December 28, 2017 by Philip
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This is good for extending the distance, but yes, there is a black ring if you are on a low zoom. Having this on the TG5 is nice with the push button changeout. I use it often. Good product.
May 29, 2017 by Philip
Great lens, shoddy adapter
Let me first say that I love the TG-4 and am contemplating upgrading to the TG-5. These are great cameras. The TCON-T01 lens itself performs as advertised and is well made, I've had great results with it although I don't find I use it anywhere near as often as the fisheye lens. The TG systems's biggest weakness is the CLA-T01 Adapter. This cheap piece of plastic is an anomaly in an otherwise well made eco-system, and in fact is a down right oxymoron in a camera lineup that is called 'tough'. Firstly the fact that it is plastic is ridiculous. This adapter should be made of metal or at least some form of more durable composite. I've had one crack through the radius already. But the worst thing about the CLA-T01 is the latching mechanism, or lack thereof. When you attach the lens using the adapter you screw the lens to the adapter which takes a turn and bit which is fine, then you align a white dot as many cameras, then twist and there is the faintest 'bump' that is supposed to secure the adapter. In reality the lens is being held by a thread. It is not secure at all. In time, and I mean maybe one or two months of occasional use, whatever little plastic 'bump' that is supposed to keep the adapter from twisting off the camera weakens and because the amount of revolution is so small the lens can pretty much just fall off the camera. You just can't trust it. I like to mount my TG-4 on a stick and take underwater shots or video with the fisheye lens but now the adapter has proved itself so flimsy I can't do that without fear that the slightest knock is going to bump the lens off and it'll sink to the bottom of the ocean. Olympus please design and make a much more robust replacement part. I realize it will be a design challenge to create a more secure adapter that fits your existing Tough cameras but your team is smart and I'm sure it can at least be improved on. Also this new replacement should be inexpensive because as it is the CLA-T01 is a liability. Otherwise I love this setup and would give my review 5 stars. But the CLA-T01 is so poor I feel it only really deserves 1 star.
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November 24, 2015 by JB
Must have for TG series
This is an excellent accessory for the TG series. It attaches and detaches quickly and easily. It gives a nice little increase in isn't a whole lot but for a waterproof, tough camera 7x magnification is amazing. You will need a small adapter ring to attach this lens to the camera. If you have a TG you should really consider getting this lens...i'm glad I did.
November 21, 2015 by Louis
Nice adapter, but........
Easy to use, compact to handle, only some adjustement yo make in the camera menu to use it, but it,s Ok !! work great !! the only con is: the ratio of gain for a telephoto is not soo good, only 3x, For a panorama photo, you will see no gain at all !! please olympus, you can make thing better tham that !! If you can, i will buy it !!.................................................................................................................................................................
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September 9, 2015 by S
wonderful lens
i recently purchased the TCON-T01 & CLA-T01 adapter for use on my new TG-4 camera. WOW i love this lens! the closeup images are sharp and crisp while the background is in a soft focus. long distance image capture is also a big deal for me and this lens just pulls things right up close! great product great company. the lens is well built and just as tough as the TG-4
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