January 2, 2018 by john
Excellent small flash.
For the price and size, this is an excellent flash. The FL300r can be tilted back for bounce. Be aware, the FL300r is NOT capable of being used as a "master" in the RC flash system, but it does function well as a remote flash. From my testing, the FL300r is quite easily triggered by the remote control system even under adverse conditions. I suspect the problem some reviewers have had with the battery door could have been avoided with a little trick: while pulling up gently of the battery door, pivot the door 90 degrees downward onto the batteries, making sure the outside edge of the door extends beyond the edge of the body of the flash, then gently slide the door back into the body until the leading edge is flush with the body. Very little force is required when done properly.
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November 25, 2017 by Andrew
Cheap plastic battery door cover breaks with no useage
Like the other poster, the battery door just split in half. I only used the flash maybe twice and had not used in in over a year. Was just going to do the annual battery replacement when upon opening the battery door it split in two. Now I m trying to find a replacement door cover.
October 26, 2017 by Torsten
Decent little flash
Decent tiny flash, that tilts but does not rotates - will always fit in your bag jacket or trouser pockets. Fits well to the other Pen cameras but seem to designed to fit optical to the older Pens. In my opinion Less usable at the Pen-F, E-M1-II and E-M5-II. The FL-LM3 that comes with the cameras has less punch but rotates and tilts, is smaller and doesn't need batteries.
October 19, 2016 by Spencer
Decent, compact flash, until battery door fell apart
While it lasted, this was a useful flash for me, not terribly powerful but sufficient for many situations and much better than the flash included with the EM-5. I really liked the wireless functionality to add some extra light in any part of the scene easily. Unfortunately, the battery door fell apart and with nothing to latch it closed, it became pretty useless. I've seen others complaining of the same thing, so it doesn't look like this was particular to my unit.
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June 17, 2013 by Linda
You just can't rely on it.
This is a cheaply-made flash. The battery-door cover, fell off of mine and I have had to use duct tape to close it. I got it for free during an Olympus promotion last year. While it is better than the flash that ships with the camera, it is not something you can rely on to perform when you need it.

When I travel and shoot photos all day, I have to carry 3 extra sets of batteries for the flash, to make sure the flash will not go dead. Worse still, is that it takes a long time for the flash to recycle. I miss a lot of shots while I am waiting for the flash to refresh itself.There is some hope: 

I just ordered the FL - 600F Wireless Electronic Flash for my OM-D. I am hoping it will do a better job.
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