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HLD-6 Value Bundle: HLD-6 Power Battery Holder with GS-4 Grip

SKU# V3281300U010-410


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This is for the HLD-6 Value Bundle which includes the HLD-6 Battery Holder and the GS-4 Grip. This is a great bundle for the same price as the HLD-6 alone. The HLD-6 is an optional dust- and splashproof battery holder and grip created especially for use with the Olympus E-M5. The device can be separated into two parts -- one tailored to shooting in landscape orientation and one that's ideal for portraits.

The landscape unit includes a built-in shutter button as well as a dial for locking the grip onto the bottom of the E-M5.

The portrait unit includes a molded grip for stable shooting while the camera is in the vertical (portrait) orientation, a built-in shutter button, two built-in function buttons that can be programmed independently of the function buttons on the E-M5 body, a DC-IN jack for continuous powered shooting (requires the optional AC-3 Power Adapter), and a compartment for storing an optional additional BLN-1 lithium-ion battery.

When shooting with the E-M5 and two batteries, you can choose which battery to use first; once it's drained, the camera will start using the second battery for uninterrupted shooting.

Dimensions (combined): 4.7 x 1.9 x 1.6 in. (119.2 x 48.9 x 41.4 mm)

Weight: 7.9 oz. (225 g)

Item #V3281300U010

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Customer Reviews of the HLD-6 Value Bundle: HLD-6 Power Battery Holder with GS-4 Grip

April 25, 2014


Nice, but combo is not that useful

I was really excited when Olympus had the HLD-6 and GS-4 combo on sale the other month. Here's my observation so far:

The HLD-6 is like how everybody describes it: high quality construction that greatly improves the handling of the E-M5. But--I'd still hesitate to buy it at full regular price, unless you use your camera constantly and/or routinely use long lenses or a large flash.

Most reviews have noted how Olympus thoughtfully provides an indentation to hold the rubber flap--that's good. But I'm just as worried about leaving the pins exposed once you take any part of the grip off: for that you'll need to hang onto the little plastic cap, which will probably get lost immediately. Speaking of the pins: they are *finicky*! I assembled both part of the grip and thought everything was secure. Then none of the dials on the grip worked! The secondary shutter buttons worked. I panicked, thinking I got a dud. Then I decided to unfastened/refasten the grip, and then the dials worked. I cannot understand how the pins didn't contact properly before!

As for the GS-4 grip: I was looking forward to using this, but it's not very well designed. In order to use it, you must have BOTH parts of the HLD-6 in place, plus one of the camera strap "D" rings in place. I've removed my "D" (actually they're triangular) rings and I don't often use the bottom half of the HLD-6. So it's a tremendous hassle to constantly thread/unthread the GS-4 from the ring. Olympus should have found a way to contain the GS-4 entirely within the HLD-6.

January 11, 2014


Failure to include a comprehensive review lowers the star rating.

The Product Works. However the contact covers should be labeled so one does not experiment as to where the go.

The lack of a explanatory manual made the initial mounting very time consuming. You need to hire experienced manual writers. The best are found in the State Unemployment Agencies. They are far superior of any available in the private sector.

You should mention that the hand strap requires removal of the neck strap

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