SP-100 (Reconditioned)

5.0 Stars

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SP-100 (Reconditioned)

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SP-100 (Reconditioned)
5.0 Stars

Availability: In stock

Item #V103070BU000-420

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Featuring Dot Sight Framing Assist, 7 fps, Focus Limit Button, 1080/60p Video & 50x Zoom (24-1200mm). Free shipping direct from Olympus.

SP-100 (Reconditioned)


Olympus Certified Reconditioned Product is defined as any product that has been returned by our retail partners. Once the product is returned, Olympus conducts a rigorous five-point inspection of all product functions and features to ensure that the item meets our quality standards. Your product will function identically to a brand-new Olympus product, however it is possible for a refurbished product to have a minor blemish on the surface. We support certified reconditioned products with a 90-day repair warranty and 30-day money back guarantee excluding the cost of shipping.



The restricted field of view at full zoom makes it challenging to locate and focus on long-distance subjects. The SP-100 features the world’s first built-in dot sight*, a red light that’s projected onto a glass panel under the flash to help you quickly and accurately zero in on your subject when the lens is extended.
*As of January 17th, 2014; based on Olympus research


If shooting sports, wildlife or concerts is your passion, the SP-100 is the camera for you. Advanced features include a versatile 50x zoom, a best-in-class back-lit CMOS sensor, the latest TruePic™ VII
image processor, focus and exposure control options more
common in DSLRs and an electronic viewfinder –
all in one refined package.


The SP-100 is a marvel of compact digital technology. You don’t need extra lenses, or an external dot sight apparatus, or a computer with image manipulation software. You may, however, want a nice case for your new favorite camera, or extra batteries, so we put together some nice accessories to complete your kit.


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February 12, 2016 by kevin
Very good introductory camera
this camera is very good thanks to its 50X optical zoom which is my favorite feature as well as the red dot sight that helps you aim (this comes in handy a lot with a 50X zoom) the only complaint I have is its kind of hard to explain but if you zoom into the images you took it has a weirs kind of like oil painting effect to it and it looks stretched out. If you view the image without the digital zooming in however they look amazing. Definitely worth the money.
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February 19, 2015 by Stephen
A WOW Camera
I am following up on my great SP-100ee camera. I have had this camera since October 26, 2014. WOW !! I can get quick shots on the fly amazming. We just had a snow storm and I took a picture of a bird on my wifes bird bath which had snow all over it. I was about 80 feet from the bird and I zoomed in and am wowed at the sharpness of this camera. Spot on!!!! The bird is as if I were holding it in my hand. The processor in this camera will blow you away with quality, color correct and how sharp the image is. I have used the manual settings some but I really like the presets. I only wonder what the higher priced Olympus cameras can do. This is a wonderful camera for the money you spend and like I said in my first review that I have owned other name brand cameras that don't take fast shots or image like this camera does. Buy this camera and you won't be sorry. Stephen
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October 26, 2014 by Stephen
fast camera
I Have had this SP-100ee camera for one week now. I have owned other big name cameras in the past. What changed me to Olympus was a SP-720UZ camera I bought and was so amazed at the features for the money and how great the camera was. This is my first reconditioned camera I have owned. I have a large family. This camera starts up so fast and can shoot so fast that I cannot believe it. I do not miss fast action or low light. Really a quick camera. Video is really good. I will update my review as I work with the features this camera has to offer. This camera looks brand new. This is not a pocket camera. Olympus has a real winner here. The dot site and the electronic view is a must and won't let you down.
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