October 7, 2017 by Ivan_996
An old-fashioned lens.
The shooting experience with this lens can be a lot of fun especially if you set your camera to full manual. Even better, turn on your optical viewfinder,fold your LCD inward for a total analog experience. With this lens, you don't miss decisive moments although you might get the focus and exposure a bit wrong. Since the focus is always a bit soft, instead increase the primary colors if you have a Pen F, or use vivid plus 2 if you have any other camera, and for good measure make an S shaped curve with the contrast curve. The human eye perceives sharpness by strong colors contesting with each other, and so in this way you can make a fuzzy lens look pretty sharp. If you're shooting indoors with this lens then you'll need a monstrously powerful flash or very long exposure times.
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February 17, 2016 by Larry
Nice lens to play with wide angle affects
I had one of these lens for my film camera and really enjoyed playing with the unusual optical distortions. This lens is a inexpensive way to get to the fun stuff. I found this lens to be great lens for tight spaces. I used my FL-300R flash with diffuser in place and bounced it off the ceiling. I shot pictures this way at New Years eve and was able to capture the excitement of the party without blinding anyone. Some say the lens is too slow, but when you can shoot a iso 1600 why does it matter? Took some time exposures of traffic from a high up hotel balcony, wonderful images of blurred car lights. I think the stop in the focus is the hyperfocal point anyone know?
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January 27, 2016 by Goober
Good for a cap lens
Image quality is not the greatest. About what you would expect for a body cap lens. It is a good investment if your camera will not fit somewhere with a lens attached. Works nicely in well-lit areas. Fails in low-light. Is it worth the $50 price tag? Maybe to fill out an order of one or two lenses. Or maybe to get over $150 for the free shipping. If you lose the body cap your camera came with it is definitely worth paying for.
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January 21, 2016 by harvey
Surprise Lens
This is not a well loved lens, but I found a good use for it. I use it on a PM1 mounted on a race car roll bar for track video with 3-Axis IBIS. It beats the crap out of a GoPro!. F/8 is bright enough. it seems to be the perfect focal length for this application. For some video super sharp is not the best choice. I like the combination of 720 line and a soft lens for this. The video appears smoother. Using the OLY audio adaptor in the accessary port, I run a remote shotgun mike mounted under the dashboard out of the wind. People are amazed at how great the videos are with this kit partly because the audio is so good and the video is good too. I know we have 4K and hi-tech video cameras now but regardless of the specs, this setup pleases viewers and that's what really matters.
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June 2, 2015 by MR.F
Came free with purchase
I got this free with purchase of a camera or kit( I bough the Pen E-PL7 body kit). I works ok for something to alway have at the ready, and as long as your up close to what you want to take a picture of. I do like having something at the ready and am glad it was something free. I think I will buy another one but of better quality. I am not say it is terrible, I am just saying it is ok and sometimes I to take two or three (sometimes more) shots to get one that I really like.
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