February 08, 2013


Excellent lens but slow to focus on OM-D EM-5

While focusing is slow (under 3 sec) with AF-S/MF on an EM-5 or GH2, the resulting images are excellent. The TC 1.4X doesn't slow focusing and the images are plenty sharp @ F/4.5. The lens support ring is much needed when using this lens, especially with an m43 camera body.
I also own the 50-200mm F/2.8-3.5 lens, and while it is optically less excellent than the 90-250mm lens, the significantly lighter and smaller 50-200mm lens gets a lot more use because it is so portable/packable.
Please Olympus, produce your promised new hybrid focusing m43/43 camera to make your big zooms focus fast and continuously!

July 19, 2011


Outstanding optics

I purchased this lens shortly before a trip to Hawaii. It is very large and requires its own carrying bag. It is heavy so a tripod is almost a must; I have occasionally used it freehand but more often with a tripod or monopod. It provides outstanding sharp photos at long distances; with the f2.8 stopping action is great (surfers; shore objects from a ship a mile or two off shore). I have used it at sporting events and have even used it for some astronomy work (great for the moon). It was perfect for several graduations. I generally use it with my E3 body, which makes the whole system very weather resistant; I have also used it with my older Evolt 500 body with equally impressive results.

It is an expensive lens but I have never regretted the investment in it; I've gotten more use from it than I expected when I purchased it.