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Power Battery Holder HLD-6 for E-M5 (Reconditioned)

SKU# V3281300U000-420

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The HLD-6 is an optional dust- and splashproof battery holder and grip created especially for use with the Olympus E-M5. The device can be separated into two parts -- one tailored to shooting in landscape orientation and one that's ideal for portraits.

The landscape unit includes a built-in shutter button as well as a dial for locking the grip onto the bottom of the E-M5.

The portrait unit includes a molded grip for stable shooting while the camera is in the vertical (portrait) orientation, a built-in shutter button, two built-in function buttons that can be programmed independently of the function buttons on the E-M5 body, a DC-IN jack for continuous powered shooting (requires the optional AC-3 Power Adapter), and a compartment for storing an optional additional BLN-1 lithium-ion battery. When shooting with the E-M5 and two batteries, you can choose which battery to use first; once it's drained, the camera will start using the second battery for uninterrupted shooting.

Dimensions (combined): 4.7 x 1.9 x 1.6 in. (119.2 x 48.9 x 41.4 mm)

Weight: 7.9 oz. (225 g)

Item #V3281300U000

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Customer Reviews of the Power Battery Holder HLD-6 for E-M5 (Reconditioned)

January 21, 2015


Great accessory for the E-M5!

I decided to try this item for my E-M5 that I purchased late last year. While I had no problems with the camera, I thought the HLD-6 might make a very useful accessory. So far, it has only enhanced my use of the E-M5. For one, it installs pretty easily, as long as you keep it parallel with the bottom surface of the camera while turning the lock screw. Also, all of the controls worked on the first try, so I know the connections are good. The grip is about right, and the shutter button has pretty much the same feel as the camera's button. It also gives the camera an even greater sense of steadiness and solid handling. Finally, when both sections of the HLD-6 are mounted, I discovered that I can hold the bottom of it with my left hand while maintaining a normal grip with my right hand, for a completely steady, shake-free hold. NIce! I gave this accessory four stars because of the need to remove the grip to get the battery out of the camera, and the control wheel designed for use in portrait orientation can dig into your hand when using the camera in landscape position. Those are minor complaints. I am now leaving the grip portion mounted on my camera, and using the extra portrait section if I think I need a second battery. Overall, this has been a good purchase for the E-M5.

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