June 13, 2013 by Robert
good value
I got this camera from an Olympus email . deal was camera, case, corel paint program for $99.00. This camera lacks a lot of bells and whistles which is good for me. I am not a buff. I bought it for the zoom because I work at sea and things can be far away at times. So far it has been just what I wanted. Good mega pixels and zoom. The one problem I have is the lens cap. It seems like an afterthought. I am in a rough environment and need to protect the lens. I have not come up with a way to retrofit a lens cap. If someone has an idea please post
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June 13, 2013 by AmericanPatrick
Point & Shoot User !
After going through years of great simple point & shoot cameras I decided to take a small leap. I picked this camera because of all the features it comes with at an extremely low price. I printed the owner's manual from the included disc. Someone here says no owner's manual was included. It's on the disc ! Anyway I printed it then took it to my local Office Depot & had them cut the pages in half. Then I purchased the correct size 3 ring binder (the small one). Punched the holes & there is the owner's manual. Our printed does print on "both" sides of the sheet of paper which helps. I practiced using the camera around the yard, flowers, trees, birds, the horses & dogs. I was amazed on how clear the pictures are. The menu dial is very functional, but takes a few tries. I also purchased a larger memory card this time, it's worth the extra $10 over the small one. The regular zoom to the digital zoom is incredible. This camera also has a multiple picture setting by simply holding the button longer, no recovery time in between. I don't want to upset some on here, but, taking extra time to read ALL of the owner's manual would prevent almost all the negatives posted here. My wife has an expensive Nikon. I like simple easy cameras. Also the styling of this model looks like it would cost twice as much. I shopped around and purchased this camera & paid $129 + tax & got the case for free. This camera also has a video feature & it is perfect for short takes. Purchase a AA Battery charger system to carry 4 back ups at all times, it's worth being prepared. Have Fun ! !
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June 7, 2013 by Larry
I like it!
Only had this camera for a week and, so far, love it. Exactly what I expected and more. As an old film camera guy, I have tried a few other digitals, and didn't like them. This camera has many good features and is a joy to use. The only fault I have found so far is the lens cap. As others have reported, it falls off easily. I fixed it by putting a small dab of epoxy adhesive inside the rim. Provides just enough resistance to keep it on. Problem solved. Don't think that you can get a better value than the 620. It's a lot of camera for the money.
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January 8, 2013 by Barbara
This may be a good camera but I wish it came with an instruction book , I don't like the fact that I spent this money and it did not come with the ability to recharge it. You have to spend MORE money to get the accessory. Plus I don't think its easy to learn all that it offers. I agree about the Lens cap. Come on, the little string that comes with it is impossible.
July 18, 2012 by Chip
Easy to use features
This camera offers many features but is not too complicated to work out. Good value camera, definitely recommended. Only fault the lens cap does not fit properly and keeps falling off.
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