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   FREE 2-DAY SHIPPING over $25+. Hurry, ends 3/17
   FREE 2-DAY SHIPPING over $25+. Hurry, ends 3/17

Musicians – Meet your new best friends.


With the LS Series of digital PCM recorders from Olympus, your recording studio is in your pocket.

Crystal-clear sound. Multiple recording formats. Extreme battery life. Whatever you need, the LS-100, LS-14 and LS-12 can handle it. Sensitive enough to capture every note and durable enough to toss in your gig bag, our LS recorders are a musician’s dream.


Look, we get it.

“Musician” means a lot of things to a lot of people.

That’s why our LS digital recorders are packed with features that anyone who loves music will love. Guitarist or violinist. Garage band or church choir. Professional or hobbyist. Whoever you are, there’s an LS for you.


Sound means everything.

You work hard at your music. Don’t even think about trusting it to something else.

Olympus Linear PCM recorders capture every note the way you meant them to be heard. From the LS-100′s multi-track recording and XLR connection to the LS-14′s Tresmic three-microphone array, they’re designed by musicians for musicians. You think about the music – we’ll handle the rest.


Always innovating.

The industry’s leading line of digital music recorders just got better.

Introducing the LS-14 and LS-12 linear PCM recorders from Olympus. With multiple recording modes, cutting-edge mics and ridiculous battery life, they’re the perfect companion for any musician.