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January 19, 2016


Excellent Close-Up as Well as All-Purpose Lens

I bought the Zuiko ED 50mm f2.0 Macro 1:2 for my E-600 DSLR, and will likely buy the MFT adapter to be able to use it on my newly purchased OM-D E-M10 Mark II as well. This lens is as close to perfect a lens as I could ever imagine. It provides clear, sharp corner to corner images, has outstanding bokeh, and colors and contrast are superb. This has become my walk around lens, due to its image quality, ability to focus closely, and an added benefit it has of being very light to carry.

I have recently won a few photo contests with the aid of this fine lens, with flower close-ups being my subject. I highly recommend this lens and am looking forward to many continued years of use and joy from it.

May 27, 2015


Great Portrait Lens

I intend to keep using this lens on micro four-thirds bodies long after I get rid of all my other four thirds gear. There is something about the crispness of the images and the creaminess of the bokeh that is instantly recognizable.

I have used it for some outdoor macro work (mostly bug and flower shots) with very satisfying results. Where this lens really stands out for me though is portraits. It has the perfect focal length, sharpness and wide aperture to really make your subject pop. Autofocus on my E-m1 is fast and accurate in most situations, though I prefer to focus manually for macro shots.

September 05, 2014

Sa Ang

Great lens to have for wedding.

With the aperture wide open, it is excellent for wedding photography.

December 12, 2013



I purchased this lens about 5 months ago, and have used it on my E-500, OMD E-M5, and the E-5. This is really a fantastic lens; colors really Pop off the screen (or print), Contrast is corner to corner, and I see no distortion. And the bokeh is impressive.

The price is reasonable, and the quality is there; get this lens. You will love it.

November 27, 2013



I purchased this lens about 5 months ago, and have used it on my E-500, OMD E-M5, and the E-5. This is really a fantastic lens; colors really Pop off the screen (or print), Contrast is corner to corner, and I see no distortion.

And the bokeh… I submitted a couple of shots in the November 2013 Gallery, and the bokeh in them was (for me) captivating; and their bokehs were shot at f/4.0 and f/5.6. I didn’t have to use f/2.8 or f/2.0 to get good results.

I shoot a lot of images with Manual Focus, and this lens is certainly the easiest lens I have for focusing manually. But on the AF-S/MF setting, focus is quick and usually precise. When focusing very close, on a macro subject, distances change quickly, which causes the 50mm to miss locking in at a focus. I also set my system to Spot metering, which helps reduce this problem; stay away from ESP and Center Weighted metering when shooting macro, since you will never know what the computer will select as a focus point… which probably gives others problems when shooting macro. (or use MF)

The price is reasonable, and the quality is there. Open your vision to include macro and portraiture, and get this lens. You will love it.

April 26, 2013


Superb lens -- macro, portrait, or general purpose

In combination with my E-620, this "portrait" length DSLR lens delivers the highest resolution and best ergonomics I have ever experienced. In fact, if you can forego zoom capability, it will probably become your default lens. More information is available at

July 21, 2012


My GO-TO Lense

I have used this lense for almost 2 years. I love the fact I can take pictures in low light without a flash. I have other lenses but it seems this is the one I tend to use the most. It does take some getting used to if you are used to a zoom lense but it is worth it.

March 05, 2012


Excellent macro/portrait lens

I love photographing flowers, small creatures and technical things in detail. I read many rave reviews about this lens and I haven't been disappointed by its optical performance. The pictures from it are very sharp and clean.

However on my E-520, the autofocus often 'hunts' back and forth through the correct focus point. If I manually focus close to that point then switch it back to autofocus, it usually locks OK. Also it focuses fairly slowly and noisily. I still think it's a great lens and I recommend it.

March 01, 2012


What a beautiful lens!

I've bought this lens for it's typical properties which are mainly for macro and portrait photography. Up to now, I am impressed EVERY time of the results! The depth, perspective and quality are somewhat not comparable to a standard lens. Of course, since that it is a 50mm, you have to be ready to "walk around" your subject instead of using a tripod, but the image stabilisator of Olympus camera combined with this lens will create a clear, sharped edge and wonderful picture without an difficulties!
I will recommend this one in a heartbeat!

September 07, 2011


This lens just makes everything better

I had been using my Olympus E-500 body for about 3-4 years with the provided kit lenses. While I love those lenses and what they have given me in the past, I desperately wanted something that would give me that gorgeous bokeh that comes with a smaller depth of field. I also wanted something that I could use indoors more successfully without a flash (although my Olympus Fl 36-R flash, bought at the same time, helped out majorly as a bounce flash) My expectations were exceeded in every way possible, and this lens is a dream to use! So much so, that it has hardly left my camera body since. It does have a harder time focusing in the dark or on darker objects sometimes, but that can all be excused for the gorgeous pictures it has given me. The bokeh is stunning, and the sharp images it takes blows the kit lenses out of the water, imo. I don't know how I have lived without this lens, seriously. It takes a little getting used to because it seems so close to the subject when you look through the viewfinder and the fact that it doesn't zoom, but I wouldn't give it up for anything :) The first full model photo shoot I used it for, I was blown away. My model, who was also a photographer, kept wanting to look at the images I was taking, because she was so jealous how incredible the images were turning out. It has been invaluable for every photoshoot I've done, and it is truly my most treasured piece of photo equipment. I cannot believe this lens isn't priced twice as expensively as it is.

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