Body Cap Lens 15mm (Black)

SKU# V325010BW000-410


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Is It a Body Cap or a Lens? It’s Both. Olympus also introduces an intriguing new lens for its Micro Four Thirds line. The BCL-15mm f8.0 Body Cap Lens serves as a body cap when carrying the camera around without its interchangeable lens, and transforms to become a pan-focus snapshot lens to capture images. The lens is so thin – just 9mm thick – that it can easily be mistaken for a camera-mount body cap. With three glass lens elements in three groups, it can be used as a wide-angle lens equivalent with a single focal length of 30mm (35mm camera equivalent). In addition to daily use as a “pan-focus” lens featuring a wide angle, fixed f8 aperture and deep depth of field, it is compatible with manual focusing using a lever and capable of close-up shooting as close as 30 cm. A lens-protection barrier is provided so the lens can be mounted permanently on the camera and even put in a pocket together with the camera. Item number: V325010BW000


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Customer Reviews of the Body Cap Lens 15mm (Black)

September 04, 2015


Handy; Great for Long Exposures

This lens is quite imperfect compared to any other entry level lens that Olympus has. With that said, it offers a decent cheap wide-angle perspective for only $50. This is great for street photography (as long as your images don't need to be very sharp), and it is surprisingly good at long exposures. Keep in mind that the lens is not trying to be a regularly made 15mm-- it's a body cap! It is like having a cool 120 format Holga, and easier to work with. Just adjust the focus to close, far, or infinity. You can really work this little lens great with the OI Share app and do unnoticed street photography with just your phone.

September 01, 2015


use your phone instead

So I got this thinking it'd be really fun and still take somewhat hight quality pictures. I was wrong. Pretty disappointed and makes the camera perform terribly. It does serve well as a backup cap, but thats about it. I wish it was at least decent because having a 9mm- 18mm equivalent would have been a nice addition, but I found I was better off using my phones camera which is what I was trying to avoid in the first place.

July 21, 2015


Pretty cool little lens

I like this lens because it is so tiny and is great for artistic shots. It's inexpensive and definitely worth it. While it is limited in it's capabilities, it is fun to use and takes impressive shots for it's size and price. It's a great lens to use for landscapes and it so tiny, it easily fits in any bag when it is on my EM-5 Mark II camera body. I love grabbing it on the go for some fast and quirky shoots.

June 09, 2015


It is a specialty lens for reasons.........

This is the type of a lens that focuses on just being a lens, a small one.

It has visible vignetting, barrel distortion, soft edges. and no auto-focus. But it still manages to be extremely cheap and small. the only few scenarios in which this lens can be used is for selfies (for it's light weight and small size), a cheap way of photographing landscapes, and it can be used as a toy when it is used with art filters; it gives this retro feeling that photos where shot with an old lens, and that feeling can be expanded with photo editing.

A reminder for people how will buy it for selfies: it does not have auto-focus.

January 30, 2015


Functional Bodycap

This Lens can be quite fun to use if you manage your expectations as you should considering the cost of this. It is especially useful with Olympus' in body Art Filters. Yes this Lens is slow at F8 and a little soft but considering the price it performs better than expected.

January 24, 2014


Cool body cap to have for handy shot

I have played with Holga before but with this body cap as slim as is. I can fit my OMD E-M5 with grip in to my small bag at ease and able to snap shot if I don't have time to change it. Center focus is well but outer seems little blur in some shot I tested.

Overall nice little cap to have. I just got 12-40M M.Zuiko Pro so I'm playing with that lens too ..

July 04, 2013


Better than a Holga

The lens body cap does what it claims to do. It keeps dust out of the camera innards and serves as an acceptable fixed focus lens. The aperture is set at f8 and the camera's variable ISO takes care of the exposure. With this lens you have converted your $500 camera to the equivalent of a Box Brownie. The pictures are fairly evenly illuminated and reasonably sharp. Adequate for snapshots, even 4x6" prints, It might make a decent street shooting camera. The body cap is OK for using your Pen as a P&S but for real photography put a decent focusing lens on your camera.

March 16, 2013


The power of contingence

The Body cap lens is an exercise on contingence. It's all about learning to make do with what you've got: it's quirky and restricted, a rarity in the days of intelligent cameras,perfect optics and instant autofocus.

However, the BCL is a be-with-you-at-all-times lens, especially if you have a Pen Mini, which will now fit in your pocket. There is no autofocus, so there is zero AF lag, just shoot.

Fixed f/8 means everything is in focus, so just capture the moment.

The M4/3 system is thriving with awesome lenses, and there are arguably “better” alternatives, but none is funner than the BCL. It’s also very inexpensive, so there is not much financial compromise ;)

January 31, 2013


Good deal

Don't expect photos that you can print to 16 x 24, but for the quick snap without the need to remove a body cap, you can't make a better investment. It's pre-focused to .3 m (11.8") or set to ∞ and being f/8 and 30 mm wide angle to boot it's perfect for those I wish I had a lens on my camera moments and with this you always will.

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