July 17, 2012 by EZ
feature request for next firmware
I have recently acquired the ls-20m. Unless I have missed something, these are some of the helpful small features I think could be added for the next firmware update: 1. Pause during video recording. Currently pause is available for playback only. 2. Ability to turn on and off the main video screen during video recording (for repositioning without stopping if the screen is off). Also during playback of audio only (for seeing the file name without stopping). Perhaps by using the Fn button or another available button. 3. Option to sort files by name. Currently they are sorted by time (which is good for recordings). This will be helpful when using the unit as an mp3 music player - tracks which are titled "01 Song" "02 Song"... will retain their playback order. 4. 24bit resolution for 44.1 & 48k sample rates. Currently 24bit is available only for the higher sample rates. Thank you.
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May 22, 2012 by GMac
Unique Purpose
This is a "Do Everything" recorder, as some reviewers state, as long as everything you're recording happens quickly. I bought this because as a grad student I liked the idea of being able to voice record and take video. The awful truth is that the flimsy battery lasts 4 hours for voice recording when brand new. Clearly this recorder has its purpose (not for student recording) and I like what it does otherwise but this thing needs a substantial double battery pack accessory available asap to compensate for someone's huge mistake in choosing a mini battery.
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May 15, 2012 by Windsong
Excellant HD and sound quality
Just purchased May 13, 2012 and haven't been able to put it down since.
December 9, 2011 by dcisive
No Real Competition For A Unit That Does It All
I am a recording musician with a 32 track digital studio in my home. I am also a professional photographer. I searched for a product that would allow me to take HD video AND record high bit rate PCM audio. I was looking at other manufacturers of similar products but they typically don't provide video on board. I then was nearly settled on another product similar from another manufacturer but after doing some final research came upon the LS-20M. I was skeptical that it could provide the video quality I demanded but it did. The color and clarity is up with most DSLR's that record video with larger sensors. It does tend to do best on a stable platform such as a tripod so be advised this is best. I have no real issues with the front facing camera and adjust the height of the tripod so I can see what I need to to adjust audio levels and see the video screen. I love the svelte design, size and weight. It is like having a recording studio and digital camcorder all in the palm of one's hand. Highly recommended!
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September 9, 2011 by quadrata
It works, it's yough, and it's portable
Hey, it's an Olympus...it's meant to work. It's not a toy. The idea is you use it to record people's voices in meetings; where you need to hear everyything. If you're listening to music, or capturing vocals, this is actually quite good, but remember to turn on the low cut (300Hz) to kill the A/C noise in your room. It's best for field reporters, doctors, and people on the go who need good audio. If something really YOUTUBE happens, you can capture it...and at least get it in HD, so it doesn't look like that TOSH.0 Cell-Phone blurry wasting your time squinty stuff. This is not a toy. It is not a true camcorder, either. This is not going to replace the prosumer camcorder. The idea is that it fits in your pocket, and is a step up from flip video, but gives you the edge over all the other units that totally ignore the issue of recording sound. Your video can look great, but if the sound is like your getting sandblasted...no one will watch it! This is great sound, and good HD video...certainly matched with a 32GB class 10 SD card, you have a winning combination for a doctor, college student, or reporter. As a person attending lectures, this is a no brainer. My LS-11 is now officially retired! The only thing that Olympus should offer is an extended/replacement warranty to cover accidental damage, like the big box stores do. Something like this is not quite as rugged as the LS-11; however that will most likely be their next iteration.
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