October 09, 2014


Dial failed after two years.

The dial on the landscape component of this device failed after just over two years of use. It now does nothing, though the shutter button still works. Very disappointing, and a hefty ($95) cost to fix it.

June 20, 2013


The LOCK Switch Has Purpose, Despite Zero Instruction

I bought this combo holder and the leather slip-through Grip Strap (GS4) a year ago because this camera NEEDS it. I have endured repeated random fires, autofocus issues and of course hundreds of resultant stray, out-of-focus frames.

I consulted Product Support repeatedly, including returning the camera twice for inspection of body and kit lens.

Finally, about a month ago, out of extreme frustration, while on a 10-day photo workshop in the Mojave Desert, etc. I phoned again and demanded to speak to a Support Supervisor who finally told me because I do not use a neck strap, in favor of the hand grip, that the GS 4 was contacting and partially activating the vertical shutter release button.


Solution: Use the LOCK switch on the holder to disengage the vertical/portrait release button. NOWHERE is this cautionary note mentioned in the instructions.

I recall thinking upon assembly that this leather grip is far sloppier than my E-1 and E-3 grip straps….now I know it is. As one who uses vertical frames a lot, I now have an annoying extra step of UNlocking the grip before firing, but the random frames have stopped.