image of the LCD to allow much more focus accurate.
The commands are easily deduced if you've had experience with previous Olympus DSLR. The use of the new features is very dynamic and efficient; the sensitivity is extremely efficient even at ISO 3200 and in some cases to 6400. The only complaint I have is that the drivers for iphoto and photoshop to handle RAW images are not available yet, but the camera comes with a version of Olympus Viewer 2 that manages the camera's raw files, and works quite well but slow compared with iPhoto or Photoshop.
I'm adding two images that prove the benefits of the camera and software, the first is a sunset taken in RAW and processed later in Olympus Viewer 2 by simply adding to the image of Pop Art filter (12-60mm Zuiko lens at 20 mm, f/22, 1 / 40 ", ISO 100) and the second is a picture of a sea wall which I took just as it was in the E-5 without any modification by some software, just used the filter Dramatic E-5 and S1 stabilizer ON without the use of a tripod. (12-60mm lens Zuiko 21 mm, f/16, 1 / 4 ", ISO 100).

October 23, 2010


Fast, fun and sharp

Last year, I wanted to take my photography to the next level, so after looking at different companies, I decided to go with Olympus as the value seemed better, and it was a little bit smaller; and being I like shooting landscape and nature I'd much rather carry a smaller body with just as much reach than one of the tanks from the other companies.

I have really enjoyed my E620, and over the past year added on more lenses, teleconverters, and the FL36 for a better flash, but reading about the E5 got me excited, so I decided to pick it up.

I got lucky and some came in this past week at a camera store. It arrived yesterday, and after my first outdoor shoot with birds I've really enjoyed it. It's quite durable, focuses quickly, and is pretty easy to use. No control dial on top was a little worrisome at first, but it's easy to figure out how to change modes quickly.

Another great feature: the digital level bar. The manual says hit "info" to get it to show up, but that didn't seem to work so a call to technical support helped me quickly; you simply go into the menu and can add it there. I rotate a lot in Photoshop but having this is so nice to get a straight picture. The noise is also very good. I shot hand-held birds, and at 1/1000 shutter speed needed a higher ISO of 1600; noise wasn't an issue at all.

The only other difference with the E620 I noticed was there are no quick "scene" modes; but with a "MyMode" setting one can quickly dial in settings you like. I'm still tinkering with the art filters, but really enjoy them on the E620 and to have them in all the other modes now is so wonderful.

All in all my first impressions have been great. It's fun to use, and easy to navigate too. Olympus has really done a great job.