March 16, 2015 by darrell
Secure grip for your camera
I absolutely LOVE the grip strap! It allows me to carry the camera with any lens, and still have my fingers free to use the phone or other tasks. I love the fact that I can just let the camera hang from my hand when I'm not using it, and yet it is still "at the ready" to catch a picture. I can carry the camera for long periods of time without having to have a firm grip on the body so my hand & fingers don't get tired or cramped from holding the body. This is GREAT for active photographers! I slipped while hiking & carrying my E-M5, and when I fell the camera stayed with me instead of being flung away when I fell. I used a similar strap system with my old OM2 and OM4 film cameras for decades, and I was delighted to find a similar system for the OMD-EM5 digital. I have large hands, and it fits me fine. It will also fit my wife's small hands with a simple adjustment. I've never tried it with gloves, so I can't say if there would be a problem with and oversized grip.
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March 29, 2014 by Vurnman
Too small for me
Love the HLD-6 and got the strap in a package deal, but I'm selling it on Craigslist because it is too small for my hand. I measured my hand where the strap goes and it is 10" around. The grip is fastened with a Velcro strip and it barely catches, not enough to be secure. I love the fact that you can still attach the neck strap while using the grip, but it is just too small for me. This is not "one size fits all" if you wear a Large glove.
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