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Detachable Camera Grip for E-M10 (ECG-1)

SKU# V332040BW000-410


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Need a better grip? The ECG‑1 is an affordable, detachable grip designed especially for the OM-D E-M10. Comfortable enough to keep on your camera all the time, the ECG-1 is useful for minimizing camera shake when working with larger, telephoto lenses. Users with larger hands will also enjoy better handling and a more solid hold.

  • - Ergonomic design for firm grip & increased stability
  • - Integrated tripod mounting thread
  • - Fast release mechanism for easy access to battery and SD compartment

Item #V332040BW000

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Customer Reviews of the Detachable Camera Grip for E-M10 (ECG-1)

April 05, 2015


A must buy.

Unless you have small hands (I consider mine average size for a six foot male) then do your hands, wrist, and arm a favor and make sure you buy this grip. It is extremely comfortable, attached easily, is well built, and the quick release functions perfectly. Very happy that I did my research and ordered this grip with my E-M10.

February 03, 2015


Improves handling with quick removal

This grip greatly improves the handling and comfort of holding an E-M10. It is light weight but solidly built and fits perfectly. What is not described well anywhere is that the grip screws into the base of the E-M10 but has a quick release switch, which allows the handle section and the bottom plate of the handle to be detached without unscrewing. This clever design allows nearly instant access to the battery / memory card door when you need it and you clip the handle back into position right after.

There is also a tripod mount built into this grip (I didn't see this noted anywhere in the description), which means you can mount the camera onto a tripod while the grip is attached.

I would have bought this sooner had I known about the tripod mount and the release to detach without unscrewing so you could reach the battery and card compartment. A very handy and I'd say essential accessory for people who have larger hands or who want more to hold onto without adding weight or bulk.

September 17, 2014


Worth every penny !

A real 'thumb saver' for those of us with large hands. The quick release feature makes removing the memory card and battery a snap. Highly recommended.

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