Full Cover Jacket for Stylus 1 Camera CSCH-118

3.0 Stars

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Full Cover Jacket for Stylus 1 Camera CSCH-118

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Full Cover Jacket for Stylus 1 Camera CSCH-118
3.0 Stars
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Availability: Out of stock

Item #V600079BW000-U410-AF01

Premium Body Jacket and Cover custom fit for the Stylus 1 Digital Camera. Made of leather and polyurethane.

Item number: V600079BW000

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Full Cover Jacket for Stylus 1 Camera CSCH-118


A serious case for a serious camera. A Premium Body Jacket and Cover which is custom fit for the Stylus 1 and 1s Digital Cameras. Made of leather and polyurethane. Item number: V600079BW000

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April 22, 2014 by Angela
An ugly fit - but it will probably protect the screen
When I received the case, first I thought it was the wrong one for my Stylus 1. I had to move the LCD screen to make the bottom part fit. Two press-studs connect the top part to the base. They are somewhat shoddily measured so the distance between them is a little bigger on the top half than the bottom half. There are two other problems: 1. They are loose fitting so when open the top half tends to drop off - I'd hate to be taking a picture on the edge of a cliff in the wind - the top would probably blow away 2. The top half doesn't fold back when you are taking a picture so you can see the screen - I may iron it to make it do this The fit of the cover on the top is loose. In part, because the material from which it is made is not very soft or flexible. On the plus side, there is some padding (whether it will disintegrate in 15 years as foam sometimes does I don't know) and it does cover the lens cap which looks like it could easily be bashed in if it weren't covered. I like the screw that affixes the bottom part of the cover to the camera - it enables you to use a tripod. It makes it a bit awkward to replace the battery as it has to be unscrewed. The Olympus logo looks nice on the cover. The protection for the screen is solid. My Olympus C-5050 had a softer leather case from Olympus that had pockets for batteries. This case needs to be enclosed and have pockets for batteries. The leather feels like plastic - but I think it may be real leather as it smelled like leather - maybe it will become more supple with wear - I hope so. I would have liked a fine, high quality soft leather as used for my C-5050 case. Go back to the drawing board, Olympus and when you've designed a case as good as that for the C-5050 that also lets you easily see the screen on the back (get a top-notch design firm or crowdsource the design) offer a free replacement to your customers as this cover really is an amateur effort! As it is I am going to have to get out my sewing machine and work out a way to lash the top and bottom halves together. PS Just noticed another couple of examples of shoddy design/workmanship: 1. There are 4 pinpricks in a square on the base - I suspect someone stuck a press-stud in the wrong place and had to remove it 2. The sewing for the trim looks like it was done by a relatively inexperienced machinist - the piping round the edge has uneven stitching - I realize that because of the thick fabric this is hard to sew - but maybe a different design would have helped.
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