VN-PC Series Digital Recorders - Digital Wave Player Software

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Replacement software for the software supplied with the VN-120PC, VN-240PC, VN-480PC, VN-960PC, VN-2100PC, VN-3100PC, and VN-4100PC.

This software is no longer available to purchase. If you need this item, please contact Digital Technical Support and they will be able to help with this request.

Item # 149320

Opened software cannot be returned.

Please run this update after installing CD-ROM:

  • Digital Wave Player Update 2.1.4

    Please run this driver for Vista\Windows 7 64 bit compatibility

  • VN-PC Series Driver for 64-Bit Editions of Windows Vista
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    Customer Reviews of the VN-PC Series Digital Recorders - Digital Wave Player Software

    December 28, 2011



    I could never go back to tape again. The digital recorder is so neat and has so many features--excellent capacity for recording times, four channels, speed changer for playback, long battery life. excellent sound pickup, and others. Anyony buying a PC recorder MUST purchase the software that allows you to load the recofrding onto your recorder and play it back very easily. You can use a timeline at the time of recording that marks areas you want to go to immediately on the playback. And you can also mark on the timeline while playing back for instant return to those areas. The sound of course is much better because you are using the computer speakers. I've had my recorder for about 3 years and use it several times a week to record meetings and interviews for my newspaper reporting. One cahnge I would make would be to put a speed changer on the playback sofware.

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