July 28, 2014 by Richard
Great camera for the price and fantastic pictures
Found this camera by accident and bought it for my brother who is a real estate appraiser. It was refurbished and had a scratch one the screen and he didn't want it. The scratch came from the broken cd in the box so I inherited and happy I did because it's an amazing camera great stability even 36Xand fantastic pictures. Thanks Olympus.
November 16, 2013 by Lawrence
Bought this Camera on line and thought I got it for a good deal , Which I did . I didn't want to give it a review till I used it a while. After skimming through the owners manual I was ready to go. The pictures are Fantastic . I've been told that some of them look magazine quality . From inside at wedding to scenes taken outside all come out great , I know I should read more of the Manual more because there are things I'm still learning on the camera , But I'm having fun with it and again no complaints ..So far
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October 2, 2013 by Samuel
Just got it, seems great so far!
Great zoom, just shot pictures from the upper deck of PNC park for the wild card playoff game! The pictures turned out great, just have to be very still with it zoomed way in!
July 19, 2013 by DANIEL
good to a point
I've had the camera about (3) weeks,i've read the manual from start to finish & it is very hard to follow.it does not speak with common sense or easy to understand tearms,this is a menu camera,which means to use menu & forget the manual.so until I get use to menu its hit or miss.
March 12, 2013 by Vasilios
auto seclection
i have a sp-810uz . It has great zoom and i like the camera. The only thing is, when i turn the camera on, i would like to have the auto option selected for the pictures instead of the manual witch it is setup to start on. That way you take pictures faster when you need to.
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