XZ-2 (Reconditioned)

5.0 Stars

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XZ-2 (Reconditioned)

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XZ-2 (Reconditioned)
5.0 Stars

Availability: Out of stock

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XZ-2 (Reconditioned)


Point. Shoot. Be amazed.

Combine the ease-of-use of a point and shoot with the image quality of a more advanced camera and you get the Olympus XZ-2. This premium compact helps you push the creative envelope with an arsenal of amazing technology. A super-fast f1.8 iZuiko lens and a large, high-sensitivity BSI (Backside-Illuminated) CMOS Sensor help capture brilliant low light shots. Experienced photographers will love how the XZ-2’s full manual controls are effortless to access and use. Feed your creative side with 11 Art Filters and 5 Effects, one-touch HD video and an accessory port for flashes and viewfinders. The XZ-2. Pro features packed in one awesomely creative compact.


The iZuiko f1.8-2.5 6.0-24mm (28-112mm equivalent angle of view in 35mm cameras) digital lens is a 4x compact version of the legendary, high-quality ZUIKO Digital lenses featured with Olympus DSLRs. With a maximum aperture of f1.8 at wide-angle and f2.5 at telephoto, this lens assures fast shutter speeds for sharp low-light images. This aperture range also allows photographers to take portraits that highlight the subject by defocusing the background, a capability not possible in most compact cameras. The lens is specifically designed for clear, high-quality photographic performance with minimal ghosting or flare.

4X ZUIko Zoom Lens

Based on the standards of Olympus DSLR lenses, with the XZ-2's 4x wide-angle optical zoom and 4x digital zoom, you can get close to the action. But due to the F1.8 lens it allows for shallower depth of field than most compact point and shoot cameras.

28mm Equivalent Wide Lens

All the capabilities you need in one compact lens. The 4x optical zoom gets you close to the action while the 28mm Equivalent Wide-Angle Lens lets you capture group shots and breathtaking panoramas.

Premium Image Quality,
Creativity, Low Light

iHS Technology

The powerful TruePic VI, SLR-quality Image Processor and a cutting edge BSI CMOS sensor come together to dramatically improve image quality with spectacular low-light performance and blazing autofocus speed. These are combined with enhanced Intelligent Auto for spectacular scene and subject recognition and super-resolution zoom.


This family of technologies conquers challenging shooting conditions with improved light condensing efficiency, less noise and quick response time – twice as fast as traditional cameras – for definitively unmatched image quality.

12MP High Sensitivity BSI CMOS Sensor

An amazing 12 million pixels in the High-Sensitivity, High-Speed BSI CMOS sensor deliver unmatched image quality with less noise and improved image detail, especially in low-light situations.

TruePic VI

The XZ-2 pairs a high sensitivity 12 megapixel BSI CMOS sensor with the TruePic™ VI Image Processor to produce clear and colorful photos.. The image processor is noted for accurate natural color, true-to-life flesh tones, brilliant blue skies and precise tonal expression; it also lowers image noise in photos shot at higher ISO settings, enabling great results in low-light situations.

Backlight HDR

Shooting into backlight typically results in washed out, overly bright images. Backlight HDR Adjustment takes a collage of images at various exposure levels and blends them into one, perfectly exposed image.

Low Light Performance

ISO 12,800

The XZ-2 provides DSLR quality low light photos with an increased ISO sensitivity to 12,800.

AF Illuminator

The XZ-2 also features an AF illuminator to make it simple to focus in low-light situations.

Low Light Mode

The XZ-2 has an easily accessible built-in pop-up flash to illuminate low-light subjects, reduce red-eye and fill in dark areas.

Advanced Control and Usability

3” Swivel Touch LCD

Capture your shots instantly with the XZ-2's FAST AF and responsive touch screen. Just touch the screen to focus on your subject and release the shutter. Whether composing still images or HD videos, photographers will appreciate the XZ-2’s sharp 3.0-inch tilt and touch LCD to frame and show off still images and High Definition (HD) movies. The LCD displays 920,000 dots in vivid color, reproduces colors and shades more accurately with deeper black tones.

Accessory Port

The XZ-2 includes a port for accessories including Flashes, MAL-1 Macro light, SEMA-1 Microphone adapter set and VF-2 or VF-3 detachable electronic viewfinders.

Hybrid Control Ring and Customization

The XZ-2 offers advanced manual controls that experienced photographers expect. But, with the XZ-2, advanced features are easy to use. The XZ-2 is equipped with the world's first hybrid control ring, built around the lens, which allows users to easily assign function settings to their preferences as well as switch between analog and digital operation of the ring. The digital operation provides a solid click on controls, whereas the analog operation offers a smooth, gliding feeling. When the Fn 2 lever next to the lens is placed downward, the ring around the lens switches to analog control so it can be used as a focus or a zoom ring. If the lever is placed at an angle, the ring around the lens switches to digital control to change exposure-related settings quickly and easily. This feature enables fine-tuning of the focus in macro, composition selection when shooting, and exposure adjustment all without looking away from subjects.

In-Camera Creativity

11 Art Filters with 5 Art Effects

Express your creativity with special effects for your photos & HD Videos. Olympus’ Art Filters infuse familiar scenes with new and unexpected moods ranging from the exciting to the serene and from the whimsical to the mysterious.

1080p Full HD Movie with Art Filters

The XZ-2’s easy-to-reach record button on the back of the camera body makes recording videos a breeze. Add style and artistic flair to your movies with Olympus Art Filters and Effects.

HDMI Output

For easy photo and video playback on your HDTV. The XZ-2 makes sharing your content easier than ever. Using the HDMI output, just connect the XZ-2 to your HDTV with an HDMI cable (not included) and navigate the camera's menus from the comfort of your couch. This is perfect for sharing your pictures and movies with an audience.

Shoot. Sync. Share Wirelessly.

Share your favorite pictures.

Wi-Fi capability lets you transfer photos wirelessly to smartphones and tablets with the FlashAir memory card and the OLYMPUS Image Share app. Perfect for posting them on social networking sites fast without any fuss. All to share your stories fast. Learn more.


The OI.Share app lets you use the Art Filter technology made popular by the OLYMPUS PEN. From Dramatic Tone to Pop Art, you can choose your favorite Art Filter and apply it to not only pictures that you imported from your camera, but also to pictures that are already saved on your smartphone.

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October 13, 2015 by Joe
Great Camera
I bought an XZ-2 as a back up to my DSLR. I wanted something that would give me the same type of manual control that I have with the DSLR, and had a tilting LCD touch screen. I looked at a lot of other camera's before settling on the XZ-2. What a wonderful camera. Complete manual control, art filters, and a sensor and lens that work together to make incredibly sharp images. This camera has reawakened my interest in photography! I take it with me every day, everywhere I go, since it's small enough to fit in my shirt pocket! I think Olympus made a big mistake when they discontinued it. I've seen the Stylus 1. It's too big for a pocket. And the SH-2's photo's aren't as sharp. This is perhaps the perfect combination of size and function. Not too small, (like some of the competitions cameras), and not too large. If it were up to me, I'd resume production of the XZ-2 and continue with the Stylus 1s. But at least I got mine while they were still there to be bought!
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April 27, 2015 by Rosita
The very best camera ever!!!
I have purchased many different cameras over the years, always trying to find the perfect compact... I have found it with the XZ-2! This camera is perfect in every way and the performance is simply amazing. Also, this is the most fun camera I have ever used with the array of filters included, my very favorite : Key Line. I cannot understand how such a great camera could be discontinued, I feel like getting another one just for spare in case I was to loose mine...
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April 3, 2015 by Ben
Great Camera!!!
This Camera builds and looks very nice! Easy to use can take some great photos, in low light works great too! Overall is a great camera!!!
Capture your stories.