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External Microphone Adapter Set (SEMA-1)

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For impressive sound quality the SEMA-1 (includes adapter and microphone) is the perfect adapter set. This set contains the EMA-1 adapter and ME51S Stereo Microphone to provide high sound recording. The EMA-1 attaches to a PEN digital camera, OM-D Series, or XZ Series with an Accessory Port and mounts on the camera's hot shoe. The ME51S Stereo Microphone then attaches to the EMA-1. Also includes a 3.3 foot extension cable with clip to extend the microphone further from the camera body. Additional image shows the EMA-1 with ME51S mounted on E-P2 body (not included).
  • Reduces wind noise
  • Improves movie sound quality
  • Record high quality sound

  • EMA-1 adapter
  • Stereo Microphone (ME51S)

    Item #147592
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    Customer Reviews of the External Microphone Adapter Set (SEMA-1)

    April 23, 2015


    Good mic but requires a windjammer for outdoor use

    I am using this on a XZ-2. The mic is sensitive and quite good for indoor use. For outdoors a Windjammer is a necessity, which I couldn't find on the site, to cut down on wind noise; otherwise it will drown out every other sound. Mounting the mic on the camera will allow it pick up every noise in the body including Auto Focus and even finger movement. Don't discard the extension cord that is the key to better audio.

    May 04, 2013


    Good kit

    This is a must have for video, I have an old EPL1 PEN and the AF is a bit noisy, but with the extension cord attached you can place this mic well out of the way of the lens and get stereo sound for a better presentation.

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