February 20, 2012 by Grandma Sue
Super easy to use
I hate buying a new device 9 (cell phone, tv, mp3, camera, etc) because you need to learn how each one works. This camera was so simple to use. It didn't take hours reading through a manual. I absolutely love it. I would highly recommend it for someone who wants big camera features in a small, lightweight camera
January 22, 2012 by Chuck
I simply love this new camera. It is very user friendly and the picture quality is the best and so easy to download to my PC and iPad.
January 15, 2012 by ilovestitch
everything you could want in a small camera
only had for two weeks now but it takes great pictures love the night vision on the camera love panoramic view photos zoom outstanding easy to use never even read how to use it. also the editing is also a great feature you dont even need a PC. The pet feature also cool!
January 6, 2012 by Sue
I love the features on this camera!
I got this camera as a gift for Christmas. It is wonderful. I am especially enjoying the auto feature which captures the cats and dogs' faces. We have two cats and they are always entertaining us and we've gotten some great shots of them.
December 22, 2011 by lawlessbreed
wishing for more
I looked for nearly six months to find a camera that I could take on vacation, that would fit in my pocket and that had a zoom that would replace my old film camera, in other words had a long zoom. This camera has it. It does not have a view finder, but that is a sacrifice I can live without. I am pleased to have all the options, such as your magic settings, though you could eliminate the whole bunch and I would never miss them. The panorama feature is wonderful, though I seldom use it. I have had problems downloading pictures and found the battery ridiculously short term. I have had problems with focusing action pictures. I talked to your customer service and found them very accommodating. I believe they will be able to solve my remaining problems. If not, I will be adding to this list. It is the right size, the right zoom and feels great in my hand. So far, that is wonderful.
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