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PT-054 Underwater Case for XZ-2

SKU# V6300570U000-410


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Leaving your high end compact camera on the beach is history now. With the underwater case your XZ-2 can be taken underwater up to a depth of 45 meters. This case is perfect for fascinating underwater photography or capturing the thrill of water sports and activities. With its durable, high quality polycarbonate construction, it protects the camera from water. Complete control of photo functions, zoom and flash mode, is also possible. The PT-054 features the optical connection of 2 underwater flashes. In addition you can attach the Olympus macro and wide conversion lenses directly onto the underwater case for outstanding underwater pictures.

Waterproof up to a water pressure equivalent to 45m depth
Simple handling above and under water
All camera functions can be controlled
Two optical fibre connectors for external flash operation
Detachable LCD hood for LCD monitor
Screw mount for converter lenses and filters provided
Standard tripod socket permits attachment of lighting tray
Transparent back to detact water penetration

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Customer Reviews of the PT-054 Underwater Case for XZ-2

October 31, 2013


Don't waste your money!

I used this product with the Olympus XZ-2 camera for exactly 8 dives with an average depth of about 50 feet. On the 8th dive, the housing failed and flooded the camera, ruining it completely. All procedures were followed to the letter, all checks and tests were done prior to each and every dive. Yet, it failed. The cheap closure & latch as well as the low quality of this product, isn't worth the money. And especially not worth the loss of the more expensive camera!

I've been shooting underwater for many years with zero previous incidents like this. Olympus would not repair the camera, would not warranty either product, and their only offer was a discount to purchase another one of these cheap items. Save your money. Buy something that will last!

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