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September 05, 2015


Too awesome for words

I bought this camera back in 2012 and the quality of pictures/videos it delivers up until now looks great. I had this through my snow trip in Seoul, spring trip in Japan, summer trip in Dubai and everywhere in between. I took this on my mountain climb activity and despite rain, cold and dew its proves its sturdy claim. Underwater, no leakages so far, took it while doing whale shark and dolphin interaction in the Philippines recently. I could say, this camera is worth every dollar I bought it with with all the abuse and adventure it endured. Good for concerts low light function is great.

The ring lens falls off easily when I did spelunking, I had to buy an replacement when I went to Hong Kong.

Planning on updating to TG-4 this year, my old unit is in dire need of rest. After years of torture in my hands, the function dials are acting up and the zoom functions sometimes stuck.

But overall, I'm giving this camera two thumbs up.

November 04, 2013


Tough TG-1 iHS

I love this camera. Its everything they say it is. TOUGH!
One thing they could work on is making the decorative ring around the lens to screw on tighter. Its removable so that you can add other lenses, but mine kept coming loose and I finally lost it. Had to order another one online. My camera is black, but I ordered a red ring so that I can see that it is on the camera at all times. Kinda gives it a cool look with the red ring in the middle.

September 16, 2013


Great camera

Have this for 1 year till got tilt, while on vacation. I returned it and they couldnt fix it. I received a new one instead. I love thiscamera so much, take great pics great resolution, and best of all its water proof and shock proof.

August 04, 2013


Awesome camera!!

I purchased the Tough TG-1 iHS in August 2012. . I was drawn to this set up as it can be used under water, in snow, ice, rain, sun, and just about any weather condition you can imagine. I do own several cameras which include models for use under water with a separate housing. The TG-1 is phenomenal as there is no separate housing to purchase or use in the water or inclement weather. I also use this set up for taking photos at concerts (between the front row seats and the quality of the speed, lens and all of the TG-1) I can't go wrong. The shots I have obtained of performers on stage with the zoom as well as the two optional lenses I picked up for this camera I could not ask for a better picture or results. I am so impressed with this camera!! I actually did drop this one onto marble floor tiles from about five damage whatsoever in the body of the guts, lens, etc. It was amazing. That would have been the death of any other camera out there. The only accessory I "need" is a lens cap for the body's lens....lost one at a concert and I don't see any available at all for this TG-1. I'm now using the cap from one of my extra lenses for the TG-1 but I would prefer to have protection for all of the lenses on this camera. I can't rave enough about this camera. The one thing I had to adjust to is the audio pickups are on the top of the camera where I tend to place my fingers to line up my shots. I try to remember to place my fingers "properly" while shooting video with this one. I can't say enough great things about this set up. If you are "thinking" about buying a set up like this look no further!!! I am having so much fun with the TG-1!! Thank you, Olympus! (I also have an Olympus E Volt 500 SLR, and digital and Canons, too). I LOVE this TG-1!!

July 09, 2013


Camera was a lemon

The camera worked for about 3 days and then would no longer turn on. Returned it 3 times for repairs and each time it came back with different problems.

July 09, 2013


Good product

Have nothing but great things to say about picture and video quality. When I purchased the camera I bought the fish eye and extra zoom lens to compliment it. I will say however I was greatly disappointed with the quality of the LCD screen. I had the camera in my backpack just a week after I purchased it and it rubbed up against some harder materials and scratched and scuffed the LCD. I was suprised to see this from a shockproof, waterproof, dustproof, "bulletproof" camera. When I brought this to Olympus' attention and they informed me that the LCD scratches are cosmetic and are not covered under warranty nor could they recommend any products to repair that would not further damage the screen I was shocked. I deal with it, I was just dissappointed with the quality of a $600 purchase.

June 28, 2013


Love my purchase

I'm not a professional. However, I just purchased this camera and absolutely love it. Had it in my pool yesterday and took great pictures and video. Looking forward to taking it on vacation!

May 06, 2013


Olympus came through!

If you read my previous review you'll see I lost the front ring (as others had), but in a short amount of time Olympus emailed me after I contacted customer service and said they would replace it! Thank you, Olympus. Great customer service. Your rating goes up in my book.

May 06, 2013


awesome camera

I'm an outdoors guy - I fly fish, float tube, bass fish, kayak, mountain bike, hike and camp. Due to this, I wanted something that could deal with being bumped, dropped and possibly submerged. This camera just filled the bill.

I had an old Kodak digital that, for the money, was pretty good - 2 mp with 3X zoom and shot videos. I'd dropped it into a couple of rivers and 1 lake. I'd take out the batteries, the ram and let it air dry, it always hung in there and worked.

When I saw the Tough TG-1 and read the description - it was a shoe-in for me to purchase. I fooled around with it at home and finally 2 days ago, got to take it out on the water with me while bass fishing. The picture quality is excellent. The auto-focus and auto-adjust for blurriness, especially when shooting vids is excellent. The zoom is killer! A sign saying 'SLOW, No Wake' on the lake was about 300 yards off. The zoom was good enough to be able to read the sign in the picture.

I dropped it on the driveway when I was loading my truck before fishing - big deal. The only thing I didn't do was stick it in the lake and shoot a pic or trip.

I love this camera!

May 04, 2013


Ring easily falls off - now lost forever

I love this camera. I have nothing but praise for it's ease of use and spectacular photos even just on auto. There are also a multitute of functions I haven't even tried yet. I haven't put it completely through it's "tough" paces, but it has been knocked around on mountain bike rides and survived (even made some pretty funny movies that way). However I am a little mad that the ring on the front came off so easily. It practically just falls off with no provocation. I had to watch for that but alas on this last bike ride it has been lost forever. I hope it stays waterproof and tough without it.

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