June 20, 2013


The LOCK Switch Has Purpose, Despite Zero Instruction

I bought this combo holder and the leather slip-through Grip Strap (GS4) a year ago because this camera NEEDS it. I have endured repeated random fires, autofocus issues and of course hundreds of resultant stray, out-of-focus frames.

I consulted Product Support repeatedly, including returning the camera twice for inspection of body and kit lens.

Finally, about a month ago, out of extreme frustration, while on a 10-day photo workshop in the Mojave Desert, etc. I phoned again and demanded to speak to a Support Supervisor who finally told me because I do not use a neck strap, in favor of the hand grip, that the GS 4 was contacting and partially activating the vertical shutter release button.


Solution: Use the LOCK switch on the holder to disengage the vertical/portrait release button. NOWHERE is this cautionary note mentioned in the instructions.

I recall thinking upon assembly that this leather grip is far sloppier than my E-1 and E-3 grip straps….now I know it is. As one who uses vertical frames a lot, I now have an annoying extra step of UNlocking the grip before firing, but the random frames have stopped.