Orders containing "pre-order," "backorder," or "limited quantities available" items will ship in their entirety once all items in the order (pre-order and in-stock items) are available. Please contact the Olympus Store should you require your items to ship separately or as available. Additional shipping charges may apply.

Please note your expected shipping date may change. While we do our best to project the shipping date based on the available information, we have at the time, unforeseen circumstances such as delays in manufacturing, ocean shipments, weather, etc. may impact your product's shipping date. In such cases, we will keep your order on backorder until we have available product. If you need your order by a specific time (i.e. for a trip, occasion, etc.), we suggest contacting us within a week of your time frame to discuss product availability and the likelihood of delivery by your event date.

When checking on the status of your order on your account page, please understand that the label "complete" means that the order has been successfully submitted into our system and is not referring to shipment completion. Orders showing "complete" may still be on backorder. Shipped orders will display tracking information through the "Track Your Order" link on the order detail page.

Credit or Debit Card Payments:

Your credit or debit card will not be charged until your order ships, but it will be authorized for payment at the time of your order. The amount of this temporary authorization may vary and can be up to the full price of the product(s) ordered. The temporary authorization amount may also be reflected in your available credit, but it will not impact your actual balance until the order is ready for shipment.

Depending on the time between when the item is ordered and the shipping/availability date, your credit or debit card may require a one-time automatic re-authorization. If your payment method is unable to be reauthorized, we will contact you before your order is fulfilled. An alternate payment method may be required at that time.

PayPal Payments

Payments made via PayPal will be debited from your PayPal account or specified PayPal payment source immediately. Cancellation or refund requests for PayPal orders should be made directly to Olympus for the most expedient refund.


To cancel your unshipped order, please call the Olympus Store. Please understand that when you contact us, the order may be packed and ready to ship at our warehouse. At that point we are not able to cancel the order, as it is already processed in our system and sealed on a larger shipping pallet to be picked up by our shipper. We will certainly do our best to determine the exact status and cancel if possible.