MF-2 OM Adapter (OM to Micro Four Thirds Lens Adapter)

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Permits the adaption of Olympus OM lenses to be used on a Micro Four Thirds (OM-D or PEN) digital camera. With the MF-2 OM lenses can be connected to the outstandingly small Micro Four Thirds mount. It is possible to use the whole range of OM lenses with a Mirco Four Thirds body*. With this adapter the potential of usable lenses expands only with an additional weight of 78g**.

*Please use manual focusing while shooting

**Lenses for the OM 707 and OM 101 are not compatible with the MF-2

  • Autofocus(AF) is not available.
  • Stop-down metering is used.
  • Although it is possible to use A (aperture priority AE) mode in auto exposure, the aperture display is not available.
  • In P (Program AE) or S (Shutter speed - priority AE) mode, the shutter releases, but the auto exposure does not work.
  • The distance scale on the OM system lens may not indicate the actual distance. Always use the viewfinder for focusing.

    Item #260051
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