October 10, 2013 by Robert
What a nice and powerful camera..
When I first received the camera I thought it wasn't going to be what I expected, but was I wrong......Takes beautiful pictures, sunsets, close-up's, nature, insects and the zoom is powerful, all of the functions are at hand and simple to change, the digital zoom is great, pictures in dark or light no problem, she can handle them, and on top of all this is a beautiful looking camera, you can't go wrong. try it and you will be amazed.
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October 5, 2013 by Robert
Great Camera this SZ-30MR
Let me tell you how great this SZ-30MR is.When I first received this SZ-30MR I was kind of hesitant, it look like it was a flimsy camera, but boy was I wrong...This camera is light in weight (I own a NikonD5000) in comparison, the pictures are great, the functions are at your finger tips and are simple, the HD1080 movies are awesome, the zoom and macro lens is great, the flash never comes up unless you want it to, this is how great the auto functional part of speed and ISO combination works. You can use it in manual mode and it works great, I have the camera in silver and it looks elegant. I bought it because I need a smaller camera than my Nikon, but short of a few functions it performs as good as the Nikon, I'm considering selling my Nikon and buying an interchangeable lens Olympus brand. All that been said, if you are considering buying this camera, don't hesitate you will not be disappointed. Thank you Olympus for a great product.
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July 13, 2012 by linnypooh
compact and sturdy
I was aprehensive when coming to first use this camera, but everything is made easy for you . It takes great pictures ,easy to handle, sturdy, well made and not too large. Minus side you certainly need a tripod for long zoom pictures and it is also best to forget auto for these and work the camera to get best results, some of the magic features I find a waste of time, but overall the camera has exceeded my expectations, excellent.
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June 29, 2012 by nurseniki1
It's a good camera and easy to use
I like the picture quality most times. Although some of my pics have not been very sharp, so I am still trying to figure this out. I do like the Magic options, although the drawing option did not turn out as well as I had hoped. I guess I need a bit more time trying the camera out. Most disappointing feature was there is no setting on the camera to take black & white or sepia photos, which most cameras offer this as a standard now. If there is a setting and I am just missing it, please tell me where to find it.
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June 7, 2012 by Cjcjcj
Love it
Its fast to turn on and the zoom is awesome. I love the fact that I can shoot video and take pictures at the same time.
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