September 05, 2015


Too awesome for words

I bought this camera back in 2012 and the quality of pictures/videos it delivers up until now looks great. I had this through my snow trip in Seoul, spring trip in Japan, summer trip in Dubai and everywhere in between. I took this on my mountain climb activity and despite rain, cold and dew its proves its sturdy claim. Underwater, no leakages so far, took it while doing whale shark and dolphin interaction in the Philippines recently. I could say, this camera is worth every dollar I bought it with with all the abuse and adventure it endured. Good for concerts low light function is great.

The ring lens falls off easily when I did spelunking, I had to buy an replacement when I went to Hong Kong.

Planning on updating to TG-4 this year, my old unit is in dire need of rest. After years of torture in my hands, the function dials are acting up and the zoom functions sometimes stuck.

But overall, I'm giving this camera two thumbs up.

November 04, 2013


Tough TG-1 iHS

I love this camera. Its everything they say it is. TOUGH!
One thing they could work on is making the decorative ring around the lens to screw on tighter. Its removable so that you can add other lenses, but mine kept coming loose and I finally lost it. Had to order another one online. My camera is black, but I ordered a red ring so that I can see that it is on the camera at all times. Kinda gives it a cool look with the red ring in the middle.

September 16, 2013


Great camera

Have this for 1 year till got tilt, while on vacation. I returned it and they couldnt fix it. I received a new one instead. I love thiscamera so much, take great pics great resolution, and best of all its water proof and shock proof.

August 04, 2013


Awesome camera!!

I purchased the Tough TG-1 iHS in August 2012. . I was drawn to this set up as it can be used under water, in snow, ice, rain, sun, and just about any weather condition you can imagine. I do own several cameras which include models for use under water with a separate housing. The TG-1 is phenomenal as there is no separate housing to purchase or use in the water or inclement weather. I also use this set up for taking photos at concerts (between the front row seats and the quality of the speed, lens and all of the TG-1) I can't go wrong. The shots I have obtained of performers on stage with the zoom as well as the two optional lenses I picked up for this camera I could not ask for a better picture or results. I am so impressed with this camera!! I actually did drop this one onto marble floor tiles from about five damage whatsoever in the body of the guts, lens, etc. It was amazing. That would have been the death of any other camera out there. The only accessory I "need" is a lens cap for the body's lens....lost one at a concert and I don't see any available at all for this TG-1. I'm now using the cap from one of my extra lenses for the TG-1 but I would prefer to have protection for all of the lenses on this camera. I can't rave enough about this camera. The one thing I had to adjust to is the audio pickups are on the top of the camera where I tend to place my fingers to line up my shots. I try to remember to place my fingers "properly" while shooting video with this one. I can't say enough great things about this set up. If you are "thinking" about buying a set up like this look no further!!! I am having so much fun with the TG-1!! Thank you, Olympus! (I also have an Olympus E Volt 500 SLR, and digital and Canons, too). I LOVE this TG-1!!

July 09, 2013


Camera was a lemon

The camera worked for about 3 days and then would no longer turn on. Returned it 3 times for repairs and each time it came back with different problems.

July 09, 2013


Good product

Have nothing but great things to say about picture and video quality. When I purchased the camera I bought the fish eye and extra zoom lens to compliment it. I will say however I was greatly disappointed with the quality of the LCD screen. I had the camera in my backpack just a week after I purchased it and it rubbed up against some harder materials and scratched and scuffed the LCD. I was suprised to see this from a shockproof, waterproof, dustproof, "bulletproof" camera. When I brought this to Olympus' attention and they informed me that the LCD scratches are cosmetic and are not covered under warranty nor could they recommend any products to repair that would not further damage the screen I was shocked. I deal with it, I was just dissappointed with the quality of a $600 purchase.

June 28, 2013


Love my purchase

I'm not a professional. However, I just purchased this camera and absolutely love it. Had it in my pool yesterday and took great pictures and video. Looking forward to taking it on vacation!

May 06, 2013


Olympus came through!

If you read my previous review you'll see I lost the front ring (as others had), but in a short amount of time Olympus emailed me after I contacted customer service and said they would replace it! Thank you, Olympus. Great customer service. Your rating goes up in my book.

May 06, 2013


awesome camera

I'm an outdoors guy - I fly fish, float tube, bass fish, kayak, mountain bike, hike and camp. Due to this, I wanted something that could deal with being bumped, dropped and possibly submerged. This camera just filled the bill.

I had an old Kodak digital that, for the money, was pretty good - 2 mp with 3X zoom and shot videos. I'd dropped it into a couple of rivers and 1 lake. I'd take out the batteries, the ram and let it air dry, it always hung in there and worked.

When I saw the Tough TG-1 and read the description - it was a shoe-in for me to purchase. I fooled around with it at home and finally 2 days ago, got to take it out on the water with me while bass fishing. The picture quality is excellent. The auto-focus and auto-adjust for blurriness, especially when shooting vids is excellent. The zoom is killer! A sign saying 'SLOW, No Wake' on the lake was about 300 yards off. The zoom was good enough to be able to read the sign in the picture.

I dropped it on the driveway when I was loading my truck before fishing - big deal. The only thing I didn't do was stick it in the lake and shoot a pic or trip.

I love this camera!

May 04, 2013


Ring easily falls off - now lost forever

I love this camera. I have nothing but praise for it's ease of use and spectacular photos even just on auto. There are also a multitute of functions I haven't even tried yet. I haven't put it completely through it's "tough" paces, but it has been knocked around on mountain bike rides and survived (even made some pretty funny movies that way). However I am a little mad that the ring on the front came off so easily. It practically just falls off with no provocation. I had to watch for that but alas on this last bike ride it has been lost forever. I hope it stays waterproof and tough without it.

May 01, 2013


Great Outdoor Camera

I absolutely love this camera. I shoots great quality for a point and shoot. It's supermacro function shoots in amazing HD, everyone was jealous of my photos. Not to mention it can go anywhere. It's low-light function is great, it can get some pretty amazing shots of the stars.

April 30, 2013


Camera doesn't work

I've had problems with this camera since I got it. It won't turn on... can't really use it if it won't turn on...

April 24, 2013


Great camera but the ring around the lens detaches contantly

Agree with JEA above, but it is true - the ring around the lens detaches constantly and easily. Had to get a replacement that can only be found in the Olympus website having to pay shipping and handling for a small part that should not easily detach. Not happy with that at all, as it simply came off in the case and lost.

April 09, 2013


Missing features

The camera is very good overall, however two features I would have liked to get:
1) Manual; to be able to set the exposure time and ISO combinations completely manually without the camera enforcing it.
2) Multiple shots, I want to be able to trigger multiple shots by the timer as well and not only by holding the button down.

January 04, 2013


awesome camera

bought one 4 weeks ago to our hawaii trip - this camera did not disappoint. we were snorkelling almost everyday and all pics and videos we shot underwater are unbelievably crisp / clear. The settings are so easy to use. every setting like exposure, wb, iso ect provides a preview on how it will look like before you take the picture so pictures are taken perfect!!!
we dropped the camare 3 times and like nothing happened to it.. it is the best camera i ve ever had and would highly recommend it to eveyone.
honestly at first i was worried because the spec is only 12 mp -but amazingly it shots more crisp pic and hd video better than my other higher mp cameras.... the best rugged / underwater camera (in my opinion) !!! very happy my fried recommended it to me!!!

January 01, 2013


Love IT!

I LOVE this camera and the lenses! Perfect for any situation. Lightweight. Easy to carry. Best of all...fabulous pictures.

December 23, 2012


Ultimate traveler's companion

In four months I've tested this camera against all its natural hazards. Beach sand, ocean, and pool in San Diego and the very cold snow in Tahoe. The effortless pictures speak for themselves.
This camera is an absolute champion and despite not having the zoom my old Sony HX9V had, it does things and goes places the Sony just can't.
The TG-1 is my little companion and complement to my OM-D.

December 07, 2012


Excellent, except for ticking noise during video.

It's an excellent camera for stills. The sharp f:2.0 fast lens, that goes from ultrawide to modest telephoto, and the low-noise sensor, means that it's useable long after any other waterproof camera gives up. I've had it for 6 months and love it.

Except for one problem: During video, the camera autofocus often starts making a clicking/ticking sound, similar to an old 8mm movie projector or a mechanical sewing machine. The camera mike picks up the sound, and in playback it's so loud, that it overwhelms all conversations.

Just google "Olympus TG-1 clicking noise".

There's a workaround - record videos in "underwater snapshot II" mode. It shuts off autofocus, so no ticking. Unfortunately, it also shuts off zoom and auto white balance.

November 29, 2012


Love it

I love this camera! I got it because I have bad luck with cameras. I figured a tough camera will last longer then the normal. I have not tried all of the functions on it, but it has some cool effects. I took it to Niagara Falls and did the Cave of the Winds tour, I stuck it right into the falls and took a picture. It turned out really cool.

I use the camera for my photography class. The photos it takes are comparable to a professional grade camera.

I bought the tele-converter lens. I took it to a football game. My sister took many photos with it and they turned out great. It is a little weird getting used to it, but it is still cool.

I was a little disappointed with how long it took for the camera to take another photo, but I found out if you press the shutter depressor before the camera is ready it will take another so it is not that bad.

I do recommend this camera

October 29, 2012


Best Point and Shoot out there!

This camera definitely lives up to the "Tough" name. It has been spelunking with me, dropped in rivers and mud, fallen off of a roof, hit directly in the lens with brass from shooting, even seen its fair share of overpressure situations. The video quality is on par with my other waterproof camera, but with better sound capture. Picture quality is out of this world, especially for a camera at this price. It comes packed with effects and settings that will get that beautiful or dramatic scene that you wanted to capture. The included editing and viewing software makes uploading, doctoring, and finding your pictures a breeze. You can plot and search pictures/events by face, and even on a world map to see where you've been(if utilizing the GPS, of course). This is my first Olympus product and I can say that it will not be my last. I highly recommend this camera to novice and professionals alike.

October 07, 2012


Very Nice!

I'm not a professional photographer but, I've used more than a few camera's to include digital ones in my lifetime. This one is AWESOME! I bit heavy but, well worth it!

September 25, 2012


Good Camera - But.....

It's a great camera and does lots of wonderful things. I am happy about its purported ruggedness and water resistance, and that was the main reason I was attracted to this model. However, I have significant miffs about a few features that I did not expect would be lacking.
First, it has pre-programmable areas on the selection knob (C1 and C2) that are promoted to have a memory; however, this is not the case. It does not remember the settings. They have to be reset each and every time that selection is dialed. What good is having these features if the camera suffers from Alzheimer's right out of the box.
Second, using the GPS setting eats a lot of the battery. So be careful.
Third, there is no battery level indicator. So when it is dead, there is a very short warning.
Fourth, there can be a significant delay as the camera powers up to take a picture. A delay significant enough to miss some good action shots.
It would be a perfect camera without these nuisances. Overall, I would recommend this for it's low light shooting capabilities and other features so long as everyone knew what they were getting for limitations. Have not tested it's purported water resistance and ruggedness as of this writing, but other posters seem satisfied.

July 20, 2012


The ring around the lens

The pictures are great. the ring around the lens needs to be better fixed to the camera. I lost mne the second day I used the camera. Cant find the part online. Hopefully it maintains the waterproof seal without it?

July 18, 2012



This is the best point and shot camera I have ever had my hands on. I purchased it for the rugged and waterproof features. The actual quality of the images is incredible for a point and shoot, let alone a waterproof and rugged camera.

July 18, 2012


Excellent processing

This camera is amazing. I use it mainly for fishing so I need a rugged and durable camera. I've tried every other brand out there and this one is by far the best. The performance is second to none (e.g., aperture, filters, speed, . . .)

The only irritating item is that the back screen scratches quite easily. I realize that this doesn't impact the performance or image quality, but it is still somewhat bothersome. This is the reason for the "average" quality rating.

I would still recommend this camera; however, with a caution to take care of the back screen.

July 14, 2012


Amazing camera

We've had this camera for about a week and couldn't be happier. It takes great pictures, is very fast (turning on, shooting), and has many impressive options (for example the Beuty setting has many photoshop built-in filters right on the camera). It's very well built and we look forward to trying it out in the water in the next few weeks.

July 14, 2012



I was a few days from leaving for the Galapagos Islands and I knew I needed a great all around camera. This camera is amazing! It takes great pictures of nice settings and I even have great pictures underwater of sea lions. Sea lions swim really fast back and fourth and the camera had no problem with blurring. Amazed!

July 11, 2012


Excellent Camera

Got this camera for my family vacation in Las Vegas for use in the pool at Mandalay Bay. The camera performed great on the pool with video and picture function. I was so excited to start my vacation that I left the charging cable at home, but for 3 days in Vegas the battery held up really well with a half of battery life to go. I would definitely recommend this camera to anybody.

July 11, 2012

Happy in Hawaii

Best camera ever!!!

We've tried several cameras over the last few years and have always felt they were not meeting our expectations. We recently purchased this camera for an upcoming trip to Hawaii and were amazed with the picture quality!! Even under water the pictures were breathtaking. We took pictures of sea turtles under water and are having them framed in our home. I highly reccommend this camera. It was nice to not have to worry whatsoever about being in the water or while hiking trails in the mountains. Way to go Olympus!!! This is one of my best purchases ever and captured an amazing vacation that will allow us to relive and enjoy for years to come. Thank you for helping us to capture such amazing memories!

July 06, 2012


Love this camera

I have had this camera over a month. I pre-ordered and got the camera a few days ahead of the release date. Right out of the box I liked the camera but wanted to wait till after a trip to Disney to really see how it preformed. I shoot almost everything with pro-level DSLR bodies and lenses but wanted something I could carry around on vacation without the fear of rain on bumps damaging the camera. This thing did great. The first two days we walked around in Hurricane Debbie and the rain never bothered the camera. I even got some cool shots because I did not care about the camera getting wet. On the third day my daughter was in the pool with a bunch of dance friends. The kids had a great time taking pictures in the pool. When we got back to the room I dried the outside and checked under the seals and nothing completely dry under both doors. We put the pictures on my laptop and the underwater pictures were great.

During the main dance event I did shoot with my high end DSLR. Later in the week they repeated the same number on a different stage so I decided to play with this little gem during that performance. All I can say is WOW. I put the camera in high-speed mode and it froze the dancers. The picture is a bit flat but hay it is a tough camera what do you want.

Latter in the night I decided to try the fireworks setting out shooting the show over Cinderella's castle. Worked fantastic and gave some nice shots.

I do have one complaint and that is I would like full control over shutter speed and aperture. In a couple of cases to get the camera to choose a higher aperture I turned the ISO up. I would like to be able to use my own experience in some situations to tell the camera what is best.

July 05, 2012


Where is RAW MODE!

This camera would be no-brainer if it shot in raw mode.This is an option that should be included.
How can you say "Professional Results" when you are limited to jpg. I will still buy the camera as it is the closest thing out there for what I need on an up-coming trip. Just wish it had raw mode. Hope this is an issue that can addressed in a software update!

July 04, 2012


Great under the water

I was looking for a long time and searching all over and trying what is out and finally I found what I was looking. Under the water this cam is AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

July 03, 2012


Great camera!

I previously owned the olympus tough 6000... it was a good camera and served its purpose but I've recently upgraded to this new Olympus Tough TG-1. I spent months trying to decide if I wanted to upgrade to a dslr, but then came to the realization that I need to have a compact, waterproof and shockproof camera due to the extreme conditions I encounter on many of my travels. So far, this is the greatest investment I've made! I love everything about this camera. Battery life is incredible! The features are great, and I'm excited to soon try out the attachable lens! I've posted a few pictures so you can see for yourself! If you're wondering if you should purchase this camera, I'd say YES... It's worth it!

June 24, 2012



In the past I have not been an avid photographer, primarily because I cant seem to take great photos, but I do a reasonable amount of traveling and a lot of backpacking, hunting and fishing. I was in the market for a camera that would take the abuse I gave it but would still take the quality photo I expected of it. This camera does all that for me and much more. It user friendly and has just the right amount of feature, not to many that I'm over whelmed and not to few that I can't get the photo I want. Overall I couldn't have been more impressed with the quality of photo I was taking.

June 23, 2012


Amazing Camera but...

bought this camera about 2 weeks ago and was absolutely amazed by it
it turns on almost instantly, so its easy to capture moments that might not last too long.
iv taken over 1000 pictures with the tg-1 already and found that i love having the GPS show where the pictures were taken...also if your hiking on a trail and take pics throughout your hike you can look back and see where on the hike they were taken...but... for some reason the GPS function has stopped working for me, iv tried to update it using the GPS utility that the camera comes with but still doesn't work, camera just freezes when i try to turn the GPS on. but other then that problem the camera sells itself absolutely love it!!

June 18, 2012


I have read about this camera for three months waiting to put my hands on it. I have only used it for about three days. So I will post more once I put it thru a good trile.
Out of the box this camera feels great. Light, FAST,seems well built. Operates very easy, user friendly.As far as I am concerned so far the top point and shoot to date. A little pricey for a point and shoot but I have no regrets spending the money for what it offers. Crazy camera !

June 16, 2012

Summer S.


The TG-1 is everything a spontaneous person is looking for. I previously owned the TG-610 which I also loved, but the TG-1 is beyond amazement. With faster shooting, amazing filters, quick editing, and HD videos nothing tops it. The first day I put it to use, my friends were amazed to see the quality, and even more amazed it came from a water proof camera. This camera will never leave my side.

June 13, 2012


great camera

This is the 2nd water / shock Olympus I have owned. Looking forward to the add on lenses coming out. Very easy to use. Great pictures, great quality.

June 11, 2012


Excellent Camera

Received it this week and have found it so easy to use, everything about this camera feels tough and built with quality. I'm looking forward to taking this out on the rivers to really put it to its full potential.

June 11, 2012


I love this camera

I am a big fan of Olympus Cameras This is 5th olympus camera I have bot. I have the older film models still working. Now the TG-1 iHS PRO:

Scene selection is excellent, Magic filter is boon , Tap function is very functional , Wide angle photography ultimately made possible, eye-fi compatibility is great gift, GPS works great. Pictures come out very sharp super clear,

Some functions i have not used but will keep updating once i use them.

No Lens cover or a camera cover, the microphones are blocked when holding the camera though manual tells and teaches how to hold it but with years of usage the hands go back the same way holding the camera.

June 08, 2012

Neighbours Envy Owner's Pride

Excellent Camera

1) For a 399$ camera Olympus atleast should have provided with a 4GB SDHC card.
2) No Lens Cover
3)Cautious not puttong your fingers on the microphones when recording. This makes it difficult to hold the camera.

1) Nice and light
2) Scene Mode
3) Magic Flter is excellent (Pic Takensee below)
4) Tap Function
5)Eye-Fi compatibality ( Pretty fast transfers no wires needed)
6) Indoor picture quality is great
7) GPS
Many functions but yet to use them. Will update accordingly.

June 05, 2012


Beyond expectation.

Perfect. Been holding off on buying a camera to pack on my motorcycle because nothing had the all weather features and image quality I wanted. When I checked the specs and the local electronics store had one in stock I made the purchase. Quick to learn and will be purchasing the convertor lens when released. Supposed to work with the remote wireless olympus flashes also, I have not tested that out yet.

May 24, 2012


simple to use

This is by far the most user friendly camera that I have ever owned. You can do everything that this camera offers without a manuel.