February 21, 2016 by Ken
Small, Light and Powerful
The FL-600R flash is small, light, is powerful for its size and recycles quickly. It tilts from -7 to 90 degrees, as well as swivels a full 360 degrees. It makes bouncing light very easy to do. The FL-600R has the following shooting modes: TTL auto, Super FP TTL, Manual, Super FP Manual, Auto, Slave Auto, Slave Manual, and Remote Control. You can use the FL-600R as a slave unit with the small flash that comes with the OM-D E-M1 as the master (the FL-600 comes with its own small stand), as a stand-alone flash or as a master unit. The flash stores the settings for each mode- for instance, if you frequently use it in TTL auto, full manual, and perhaps slave auto, it will recall the last settings that were used in each situation. Also, when connected to the camera, if you turn the camera off, the flash turns off as well; when you turn the camera on, it will turn the flash back on as well. It has an LED light which is great for macro work or finding things in the dark. The flash uses four AAA batteries.
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February 1, 2016 by Philam
Works like a charm
I've used some cheap flashes and some knock off triggers in the past. I was getting some amazing results, so I decided to splurge a little to make things a bit more convenient. HOLY COW! What a world of a difference! I don't regret starting off doing things manually, but the jump from manual flash photography to auto almost makes you feel like you're cheating. I'm considering picking up a couple more to get even more creative!
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April 5, 2015 by Blake
A solid choice.
I moved to the OM-D lineup from a Sony alpha system. The only features that can be improved are the shoe mount lock as I find I'm constantly not locking this flash in the shoe correctly (a fault of the more standard design, the Minolta/Alpha mount is something all camera manufactures should have standardized IMO). I also miss being able to tilt the flash from side to side to orient the head when holding the camera in a portrait orientation. The flash is well built, the controls work well, and it's nice and compact.
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February 1, 2015 by WalSch
I do not recommend (Presenting problems - I just have used 3 times- Less than 2 hours of use in 1,5 years)
Not Reliable. Noise originating from the flash's zoom mechanism. I get both the Auto Check and Test/Charge lamps flashing and I can't get any flash firing. You will find several complaints in a simple search over internet. ---- Note from Olympus: Please contact our support at 1-888-553-4448 (M-F 9am to 9pm).
June 1, 2012 by dcisive
The Match Made In Heaven
The OM-E-M5 and this flash make for a truly professional capable combo. They work in perfect harmony together providing flawless flash exposures. This model flash has the best flash recovery speeds between shots and is bright enough for every occasion and venue. It's diminutive size belies it's capabilities. Complete control via the controls on the back along with it's powerful output and you have the BEST combo for your OMD body. It will in NO way hold you back. Because it also provides the handy bright LED video light within the body you'll get superior video results as well. I shot a video with the subjects over 15 feet away and it looks amazingly natural, not as if they had a light glaring on them. Nice compatibility with common AA batteries allows for your NiMh battery use increasing not only usage life but also lessens the times between flashes. 180 degree rotation on the flash head just adds to it's versatility. This is a MUST have for a OMD owner.
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