January 21, 2016 by harvey
Must Have
A must have accessary when you need higher resolution them LCD or when shooting with bright light behind you and you can't see well enough with the LCD. It would be nice if it were smart enough to detect your eye so it turns on and shits off automatically and if it locked on the camera like the flash does. It may do both with a newer model but still useful when you need it. It has never fallen off the camera but I check it all the time when in use. Refresh is very fast and resolution and brightness is excellent.
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March 1, 2013 by JIm
Great viewfinder with a major design flaw!
I purchased the VF-2 to use on my E-PL2 camera. It is solidly made, has a very bright, clear view and makes use of the camera much easiier, particularly with my 40-150 zoom! Unfortunately, it has one MAJOR, possibly costly design flaw, in my opinion. It DOES NOT lock onto the hot shoe and though it seems to fit snugly, it WILL come off...much easier than you think. I know..it has twice on me in the first two weeks of use. Luckily, I saw it happen and didn't lose it. So my 2-star rating is due to this flaw...it is a 5-star performer...when it stays in place. For $249, it should be lockable and secure.
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February 24, 2012 by NOLA
Completes PEN E-P3
Upgraded from a pro-sumer compact to the E-P3. I did not realize how much I relied on my viewfinder. The E-P3 has a great display but it's barely visible in direct sunlight. This viewfinder corrects that problem. It's clear, shows camera settings, has an adjustable diopter, can be raised to a 90 degree angle for low shots and even though it does not lock to the "hot shoe" it fits very snugly with no fear of coming loose. It's a bit pricey but well worth the expense. It transforms the E-P3 into a true DSLR alternative.
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