PT-E05 Evolt E-520 Underwater Housing

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The PT-E05 underwater case has been specially customized for the Olympus E-520 and is waterproof up to a water pressure equivalent to a depth of 40 meters. With its durable, high quality polycarbonate construction, it protects the camera from water while also cushioning it from knocks and bumps on land. As a genuine advantage to the underwater photographer, the photographer can make use of the Live View function and use the large 2.7"/6.9cm LCD instead of the viewfinder. The flash connectors allow optional use of up to two UFL-2 underwater flash units. Five interchangeable lens ports allow the optional use of 14-42mm, 14-45mm, 11-22mm or 14-54mm, 7-14mm, 8mm Fisheye and the 35mm as well as the 50mm Macro lens. External flash necessary.
  • E-520 Underwater case body
  • Waterproof up to 40m
  • Semi-transparency poly-carbonate
  • Front cover and back cover, locked by a rotary buckle
  • Two optical fiber connectors (cables sold separately) Item #260535 Accessories are listed below for the PT-E05: Housing Replacement Accessories:
  • Silicone Grease Tub for PT Series Underwater Housings
  • Silica-5 Gel for PT Series Underwater Housing O-Rings:
  • POL-E05 (A) Silicone O-Ring
  • POL-E05 (B) Silicone O-Ring LCD Hood:
  • PFUD-E05 LCD Hood Hand Strap:
  • Evolt Underwater Hand Strap (PST-E02) Camera Mount:
  • Evolt Underwater Camera Mount (PTMO-E05) Flash:
  • UFL-2 Underwater Strobe\Replacement Accessories
  • PTCB-E02 UW Fiber Cable Zoom Rings:
  • Evolt Underwater Zoom Ring (PPZR-E01)
  • Evolt Underwater Zoom Ring (PPZR-E02)
  • Evolt Underwater Zoom Ring (PPZR-E03)
  • Evolt Underwater Zoom Ring (PPZR-E04)
  • Evolt Underwater Zoom Ring (PPZR-E05)
  • Evolt Underwater Zoom Ring (PPZR-E06) Underwater Lens Port Extension Rings:
  • Evolt Underwater Lens Port Extension Ring (PER-E01)
  • Evolt Underwater Lens Port Extension Ring (PER-E02) Underwater Lens Ports:
  • Evolt Underwater Lens Port PPO-E01 (14-45mm)
  • Evolt Underwater Lens Port PPO-E02 (11-22mm, 14-54mm)
  • Evolt Underwater Lens Port PPO-E03 (50mm Macro)
  • Evolt Underwater Lens Port PPO-E04 (7-14mm)
  • Evolt Underwater Lens Port PPO-E05 (14-42mm)
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