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Silicone Jacket for TG-3 & TG-4

SKU# V600082XW000-410


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Made of 100% pure silicone this case is half translucent, ultra slim and form fitting to show the perfect shape of your TG-3 & TG-4 Olympus digital camera. Anti-static, durable and tear-resistant it allows easy access to all controls and ports and provides perfect protection against dust and scratches. This case is for the TG-3 and TG-4 only.

Item number V600082XW000

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Customer Reviews of the Silicone Jacket for TG-3 & TG-4

September 09, 2015


nice addition to the TG-4

i only gave the silicone jacket for the TG-3, TG-4 because while its is a wonderful addition to my new TG-4 it might be a little overkill for the camera as they are so well built that the extra protection afforded by the silicone jacket may not be needed by everyone. i carry my TG-4 in my handlebar bag on my touring bicycle. the camera bounces around in that position on my bike. the silicon jacket helps keep the camera looking great and cushions against the minor impacts and the abrading that happens when the camera is in the handlebar bag.

August 12, 2014

Water Lioness

Great addition

The silicone cover is a great addition to the Tough series. My TG-2 broke upon hitting my ceramic tile floor... one corner of the case came off. I gave that camera to my husband and bought the TG-3 and the silicone case. I use the Tough when kayaking and it's wonderful. The silicone makes it less slippery (especially when wet) and a bit more resilient to bumps (these cameras do tolerate a LOT of abuse... don't get me wrong!). These are great cameras for stills and videos when on the move. I frequently carry mine in my purse.

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