January 21, 2016 by harvey
Flexable Light
Bendable, great for getting light into tight places to eliminate shadows on models. Easy to attach to accessary port. Allows me to take some macro shots I could not otherwise get. Not something I use everyday but when I need it, nothing else would work for this application. an inexpensive accessary even if you only use it occasionally. I sue it on PEN PM1, PM2, PL7, because I can get in close with them.
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August 4, 2015 by Scott
Great accessory for Macro and product shots shots
Great lighting accessory for both macro and creative close shots. The independently controlled lights allow for a lot of versatility. You can illuminate both sides of a subject or just one. Or you can increase the power to one light and lower it on the other from some creative lighting. Another bonus is that they are powered by the camera, not a battery so one less thing to worry about or forget! My only suggestion would be to improve the 'strength' of the arm flexibility. If the lights are stretched out straight they have a tendency to droop. If they are curved, they don't droop as much or at all. Still, it's a very minor issue. Great accessory for those into macro photography or product shots.
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February 21, 2013 by Daniel
Great for close shots!
I have occasionally had trouble getting good close-up pictures of items I wanted to sell online. In particular, small details would not show very well because of insufficient light at close range. So, when I bought my new PEN E-PL2, I bought the MAL-1 light to complement the camera. The MAL-1 works great! It is powered by the accessory port, so no extra batteries are required; and the flexible arms make it incredibly easy to aim the light where you need it most. It is a big help when you need to show detail on a dark-colored object.
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