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A new era in mobile photography has begun. Snapped into the *Accessory Port 2 of your PEN system camera, the PENPAL is the simplest way to send pictures to your friends, your smart phone, laptop computer - or even another PEN camera! PENPAL uses the widely compatible Bluetooth® standard and is easy to use, no technical skills necessary. Plus, PENPAL makes your pictures internet-ready: you don't have to worry about resizing or reformatting your pictures. Just send a picture to your mobile phone, and it's ready to post on your social network. You can store up to 2,600 pictures on the PENPAL so you'll have plenty to share.

*Can not be used with the E-P1, E-P2 or E-PL1. These models do not have an Accessory Port 2.

Do not use OLYMPUS PENPAL outside the country or area of purchase. Depending on the country or area you are in, the usage may infringe wave regulations and you may be subject to penalty.

  • Number of storable pictures Approx. 2600 images Interface
  • Connection Accessory Port 2
  • Communication method Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR (Profile: OPP*, BIP**) * Object Push Profile (exchange of name card data) ** Basic Imaging Profile (image transfer)
  • WxHxD 28.6 x 26.6 x 38.3 mm Weight
  • 13g (body only)

    Item #260546

    Note: Supports most Bluetooth devices with file transfer capability such as Andriod or Windows Smartphones.

    PENPAL Smartphone Compatibility and Pairing Instructions: Click here.

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    Customer Reviews of the PENPAL (PP-1)

    August 26, 2014


    A little clunky compared to more seamless systems (like on Android phones), but it works

    I bought this for my E-PL6 recently and it works quite well. What it offers is an ability to upload pictures to a Bluetooth device that allows file transfers. My Android phone works well with the PP-1. There are some caveats to this device, one of which should be fixable via a firmware update.
    1) You can only transfer files individually. It would be convenient to transfer them in bulk, or even automatically, like my Android phone does with my Google+ account. But at present (2014) it does not allow this.
    2) The included documentation does not tell you how to set up the device. Those instructions should be in your original camera documentation. My E-PL6 documentation has these details.
    3) The menus for the PP-1 are a little non-intuitive. The "Please Wait" menu item is to *receive* images from a paired device. You send from the camera to your paired device on individual picture pages, once you press "OK" the item should appear. Strangely, the PP-1 has its own memory so you can send from the camera to your paired device, OR you could send from the camera to the PP-1 (still stored locally, but not on your SD card).

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