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October 07, 2012


Very Nice!

I'm not a professional photographer but, I've used more than a few camera's to include digital ones in my lifetime. This one is AWESOME! I bit heavy but, well worth it!

September 25, 2012


Good Camera - But.....

It's a great camera and does lots of wonderful things. I am happy about its purported ruggedness and water resistance, and that was the main reason I was attracted to this model. However, I have significant miffs about a few features that I did not expect would be lacking.
First, it has pre-programmable areas on the selection knob (C1 and C2) that are promoted to have a memory; however, this is not the case. It does not remember the settings. They have to be reset each and every time that selection is dialed. What good is having these features if the camera suffers from Alzheimer's right out of the box.
Second, using the GPS setting eats a lot of the battery. So be careful.
Third, there is no battery level indicator. So when it is dead, there is a very short warning.
Fourth, there can be a significant delay as the camera powers up to take a picture. A delay significant enough to miss some good action shots.
It would be a perfect camera without these nuisances. Overall, I would recommend this for it's low light shooting capabilities and other features so long as everyone knew what they were getting for limitations. Have not tested it's purported water resistance and ruggedness as of this writing, but other posters seem satisfied.

July 20, 2012


The ring around the lens

The pictures are great. the ring around the lens needs to be better fixed to the camera. I lost mne the second day I used the camera. Cant find the part online. Hopefully it maintains the waterproof seal without it?

July 18, 2012



This is the best point and shot camera I have ever had my hands on. I purchased it for the rugged and waterproof features. The actual quality of the images is incredible for a point and shoot, let alone a waterproof and rugged camera.

July 18, 2012


Excellent processing

This camera is amazing. I use it mainly for fishing so I need a rugged and durable camera. I've tried every other brand out there and this one is by far the best. The performance is second to none (e.g., aperture, filters, speed, . . .)

The only irritating item is that the back screen scratches quite easily. I realize that this doesn't impact the performance or image quality, but it is still somewhat bothersome. This is the reason for the "average" quality rating.

I would still recommend this camera; however, with a caution to take care of the back screen.

July 14, 2012


Amazing camera

We've had this camera for about a week and couldn't be happier. It takes great pictures, is very fast (turning on, shooting), and has many impressive options (for example the Beuty setting has many photoshop built-in filters right on the camera). It's very well built and we look forward to trying it out in the water in the next few weeks.

July 14, 2012



I was a few days from leaving for the Galapagos Islands and I knew I needed a great all around camera. This camera is amazing! It takes great pictures of nice settings and I even have great pictures underwater of sea lions. Sea lions swim really fast back and fourth and the camera had no problem with blurring. Amazed!

July 11, 2012


Excellent Camera

Got this camera for my family vacation in Las Vegas for use in the pool at Mandalay Bay. The camera performed great on the pool with video and picture function. I was so excited to start my vacation that I left the charging cable at home, but for 3 days in Vegas the battery held up really well with a half of battery life to go. I would definitely recommend this camera to anybody.

July 11, 2012

Happy in Hawaii

Best camera ever!!!

We've tried several cameras over the last few years and have always felt they were not meeting our expectations. We recently purchased this camera for an upcoming trip to Hawaii and were amazed with the picture quality!! Even under water the pictures were breathtaking. We took pictures of sea turtles under water and are having them framed in our home. I highly reccommend this camera. It was nice to not have to worry whatsoever about being in the water or while hiking trails in the mountains. Way to go Olympus!!! This is one of my best purchases ever and captured an amazing vacation that will allow us to relive and enjoy for years to come. Thank you for helping us to capture such amazing memories!

July 06, 2012


Love this camera

I have had this camera over a month. I pre-ordered and got the camera a few days ahead of the release date. Right out of the box I liked the camera but wanted to wait till after a trip to Disney to really see how it preformed. I shoot almost everything with pro-level DSLR bodies and lenses but wanted something I could carry around on vacation without the fear of rain on bumps damaging the camera. This thing did great. The first two days we walked around in Hurricane Debbie and the rain never bothered the camera. I even got some cool shots because I did not care about the camera getting wet. On the third day my daughter was in the pool with a bunch of dance friends. The kids had a great time taking pictures in the pool. When we got back to the room I dried the outside and checked under the seals and nothing completely dry under both doors. We put the pictures on my laptop and the underwater pictures were great.

During the main dance event I did shoot with my high end DSLR. Later in the week they repeated the same number on a different stage so I decided to play with this little gem during that performance. All I can say is WOW. I put the camera in high-speed mode and it froze the dancers. The picture is a bit flat but hay it is a tough camera what do you want.

Latter in the night I decided to try the fireworks setting out shooting the show over Cinderella's castle. Worked fantastic and gave some nice shots.

I do have one complaint and that is I would like full control over shutter speed and aperture. In a couple of cases to get the camera to choose a higher aperture I turned the ISO up. I would like to be able to use my own experience in some situations to tell the camera what is best.

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