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Presenting the Olympus LS-100 Multi-Track Linear PCM recorder. This compact little wonder helps working musicians write music, create demos, rehearse, and capture live shows. It’s ridiculously easy to use and musicians will appreciate the onboard tuner, metronome and lissajous function. Enjoy capturing every note of an ear-splitting live performance, having squeaky clean recording with the XLR inputs and because it’s designed to do it all, the convenient multi-tracking capabilities.


Sound that’s even better than what you hear on a compact disc. Every nuance of every note and syllable is captured and played back with a rich and resonant quality.


A frequency range of 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz captures low bass and high treble frequencies with exceptional clarity. Independent left and right recording levels help you maintain balance and make adjustments on the fly.


Separate audio processor and systems circuitry to maintain a high signal-to-noise ratio. Eliminates cross-channel interference and enables clear signal transmission.


Designed with pro musicians in mind and comes with integrated XLR Phantom power supply and phone jack for external communications. The built-in instrumentation amplifier cuts slight noise and amplifies signals, allowing the use of lengthy cables.


Multi-tracking and editing is a staple of professional recording, and is a technique where multiple separately-recorded sounds are mixed together to create a single stream of sound. On the LS-100, up to 999 tracks can be recorded in the fixed 44.1 kHz/16 bit format for CD writing, and up to eight tracks can be edited simultaneously.


Additional functions for music recording including; overdubbing, voice syncing, tuner and metronome.


It’s ideal for podcasting. Journalists and foley artists will appreciate the clear sound. Use it to build soundscapes or capture ambient noise. Birding and nature enthusiasts can record wildlife with lifelike clarity.


Voice feedback for actions lets the user operate the LS-100 without looking at the display.


Voice Activation makes automatic starting and stopping of the recorder an extra benefit that saves time and energy.


Recording Format

Linear PCM (WAV) /MP3

Internal memory


External memory

Max. 64GB (Optional)

Frequency characteristics
(Internal microphone)


MIC jack

φ 3.5mm, impedance 10kΩ

LINE IN jack (MIC jack)

φ 3.5mm, impedance 12.5kΩ

XLR/Phone jack

impedance 10 kΩ

Phantom power supply


EAR jack

φ 3.5mm, impedance 8 Ω or more

Maximum headphone output

10mW + 10W (at load of 16Ω)


Built-in ø 23 mm round dynamic speaker

Maximum speaker output

480mW (Speaker8Ω)

File editing function

Yes (PCM/MP3)

Wireless remote control set (RS30W)

Yes (Optional)

Voice activated recording

Voice Sync

Play Sync recording


Pre-recording function


Multi Track function


Over Dubbing function


Metronome function


Tuner function


Lissajous function


MP3 Convert function


CD Write function


Lowcut filter

Yes (100Hz/300Hz)


Lithium-ion rechargeable battery x1

Battery life (Rec)

Approx. 12 hours 30 minutes (Lithium-ion battery)

External Power Supply

AC adapter A514 (Bundled)


159.0 x 70.0 x 33.5mm
6.28” x 2.75” x 1.31”


9.8 oz

Compatible OS (USB Connect)

Microsoft Windows XP/ Vista/7 Mac OS X 10.4.11~10.7

Specifications and design are subject to change without notice.


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Customer Reviews of the LS-100

June 21, 2012


Tips & Tricks

I originally had an issue with latency on the multitrack side, needing to overcome this issue, I decided to change the record rate to 16bit to see if this would correct the latency issue and suprisingly it did. I made severval recordings at this rate and they seemed perfectly in sync. Later that evening I decided to switch back to 24bit only as a test. The 24bit rate now appear to be syncing with my original playback tracks. if even using only 16bit in multitrack mode solves my issue, then I ask that my previous review be canceled and give this unit 5 stars.

March 25, 2012


Incredible sound

The sound quality is incredibly good. I have a few $1700 mics and very nice preamps to go with them and the built in mics hold their own against almost anything.
The multi track is not usable for me due to the monitoring delay. It is something like .2 second or so. I'm not sure, but it's a lot. Maybe this is something that will improve as they refine the software.
The overdub function works fine. You can lay a stereo track right into an existing one and end up with a file that is a mix of both.
It would be sweet if you could record using the built in mics and also the aux inputs. Then you could put a couple of spot mics on things and do some amazing stuff on the fly. This also seems like something they will add as soon as processing power allows.
It's very easy to get the files on to a pc.
Overall the design, build quality and the sound are just so spectacular that I have to give this machine 5 stars.
The user interface is very clear and easy to get around on. The menus are fairly intuitive in comparison to other like products.

February 25, 2012


It's the big bang for the buck.

Typical solid Olympus construction; one which has a professional feel and the controls won’t make you wonder how long it will last.
The raised lower edge with a U-shaped indentation was a well thought out ergonomic design feature. It allows you to hold the recorder easily without having to worry about accidentally hitting any controls.
Studio grade internal microphones and pre-amps for external sources.
Flexible i/o; XLR, phono, and a mini true microphone/line level input which can be set to microphone or line.
Phantom power and plug-in power.
Separate L/R recording level controls that are exquisitely designed. They are ganged within one knob and require intentional effort to offset them.
Dedicated phantom power switches.
This allows both quick access as well as extended battery life if for example you wish to use a condenser microphone in one channel and a guitar or line level source in the other.
It also eliminates potential noise due to phantom power running on an input which is not using it.
Dedicated erase button to quickly erase a file as well as setting markers to erase a section. Both are quick and easy.
Voice guidance system.
This is a godsend to a blind person such as myself who has been documenting, notating, and memorizing invisible menus since the inception of digital recorders.
And I applaud Olympus for being the first (as far as I know) and only company to offer such to the blind community on their mainstream products. To me it’s a very sweet icing on a delicious little digital cake. Finally the fun factor has truly returned to mobile recording for me.
The internal microphones are extremely sensitive to the slightest of air movement. And given that there is no wind-screen included or an optional one available one must conjure up their own to record in anything but a still environment.
The entire body of the unit is also very sensitive to air movement.
The limiters break the one and only golden rule on limiters; that is, they are not linked when recording in stereo.
The result often renders them useless. And at best I can’t use them due to the unpredictable factor.
Simply speak into the center of the microphones while recording with either limiter on and snap your fingers next to one microphone. Your voice will be hurled over to the other channel and it will take 5 to 10 seconds for it to slowly slide back into the center position.
Now imagine a more practical recording session wherein a loud staccato sound emanates from one side. The entire stereo image will be hurled over to the other side.
This is a definite digital doggy downer. But I assume it can be corrected in a firmware update. And my experience with Olympus has been very good in this regard.
Multi-track mode is an absolute bare-bones multi-track recorder; record, adjust levels and pan, and bounce down. You’re done. That’s it. No processing available, e.g. EQ, reverb, delay, etc.
There is a delay in the headphone output. It’s tolerable but it may be a bit disconcerting and/or distracting to some when monitoring yourself speaking, singing, and/or playing an instrument.
Changing playback speed adds a very pronounced flutter to the sound.
If not for the cons cited above this would certainly be an across the boards 5 star recorder. And yet, for the price? Still nothing can touch it. To me it’s a rock solid studio quality portable stereo recorder that is truly capable of recording tracks that can be dropped into a mix wherein every other track has been recorded with much more expensive gear.
It’s not quite a grand slam, but it’s certainly a home run in portable recorders. Especially when considering the price. And I’m confident that Olympus will improve this recorder with firmware updates.

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