March 16, 2015


Great FUN camera

I've been an Olympus fan for years ...OM-2, OM-4T, Stylus, E510, E620, M5, M1... all great cameras ... but when it came to just having FUN with a camera the original Stylus was my favorite ...the Stylus 1 has now become my go to camera for having FUN and that is was it is all about sometimes.

January 31, 2015


Excellent compact camera

Eye level viewfinder
Convenient size
Excellent initial image quality
Excellent build quality--feels very solid
Useful zoom range
Virtually all the settings found on a DSLR
Common settings are easy to find and adjust. The comprehensive menu takes a lot more study, but you don't need to use it much, after the initial setup. If you've had other Olympus cameras, it will be familiar.
Only one specific dislike so far: It has a useful selection of special scenes, including one for snow and beach. However, when this is selected, it puts in the shutter in burst mode. There seems to be no way to avoid this issue, except a rather clunky workaround. I'm waiting for an answer from Olympus on this one.

Overall, a great camera and I'd recommend it to anyone who wants something more than a simple point and shoot or smartphone camera.

January 01, 2015



My main reason for purchasing a new camera was to take photos of my grandaughter's high school basketball games. Many of the gym's are poorly lighted with a variety of light sources. My old camera could not freeze the action. My Stylus 1 not only freezes the action, but provides vivid colors.

September 15, 2014


Excellent small camera

Bought this a few months ago to take on an African safari. I am a beginner but not completely new having owned other Olympus cameras over the years. The pictures I got of animals and scenery were stunning! The zoom was fantastic. This was the perfect blend of a camera for size, speed, focus, ease of use, flexibility for photographic skill level, and quality of photos.

My friends took pictures with their cameras and didn't even bother sharing them after I shared mine. I am very happy with this camera!

September 14, 2014


For us, the cons outweighed the pros

It appears as though our experience runs against the populist tone of submitted reviews. Nevertheless, our impressions are as follows:

What we don't like:
1) Interval (time lapse) shooting is limited to 10 frames. 10 frames! That's essentially worthless.
2) Lens barrel isn't threaded for filters; (clumsy) accessory barrel must be purchased.
3) Tiny sensor limits enlargement prospects; prone to purple fringing; struggles with high contrast scenes.
4) No underwater housing.
5) Pop-up flash is weak-n-wimpy.
6) Takes a lot of fiddling with controls to discern which ring controls f-stop, which button for manual focus, etc.
7) Menu system isn't user friendly.
8) PDF user manual is a very poorly written technical document.

What we like:
1) Small, easy to carry, and no shoulder fatigue after a long day.
2) f/2.8 from 28-200mm = superb depth-of-field control.
3) Long battery life (WiFi off).
4) Light weight means a smaller, lighter tripod works nicely.
5) Touch screen controls.
6) Built-in lens cap cover.

Absolutely, positively, not a suitable replacement for a DSLR, and not much of a step-up from your garden variety point-and-shoot. Our biggest disappointment is the interval (time lapse) shooting mode. 10 frames max? 1/3 of a (video) second? Seriously, Olympus? What a joke. And having to buy an adapter to attach filters is a bit of a pill and, when attached, ruins the camera's svelte profile. Otherwise, image quality is fair, though not on par with the Nikon P7800, in our experience. The menu needs to be redesigned; a true owner's manual written by (literate) photographers, not engineers, should accompany the camera. Battery life is good with WiFi off and shooters get plenty of manual control, but having to figure out which ring/button/dial, or combination thereof, does what is time consuming and left us missing a few shots. The big sell for this camera is the 28-200mm, f/2.8 aperture, which provides impressive depth of field (blurred backgrounds).

June 15, 2014


Seems like it'll be great camera, but the instruction manual stinks

I bought the Stylus 1 a few weeks ago, graduating from more simple point and shoot (Sony DSC -HS9V), to get more control, plus EVF. Reading the manual ($10, I might add) and working with it and camera, I found the manual very poorly constructed (plus a few typos). The basic problems are: no Table of Contents and no Index. The lack of a Table of Contents means I can't get an overview of what's in the manual, and particularly what's in a given chapter (Chapter 4 is just full of complex detail), so I have to piece together (relate one piece to another) the individual details and concepts all by myself. If there was a Table of Contents, I would have been able to see (for example) what's under Live Control, how to target Focus, what the Super Control Panel is and how to use it. Furthermore, the manual has lots of words and concepts I'm not familiar with (for example, 4-, 9-, 25-frame index, Level Gauge, Live Guide, and what those 4 colors represent in Histogram). The manual needs to have an Index and a Glossary of Terms, so newbies like me can find things better and look things up. I've been at it for several weeks now, and I'm getting close to understanding most of the camera, but it has taken way too much time...time a better manual could have saved me.

June 03, 2014


O.K., but not superb

I have used DLSR's for years. Bought the Stylus 1 mainly because it shoots raw - I do a LOT of photoshop - and for it's specs on the lens f2.8 all the way through to 300mm (equivalent).
I REALLY miss having auto ISO in the 'manual' mode - to me this is the biggest drawback!! Overall sharpness appears to be reasonably good, but I have reservations.
I love the size, portability, and convenience of having a decent camera with me, and for 'showing it off' to to her club members. It takes nice pics, and the access to the menu settings is very nice..........
I might be tempted for a new version (OR FIRMWARE) to give me the auto ISO in manual mode.

May 26, 2014


Great camera

I love the design and speed of this camera. The EVF is the best I have seen on a compact camera. Focusing speed is like an SLR, very fast.
The tilting monitor is handy when taking pictures down low to the ground. The touch screen is great for focusing on a particular area, taking a picture, or viewing.
I use touch screen to take photos on a tripod and find this eliminates any movement than would otherwise occur from pressing the shutter button.
Very nice camera!

February 19, 2014


Maybe the only camera you'll need.

My initial premise in purchasing a STYLUS 1 was that maybe the best of the fixed lens cameras will yield better results than an entry level DSLR - and for less money. This has proven true.
I'm a published photographer but good at composition and rather ignorant of the technical intricacies of what cameras can do. I take a lot of concert / play photos. My first set of shots with the new camera landed me a cover on a local entertainment magazine and one of my reporter friends is considering ditching her satchel of camera and lenses in favor of the Stylus 1. We'll need to experiment with sports shots (her specialty) before deciding. The constant aperture lens is brilliant in all respects. I'm getting individual hairs in sharp relief at full zoom. I suspect the camera has more bells & whistles than I'll ever use. Meanwhile, this is a very handy, stuff it inside your coat, store it in an innocuous sandwich insulated bag, get excellent shots camera. Love it. Get one and see.

February 15, 2014


After a couple months use...

This camera has now become my "Go To" camera. I've found that it's compact size means it's always with me.

The one thing I wish it had is more brackets in BRKT shooting and increase the EV to +2, 0, -2 for HDR shots. This is not a big thing as I shoot in RAW and make up for it in Post, but that would make it a little easier.

I am very, very pleased with this camera!

January 09, 2014


Just What I was Looking for!

As a preliminary (just got it 4 days ago) review, I am very impressed with this camera. It replaces my DSLR that in my opinion become very cumbersome to me.

This camera is easy and simple to use. It acts like a larger camera but is small and compact enough to take anywhere and actually want to use it.

So far so good, have not found a con yet.

December 20, 2013


Great so far with a few nits

I got this camera a few days ago so this is a REALLY preliminary look at it with some initial observations which I'll add to as I use it more.

First the odd:
I use panorama mode fairly often and I was surprised to see the panorama mode in the Stylus 1 is the same as in my old Olympus SP 565 UZ (circa 2008) - antiquated. Many cameras now allow you to select panorama mode, slowly pan the camera and the camera handles all the heavy lifting - it decides when the end of the first scene occurs and the second begins, and stitches them accordingly. The Stylus 1 requires the user to take picture 1, remember where the end point is, pan the camera so there is overlap at this end point, and then take picture 2. Etc. Very cumbersome & very old style.

With all the interest in HDR, this camera does nothing to address that. I realize Canon has a patent on processing HDR shots in-camera at the pixel level, so I wouldn't immediately expect Olympus to have the equivalent feature. However, for those of us willing to do post processing of images to achieve HDR results, the camera does little if nothing to support this. For good HDR photos, you need at least 3 shots at -2 EV, 0 EV and +2 EV. The Stylus 1 has +/- 3 EV stops which can be manually set but you can only take a max of 3 BRKT shots with +/- 1 EV for each shot. Even my old SP 565 UZ can take 5 BRKT shots albeit at +/- 1 EV. But then you get the 3 shots at +/- 2EV if you discard shots 2 & 4.

Now for the good:
I took a few casual shots around the house and was blown away with the accuracy of the auto white balance - much better than a lot of my older cameras. And although I haven't done controlled testing, I took some hand held close-up shots at almost full zoom that were really crisp and clear - no noticeable camera shake. My other older cameras can't match this.

The constant f2.8 lens is fantastic - big difference from my other cameras, some of which start at f2.8 but go to 4.5 at full zoom. This is a great light gathering tool.

AF, start-up, and other features are FAST.

Some have said the camera has a cheap plastic feel. I have not found that to be the case and in fact think it has a very solid feel.

Size - for what this camera does, it's really compact and one of the main reasons I bought it. As the saying goes, the best camera is the one you have with you. I won't mind carrying this around but wouldn't think of the RX-10 as being my "go-to" or "take with me everywhere" camera as nice as it might be. And at half the price, half the size, and much lighter, the Stylus 1 wins hands down as my "go everywhere" camera.

So far very pleased.

And finally, I can't wait to try out the other features like Wi-Fi, etc.

December 11, 2013


Excellent, light weight, compact

I bought this to replace my bulky and heavy DSLR. I just had it delivered a couple of days ago and absolutely love it! It's got incredibly fast focus and an automatic lens cap. The menus are easy to navigate and you have all the controls you need on the outside.

This has to be one of my better choices for a camera and it will get a lot of use.