February 06, 2016


From full frame to Micro 4/3

I started shooting pro with digital with a Cannon, shortly upgrading to a Nikon full frame. But once I had the chance to shoot with the Olympus (EM10 at the time) I was quickly sold on capabilities and flexibility of M4/3 and what Olympus camera's could accomplish. I quickly sold all my Nikon and upgraded to the Olympus EM-1. This IS a professional camera. Weather sealed, sturdy body and of course excellent image quality. This camera inspires the photographer in me, it's not often a camera could do that. (Not since the 80's when I purchased my Ricoh xrp).

Main reasons I made the switch: Image quality is on par with what I was using. (some will argue that a full frame will have better IQ at higher ISO's, which is true, but when I can shoot hand held at a second and get a sharp image thanks to axis image stabilization, I don't need those crazy high ISO's.)

It's light, no more sore shoulders from carrying around a brick of a camera.

Features: I could go on and on about the features, color wheel, smart phone connectivity, art modes that are actually appealing, custom button assignment, beautiful EVF...

Speaking of the EVF, when having to shoot on the fly, I'd normally switch my camera to auto mode, no longer now that I have the EM-1. I can see my ISO/Shutter speed/aperture adjustments in real time in the EVF. I now shoot 98% in manual mode and get better results.

If you are thinking of making the switch, I suggest do it... you won't be disappointed.

February 05, 2016


Nice Camera

First thing you notice is the excellent build quality. I really wanted a camera I could take out in a thunderstorm. I did have to exchange my first E-M1. Some of the buttons weren't working. But my new copy works fine.

My only real disappointment is the customization. From what I had read, there were a zillion buttons and dials that you could configure any way you wanted. While there is a lot of flexibility, there are limits which I didn't expect.

For instance, there is no way to set a button to be a spot meter button. Yes, there are several ways to set spot metering but I wanted to program a button to switch to spot while held down and revert to my default metering when I let it go. Many controls have a limited number of options you can set. For example, putting the lever in position 2 switches what the front and back dials do, but only as combinations of ISO and WB. I don't often change these and would much prefer if I could program the dials to do what I want, say flash compensation or picture mode.

As a former software designer, my guess is that this capability is possible with this camera design, it just needs some firmware/software tweaks to implement.

January 09, 2016


There is nothing like an Olympus camera

I have been an Olympus fan since the original OM-1. I appreciate their quirkiness and the enjoyment they provide in use. The OM-D EM-1 is the easiest to use so far and, as you'd expect, provides the best results. So, while I find it hard to be objective about Olympus cameras, I have to say that I bought this camera refurbished from Olympus. When it arrived it had the yellow-green spot issue described in many on-line postings. I returned it to Olympus who fixed it with no questions asked. I can't say I expected this level of service on a used camera and was pleasantly surprised.

December 10, 2015

Dr. Vinny photog

amzing camera with best in class IBIS

EM1 is an amazing camera, it's feel natural to grip within my hand and the controls are within reach. The camera responds fast to inputs and very sturdy (I've drop it a few times on the floor with cosmetic dents on the body and the camera still functions without an hitch)

The image stabilization is just magical that I'm not afraid to shoot still subject under low light condition. I refuse to buy any other cameras without build-in stabilization now since I got spoiled by the EM1's image stabilization.

looking forward to EM1-markII

December 03, 2015



Having used an E3 and E5 for a number of years, this little jewel is nothing short of amazing. The AF is lightning fast and the low light performance is amazing. I am able to use all my E system and OM lenses. The five axix image stabilation lets me shoot down to 1/2 second with good results and no blurring. The EVF is superb. The focus assist light is a welcomed addition over using the flash for low light focus assist on the E series.
This is a superb camera.

December 03, 2015


Why the OM-D E-M1

To say that the OM-D E-M1 is a good camera is a bit of an understatement. Do your homework, read your reviews and do web searches for images created with the camera and you'll find that the days of Canon and Nikon being the only smart choices are over. 5 axis image stabilization cant be understated (especially if you have less than pure expert photography hands like myself). The camera is also insanely customizable, giving you the option to assign the options you choose that YOU use most often in a variety of buttons and dials. The quality feel is definitely there and weatherproofing is a really comforting thing to have. But mostly, the most perfect image in the world means nothing if you left your bulky camera at home. I love the size, it's just a great combination of full spec performance and "please take me with you" portability.

November 30, 2015


The best M43 at good price

I purchased OMD-EM1 along with the 12-40mm f2.8 pro lens. This package outperformances the Sony A7 II with 28-55mm kit lens by big margin. Buying a camera is just like buying a car or a computer. There are so many choices and combinations out there. You need to know what you need and pick the best the combination that suit your need. For me, I need a camera to take indoor pictures of my kids and record video of their fun times. Before I purchased the Olympus, I also tried the Sony A7 II and the Nikon D750 with 24-120mm kit lens from my friends. The IQ from Nikon is the best of the three. I like the JPEG color especially the auto white balance selected by the Nikon. However, the Nikon combo is almost twice the weight of the Olympus or the Sony. And, the live view auto-focus system is a joke in the Nikon. You just can not record video using the AF with the Nikon. It keeps hunting and make loud noise when it is focusing. As for the Sony, the auto AF is pretty good even though some reviews say it is not very fast. For me, it is as fast as the Olympus in most of my shooting conditions. But, it is not accurate. Even though the AF points confirmed that it focused at the right point, it did not when you view the photo in the big screen. The slow kit lens came with the A7 II also lets it down in most of the indoor shooting conditions. To me, OMD-E1 is the best to my need. It is fast, light and always capture the right moment even in the not so optimum conditions.

November 29, 2015


Best mu43 camera I've had

I love my EM1. I've owned numerous other bodies but this one feels perfect in my hands; so perfect that I've just ordered another one. This camera has travelled with me to Kenya, Ecuador rainforest, the Galápagos Islands, and Myanmar and has provided me with thousands of great shots. The only thing I'd improve on this camera is better low light capability. It does everything else just perfectly.

November 24, 2015


Great camera, but miss articulating screen

Got this to replace my E-3. Good upgrade, but the screen tilted and rotated on the E-3 making it MUCH easier to compose pictures than on the E-M1. Function lever on back very useful. HDR button very nice, but why can't I get an in-camera HDR RAW? Why doesn't E-M1 have in-camera panorama like other cameras? Radio flash interface needed for this to truly be a professional camera.

November 24, 2015



I have been an Olympus owner for several lifetimes now starting witn an OM-1.

My Olympus digital life began with the 7070 and from there I worked my way through several E-1s, two E-3s and an E-5. I love them all and appreciated the incremental improvements they engendered.

So with the OM-D E-M1 (demerits for whoever came up with this moniker) I was expecting the same incremental improvement, but was surprised and pleased with what seemed like a leap in ability.

Obviously taking cues from the OM-1 this relatively small package--makes the E-5 seem huge in comparison--does more things, and better, than any E-x.

Other than a case of EVF burn, it is a brilliant camera.

November 23, 2015



I purchased my first interchangeable lens camera in 2011 - the Olympus EPL5. I was hooked (having found my muse)! I upgraded to the OM-D E-M1 recently (primarily to work in some astrophotography but also to have a second camera) and I love, love, love my new camera.

The image quality is amazing, the camera quality is amazing, and the creative features are amazingly fun. As a self proclaimed serious hobbyist, I am still learning but - with the Micro 4/3 system it's no problem to take it with me wherever I go (and I do!). Thank you Olympus for blazing the trail with exactly what I was looking for in a camera.

November 03, 2015


Came back to where I started

Started my photography interest way back with Olympus and migrated away to explore other options, and now I am back and glad too. I just jumped from another mirror less brand and to say I was not happy is an understatement.

I am now an extremely happy owner of a E-M1, so glad I made the move. The build of this camera, the AF speed, fit, finish, lens selection and quality, image quality, IBIS, etc are why I came back to Olympus. The other thing I noticed , bodies are less expensive, and the lens'es are really affordable compared to the competition. The E-M1 is packed with features, and the future firmware release will add more life to the camera (not that it doesn't have enough).

currently I have this paired with the 12-40/2.8 and will add soon the 40-150/2.8 and 2 fast primes (17,25,45 or 75). The TC and a flash or 2 should round it out. Thanks Olympus!!

October 26, 2015


Excellent camera overall

The image quality in 90% of lighting conditions is excellent. Great colors, very sharp. The camera is mostly very easy to use, lots of features packed into the camera and available via buttons, so it takes a little while to figure out how to get at all of the features. The pro lenses are fantastic, razor sharp throughout the zoom and aperture range.

The body is small, and lightweight, but has excellent build quality. The buttons have a smooth, high quality feel, like they will last a long time.

I would suggest that Zuiko reduces the damping on the 40-150 pro lens, though, since its hard to zoom all the way in or out quickly, since the damping is so heavy. For most needs, its fine, but for sports, if you need to follow players moving towards the camera, and you need to zoom out all the way very quickly, you have to apply a lot of torque to the zoom ring, which could cause you to miss the shot. The lens does have excellent sharpness and overall image and build quality.

The mirrorless focusing is not quite there yet, though, compared to old DSLR technology. On the sports field, sometimes the focusing mechanism goes unstable, i.e. the camera hunts back and forth very quickly, several times, and does not converge, i.e. the camera can't find focus. In lower light conditions, it happens often enough to be more than an annoyance. I was able to get the camera to hunt, fail to focus, then take a photo far out of focus in lower light. This never happened in good lighting conditions. I would like to compare focusing behavior with larger sensor mirrorless cameras, I have not done that.

Overall, great camera, would recommend it for most kinds of photography, except low light, and certain kinds of sports.

October 19, 2015


A Few Days In ...

I've only had my E-M1 for a few days, but have not had the opportunity to use it yet because I've gotten derailed with the setup process. My computer operating system is Windows 10, which the included setup CD does not appear to be compatible with (error messages). I have only looked briefly on the website, but did not find anything related to Windows 10. I was able to register the camera on the Olympus website, but could not find anything related to making sure that the camera had the latest software. I've looked briefly at the manual, but wasn't able to find anything quickly. My take is that the setup and user process could be more intuitive and user friendly. It's disappointing to get bogged down first thing with setup.

However, the camera is the important matter. So far, I am impressed with its specs and having it in my hands. I am hoping that I will be able to get past setup soon, so that I can provide more useful response as to that camera itself.

- Note from Olympus: The CD included with the E-M1 includes the full instruction manual on PDF and Olympus Viewer 3 software. They are both Windows 10 compatible as should the CD itself be readable. Both of these can be downloaded from the Support section of Olympus Website. Please call us at 888-553-4448 (Monday to Friday, 9am - 9pm ET) for assistance. We are not sure why the CD is causing issues.

September 25, 2015


More than a Year and a Half with Olympus OMD EM-1

When I return from doing photography with my OMD EM-1, I am set aback by the stunning images. The technical advances of this camera are amazing. I find the timelapse function to be very useful for documenting cloud movements in the sky. Live Composite is still a new function for me, but I am finding it has its place also. My success with stock photos and videos continues at a rapid pace.

I love to take photography walks with my OMD EM-1. My imagination gets the better of me, or perhaps my EM-1 gets the better of my imagination. Either way, the EM-1 is a magical creative tool. The magic continues when I return to do the post-processing computer work. I shoot only in raw. The final steps of the photography process are in image editing software for me. Mouse clicks and keyboard buttons bring to life the impressive quality of the EM-1 raw files. I have heard the jpgs are fantastic, also.

Technically, the EM-1 can be a very complicated camera. I have studies in other languages, however, and the grammar of the EM-1 remains somewhere between Latin and Mandarin Chinese. But the many choices and menus open up great potential for professional photographers and advanced enthusiasts alike.

Timelapse movies have become a cornerstone for my photography sessions when not doing photography walks. Documenting cloud movements, sunsets, and boats on the Ohio River highlights this very useful function.

I have only recently started using Live Composite. I used it for sunset scenes after the sun had disappeared behind the distant hills. Landscapes in darkness seem possible future topics.

I now have hundreds of stock photos. They are very difficult and challenging to produce. Mastering the technique isn't for the faint of heart.

In summary, incredible image quality, advanced technology, and success are all facets of Olympus OMD EM-1.

September 12, 2015



This new mirrorless camera is packed with a punch. It's more compact, easy to work and takes pictures flawlessly. The wifi functionality is very nice.

I have a range of lenses, from the new PRO lenses to using my 4/3's lenses. The interchangeability means I don't have to get rid of all my old lenses which is very nice.

This camera has completely replaced my E520!

This is a great camera to have for all professional photographers. I am always recommending other photographers take a look at this camera when they are looking to buy.

September 10, 2015


m4/3 at its best.

I reluctantly sold my Nikon D7000 because of the size and weight. i am blown away by the EM1. With the 12-40 pro lens it takes better pics than my nikon. I was worried about the higher noise at higher ISO's but with the EM1's stabilization, i am able to shoot at lower ISOs than i had to with my Nikon (i don't take tripods with me). In most cases my D7000 was noisier..
with that lens my EM1 is soon sharp. I work for stock photography and i have never had a shot rejected for technical reasons. I had many rejects with my Nikon.... For travelling without a tripod and getting caught in the rain and snow.. the EM1 is stellar !!!!!

September 07, 2015


This Camera rocks

I had a Nikon 1 V2 mirrorless and was not happy with it ,sold it and bought the EM1 WOW. The learning curve is not dramatic maybe because I have 3 Nikons and a boatload of lenses but this little Oly does and amazing job and so far I am thrilled with the sharpness of the shots the speed of the camera ,the price name it ,I love it.The features like HDR gives super resolution .Once you get used to where the function buttons are there is no stopping it. I am considering an upgrade to the lenses already. I am hopeful that the weatherproof feature is not an exaggeration because my Nikons freeze up and fail to function in the cold weather and rainy days are out except for my little Olympus tough (that's how I got into Olympus )and it is tough.

September 04, 2015


Fantastic Camera!

I upgraded from an OMD E-M5 to an E-M1. I love the form factor of the OMD E-M1 and the metal construction! Today, too many DSLR's are built like plastic toys. Not the E-M1! Then there are the lenses and the fantastic picture quality Olympus delivers. If you do any street photography, this is the camera for you. This is truly the digital version of the Olympus OM-4. Although I am retired now, this is my camera of choice for travel and candid shots of my grand kids. Portraits shot with the E-M1 and my 45mm f1.8 are spectacular! My point and shoot camera is the Olympus Pen E-PL5! With the micro four thirds format, you can share ultra compact lenses with both your OMD and your compact Pen body creating a truly compact system. Nice job Olympus!

August 21, 2015


Highly recommended

I qwas in the market for a smaller lighter camnera system. I struggled with this decision for months. Should I await for newer technology, would low light performance be adequate, and what about image quality of a 16mp camera. This camera may not be for everybody but it is best for me. You really need to ask yourself what do you shoot most of the time. I do street shooting, travel photography, and landscapes. I rarely do any kind of action photography or video, While I would love to have a perfect camera I know there is no such thing and you always have to make compromises. The reason I picked up tis one instead of the similarly priced EMII is because it works with four thirds lenses extremely well. I was able to pick up three used four third zooms for less than I would pay for one pro zoom. And the focusing speed,image quality and build is great. I have not used the camera extensively just learning about it. And there is a lot to learn. Great camera. At present price probably best bang for the buck.

June 25, 2015


Replaced my FX Canon with no regrets!

Had two Full Frame Canon bodies with a full compliment of L lenses. I photograph a number of regional, national and international competitions. Fast and reliable AF is a must. I also do a lot of interiors, both commercial and residential. I was growing very tired of hauling my Canon gear from job to job. I had looked at the EM-1 and read and watched several reviews. I finally took the plunge and bought a body with the 12-40 D2.8. I owned it for less than 2 weeks and sold all my FF gear. I now how 2 EM-1 bodies and have not looked back. I love the size, features and quality. It does not matter where I go, I always have an EM-1 with me!

May 19, 2015


Photography reinvented

This camera is my new go-to body for personal use, and on-the-job documentary work. Heavy pro full-frame bodies, and lenses have taken a toll on me in the last decade of fast-paced pro photojournalism work, made a past love a demanding chore, and last year I start looking for a lighter solution that was up to the demands of the profession. I bought an E-M5, and loved it but it wasn't quite there. The E-M1 was everything I was hoping for in the first place

(I wish the video had variable frame rates-firmware update???).

It has great low-light capability, has a fast frame rate, fast auto focus, great and bright viewfinder, it's light, intuitive to use, 1/7th the cost of my current kit, and best of all it makes my job as fun as it was when it was my hobby. This camera is photography reinvented.

May 17, 2015



I handles my friends M1 and was very impressed. I had been using Canon gear for the last 20 years. It is so nice and light and very well built. It operates flawlessly and speedily. The photographs are beautiful taken with the two f2.8 lenses I purchased with the camera.
Another great feature is that it is waterproof. I lost a Canon at Iguasu Falls in Brazil due to moisture. All in all it is a perfect 5. Thank You

May 17, 2015



Amazing camera. It's just one of those cameras that makes you want to get out and shoot. And it's just the right size, even with 3-4 lenses it's still small enough to never get left behind. Great quality of workmanship and design, great feel in the hand. The camera quickly becomes intuitive, after the initial learning of the multitude of controls which are all placed in easy reach while framing pictures.
What you can get out of the camera is another reward in itself. Very pleased.
Over the last 12 years I've owned Canon and Nikon DSLR and now the Olympus OM-D E-M1. First time I ever stopped to give a review.

May 09, 2015


Glad I switched

I have been a Nikon user for many years. Got tired of lugging around my DX camera and lenses. About 7 months ago I traded in my Nikon gear for an E-M1, a 14-150 Oly and a 75-300 Oly lens. The image quality of this new gear is on a par or better than my Nikon D200 with 28-200 lens. After learning how to set up three My Sets for my favorite ways of shooting (Hand held general photography, Tripod mounted photography and Action photography) I will never look back at what I previously was able to do. I would recommend this camera and lenses for any serious amateur photographer. I can't get over how much smaller the lenses are and the reduction in weight. Thank you Olympus.

May 08, 2015


it could be a five stars if it was NIPPON made

it is a nice camera OMD E-M1 classic look, silver (retro) to fun with it and nice good working M. Zuiko"s Lenses (4 lenses that i acquired) that performs well with the M 1. I am not a pro bought a pro cam and optics...Pro wanna be. however they are all over priced for being made in China, although the battery was made in Japan. just like i said they all performed well.

May 07, 2015


OMD - almost perfect

I've had my OMD-1 for almost a year, having shot thousands of images. Still learning how to make this baby sing, and sing it can. When things go wrong with what I capture vs what I expected, I know it ain't the camera's fault. Got the OMD-1 for its lightness/compactness. it does not disappoint.

My only beef is that my previous camera was an E-620. THAT had an articulating screen, which allowed for some superb set-ups on the tripod that I just can't get with this dumb sliding screen on the new model. The guy or team responsible for moving away from the articulating screen should be flogged with a thousand wet noodles. Perfect camera, except for that gol-darn screen that prevents taking many images I wish I could capture. Olympus, a simple thing technically. What were you THINKING????

That dumb screen makes me give a stellar piece of equipment a four instead of a five.

Only other beef is the low pixel count. Would have been nice to have 20 or more on a bigger sensor. But what the heck, that's nit-picking compared to that unbelievable gaff of moving to a sliding screen from an articulating screen…

It's a great camera, really delivers the punch I want when I set it up right. What more could one ask for? And the options are easy to dial in, and view, before pulling the trigger. Also got my first wiiiiide angle lens, the 9-18 which, given the slowness of the lens, is on the way expensive side. But have had plenty of fun creating dynamic and powerful landscape images with it, nonetheless.

April 20, 2015


Great Camera; Needs Upgrade to Op System

I got my OM-D E-M1 about two months ago now. I have shot quite a few images, and the results come out very good, as expected.

When I shoot images with the Art Filters, I keep running into the same problem. The camera is programmed to shoot All Art Filter images in P-Mode (program mode), And to use Matrix Metering. I use Spot metering Exclusively, and Aperture priority mode mostly, with Manual mode used about 15 or 20 percent of the time.

For a camera to be advertised as professional grade, it appears I do Not have much control of the functions of the exposure modes when using Art Filters. With my E-5, I can set the camera to Spot metering, and the Mode dial to “A” for Aperture priority mode, select an Art filter, and shoot my image. I usually select the area I want in focus, push the shutter button half way to lock in focus and exposure metering (Spot metered), then compose the shot, and shoot my image to suit my needs. And when I look at the attributes of the image, the information verifies I shot in Aperture priority, with spot metering…. With the E-M1 I cannot get an image to come out in Aperture priority, nor will the camera shoot Art Filters with spot metering. The attributes of images Always comes out as shot in Program mode, and matrix metering. Program mode and matrix metering is the primary modes a beginner uses… they let the computer decide what to use. I want the camera to take images the way I need them.

I started noticing this when I was trying to learn the Partial Color Art Filter, which would let me shoot a particular mood of image. I quickly discovered I could not shoot in Manual mode, then learned I could also Not shoot in Aperture priority mode. Also, the subject I wanted in focus frequently was ending up as “out of focus”, where I then discovered the camera was using matrix metering. Why would someone Change the mode of operation (from what worked on the E-5) to what is totally Lacking in the new E-M1?? Now I am back to using my trusted E-5 as my primary camera, and the E-M1 as a back-up to the E-5… I cannot depend on the E-M1 if I have to shoot something with an Art Filter. I am Soo Glad I never got rid of my E-5.

Also of note:
When using the Partial Color Art Filter, one is required to adjust the rear dial to get the color wheel to display. But at the same time, one can also use the front dial to do the same thing! The programmer programmed both dials to do the same thing!! But, the exposure bias could have been added to the front dial. There is a bit of short-sightedness in the methods used programming the O-MD series of cameras (I own the E-M1, owned and sold an E-M5, and tried the E-M5 mk-2 at a local store) There either needs to be a third dial, or a button that can be programmed for exposure compensation. If you are shooting in Manual mode, you need dials for aperture and shutter, then a method of accessing the color wheel (in partial color mode). If in aperture priority mode, you need dials for aperture, and exposure bias, then you need a method for accessing the color wheel (in partial color mode).

In Final, the operator should be able to select the Mode of operation of the camera, and then when going into art filters, the art filter should operate in whatever mode is selected, and whatever metering mode and focus mode is selected. Maybe Olympus will be able to create a software update to incorporate this issue… I will wait and see. Maybe Olympus will have to wait to incorporate this update in a newer version of camera in their OM-D line… if so, please add the swivel back used on the E-M5 mk2, and please add back maybe a third of the thickness around the grip, to make the camera a bit more comfortable for us with larger hands.

Thank You

April 17, 2015


Great Camera!

I am fairly new to photography and I purchased this camera after using a PM2 for 2-3 months. I really love the ease of use from a beginners standpoint. I know I have not utilized even a 10th of the power and functionality of this camera, but I am anxious to learn. The pictures I have taken have been awesome and I love the wifi & sharing feature. The settings are very easy to navigate. I have been able to quickly change ISO settings as well as turn off and on the digital teleconverter. (Although I don't use the digital teleconverter much) The focus settings are easy to use and set up customize. I have recently updated the firmware and that was very easy as well.
You will love this camera!
Happy Shooting!

April 10, 2015


Great Camera

I love that I can use my old E- series lenses with this camera and get better performance. This camera takes beautiful pictures and is extraordinarily customizable. I do wish for better video and the addition of features in the new E-M10.

I use this camera primarily with the 12-40 2.8 lens and the original 50-200 2.8-3.5. I get far better pics than I got with my E-30. Focusing is much improved with all lenses, and face tracking with children cannot be beat. Focus peaking is really useful in manual focus mode.

April 02, 2015


great size

I bought the E-M1 after a long consideration. I was used to DSLR and was tired of that size and wanted something smaller, yet still fully featured. I chose the E-M1 and its been great. It's got more features than I was used too, but I don't see that as a bad thing. I've read that its video performance is lacking, but I've only used it for stills so I can't really comment on that.
I love the WiFi too. It's great being able to transfer pics without connecting wires. I just wish you could connect and have it transfer in the background and still take pictures.

April 02, 2015


great camera!

After a year use, I am 100% satisfied with E-M1, very sturdy, focus is speedy, tons of settings, 5 out of 5!

March 29, 2015


Addition to the omd em10

Bought this camera in addition of the OM-D E-M10, seems to fit my M.12-40mm pro lens better. Pro lens stay on this unit and using all the prime lenses with the E-M10.

March 12, 2015


Awesome E-M1, Another Great Photgraphic Tool

I got my OM-D E-M1 recently, and must say it is truly an amazing camera. I got it mainly because it has a built-in grip, which improves the balance and handling of the camera dramatically.

But my second reason for getting this camera was the 16.3 MP sensor, and the dual autofocus system, for contrast or phase detect focus, to allow using my existing 4/3 lenses. Not to mention Wi-Fi, HDR shooting, and Tethering to a computer.

I have not used the video yet, but I will eventually get to using it more, but for now, I am happy knowing it is available. I have little projects coming up, requiring video.

The layout of the controls of the E-M1 is much improved over the E-M5 (for me). The playback button on the E-M5 was in a terrible location, but on the E-M1 it seems to be where it needs to be.

I just downloaded Olympus Capture software, and used it initially. It seems to operate flawlessly with my E-M1. I used the USB cable that came with the camera, which is about 4.5 feet long… I will need one about 10 to 12 feet long. A larger studio could probably use a cable 18 to 20 feet, depending on space available. It would be nice if there was a printed manual for Oly Capture, or at least an On-Line manual. Or is there? (and I just missed it?)

Next, I set up Olympus Image Share App on my cell phone. (When you activate Wi-Fi on the E-M1, a special bar code will be displayed on the E-M1’s monitor) After you install OI. Share on your phone, it will ask you to scan your device (E-M1) for the bar code, which then links the phone and camera. (I was slow, and had trouble figuring this out… since I was doing this ALL with-OUT reading any manual, just “winging” it.) But then, magically, they were connected, and all my images in the E-M1 showed up on the phone… Wow… I just selected the ones I wanted to share!! Really, quite easy!

I Love the E-M1; I especially like the “lock” on the mode dial. I look forward to using the art filters more. I find the “partial color” filter to be the most interesting. Color Creator is next on the list to try.

One last point… I shoot quite a few images in the vertical (portrait) format; and often I have to get very low to the ground. The Tilt monitor just does not work so well with that shot. Maybe your E-M3 (or E-M1 mk-2) will have the tilt swivel monitor as used on the E-M5 mk-2.

This OM-D E-M1 is a great camera. The build quality is supreme on this camera, and all operations are crisp and precise. The operation of the tilt monitor seems more precise than that of the E-M5 as well. The E-M1 is a marvel to hold and use. It has become my favorite camera (not to slight my E-500 and E-5).

Maybe I’m just “Died in the Wool Olympus”.
By the way, where do you get those OM-D hats?

February 28, 2015


Wedding Camera of our DREAMS!

Coming from the four thirds system this camera is by far worth every dollar. Light, Compact, and durable. This whole system is a dream to work with. Only con we have is the placement of the record button. Its so close to Fn2 button and press the wrong one from time to time. Easy fix is to change the button in the button program mode but other then that its stellar. 320 sync speed has made our wedding photography a game changer. We get the fake sky look with flash set up. The other two big guys cant to this.

February 24, 2015


Excellent Camera

I had been using Canon digital SLR's for years and since I am getting up in years, I decided to look into a smaller camera. After reading extensively the reviews of various micro 4/3 camera's, I opted for the EM-1. Smartest move I have made photography wise. After using it for a month, I sold all my Canon equipment. The pictures are gorgeous and the camera is like an extension of my arm. So intuitive to use. The controls are all in the right place and the menu's are easy to use. I have to say that once you get the settings to your likeness, you rarely have to go back in. I do mostly scenic and macro and it excels at both. I love being able to get to the HDR settings easily.

Like many other people, I wish Olympus would have put a full paper manual in the box. I have the PDF file, but it is a pain in the neck to use and too many pages to print out. For those people like me I recommend a book by David Busch simply named "Olympus OM-D E-M1 Digital Photography"

I like this camera so much, that I bought an OMD E-M10 as a backup. Thanks Olympus.

February 12, 2015

Joshua C

One Year with my EM-1. Momentum Made Magic.

I am writing my second review of OMD EM-1. I shoot in raw always and I want to first discuss the quality of the raw files. Second, I walk more than five miles at times taking photography walks with my OMD EM-1. It's portability will be highlighted. On a final abridged note, the advanced menu system, dials and buttons are ideal for someone who multipurposes his or her images and his or her photography techniques.

OMD EM-1. Breathe deeply. I have read other reviews discussing chromatic aberration and noise presence in the camera's raw files. I use lens hoods and filters to reduce and eliminate color distortion as well as haloing in the raw file. If any remains, I remove it in Adobe Camera Raw. For noise, I have seldom seen color noise in ISO below 1600. I have an HD video card and display. In those cases, it was in water with long shutter speeds. In all cases, it can be removed in Adobe Camera Raw.

I love walking with my OMD EM-1. My many M.Zuiko lenses are light just as is the OMD EM-1 body. Thus the 'Micro' in Micro Four Thirds. Why is the portability important to long distances other than weight? For birds, as an example, walking on a trail and shooting them requires luck, skill, and a sharp eyesight. The further you walk, the more chances you have of photographing birds. A light and portable camera system is a must: for the target subjects and your back!

Having options says you have control over your photos, but more importantly over your workflow. An advanced menu system and ergonomic dials and buttons are a must. I shoot in raw with a 16:9 aspect ratio. My initial audience is two tv stations. They sort through my images for backgrounds often. 16:9 aspect ratio is Cinematic, wide screen TV. However, my second purpose for some of my photos is stock photography. The OMD EM-1 is completely able to do stock photography. One final purpose I would like to mention is selling photography prints. As a print, usually a different aspect is needed depending on the customer. As for the buttons and dials on the OMD EM-1 body, I have the hands of a pianist. You can do a lot of customization with it. My OMD EM-1 is just the way I like it. So can yours.

If you want Pro level Performance and Prestige, Portability and Acessibility Potential, and a Device that out does all others -- Olympus OMD EM-1 is your next camera.


Original review (posted March 2014)

Photo Fantastic. Rev'd up Video.

I have great success with my new OMD EM-1. The transition from my previous Olympus camera to the OMD EM-1 was seamless and effortless.

The higher ISO choices are very powerful with no noise present. The micro four thirds and Pro lens choices highly flatter this dynamic camera. Burst mode is ideal for quick moving wildlife, or fidgeting young children. The speed of the camera breaks the sound barrier. Sunrises and sunsets gain acutely more detailed precision with the Shadow and Highlight adjustments feature. Having two dials to control Aperture and Shutter in Manual Shooting mode turns the camera into almost a musical instrument. The OMD EM-1 sings Italian Opera.

One scene mode that intrigues me is hand-held starlight. The North Star and its siblings come through clearly holding the camera in my hand.

Frigid river air temperatures are yet to overpower the OMD EM-1. At 20 degrees Fahrenheit I was able to capture the ending of a beautiful sunset with no condensation to think of.

The HD video produced with the OMD EM-1 is of excellent quality, particularly with its stereo sound. In combination with the various shooting modes and lenses, your creative potential sky rockets.

Images created with the OMD EM-1 exceed industry potential. Photoshop smiles when I open them.

If you want to be the leader of your photography abilities, the OMD EM-1 is the camera of choice for you.

February 03, 2015

Patrick RH

Great Camera that's difficult to use.

I've owned my E-M1 for about a year now and have captured some great images with it. But I have to agree with some of the other reviews in that it is a very complex instrument with a very steep learning curve.

Some of the Pros and Cons:

-Small and light weight means it doesn't bog you down when taking it on a nature hike or a family vacation

-Immense amount of features and settings means that it's possible to get the perfect picture in any setting or situation
-Though focus tends to be a bit on the soft side, image quality is great once you learn how to use the camera.

-Fast autofocus and fun to shoot with.


-More noise and chromatic aberration than I deem acceptable for a camera costing $1400 just for the body. Noise in the shadow areas is visible all the way down to ISO 200. And while the ISO can be set as high as 25600. No usable images can be attained higher than ISO 6400. I thought the amount of noise visible was normal until I saw an image taken at ISO 5000 with my friend's less expensive Nikon. It had less noise than an image taken with my E-M1 at ISO 1600. Increasing the noise filter and noise reduction only smears detail.

-A completely useless and unhelpful starter guide comes with the camera. A camera this complex needs to have a dedicated user manual that explains how each of the 200 plus features work. It seems as though the people at Olympus assumed we would know how to use all the features. For example, when setting the image stabilizer focal length, how am I supposed to know what to set it at when I have a zoom lens......or should I set it at 1000mm to ensure it's sensitive enough to detect even the slightest amount of camera shake? A manual explaining this would be helpful.

-The little hot shoe pieces are easily lost. I've had to buy some replacements already. Why not include an on-board flash like every other "professional" camera instead of requiring it to be separately connected.

All in all, this is a very good, well-built, stylish camera that can satisfy the needs of almost anyone. The image quality it produces is on par with cameras costing more and I am happy to continue shooting with it.


We appreciate your feedback on the included starter guide. The full OM-D E-M1 manual can be freely downloaded here: http://www.olympusamerica.com/cpg_section/cpg_support_manuals.asp?id=1648.

Regarding the IS focal length selection: The only time you will want to utilize the manual focal length input is when a legacy manual focus lens is used. Non-legacy lenses offer electronic connection and control of aperture and focus. For these, the focal length or zoom position will be communicated to the camera automatically. If you are using a manual focus legacy lens, manually inputting the focal length will allow the camera's IS unit to function properly. We do not recommend setting the length longer then the lens offers.

January 31, 2015


Amazing camera with a few issues.

The EM-1 is my fourth Olympus camera. Previously had an EPL-1 and EPL-3. Still have an EP3 and now the EM-1 which is used daily on a professional basis in a studio. Suffice to say I am familiar with Olympus cameras.

The EM-1 is a great camera with good feel. Just amazing. The photos are great. I like all the options. However I have had a few issues with the camera.

I think the best way to review this to run through the pros and cons.

-Sturdy frame (it is so nice to not have plastic or stamped metal)

-Metallic dials and switches

-Good sized grip (I have the extra grip as well)

-Full Featured plenty of settings to adjust and customize. The menus are not too crowded and it is what you should expect from a camera of this caliber.

-Lighter than a large DSLR

-You can change the battery while on a tripod (without battery grip)

-The swivel touch screen is very useful and seems well made

-Pixel mapping

-Tethering to computer is a great option.


-After only a little over a month (5800 photos) the rear dial is malfunctioning. Not excited about this. This is some known problem that many people have I guess. I need the camera every day. Sending it in for service means I need to buy a second one while it is in. Maybe that was the plan.

-The power switch is in an odd location that keeps you from naturally turning on the camera as you raise it up with one hand to prepare to shoot. For this reason I do not tend to take the camera out of the studio often. I really want to, but it is the small things like this that have me lugging a DSLR outside. The EM-1 is powerful, light, and nimble. But, that is not really useful when you can actually get a full sized SLR turned on and ready to shoot faster than the EM-1. For long days sometimes the power can be off to conserve battery. Maybe I just need to train myself on how to do this. If you do not need this camera for long days of constant shooting where outside, ignore this.

-Telephoto function not available when tethered. They never mention this anywhere in the manual or other documents, but Olympus support confirmed this is not currently an option. Disappointing as I was really looking forward to this combo. Very silly not to have this available. There is also a feature in the iOS app that is not available in the tethering capture software...I think it was electronic zoom control.

-Tethered preview quality and size could be much better. I was seriously disappointed. I would pay for the software if it was better.

-The left side cover is pretty tough to open unless you swivel the screen out.

-The wifi connect feature is only useful for select moments when you know you need to use it. They market it as some wonderfully easy to do thing that will have you sharing images on social media instantly, but that is not the case. You have to turn it on, go through the setup to change you wifi connection to the camera, then take some pictures or move some pictures, then you have to go back and change your wifi connection back to the real world and then you go back to the photos and share them. I expected I could connect the camera to the same network as the iPhone and make the connection that way so it really would be more instant and easy to use, but it is not. I planned on using it, but I never do now because it is just no easy to do.

-The camera does Title all your images "OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA". This is nothing new and Olympus has been doing this for a while. That does not make it any less annoying! I spent weeks trying to figure out how to turn this off on my EP-3 only to find out it is not possible. I have a specific post process that I have to do just to remove this. Why can we not have the option to leave this data blank in the camera like every other manufacturer. The EXIF data is already tagged with the camera make model and serial number. I do not think Olympus understands how much of a hinderance this is to a number of users. I considered never using Olympus again because this really messed with the workflow. Other manufacturers give you the option to Title with a blank or a sequential number after a title. I am not sure when they will get with the program. Hiding behind the idea that it is just some small bit of EXIF data that only pops up in certain softwares because that is not the case. If they sold an EM-1 model that did not do this I would pay more for it to be rid of the problem.

Well that may sound like I really do not like the EM-1. The fact is I still really like it a lot, but it does have a few issues that and I did want to explain them well enough for others to understand. Currently the pros very much outweigh the cons for me. I want to give it 5 stars but I just can't. I am however considering buying a second one. The bottom line is it feels like it is indestructible and the photos are great. Buy one!

January 27, 2015


What a Devise!

I was really amazed and pleased at well the OM-D E-M1 works with my existing four thirds lenses. Since I use four third lenses for specific purposes, the reduced focus field is not the problem I thought it might be. Of course there is no problem with m43 lenses - works flawlessly.

January 23, 2015


Good, but not an equal replacement for E3/5

Pro photographer (nature, landscape, art). Long-time Olympus owner, as well as other brands, film and digital.

Glass I use:
M.Zuiko ED 14-42mm (small zoom pancake lens, micro 4/3)
M.Zuiko ED 75-300mm (zoom telephoto, micro 4/3)
MMF-3 converter for my older full-size 4/3 Zuiko lenses, 12-60mm ED SWD and 50-200mm ED SWD)

― Good choice for serious amateurs.
― Very lightweight, compact.
― Olympus' lenses are known for being fast and good. Even the micro 4/3 versions have very good optics, even in the cheaper models.
― If you have older full-size 4/3 lenses, the MMF-3 converter lets you use them on this micro 4/3 body. Optics are better than I've experienced with the newer micro-4/3 lenses.
― Movie recording is quite good, once you learn how to use it correctly.
― It's a fast responding camera with equally responsive lenses and a fast frame-capture rate. Clicking off 20 frames @ high resolution RAW format let's me capture every nuance of a bird in flight.

― What a nightmare of menus and buttons! There are too many buttons I don't need, and not enough for those functions I do need, like AE-L and AF-L.

― Too much chromatic aberration/noise on IOS above 300. That's crazy! Have to run nearly every photo through noise correction software before processing in Photoshop. And there goes my detail in critical lighting conditions.

― World's most useless user guide! It's been 5 months and I still haven't figured out all the settings and buttons I need.

― Too difficult to get the settings you want. Just switching basic settings while shooting, like F-Stop and white balance, takes TOO LONG and you end up losing the shot. I've tried programming custom settings, but it's rare that I'm using the same settings over and over.

― The shot controls were designed for use on the LCD touch screen. But how many pros shoot with the LCD? It's the worst way to shoot! We're using the viewfinder, not the screen, for most shots.

― Totally INSANE menu system. Again, poor user interface. TMI--too much insane information! Give me a quick menu for controlling only core settings for the shot. Put all the remaining 1,692,431 controls (and sub controls, and sub-sub controls) in another menu where I can get to them only when needed.

― Tilt-out LCD screen doesn't match the usefulness of the fold-out one on the E3/5.

― A separate flash unit? Really? And it's the size of a quarter so it's already gotten lost. Fell out of my jeans pocket. Luckily I usually don't shoot with mini-flashes like this one.

Other than the noisy sensor, this camera has good technology in it. But it needs a complete overhaul of its user interface and better resources on how to use it.

I was going to buy some of the new, higher quality micro-4/3s Zuiko lenses but decided to hold off. If Olympus comes out with a better designed camera than this, I will. If not, my current OMD-E1 gear will be eBayed and I'll switch to another brand.


Please note that it is not necessary to use the camera menu or use LCD screen to change basic or core camera settings. For example, essentials that are often adjusted, such as F-Stop, Shutter Speed, ISO, White Balance, AEL/AFL lock, Focusing mode and focus points, can be easily accessed and adjusted by the push of a button or the rotation of the wheel, without having to take your eye off the viewfinder. You can also customize some buttons, for functions that may not be available on the camera dials by default. Another option is to enable the E-M1's Super Control Panel for quick access to several key shooting functions from the LCD screen.

In regards to the Noise/ Chromatic aberration, the camera features built-in noise filter technology, and other processing technologies, to eliminate these aberrations automatically from the JPEG images. This processing is excellent, keeping very high image quality, but does not get applied to the RAW images by the camera. Therefore, if shooting in RAW format, please make sure to enable these functions in the Olympus Viewer 3 Raw processing options, or other compatible software.

January 15, 2015


Great camera!

I purchased this to replace an entry level DSLR that needed upgrading, both body and glass. When I started researching the full size DSLR options I wasn't happy with the cost and size of the system. I spoke to several people I know who gave up their full size camera rigs for this system and EVERYONE was very pleased. They, as I have "Dumped" the full size gear in favor of this baby. WOW! Great size, beautiful images, amazing feature set and a great selection of lenses that can help you achieve the images your looking for. Add to this water resistance, flash command features and you have a winning camera. I tried another brands mirror-less system camera and was uninspired by the view finding and focusing. This one is spot on! For all of you sitting on the fence, don't hesitate, it is worth it. Cost, sure it's expensive, but compare this to similar full featured systems from the BIG boys and you quickly realize this is got a lot of bang for the buck. Couple that with not having to carry 20-50lbs of gear and it's a no brainer. I can carry this with a small prime, and medium telephoto in a smallish satchel and be good for a day of shooting, or I can take all that I have and not break my back.

January 10, 2015


A lemon?

I have used Olympus cameras exclusively since the E-300 came out and I own the E-300, E-3 and Pen. So When the Em-1 came out I jumped in. That might have been a mistake.

The EVF is great as long as you are shooting a non-moving object in available light. It has a hard time keeping up with fast moving objects such as birds in flight. It is also completely useless when shooting in a studio with strobes.

The dials which are programmable (a nice feature) are not as responsive as previous DSLR cameras such as the E-3. One click of the dial should be one point of adjustment and many times it is not.

The Video would be nice unless you are shooting at night. I shot a firework display as part of an event a client was putting on and had a couple of distracting pixels that showed white through the entire video even when there was nothing but darkness.

The add on flash is a problem, small pieces are easily lost and having to carry around the little flash in the event you want to use off camera flash is a pain. So you either always have it on which sticks out and catches on things or you stick it in a draw and never use it.

Another issue is battery life. This thing sucks down batteries like there is no tomorrow. With previous DSLRs 2 batteries would last me a weekend of shooting. This thing will go though 2 batteries in less than a day.

I am not sure if this is a bad model or I may have just got a lemon. One thing I did notice is the E-5 camera prices have increased steadily since the EM-1 came out. I wonder if this is because the E-5 was a better camera.

Conclusion: I really hate to give a bad review on a product from a company I believe in, but I think I would stay away from this camera. It seems the more I use it the more problems I find with it. Definitely NOT for professional use. On the good side, it's small size makes it a nice travel camera, just buy lots of batteries.


Olympus Digital Technical Support advises to call 888-553-4448 (Monday to Friday, 9am - 9pm ET) so we may review the settings on your camera for your shooting situations and the firmware in use.

January 05, 2015



This camera places a caption under every frame on video and every picture that says "OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA" and it is NOT an option. If I had known this I would have purchase something else.

This is EXIF data that displays in some programs while reviewing video.

December 26, 2014



I've just gone from the E-5 to the Olympus upgrade E-M1. There's a learning curve here. This is a highly sophisticate camera with additional features. I've had this for a week and enjoy it. If you're going from a E-5 to this camera, keep in mind that the micro 4/3 is different from the 4/3. You will need an adaptor if you want to use your "old" DSLR lenses. The battery and memory card are also different. I suggest that you get the battery grip to go with the E-M1. The micro lenses are small and lighter. However, I have a lot of cash invested in my DSLR lenses, so a micro lens is not in my future.

It will take awhile to get the feel of the E-M1. I'm impressed. What I do not like is the LCD screen. Why Olympus couldn't have kept the design of the LCD E-5, I don't understand. It had a wider range of positioning and you could turn the screen inward when not using to prevent scratches etc.

I give this a 4.9 rating and highly recommend.

December 10, 2014


Love it!

I have waited 9 months to write my little blurb... Overall I am in love with the camera - I have a few of lenses: the kit lens from my PEN Mini, 25, M.60mm f2.8 macro, M.40-150mm zoom and 70-300mm. I am an everyday shooter and the OM-D is generally with me. My reason for 4 stars: There needs to be a lock on the dial surrounding the shutter. Every once in a while I accidentally bump it, changing my exposure and not realizing it until its too late. My other beef is that I keep losing the hot shoe covers. I am on my 3rd and have ordered 4 more to keep in reserve. These need to be constructed to stay on the camera. So disappointing to look down and realize its gone...again. Have the same problem with my Pen Mini - come on Olympus - build a better one!

Other than that I am quite pleased with the camera - love the art filters and all the creative ways to capture my moments.

November 28, 2014


The Camera to Buy

I purchased my OM-D E-M1 last December along with the 12-40mm PRO lens it did take me a while to learn the camera but once I did it has been the best camera I purchased. Photos are clear and professional, the camera is light and easy to carry I have purchased the macro 60mm, the 75-300mm, the 17mm prime and the new 40-150mm PRO this month. This entire system you can take anywhere in one bag. Test this camera and lens before buying any other model. You will not be disappointed trust me.

November 18, 2014


Close to Excellent

Does Olympus actually read these? :) It was this or the Fuji system. While I am generally quite happy with the E-M1, I probably would have gone for the Fuji system if they were a little more finger-friendly. I’ve only had a few weeks with the E-M1, so I still need to shoot and learn more.

Let me divide this review into two broad parts. First, is the most important part – the IQ and handling. The E-M1 IQ seems to be quite good. Many say the images are a bit soft and I tend to agree. However, when you look at the enlarged images then there is plenty of sharpness, detail and subtleties in the colors. A lot of course, will also depend on the lenses and print quality. So, I will give a thumbs-up to the IQ. I still need to shoot RAW and work with the images.

Second, is the handling. The two-dial system, lever, super control panel and buttons make it easy to use and quick to change the most important parameters, especially at eye-level. I thoroughly enjoy holding the camera. So, another thumbs-up with caveats below.

Now, for part two of the review:
First, it’s a $1,400 camera, the world’s most sophisticated and customizable system, and it comes with a completely useless “starter’s guide.” I ordered (paid for) the “full manual” from Olympus. It’s horrible, lousy explanations, lousy images and lousy print quality. Completely inexcusable. Thankfully, John Foster has a very nice online guide with practical observations for every setting.
Second, no camera on the planet needs more than 200 customizable options. Did a photographer design the camera, or a software engineer? There are some quite useful functions, but still there is too much “crapware.” Professionals and enthusiasts are going to do 99.9% in post-processing. Beginners and amateurs will be turned off by the complexity.
Can anyone tell me which settings are overridden if you are in JPEG or RAW shooting mode?
Third, all those buttons and customization, but there aren’t separate buttons for AE-L and AF-L.
Fourth, a hybrid EVF/OVF would have been nice and I’d get rid of the video capability. Does anybody really buy this camera for video?
Fifth, the 6-foot long, quarter-inch thick extension cord for the battery charger is completely impractical and a pain for traveling. My 4-year old Nikon came with a simple plugin charger and adapter. I paid $40 for a third-party portable charger. Come on Olympus, think!
Sixth, I don’t particularly mind the external flash, but why do I need to keep track of the three tiny black plastic covers needed for the hotshoe and external flash?
Seventh, the neck strap practically cuts my neck.
Eighth, I find the vertical and horizontal guide levels a little too obtrusive, but I may just be getting a little nitpicky by now :)

All-in-all, I am happy with the IQ and the handling of the camera for the things I need to adjust quickly. That and a few good pieces of glass should make for fun and quality shots. I’m sure I’ll have and shoot with it for years to come.
But, I can’t help but feel that Olympus is thinking about their pockets first, human beings last. The camera should be priced at $1,200. For some lenses, you have to buy a $50-$60 lens hood. That’s a flat-out rip-off. There should be a real user manual and a real instructional dvd in the box as well as an Olympus website-based real-life shooting video tutorial. Stupid stuff like the extension cord, the neck strap and flash covers are annoying. So much thought put into some things, so little into other things. In the end, I’m betting that the IQ, handling and lenses will make it a great and fun shooting experience.

October 27, 2014


Camera beautifully made with very sharp and natural images

I am very impressed with the design and functions on this camera. I think mirrorless cameras will lead the way for future generations of DSLR cameras. Light body and fast autofocus. Thanks Olympus, way to go!

September 29, 2014

Juan Calavera

Lovely To Shoot With, Tricky To Hold

I've been shooting almost exclusively with my E-M1 and the M.Zuiko 12-40mm PRO lens for over six months now. I'm convinced it's the perfect travel and industrial field camera for pros and enthusiasts, with the following caveats:

1.) At least three fully charged batteries should be carried with the camera whenever out shooting in the field, particularly for all-day events and schedules. One in the body and two extra. Once the level indicator drops below three bars, the power drains pretty quickly.
2.) While the myriad function buttons, lever and dials are an ergonomic fantasy land of control IN THEORY, the camera is just small enough, especially when not using the optional battery grip, where unintentional pushing of pre-set controls WILL happen in a run-and-gun situation. I recently spoke to a famous E-M1 endorser who confided in me that he actually has all his extra function buttons set to OFF. In addition, an Olympus rep reluctantly confessed that the back 1-2 position lever is so sophisticated as to be slightly volatile, explaining why my E-M1 has "locked up" a few times during strenuous, fast shooting periods.

That being said, none of this is enough to detract from a five star rating. This camera (and the image quality of remarkably high-end M.Zuiko lenses) has brought my shots up to a level I never thought I's reach at this price point. This camera body really seems to have been designed and built as relatively "future-proof," as well as immediately usable at any skill level.
Just be careful how you hold it if you're going to set all those fancy function buttons.

September 21, 2014


Impressive and Challenging Photographic Instrument

Seldom do I go out and purchase the latest and greatest of anything. I came from the OM-D film world and had several of the E-Series cameras in the digital world and enjoyed them all. Two months after this camera came out, I bought one. By comparison, I did not purchase the E-5 until it had been out for two years. An early adopter, well this is new territory.

I own seventeen of the lenses designed for the four thirds system, and I have been most impressed with how they delve together with the E-M1 and produce quality and beautiful images, so long as the owner is paying attention and knows what he is doing. It is clear I am the weak link in the equation. I have yet to master nearly all the settings this instrument is capable of, and now I have the version 2 firmware to tackle. Those are my limitations and challenges, and that is what makes this camera a joy to use...it produces in spite of what I bring to the table.

Read the manual, read it again and again, seek out advice and assistance, and most of all experiment. The instrument delivers, and in the right hands it delivers spectacular images. If at first you do not succeed, don't complain, but get out and practice. Your new teacher, the E-M1, is well up to the task. Enjoy it.

August 01, 2014


Manual needs help

This is a very complicated camera to operate, and the manual is next to useless. We need more outside manuals for users as it is obvious that the camera companies don't care about anything than sales. I have Friedman's The Complete Guide to Olympus' OM-D E-M1, but its organization leaves a lot to be desired.

July 29, 2014



I have had many Olympus cameras through the years.This is a very complicated camera and not very intuitive. Took me forever to even figure out how to adjust the flash for a flash fill in. I was hoping for a good fast focus with good results. Many of the pictures have way too soft focus with blur when you don't want it. I was trying to shoot some photos last week of a dinner and gave up with the blur and lighting and just grabbed my Oly Tough G2 and that point and shoot was better. I went to the Olympus site for learning and saw they sold a video, but it had universal bad reviews as being worthless information with someone only reading parts of the instruction manual. For a product of this price and supposed quality, there should be an informative video included in the product itself. I bought this camera as an upgrade from my Oly Tough G2 for use underwater and land use. I am now holding off buying the underwater housing because I don't think it will work like I had hoped. I am disappointed.

July 21, 2014


Portable, Powerful, Flexible

I have owned a number of Olympus compact cameras and have been impressed with their durability, quality and the quality of the photos they were able to produce. I was hoping that moving to this model would provide me with more professional features I could grow into while maintaining the Olympus functional style. This purchase has worked out very well for me, so far.

Features are generally where I would have looked for them on previous models. There's no shortage of professional features, in addition to what I've been used to with compact systems. Olympus also makes one of the most flexible systems available in any format, considering there are direct access buttons for just about everything you would need quick access to, and most are user customizable!

The 'Live View' LCD is crisp and clear. I am able to see it clearly even in bright sunlight. The electronic viewfinder is excellent. Not having worked with an EVF, except with video cameras, and not having worked with SLR viewfinders since using film model SLR's years ago, I was unsure how much I would use the EVF versus the LCD. I am happy with both, and surprisingly very comfortable with the EVF, now that I have gotten used to where the controls are by touch.

I plan on using the camera mostly for photos, not for video shooting. I can definitely say that I am very happy with the camera for my purposes and look forward to many years of enjoying this camera!

July 19, 2014


Great size but not comparable to SLRs

This is a real good landscape camera, but the the telephoto lenses that I have tried are real soft, unless there is bright sunlight. I have the 14-150mm and the 75-300mm, if it is cloudy forget it, very soft. Olympus needs a 300mm f4.0 for a good price. Very limited on the prime lens choices, unless you have thousands to spend. I also have a 25mm f1.8, this is a good walking around lens. Image stabilizer works good, but you have to set the focal length for it to be effective. I have not tried any of the creative setting yet, still trying to get sharp results. Only about 1/2 of the shots that I have taken are keepers, either too soft or out of focus. I think it is easier to shoot with the full size SLRs.

July 06, 2014



I am loving this wonder. Learning as I go, as I'm not too keen on manuals. Olympus has been in my pocket or backpack for quite a few years, and never disappoints.. the E-M1 rocks it.

July 06, 2014

LA Sutton

Amazing Camera

Purchased the OM-D E-M1 about one month ago and have to say it is just a fantastic camera! Finally, the "big boy" and lenses can go to a new home and make somebody else very happy. OM-D E-M1 is a very intuitive camera to use. It is simply amazing how many features that are packed into that little camera. The OM-D EM-1 paired with the PRO Series glass is win-win scenario.

The cons:
#1. The batteries are very short-lived they need to be better;
#2. There needs to be a dedicated wireless remote control device. The Olympus Image Share app is nice but it doesn't replace a wireless remote control device;
#3. Olympus please include pouches/cases as well as hoods for your lenses in the box, it is silly to have to piecemeal this stuff after you purchase lens, it isn't like those lenses are given away!

Despite these things it deserves a full 5 stars!
Wish list stuff: PRO Series telephoto super zoom.

July 03, 2014


Astonishing flexibility

I was a Nikon shooter, going back to the justly proclaimed F and ending with the D610. The weight, price and size of lenses and bodies was getting to me. After reading reviews of the E-M1 and the m4/3 lenses for it, I went to B&H to try one out; I was hooked! Small, by DSLR standards, light, solid and incredibly flexible. The mysteries of the menu system become clear after 2-3 hours with camera/lens in hand and reading the manual. Customizable beyond belief and intelligently laid out. Once you get past more depth of field than you are used to and lower battery life (buy at least one spare!), this machine takes great pictures. The in camera shake reduction is exceptional and the lenses, even the less expensive ones, are superb.

Get the M.Zuiko 12-40mm PRO and Zuiko ED 35-100mm ranges; the M.Zuiko 9-18mm is an excellent Wide Angle and close to as good as the Zuiko ED 7-14mm offerings and a lot smaller, lighter and cheaper and takes filters!

July 01, 2014


Downsized and Happy

I have been traveling a lot lately with a wonderful but heavy DSLR--the Pentax K3. After hauling two bodies, four lenses, and a flash across two countries and on several flights, I decided to switch to a mirrorless system. I was very worried, of course, that I would lose image quality, especially if I moved to a 4/3 system. But I chose the Olympus E-M1 ultimately because of good reviews and an extensive array of very light lenses. So far I've bought the M.Zuiko 14-150mm (28-300mm equivalent), which is unbelievably small, light, and sharp. I've also bought the M.Zuiko 45mm f1.8 portrait lens (90mm equivalent), which I think has no weight at all. Amazing lens.

I am very happy with the choice. The image quality is terrific, although I lose a little bit when I try to get a really sharp image after cropping 80% or more. Other than that, I'm getting terrific image quality.

The camera is a bit complicated to use. ( I still have lots to learn). An intelligible manual would be a big help. Too much to hope for, right? But I've been able to figure out enough to get the photos I've wanted on my most recent trip. I found a tutorial that looks helpful just before my trip. I'll see.

So--this camera and the lenses I chose have done just what I wanted. Lightened my load without any significant loss of image quality.

May 27, 2014


Simply amazing

This is truly an amazing camera. The photos are terrific...in good light they are as good as you would get with a full frame camera. The incredible number of things you can do with this camera is almost overwhelming. Another great thing: I can use my legacy lenses (with an adapter) that I purchased more than 30 years ago. And also great is, IS works with them because the IS is in the body, not in the lens. Finally, it's a beautiful camera.

May 16, 2014


Functioning as good as claim, IBIS better than expected.

Own it for 6 days, still learning. So far working good with 50-22 swd and 12-60, 45mm 1.8, 20mm. Fast focus, accurate. IBIS is magic, my old Signa 180mm 3.5 marco turn out handheldable; I can get sharp pics at 200mm +2x at 1/25sec handheld. 0 sec anti-shock is good too. Really good camera, fun to use, super good pic quality, also appreciate Olympus lens.

May 07, 2014


Fantastic product

My limited understanding of using the a point and shoot for most of life is that a camera (as a tool) has two components: the lens and the camera itself. I have to let you know that several images that I am clicking with this are using a prime lens (75 mm/1.8f). Needless to say that the results have far exceeded my expectations.

Key winners
The best AF focusing (speed and accuracy) I have ever experienced
Much lighter than an equivalent DSLR
Weather proof design (both body and lens)
Several shooting modes where the camera adjusts itself (shutter, aperture, ISO, etc.)
Seamless backup to iPhone

Some grips
Substantial bulk in a small body
too many features (I think I should have purchased the E-M5 for the lower price tag)
poorly written product manual (I had to call them in order to attach the flash)

Overall, I would happily recommend this product to anyone, with a clear warning (about the high price tag the kit could run up); each of the pro M.Zuiko lenses are between $700 to $1,100 apiece.

April 16, 2014


Freakin Awesome and then some!

This camera is a perfect compliment to my older E-30, E-410, and E-500's and all my 4/3 lenses that I have purchased over the years.
Seamless transition to micro 4/3 with the adapter. Saving my pennies for the micro 4/3 12-40mm and the micro 4/3 75-300mm lenses.
This camera took beautiful pictures of the blood moon (well except for the cloudy conditions in my area) during the eclipse with a vintage manual Tamron 60-300mm lens.
Beautiful camera, beautiful shots!

March 28, 2014


Nice!! Good photographic tool

This is the third of the OM series cameras that I own. The models keep getting better & better. The weight of this model is very good compared to the E-5 that I am used to lugging. The lens selection is very good. Function of the camera takes a little getting used to. There are so many capabilities that are available. I like the ability to switch on the run. WIFI is yet to be explored.

March 27, 2014


Not tough as I thought

I purchased the E-M1 as an upgrade to my E-M5, true the specs are great, I am amazed so much could be built into this little camera. With the 12-40mm lens the pictures are just as good if not better than cameras selling twice as much. My major disappointment began when after just a few months the carcass (the rubber trimmings) started peeling off! This does not speak very well to the ruggedness olympus is touting about! I am heart broken, took my camera back to my dealer. You will get my camera soon. I also your extended warranty thinking its a lifetime investment. Call me a not ver happy customer. FYI I also own the E-P5.

March 27, 2014


Size Matters

I just changed brands from one complete system to the OMD M1. I was getting ready for a trip and realized the size and weight of my camera gear was unacceptable. After careful thought and talking to several M1 owners I traded and purchased the new system. I do love it. The ergonomics fit and the quality is first rate. There is a learning curve from the other brands, but the features are outstanding and it doesn't take long to master the controls. I'm taking the camera and lenses on my first trip next month, so that will be the test of total satisfaction.

March 24, 2014


Very impressive photographic tool

The Olympus OMD EM-1 is a most impressive photographic tool. This was the first new camera I had purchased in many years, and so far, I am delighted. After agonizing over whether or not to go with a full-frame DSLR, I finally decided to try the more compact Olympus micro 4:3 system based on features and on-line reviews.

This camera is a very sophisticated and well-built instrument. It functions extremely well as a high-end point and shoot camera, but it also has every imaginable adjustment, setting, and photo option that one could want. I have been working my way through the 160 page manual (which is included on the DVD along with other software) and have realized that it will take some time to be completely comfortable with all the possibilities for fine-tuning images. All the buttons and wheels are well laid out and easy to reach, however, and the camera is well-balanced and comfortable to hold even with larger hands. I was especially pleased with the customization options in which one can assign varying functions to different buttons as needed. The electronic viewfinder is very clear and the menu features are bright and easy to read. The adjustable touch-screen provides another option for manipulation of all parameters as well as quick focusing on selected areas of the picture. Image stabilization is simply amazing, and I am getting crystal clear shots even with relatively slow shutter speeds. Focus is lightening fast with the 12-40mm pro zoom lens which I purchased along with the camera. Image quality seems excellent even at higher ISO speeds, especially considering the camera’s smaller-sized sensor, and low light sensitivity is surprisingly good as well. I do wish the EM-1 had a built-in flash, although the images I have taken in relatively low light are so good that I haven’t used the optional removable flash, even once.

Battery life is so-so, so I purchased an extra one with the camera and am very glad I did. The camera’s battery indicator doesn’t give a very long warning between a full charge and a depleted battery, so having an extra battery is a must, in my opinion. I am looking forward to purchasing a couple of fixed focal length lenses soon, although the 12-40mm pro lens is excellent for most shooting applications throughout its useful zoom range, and is light-years beyond the typical “kit” zoom lens. As an avid amateur photographer, the purchase of this camera made a bit of a dent in the budget, but the kind of quality it exhibits does not come cheap, and I look forward to using it for many years to come.

February 26, 2014


Impressive Camera--and a Recommended Improvement

The E-M1 is an impressive camera...lots of features in a compact package. Don't be confused by "all the dials." It has no more dials than a comparable Nikon or Canon. They are just located differently. The menus have a learning curve, but they are no more complex with the named larger cameras, and they become intuitive with time. It focuses quickly and has a secure, comfortable feel. The viewfinder and monitor both are bright and sharp, even in bright sunlight. I have not had to test the dust and splash resistance, but my friends who have the E-M1 give that feature high marks. In short, Olympus has a winner, and I hope to use this camera for years to come...

I have one recommended improvement: Olympus needs to improve the design of the hot shoe cover and the accessory port cover. These parts are small. If a photographer, wanting to use the E-M1's flash, dropped either of these parts in the field, they would be almost impossible to find. Moreover, the accessory port cover is flimsy and might break or crack if a person put it in a pocket with other items. The small hot shoe cover and small, flimsy accessory port cover are distractions (not worth the penalty of a star in the ratings) from an otherwise superb camera and system.

February 20, 2014


thank you olympus

entered the electronic viewfinder world from a full frame camera.
i don't have it long enough to give an in depth review.

16 mp will give a moderate poster size print but, in my opinion, not over a 16" poster. that is the only negative i have to say. unless i'm doing something wrong.

i can't get over the operation of this camera, it is amazing. the ease of shooting, not having to move your eye from the viewfinder, the button placement, and so many other features makes shooting 'fun' again.

not having to carry heavy lenses is a big plus, one can get buy with just 2 lenses, zuiko 12-40 pro and 40-150 pro, (which has not been released yet) so i purchased a regular 40-150, on sale, and i am not sorry. lenses are fantastic.

yes the camera is pricey and so are the lenses but you only pass through one time, might as well go for it. the quality is there.

it is fast and a real pleasure to use.

i also purchased the 15mm 1.8 lens that doesn't talk to the camera. simply move the lever to wherever, take the shot and you will be surprised.

the learning curve is interesting, buy the dvd.

so, in my opinion, this camera is great, fun and easy to use however i need to give olympus a shot;
a camera system bag for $315.99----really????

February 15, 2014


Olympus is up on the game

I previously owned the EM-5 and loved it but sold it because it was still lacking a couple things that i knew would get better with time. One being the EVF, i love the evf for letting you actually preview how your shot will actually look with WB, Monotone, Saturation, Contrast and all but it was only good for daylight use. I found that for doing night shots like star trails or anything at night was a no go for the em-5 because you just couldn't see anything just a bright square blinding your night vision. The EM-1 to my surprise is miles ahead in that area as i found i can shoot in really dim conditions and still see through the EVF Sweet!! I will tell you from my experience being a big DSLR shooter using all kinds of camera's Canon 5d mark3, Nikon d800 and many others that Olympus is really doing some amazing things with the OMD Line. I found it hard to believe that the files coming out of this little camera can handle processing and have an incredible dynamic range right up there with the D800, believe it or not, rent one and see for yourself. I love the small footprint of this little camera along with the great build and all the programmable buttons that let me set this little gem up to my personal machine. My big dslr's get so heavy out hiking carrying glass and tripod that i longed for a small interchangeable lens camera that would be light , tough and not skimp on image quality. Believe me if the image quality wasn't there i would not carry this little camera but would still be lugging around my big guns and deal with the shoulder ache. There are only a couple of things i would love to see in the next OMD but for now i will take this as it is.
Keep up the great work Olympus!

February 14, 2014


Look no further for a new camera.

I'm not going to bore you with all of the great aspects of this camera. You can read about them. What I will tell you is that I am just an amateur photographer who loves taking pictures. However, my last camera was 7 years ago - one of the first Canon Rebels. I wanted to get a new camera as I knew that technology has changed in 7 years. Every bit of research I did always came up with the OM-D being at the top of the list. So, I bought it with the 17mm 1.8, 45 mm and 60mm. lenses. I am absolutely amazed as to the shots I achieve with this camera. The camera has me looking at what I am shooting much differently. You will not be disappointed.

February 10, 2014


A Most Natural Way to Take Pictures

Highly customizable, but completely intuitive, my new E-M1 is the most natural way to take pictures I have ever known. It knows what I want and gives to to me every time. I recommend this camera to everyone, regardless of your experience. The E-M1 knows what you know and adapts!

February 10, 2014


Every Oly users deserves this one

I've only had mine for 3 days and I can hardly tear myself from the manual and trying all the new things offered. For example, every button, it seems, can be re-programed. I've finally settled on using the FN1 for obtaining the 2X digital zoom, and the FN2 for setting the ISO. The other buttons I've left as is. The Info button can bring up full info of the settings and you can make other changes from there - in that respect a carry over from the E- series, except with the M1 it can be there all the time and disappears when you bring your eye to the finder. The size of the camera is perfect - just a bit smaller than my E-620. Great camera.

February 07, 2014


Fantastic New Features!!!

Love the new EVF, sharp and great colours.The grip is a great addition.Camera feels like a "Pro" model , a little heft to it.
Wi-fi is also a great addition.All in all love it more than my EM-5, which
i was also crazy about!!

January 22, 2014


OM-D should be OMG!

I love this gem of a camera! Wow! It is so lightening fast and so well made, it is a true pleasure to use. I don't want to put it down. I am very impressed with the photos. I also own a Canon EOS Rebel SL1, which I also enjoy using, but this is my favorite and since I can't put it down, my husband will be using the Canon from now on. ;-) I definitely recommend this camera. Try one for yourself; you'll see what I mean.

January 18, 2014


Everything I wanted & Needed

For a few years I was feeling burdened by my Pentax K-5. It did nearly everything I wanted. But… It was big. It was heavy. You know what I mean. I had been watching the rise in CSCs and M4/3 caught my eye because of the great selection of lenses. So I planned my transition. I bought a used EPL-1 with two kit lens. Played a round. It was fun inspire of the technical limitations.

So I planned it out. I sold my Pentax gear after investing in an EPL-5. The upgrade was a good camera, The EM-6 had been out quite awhile & I decided to be patient & get Olympus' upgrade. When the EM-1 came out the sticker shock was real. I bided my time & read all the reviews and waited until the back orders were mainly cleared.

When the time was right I bought it. It is everything all reviews say. Tear them. even the criticisms are true. For me it is the perfect camera. I'm not a pro so all that doesn't matter to me. The moment I held it it fit well in my average size hands. The ability to customize the controls is awesome and intimidating. The Olympus image quality is great. I already knew form the EPL-5 how to work the supper controls so I was off & running.

I know I will be keeping this camera for a long long time.

January 13, 2014


Amazing piece of technology!

I know it will be some time before I uncover all the hidden gems in this camera, but I have been sold on Olympus since film days, and have had several Olympus digitals (C-2500L, E-20N, SP-565UZ, and two E-620s) before picking up the OM-D E-M1. I must admit that I NEVER thought I would be able to accept an Electronic ViewFinder in my primary camera, but the E-M1 demonstrates that the EVF's time has finally come. I also typically ignored Scene Modes, but was intrigued by the "Hand-Held Starlight" mode, which takes a quick sequence of shots and stacks them into one, as is typically done in astrophotography. I tried it out it recently while walking through the "Magic Christmas In Lights" nighttime display at Bellingrath Gardens in Mobile, AL. The results were spectacular! Yes, it was an expensive purchase, but I'm glad I took the plunge! [I would also add that while it's nice to be able to use my old Four-Thirds lenses, the Micro Four-Thirds lenses are so much lighter and more compact that I'll seldom travel with the old lenses!]

January 01, 2014


Super Upgrade from E-520

After a lot of research, I decided that my first DSLR would be an Olympus 4/3. Although not stellar at the time (2009), I decided to go with the entry level E-520 and invest in glass (12-60 SWD, 50-200 SWD). Since then I added extension tubes and flashes. I was becoming more and more frustrated by the E-520 capabilities and kept waiting for a significant upgrade. When it became clear that there would be no replacement for the E-5, I was getting close to jumping ship from Olympus. Thankfully, the EM-1 came out which allowed me to use the glass I had already invested in while getting a first rate professional body. This camera is amazing and blows my old E-520 away in every way. It works great with my legacy 4/3 lenses and I love the high ISO performance.

December 29, 2013


features are amazing

I upgraded from the Olympus E-3. The only negative thing I had about the EM-1 is the size. there is a large difference going from the Pro version of the E-3 to the EM-1. Using the Verticle Grip helps to balance the difference in the feel.
So far, I have used the camera around the house and have been impressed with the sharp image display. I have been a working pro for over 30 years and have always used Olympus for my personal camera.
The features brought in with the EM-1 I hope will bring back many of those that were hesitant in making the change waiting for the next camera in the E series line.
I was skeptical until I put it in my hands, the options took over and I could see the improvements over my former favorite camera. One of the features that helped sway my choice was the option of being able to use the full line of E series lenses I already have.
The MMF-3 adapter makes it a breeze to both maintain the splash proof seals and the investment I have in my glass. My general all around lens (the 12mm to 60mm ) feels good on the camera.

December 29, 2013


Pro Level Camera In a Small Package!

I am very impressed with this camera. With the addition of the PRO 12-40mm lens I have a setup that is second to none! I know the common argument is the price, but with the latest upgrades to the e-m1 this camera is priced in a range that compares to other cameras at the same price. Olympus is really on to something here! The new sensor is nearly perfect at high ISO's and the detail is a bit better than the e-m5! Good buy!

December 27, 2013


Gorgeous camera

I don’t need to mention about this camera too much. There are lots of positive reviews from experts on line. Having been used E-PL 5 with Pan 20 mm, Oly 45 mm for last one year, I had been convinced I have to buy this one and ordered it with 12-40 mm, 75 mm. Now only one week’s try with 75 mm (still waiting for 12-40 mm) is not enough time to judge, but I am totally exhilarated with both of them. Only minor problem with me is my Light Room 4 can’t support E-M 1 Raw file, so I am going to upgrade to LR 5..3(Using Adobe DNG converter 8.3, I noticed more noise in LR 4 than Oly viewer 3)

December 24, 2013


Great camera

Great full featured camera with a wide selection of lenses. It has all of the features of my Nikon D7000 and several more that I find useful such as HDR in camera: a wide range of bracketing with 3, 5, and 7 shots instead of just 3 shots: remote control from a smartphone; and color creator for a few examples, The image quality is as good as well as the quality at high iso settings. It is very easy to quickly change settings. viewfinder is sharp and Peak Focusing helps when using manual focusing. The number of shots per second is higher with the M1 along with a much higher buffer capacity. The size and weight of the camera make it very easy to carry and shoot. I find myself taking the M1 with me almost all of the time now and taking a lot more pictures.

December 24, 2013



I hardily concur with the reviews praising this beautiful, powerful, and efficient (size wise) camera. There is little left to say that hasn't already been said, so I will dig down deep and find some faults and offer a few suggestions to Olympus...
1) The lens cap ought to come with a tether. I ordered one from eBay for $3 - problem solved.
2) The little plastic cover for the hot shoe is just begging to be accidentally knocked off and lost. Mine disappeared after one day, despite my being aware that the slightest brushing against my clothing could remove it. Now the hot shoe contacts are exposed. Should I be concerned?

Wish list: 60 fps video

So that is it. It has been a long time since I was as impressed with a product as I am with this camera. Oh, the 12-40 PRO lens is very sharp and has beautiful creamy bokeh.

December 21, 2013


Great Camera

I have been buying the top of the line Olympus camera starting with the E10 through the E5, and I have always been pleased with the Olympus design.

I love the features of the E-M1, but am disappointed that I can't tether this camera to my Windows computer. I shoot in my studio and have been tethering my cameras for many years. For me, this is a very important feature that is missing from this camera.

December 18, 2013


Awesome camera

This is my first digital camera after working with film. It is beyond belief a fantastic camera. Wonderful to handle, built like a tank and extremely flexible. Expect a bit of a learning curve, even if you are fully experienced in photography. After a few weeks it all becomes second nature. To my eye, the image quality is better than 35mm film IMO. For what I do, I do not see any benefits in going full frame as the quality is fine by me.

December 17, 2013


Great Camera!!

I have been using SLR and DSLR for quit some time but still a novice. I value equipment for performance and auesthetics (personal taste). I am not particularly wedded to any brand. I use to own the OM1 back in the 70s? followed with a Canon EOS 650 (film). I currently have Canon T1i, Nikon 1 J1, Canon 6D, EOS M and various compacts that have since died. I have to admit I love the features of my 6D specially the low light capabilities. I have several lenses for the 6D already but not too heavily invested. I am starting to get more involved with photography as a hobby. I've been surfing the internet and happened to read several reviews of the E5 then saw reveiws of the improved E1. I finally decided to take the plunge and try it out. One of the main reasons for taking the step towards the E1 was the size and weight of the 6D. Lugging the 6D with 24-105mm or 70-300mm was a real chore. I've had the E1 for several weeks and had to re-adjust to it's controls and menu system. It not a simple task plus there is very little help from existing literature to describe what all the different features do. But I am getting the hang of it and I believe it is much simpler to use than the 6D once one becomes accustomed. There was a beatiful sunrise last week and I ran into the house and grabbed the E1 to see what king of photo I can get. I didn't get a chance to review the photo until I got home from work and uploaded to my computer. Boy was I impressed! Unfortunately I can't seem to post photos. But the pictures I got is one of the best sunrise photo I've taken (my opinon). I used the E1 with the 45mm f1.8. What amazes me was the ease I was able to capture this photo. I played with the settings and was able to take many different photos using the different picture styles etc. The picture is jpeg and unedit straight from the memory card. The photo had black figures in the upper right quadrant which turns out to be crows flying high in the sky!!! The camera and lense is amazing! I could not believe the camera was able to capture (resolve??) the crows way up in the sky. I really didn't notice they were there when I took the picture. I probably could have done the same with the 6D but I don't think I am giving up anything with the E1. Plus it was very easy to change the setting on the E1 with the Live SCP menu and custom Fn buttons. The next big test for me is to use the E1 with sports. I have kids active in high scholl sports and would like to see how the E1 performs with tracking players with continuous focus. I will still keep the 6D for certain situations but my go to camera will be the E1. That's it for now!

December 13, 2013


A Game-changer

The latest in a 35 year progression of cameras that I have owned that ranged from medium format film to professional-grade APS-sized digital. The EM-1 is my first Oly and has reignited my passion for photography. So light and compact but feature-heavy, this camera delivers consistent results. It's difficult to even produce a bad photo with it! In the days of film it was the emulsion you chose that gave you the results that you sought, With digital, it's all in the algorithms that camera manufacturers use to deliver the results--the "secret sauce" that makes one particular camera produce more pleasing images than others do. The EM-1 is that cameras. It is a very powerful and well made little gem that delivers in any situation.

December 10, 2013


Good Job Olympus

Im very impressed with this EM-1. Its a vast improvement over my E-30. I was always trying to keep my photos at ISO 800 and under. And now so far I have used ISO 2500 and am quite happy with the results. And the use of my 4/3 lenses works faster on focusing then my E-30 ever did. Very good job keeping 4/3 users happy!

Less then 24 hours with this camera I was doing action photography at one of my wife's marathon runs. And with the new view finder I was easily able to keep track of the subjects in multiple shots as the runners past by.

My only compliant with the camera is the horrible flash it came with. It casts a horrible shadow on the floor when using my 4/3 lenses. It would have been nice if they made it bounce capable. But the upside is my FL36 flash works great with it. But a compact flash with bounce sure would have been from Olympus with the bit of a high price tag.

December 10, 2013


Wise decision!

My transition from Nikon D5000 DSLR to this really light and feature
filled camera has been one of the main highlights of year 2013 that will ending soon
I am really excited by the little hands- on experience I have had with it so far!

Navigation through various menus is a breeze although the reviews
I had read before I bought the camera had me worried. As a person who has used a DSLR before, I did not find it intimidating at all.

I love the compactness of the camera and I am also amazed at the beautiful images I got using the 12-40mm M.Zuiko PRO lens.
My decision not to move on to a full frame camera has proved to be a wise one!

Thank you Olympus!


December 09, 2013


Fine Camera

I bought this camera based on magazine and online reviews. I wanted to move from my full frame Canon to a four thirds format. I was doing this to save space and weight. Most of my photos are taken while hiking in National and State Parks. My pack was approaching 25 lbs.

This camera and it's lens are saving me a lot of pounds and space.
So far I only have the 40 -150 mm zoom. The combination did a great job on the first outing at the Akron Zoo. I was very pleased with the results.

I am looking forward to trying other lenses and have the 12- 40 mm 2.8 and the 57 -300 zooms on order. I expect those lenses will perform even better.

My only complaint is with the lack of detailed instructions for the camera. I feel the manual does not go into near enough detail.
In particular, the exposure and focus systems need a lot more detail about how each of the choices operate and what results to expect form them. Those responsible should read the manual form the Canon 5D MKii for some insight on how a camera manual should be written.

December 06, 2013


It is a great camera

I recently received my E-M1 and have been customizing it. Several of the videos on "you tube" are really helpful. I have had an E 510 and E 620 for several years and have 4 lenses in the 4/3rd line. They work very well with the adaptor. The instruction manual needs work, in my opinion. If I was not familiar with other Olympus cameras, I think that I would really be frustrated. The wifi connection is something that sounds simple in the manual but is not that straight forward in real useage. My pictures are great and I am sure that with more time, it will be customized just right for me, in spite of the manual.

December 05, 2013


I knew this camera would be the best one for me! Love at first sight!

I owned the very good predecessor to this camera, the OM-D E-M5. The image files are great and the customizability and lens options available are perhaps the best I've ever had the experience of working with... all in a stylish retro-inspired design. When I first heard and saw pics of the new E-M1 flagship camera that basically takes everything that made the E-M5 so great, but took it up more than just a few notches, it was instant ecstasy running down the improved specs and the increased potential with the E-M1.

There are plenty of camera reviews about the features and technical marvels of this camera, so I'll let you research and read and see all that's already out there already. What I want to talk about is why I love this camera and why I think it was the best new camera for me personally. There are way too many to name in this little review, but I'll try and point out the top ones, imho.

- Improved image quality over the E-M5 with Truepic7 image processor which has improved lens correction software that optimizes final images for each individual MFT lens used.
- Dual fast autofocus system with integrated phase detect AF.. this has greatly improved the speed, accuracy and focus locking abilities for taking fast moving action shots. It's not the best ever, but for MFT systems, it's about the best that's out to date
- Improved design and ergonomics. You have better placed buttons that are spread out and not so crammed together like on the E-M5. Ever dial and button feels like they are in the right location and easily accessible. Sure, overall the E-M1 is slightly larger than the E-M5, but it's still reasonably small and compact and adds just enough body to get the right hold and placement of controls without being too big. Perfectly sized!
- Even more customizability, so much I sometimes run out of ideas on what to apply the extra buttons I can customize towards.. still, it's better than not having enough and makes adjusting camera settings as fast as intuitive as it's ever been
- Solid build.. have you seen how much metal the whole body of this camera is composed of? You will know and appreciate the solid feeling in the build as soon as you hold and pick it up.
- Oh! The new EVF! It makes viewing and framing the shots so nice and pleasurable... It's just so detailed, also, manual focusing has never been easier with an EVF.
- Speaking of manual focusing, the focus peaking feature further aids ones pinpoint focusing with confidence.

The overall experience of this camera is a joy to use and it just feels so much more faster & intuitive to use over the E-M5.. not to say that the E-M5 is bad and I would gladly have kept it as a back up camera if I didn't need to sell it to fund the E-M1 and new lenses.

Coupled with some of Olympus's excellent primes (17mm F1.8 & 75mm F1.8, for example) and the new pro 12-40mm lens... I prefer the ones that are made of all metal, this camera is a solid performer and feels like a tank or precision machined instrument like a gun in hand(s).

BTW, I was debating this over the Sony A7(&A7R) and the Nikon DF, but ultimately chose the E-M1 for the solid build and full featured packed camera with large excellent lens options for the best price possible that lead me to stick with Olympus and purchase the E-M1 for myself. I can say I am very very satisfied with my decision.

December 03, 2013


Flat. Out. Amazing.

A year ago I decided to get more serious about taking photos. I've always loved photography and I took classes in college, I used to do bottle shots in the Napa wine industry, and I love portraiture. There was one problem: I hate lugging around a DSLR and lenses, I hate how much DSLR lenses cost, and I always end up shooting everything fun in my life with my iPhone unless go leave the house thinking "today is a day dedicated to shooting photos." I hate using a flash and taking terrible flat photos with a DSLR, I hate having to use a flash because the only lens I could afford had an unacceptably high f-stop floor (anything above f/2.0 is unacceptable to me).

This lead to my Canon Rebel XT sitting in the closet for months at a time. After hearing of the advancements and affordability in the Micro 4/3 standard of camera and lenses, I decided to take the plunge. I decided to invest in a new, smaller camera so that I could have with me without it being an event in itself, one that people would not be intimidated by when I point it at their faces, one that has an affordable but killer range of lenses available. I did not want to skimp on quality.

That camera was the Olympus E-PL5. It's been a great year with the E-PL5, and I've taken the best pictures of my life with it for a fraction of the cost of a DSLR, without sacrificing any tangible quality (to my eyes). In fact, I would say the quality is actually better and more fully realized since I could now afford a wealth of lenses with much greater ease and no guilt! I now have a full range of amazing lenses to use with it from 24mm - 150mm (in micro 4/3 parlance that would be 12mm-75mm, you simply divide by 2).

Also notable is that I do not buy any lens with an f-stop floor over f2.0 - this keeps me able to shoot excellent photos in natural light even indoors with no flash required at ISO 800-1600. I never go higher than that because I hate noise in my photos. And this also means that since I require lenses at f/2.0 or below, that I will only shoot prime lenses - no zooms. It must be the physics of zoom lenses but you cannot find one under f/2.8. This means I zoom with my feet, not with the barrel of the lens. It's an adjustment but ultimately worth it for the types of things I like to shoot.

I just the sold the E-PL5 and am now rocking an Olympus E-M1, which has many similar components within it but is pretty much improved all around. It has excellent improved 5-axis image stabilization which makes my grip on the camera even steadier, enabling me to work with slightly slower shutter speeds at lower ISOs, reducing noise and the necessity of using a flash in low light. It has dedicated hardware knobs for adjusting shutter speed, aperture and ISO - so no more taking my eyes off the viewfinder to dig through software to adjust. It's got a ridiculously rugged magnesium alloy exterior and is weather proof, freeze proof and dust proof. It can connect to iOS devices through a wifi network it spawns itself, no external network needed. It takes 10 photos per second to make sure I get the one you didn't blink in. And best of all, my lenses still work with it.

Can't recommend the micro 4/3 camera world enough. I wrote this because I have never been happier shooting photos in my life, and if I were me transported back before this photographic evolution, I would want to read this review. So I hope if you experience any of the frustrations I mentioned above, that you liked this quick rant.

The E-M1 is the best experience the Micro 4/3 world has to offer. I'm amazed.

December 02, 2013




December 01, 2013


very rugged camera

very rugged camera--the on off switch is in a bad spot for me--I'm always going for the right not the left--still have to get a handle on the auto focus system--tried flying birds in bright light--about 50% rate of focus--they were soaring above and below--I'm still learning the camera so probably results will be better later. shot some 12,5oo ISO pics from a moving boat in the dark--they came out great! not for big prints but look good for the web.
The Art BW gunge look is very fun for Landscapes--the camera makes some great Landscape Black and Whites--Battery life was ok but I would have a second one for backup if shooting heavy--the little rubber covers for the hot shoe are funky--would be easy to drop and lose them-they are small and it takes to of them to cover things up. I really like the front and back dials for shutter speed and Apeture. its very similar to my Nikon's. Would really like to have some pro glass to really see what this camera can do. Hopefully my 12-40mm F2.8 will show up by dec 5th.
really looking forward to the performance match with this camera body. Overall I'm up in the air somewhat, but am sure that I will get more proficent with the controls and auto focus so will be more positive. I've been using a Nikon D4 with pro glass for last year and half so I'm used that level of overall performance.
thank you Olympus for making this camera, it has one super good thing I like--the light tiny waterproof size!!
hope this comes off as a positive overall statement--would recomend the E-M1 to other photographers

November 27, 2013


So far, so fast

How can we come so far so fast? Well, not "we". How can Olympus do it? I received my EM-1 a week ago and the 12-40 today. It is so shockingly, blindingly, unwaveringly perfect. In every respect and in every single detail. The design is as if I had done it myself. The craftsmanship, the utility and the quality of the results are not simply incrementally better. They are not even "game changer" better. It is much more than that. No, these items were designed and built by people and a company with a passion for doing it right. You can tell it is something special when you hold it. I suspect these people actually use what they build in their spare time. I liquidated 15 years of Canon "L" gear and I look back at that stuff and laugh. Sell it while you can. This is the future and these 2 items are maybe that and a little beyond. In this day of i-everything and "form over function" this takes me back to a time when more honorable things mattered. Like pride in what you produce. These items are a pleasure to use and to hold. Congratulations Olympus, and thank you.

Pro is the way to go. Keep those Pro lenses coming. A 40-100 and then a long (200+) fast prime please...

(Read this and weep... My kit: Oly EM-1 and EM-5. Oly 75, 45 12-40 and 60 macro. Oly 100-300 (hmmm). Rokinon 7.5. Pan-Leica 25 and Voightlander 17.5. Three 600R flashes. Yes kids, that is THE kit you want AND I have cash left over from my Canon sell off!)

November 26, 2013


I'm so glad I switched!

I've wanted to upgrade from my Nikon d90 for quite a while but didn't do anything because my options just didn't seem to fit. Nothing "jelled". Then a friend showed me this E-M1 and told me more about mirror less cameras, and I knew that was what I wanted! So I sold all my Nikon stuff and bought my E-M1, and I love it! It really is fun to use and takes gorgeous photos. Because of its size I don't feel conspicuous when taking photos in public places, either. I don't care if strangers think I've got a point and shoot! I know I've got a quality product. My only two problems will be solved with time. I knew all the controls and how to use the d90 so well, and it's going to take me some time to learn to set up and get used to Olympus controls. Also, Aperture doesn't yet have RAW support for the E-M1. But as I said, these drawbacks will be taken care of in time. This isn't a real technical review, just telling you how glad I am that I switched!

November 24, 2013


A very capable camera for a Pro

Coming from Nikon and Fuji gear, this camera combines the best from other brands. Fast focus speeds for action and very very nice JPEGs straight out of camera. I have already used the camera out in the cold rain with no issues. On the back end, the menu options are something else. It will take some time to get through the options provided. However the user is well rewarded for what Olympus has designed. I have been putting the camera and the 12-40mm lens through its paces for the last month and very pleased with what I am seeing. This camera is used professionally.

November 22, 2013


Amazing Camera

Great Photos, probably the best mirror-less camera on the market. Love the new size and weight, coming from the E-3 this is much lighter with the battery holder then the E-3 ever was. I have only one issue, the RAW image format is not supported by Apples Aperture - why would you not make the new image format available to Apple so it would be ready for day 1 launch of the new camera?

Also, un-related to the camera, my purchase experience from Oly was less then good. I ordered the camera in the beginging of October and was told it was a one week back order. Then it was two, then 3, 4 etc. So, I went to a different U.S. based on-line retail and had the camera in two days. I don't understand how you can be so bad at inventory management that your re-sellers have mor einventory then you do? High-end e-goods move Air not Ocean so how can you slip from 1 to 4 weeks? To not have avialbel inventory less then 3 weeks before Black Friday is in-excusable. Who ever manages your supply chain and inventory needs to be re-placed ASAP.

November 19, 2013


One Fine Camera

I have had my OM-D E-M1 for only a few days but am very impressed with the camera. I won't go into all the features as they have been covered by others and you can check them in countless other sites and reviews. I am an experienced photographer who used Nikon equipment up until last year, although I have also owned M43 cameras for 4 or 5 years now - mostly Panasonic G series. I also had an Olympus E-PL2 and more recently, an E-P5, which is in for repair after only 4 months. Hopefully, the E-M1 will be trouble-free.
The camera is really nice in the hand, with a substantial grip. It pays to download the manual and study it carefully as there is a bit of a learning curve due to the many features and buttons on the body. Might as well set up the function buttons to do what you want them to. Makes shooting a better experience. As there are a pile of programmable buttons, it can get confusing as to which does what until you use them regularly. I programmed the iAuto spot on the main dial to give me small JPEGs in sRGB colour space - very handy for occasional photos to send by email. Otherwise I shoot in RAW 90% of the time.
The E-M5 has a great reputation and I can see the E-M1 being a huge hit. There's something different about it compared to the many plasticky cameras out there. Sure it's expensive compared to an entry-level Nikon or Canon, but the high quality and smaller size and weight make it worth it. I should return to this site in 6 months and write a follow-up when I've had plenty of time to really use the camera. So far, so good!

November 16, 2013


Exceptional replacement for the E-5

Olympus did a very good job on the new EM-1 as a replacement for the E-5 and added lots of welcome improvements to make it competitive in cropped sensor market place. I most like the new tracking continuous AF and locking mode dial. I did not like the short battery life, the lack of having diamond pattern focus zone, and I can only assign one MySet to a button. On the E-5 I can assign MyMode's to mode dial and can access using the back wheel. Other than that, Olympus should not stop finding way to increase the Megapixel number as 16MP may be outgunned or no longer good enough in IQ. I also like to see Olympus making fast 75-300 2.8 or 100-400 3.5

November 16, 2013


The Camera I've been waiting for

I've been shooting Olympus since the E-10 and always believed in the promise of the 4/3 system theory. I invested in the 4/3 system Pro zooms from 7mm to 250mm.

I was concerned that my substantial investment in glass was wasted, but the EM-1 works great with my 4/3 glass and takes everything to a higher level.

The feeling of quality feels German or Swiss.

I used my 90 to 250 zoom with the 2X adaptor to shoot frieze work (at 35mm equivalent of 1000mm) from 100 yards away. I could make out the texture of the mortar and see hairline cracks, I blew the panorama up to a 3 foot X 12 foot print. Tack Sharp.

The E-M1 works great with my 4/3 lenses.

Combined with the 12 to 40 mm F2.8, the quality is much better than any other camera I have used. This new lens is as sharp as any of the 4/3 pro lenses and the weight seems like half of the E-5 with the 14-35 F2.0.

I sum the promise that Olympus made with the /3 system has finally been kept.

November 16, 2013


Great camera, Terrible Instructions

Somewhere, buried inside the E-M1 there is a GREAT camera. But first, you have to make your way through ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY TWO PAGES of the instruction manual, and endless menus, which only clutter up the learning process. The whole design of the project reflects an engineer’s rather than a photographer’s world view. The engineer says, “Wouldn’t it be cool if you could do—?” whether there was any reason to believe that the user might actually WANT to do it. Engineers love “features.” Professionals or advanced amateur photographers love simplicity. They want to take the picture, not have the algorithm decide what the picture will look like. This is like Windows 95, where the engineers used up precious space so that you could custom design the cursor.

I have an E-M5 which had exactly the same issue-Olympus apparently didn’t learn. I had a whole series of OM film cameras, whose manuals were typically under 20 pages.

Here’s what I think Olympus should do for the E-M2, the next version.

1. Hire tech writers who had undergrad degrees in English, not engineering. Have a panel of users review the manual for confusion.
2. After the camera has been out for maybe 6 months, and people have had a chance to use it, form a large and varied user panel, and ask users which features they actually use. If at least 80% of the users don’t use the feature on a regular basis–get rid of it on the next version. Cut the number of options on the menu by 75%. If somebody wants “art” features, there are plenty of amateur cameras that will do it, or you can add the feature in post. Having it in the camera just slows down the learning curve.
3. Have some specific goals. The manual should be clear, concise, include every critical feature in good detail, and be no longer than 50 pages. Cut the menus by 60%.

4. Have one button you can push that will essentially set the camera up like an OM-4. Dials for aperture, f-stop, and “film speed”. A simple “Magnify” is good for manual focus.

5. In advertising, push the idea that the E-Mx is for photographers, not snapshooters. This is EXACTLY how Nikon cornered the SLR market in the 70s. While the long forgotten Topcon (which was a much better camera) was emphasizing features in ads, Nikon gave free complete sets of Nikon equipment to famous photographers with the proviso that any published photos had to credit Nikon. Within a few years, Topcon was gone, and Nikon (and later Canon, which played the same game) won the world.

Once I figure it out, I think the E-M1 will be a wonderful camera, but I resent all the time I have to waste getting to its core functions.

November 14, 2013

Derek Dean

The Next Step

Gee, where to start. I've been shooting since I was 6 years old, that would be in 1961. I got my degree in Fine Art Photography/Video/Film from the University of Oklahoma.

From the early 70s until 2003 I shot with a Canon Ftb and 3 prime lenses (28mm, 50mm, 200mm). For the past 10 years I've been shooting digital files with a Canon G3 and then a G10, both wonderful cameras.

I spent the last several years reading reviews and searching threads on various on-line forums to help me decide what direction to take my next camera purchase.

Because I liked the small, easy to carry size of the Canon G series, but also wanted the flexibility offered from an interchangeable lens system, I decided to go with a micro 4/3 system.

I was tempted by the Olympus E-M5 and the Panasonic GH3, but neither were quite right. When I finally got to see some early reviews of the Olympus E-M1 with the new Pro 12-40mm lens, I knew I'd found my camera.

I've only had the E-M1/12-40mm combo for a little over a week (along with the Olympus 60mm macro and Olympus 75-300mm tele), but it already feels like it's a part of me.

With the Canon G series, you're more or less forced to compose your shots using the rear LCD screen, which means holding the camera up and a foot or so away from your face. I adapted, but I sure got a lot of blurry photos.

After 10 years of shooting like that I'd forgotten how nice it is to hold the camera up to your eye and look through a viewfinder, and man, what a viewfinder! I have to keep reminding myself it's not optical, it's that good. I wear glasses, and with the stock eyecup I can see the whole, beautiful image. And it's sharp from corner to corner, with gorgeous color and contrast.

And, it's better than optical in the sense that you can set it up so that when you change your exposure you see the image become darker or lighter in the viewfinder, so what you see is what you get.

And of course you can review the shot without taking your eye from the viewfinder, which means not missing another shot because your looking at the rear screen to check your previous shot. Very neat.

Then there's the 2x2 control system and the ability to customize the controls by assigning your choice of functions to most of the buttons, dials, and levers. If it's more intuitive for you to change the aperture lower by turning the dial left, rather than right, then you can change that. Want one button access to white balance or ISO. You can do that. This camera is HIGHLY customizable.

Personally, I recommend that you download the manual from the Olympus website and check it out for yourself.

All this is important because it lets you set the camera up so that you almost never have to take your eye away from the viewfinder while shooting, meaning you won't miss that magic moment.

Then there's the amazing IBIS (In Body Image Stabilization). This 5 axis stabilization system is so incredible that I was able to shoot some closeup shots of Jellyfish in the water at the end of the Monterey pier, using my 75-300mm lens and the E-M1's electronic 2x digital teleconverter (meaning I was shooting at almost 1200mm equivalent), HANDHELD, and nearly every shot was sharp and blur free. Simply amazing.

The combination of the added stability from having my eye up to the viewfinder and the excellent IBIS has instantly increased the number of "keepers" that I get each time I go out shooting.

By the way, the new built-in grip is great. It fits my hand well, and with the new 12-40mm lens the balance is nearly perfect, like they were made for each other. But hey, it felt good with the 75-300mm too.

Oh, and the focusing is near instantaneous, and snaps right on with rarely any searching. And of course you can configure how you want to focus in many ways, and even go in and fine tune the focusing for each lens if you like. Very neat.

Now, what do the images look like. Well, that will mostly depend on you. This camera won't be the limiting factor. I set my upper ISO limit at 6400, and have no problem with out of the camera .jpgs.

I'm sorry to gush on like this, but honestly, this is a well thought out and executed camera. I paid retail for it, and it was worth every penny.

I chose m43 because I wanted a small system that I could carry all day and not feel tired, but with enough lens combinations to cover most shooting scenarios.

I chose the Olympus E-M1 because it's ergonomic design seems just right, it's got a very durable, weather resistant body, IBIS, killer viewfinder, and a feature set that give me the ability to customize the camera any way I want. Thanks Olympus!

Happy shooting!

November 12, 2013



OK! This camera has exceeded in three weeks all of my expectations. Year's ago I was a loyal Olympus E-20 user then moved over to Canon 5D camera's for the picture quality. After getting an entire system built around that camera the weight of carrying the system around got to be an issue. Left the system at home most of the time. Now I have got two lenses, the remote flash, and the E-M1 everything fits into a small bag that goes everywhere. Picture quality has been excellent and the camera focus has been great. Two issues I was concerned about.

November 09, 2013


I am already in love with the E-M1 and I just got it yesterday

I have owned Olympus cameras starting with the first digital camera up through the E-10, E-1, E-3, E-5 and OM-D E-M5.

Each camera was a wonderful evolution that built on the best of the previous camera. By the time I embraced Micro Fourthirds, I have not looked back to a full size (and Olympus DSLR's were small for DSLR's) camera. As a photojournalist, real estate, and landscape photographer, I have needed a small but highly capable camera and lens system that could meet such a varied set of challenges including photographing outdoors in the middle of winter without worrying about the snow or rain on my gear.

The E-M1 has given me what I was hoping for (primarily a fast focusing system for my four thirds lenses, the 12-60mm and the 50-200mm). Not only has the E-M1 met that challenge surprisingly well, but now Olympus has developed the Pro line, starting with the 12-40mm lens, which I have on order; from what I've read, Olympus has been able to create a compact lens that equals or surpasses my beautiful Zuiko SQ lenses.

I was concerned that in order for Olympus to make an OM-D with a grip and more buttons that I might be giving up the small, fit in my hand, camera I have grown to love. I was so pleased when I opened the box (I bought it without even seeing one ahead of time) to find a small little tank of a camera. I even think it is still beautiful, and I thought my silver and black EM-5 was the prettiest little camera I had seen other than a Leica.

I look forward to exploring the WiFi (already imagining myself staying in my tent nice and warm while I take night photos of winter skies), and some of the other features.

Great Job, Olympus!

November 06, 2013


A Dream Camera Come to Life

I've been using cameras for over 50 years. In the 70's I built up a very nice Canon outfit with 2 bodies and 10 lenses. I drifted away from photography because of the expense of film and processing and enlargements, etc.
I rejoined with my first digital. An Olympus C-740 Ultra Zoom for about $800.00. A remarkable camera.
My upgrade was an E-500 with 2 kit zoom lenses, which cost about the same. After a couple of years I upgraded my basic zoom to a 14-54. I still use that lens but I moved on to an E-620. Now I got more lenses and an E-5. I thought that this is the ultimate camera.
Oops; along comes the E-M1 and trumps all of them.
+ Great pictures + Great feel in your hands + Obvious quality
+ An incredible bundle of features + More ways to control what you are doing with the image than I have learned yet
In spite of spending 2800.00 less rebates of 379.00, I feel that this camera is a great value. I am able to use all of my Zuiko lenses and my old Canon lenses with an adaptor I found on line.

November 02, 2013


An Exceptional Photographic Tool

I've owned many cameras since the 1960's, starting with Pentax SLR's (SV followed by the LX in '84) and then on to large Nikons (film and digital) before making the shift to micro 4/3rds (Panasonic GF1 and GH2) mainly for size and weight reasons. Although I've enjoyed using all of these cameras over the years, none of them since the Pentax LX, have given me the genuine joy of photography until the E-M1. The feel, classical look and responsiveness of the EM-1 is what photography is all about for me. I picked up the vertical grip/battery pack for it as I like having a little extra support in my palm as well as the vertical release of course.

I've tried the camera with my 4/3 rds Leica 14-150 lens/adapter and it focuses very quickly and also tracks moving objects very well with the motor drive on.

Thanks Olympus, for making a camera that has rejuvenated my addiction to photography!!

October 30, 2013


Truly a five-star camera

I've been using my E-M1 for a few days now and can say that it's an excellent upgrade from my E-3. I've been lucky to acquire many of the High Grade 4/3rds lenses so to have such a solid, well laid out, easy to carry, configurable camera with fantastic image quality that focuses those lenses well is just what I needed. It hasn't taken long to appreciate that even though there's a significant difference in size from the E-3, it doesn't matter. I don't even care it's an EVF - it's so good. The ZD 9-18, 11-22, 12-60 and even the 50-200 all handle very well indeed on my new camera. I'm really impressed with what Olympus have created and to offer the MMF-3 for free, which I obviously needed, was the right thing to do. I'm looking forward to many more years using my excellent 4/3rds lenses and being able to add some m4/3rds too!

October 30, 2013


Powerful Tool

The EM-1 is a powerful tool for the photographer who does not want to sacrifice quality but does not want to carry a heavy gear bag. The perfect combination of power, size, and function.
With the EM-1 you see a nice speed boost from the wonderful EM-5. With the added buttons and features there is a learning curve but it's not huge. I love the programable buttons so this camera will work exactly how I want it to.
Check out this powerhouse and be amazed!

October 25, 2013


Incredible Camera

When I first opened the box with the camera in it I thought, "Uh-oh, maybe this was a mistake..." The camera seemed really small (even though it's about the same size as my E-620), but the reviews so far have been great . Then I thought ,
"Maybe I'm just jumping to conclusions"...and I was. After testing the camera for only a couple of days, the pictures have been coming out better than I could have ever imagined!

I bought the lens adapter for the 4/3 lenses and have been surprised by the speed of the auto focus on the E-M1. I've really enjoyed using my 50 mm f2 macro lens and the camera seems to bring new life to all the other lenses as well. If you plan on using 4/3 lenses on the E-M1, I do suggest getting the battery grip; it makes the camera more balanced with the larger lenses.

Even though I know the menu system on the camera really well (thanks to using Olympus cameras in the past), there's still a lot to learn about all the great new features in the E-M1 and that makes it more inspiring and fun to use.

While I've heard that a number of people basically "jumped ship" on Olympus because of the 4/3 system being dropped, I'm happy to have stayed aboard for the entire trip. Thank you Olympus for a camera that takes both 4/3 and micro 4/3 lenses!

Now after I receive the new 12-40 pro lens, I'm going to have to watch my spending. The Zuiko lenses are addicting!

October 16, 2013


An Amazing photographic tool

This is my 1st m4:3 camera. I have a large collection of 4:3 lenses and I waited for this camera because Olympus says it will properly focus the 4:3 lenses. It does a decent job of that.

However I realize that in order to get the full benefit of the camera, I will likely buy a few m4:3 lenses as well.

Most amazing thing is the ergonomics. Amazing how such a small camera is so very comfortable in my hand. Everything seems to be exactly where it should be.

The viewfinder is astonishing! I alway reviled EVFs, but this one is different. Using it, I forget it's not an optical finder. I hate to admit this, but I actually LIKE it!

Image quality is excellent...including ISO ranges up to 3200, with 6,400 being perfectly useable. Something I'm not used to.

It has so many features, it would take too much space to cover all of them. It's a complicated little camera and it will take a while to master it. But it's also easy to use.

This camera IS the future of photography. It is to photography what hybrid technology is to the automobile.

Get one, you'll LOVE it!

October 14, 2013


Best Mirrorless camera hands down!

I come from a long line of using full frame DSLRs. Currently using Nikon D4 and the D800 with every pro lens under the sun for when I want the highest resolve power but I must say, this EM1 (body vs body) gives even the best a run for their money.

Comparatively, the body is so cheap for what you get. What I mean is that for the features packed into the EM-1, I am used to spending 5-7 thousand USD for body and add-on dongles and BS like that to get the same type of features. Not with the EM-1, it is all inside the tiny little body! Just to list a few of the major key features:
5axis stabilization which nobody has, built in wifi where u can use to remotely gain full control and trigger the camera with a smartphone. No low pass filter improving resolve power! Touch screen controls and the EVF is beautiful! Focus is blazing fast. Built like a tank! I could literally go on and on.
One other exciting fact to note is that the m4/3 lineup of lenses is already plentiful to choose from, BUT Olympus is one upping everybody by engineering the new 12-40mm 2.8 lens and from what I hear, a slew of pro level lenses like this are on the way! It shall shortly become a fully complete system leaving you with wanting nothing more!
I would highly recommend this camera to anyone pro or beginner because it is SO bang for your buck even if you don't know it, you'll be glad the features are already in this camera as you grow with it!

October 12, 2013


A great replacement for the E-5

I am a professional shooting mostly in a studio along with location and some sports work. I have owned every professional Olympus camera since the E-10. I was very content with the E-5 but since I shoot over 40,000 images per year I knew I was ready for a replacement soon. I was hesitant to think Olympus was going to replace the E-5 with a mirrorless camera and wasn't sure I was going to stay on with Olympus but I have quite a bit invested in Olympus SHG lenses and frankly just love them. After reading quite a bit regarding the new E-M1 I purchased it and am so far delighted. I really don't mind the smaller size as it actually works quite well with my current lenses. Actually, while I have not made a side by side test, I think the E-M1 focuses faster with the 14-35mm than on my E-5. The image quality is great especially in low light. I would rarely use anything above 800 ISO but I am confident shooting 2500 ISO and perhaps above. The battery grip I feel is necessary for the larger lenses like the 14-35mm although I always shoot my 35-100mm on a tripod so I feel with this lens it is a non issue. I have to say there is so much this camera can do and thankfully the menu and super control panel are laid out in a similar way that it was easy for me to figure it out. I am also thankful that Olympus has provided the camera with a variety of options for buttons and dials. There are more options than I can use! As well, I like the electronic viewfinder. I didn't know how I would like it but with use it has proved itself to be a great asset. I can now judge exposure through the viewfinder. Really, so far, no complaints. I'm just happy I can continue to use my SHG lenses, the best lenses made.

October 12, 2013


Excellent Camera

Really enjoying this camera. Right of the box it felt good. Tried my 14 to 35 f2 with the mm3 adapter and this camera focused faster and nailed the focus point. Image sharpness better than any of my previous olympus cameras. Now I really love this lens.
Camera has to many features to mention, but the most important is the images look great and the camera works flawlessly.
Thanks Olympus

October 08, 2013


Fantastic New Camera

This is a fantastic camera. It produces sharp pictures that are as sharp as any DSLR available. The many features make this a very too ease camera with lots of flexibility, and its weight and ease of use make it a pleasure to use. This is the first Olympus camera I have owned, but it was easy to pick up and use without an instruction manual. I decided to preorder it after taking it on a test drive at Mike's Camera. The Olympus representative handed each one of us a camera and lens and said go try it for 2 hours in downtown Denver. Two Mike's employees went along with us to provide any needed help. This was the first time I had ever shot an Olympus camera, and I had no problems. After checking out the pictures at home for image quality, I preordered the camera. After only 3 days of shooting with the new camera, I am convinced I did the right thing in buying the camera. I would recommend this camera for anyone avid enthusiast or professional photographer and anyone who wants a camera they can grow into.

October 08, 2013

decia d.

wireless remote control

No wireless remote control on the E-M5, and also NO wireless remote control on the new E-M1, you guys forgot that us, photographer do a LOT of selfportrait, and selftimer is no good to do this job :(
Hope the next one could have wireless remote control.

October 08, 2013

Baron Dave

Steep learning curve, but worth it (I hope)

Warning: The OM-D E-M1 is not for the feint of heart. It takes excellent photos when it does what I expect, which isn't all the time. The controls have a steep learning curve, which I haven't climbed yet. I'm going to give it five stars on the assumption that I'll climb that mountain.

• Takes great photos, if you know what you're doing.
• Battery let's you take at least 300 photos per charge, even with some flash.
• Fast shutter delay; very responsive (even if you don't want it to be).
• Can change settings on the fly quickly, if you know what you're doing.
• Six-hour sleep; you don't have to turn the camera off most of the time.
• iPad/Smartphone app works pretty well via WiFi, if you know what you're doing
• Olympus tech support is excellent.
• Lightweight and strong, even with a lens attached, with an easy grip.
• LED screen is very good and shows a greed deal of information.
• Viewfinder is excellent.

• Pricey.
• Steep learning curve. Even on "auto" you have to know a little about the controls.
• Buttons are so sensitive that you can easily change settings or take unwanted photos.
• Included added flash is only okay.
• Lens designed to be bundled with this camera isn't out as of this writing (10/8/13) and will be pricey.

I've had the camera for a week, and have taken several hundred photos (look for me on Facebook), so feel I can comment, from a mid-level user's perspective. Most cameras I've owned have powerful controls, but if you just want to set it to "Auto" and take pics, a beginner can do it. Not so this camera.

The default settings for the OMD1 (how I tend to refer to it) are for the high-end user… with some odd exceptions. The arrow buttons change the focus. This is incredibly annoying, given how sensitive the buttons are, and if you don't pay attention the focus point will be waaaay off very easily. You can change how the arrow buttons work, but that reduces a great deal of the ease of the Live Screen controls. There is no command to lock the focus. Meanwhile, the default for the lever is "off". If you want to use the AF or HDR buttons to change the flash settings, you have to go into the menus and turn on the lever.

Most of the menu commands and settings have at least three ways of accessing them. This is good, as you'll probably want to turn off one or two. If you set it up right, one button gets you access to flash settings, HDR exposures, etc. The front and back dials give you control of two aspects on one screen. The touch screen commands take a delicate touch, but work well. I haven't even played with the function buttons yet.

The upside to the very sensitive controls: Almost no shutter delay. The OMD1 is very responsive. This is not always a good thing, if you happen to hit a button at the wrong time or chose the wrong setting by mistake. A little care is required.

Turning on the camera wakes it up quickly, but you don't even have to do that; "sleep"k kicks in after a minute (by default) and lasts 6 hours, so merely touching a button wakes it up. The battery has to handle a lot, but so far each charge has lasted over 300 shots. Haven't tried energy draining aspects like HDR combinations or RAW.

The manual is very good, and Olympus tech support is excellent (1-800-201-7766 press 1 (maybe))).

The viewfinder is great, though I usually use Live View.

Every now and then, the camera does something odd (such as take a photo for 2 seconds) that I didn't set up and don't quite understand why. I'm assuming that all will become clear in the fullness of time.

L SF (Large/Super Fine) .jpg compression puts it at resolution of 350 and smaller height x width, which means I have to massage the files in Photoshop more than I want to, even for simple Facebook uploads. This is the setting that gives the most info this side of RAW (according to tech support) and so what I, in theory, want. The extra steps in Photoshop are worth the results.

When the camera is doing what I expect, the images are excellent. Massaged in PS, they come out very nice. Sharp and clean.

The focusing works spectacularly well. I'm not sure how the AE works. It seems to be about a quarter f-stop off, at least for the people's faces when the background is lighter. I hope to figure out how to highlight the faces better.

WiFi connection via app to my iPad works, but is also non-intuitive. The app is brand new, just released, an update of a previous Olympus app. The connection, which should be simple, is handled strangely: The "Connection to Smartphone" is in a different menu than the settings for wifi connection, and you can't get out of the wifi screen when it's on. You either use the camera manually OR connect via WiFi. You have to change some settings on the iPad to connect and to allow access to the files on the camera.

So: final word, for now: An exceptionally good camera that takes great photos… when the symbiosis between photographer and equipment is complete. I do not yet grok the OMD1. I am going to give it five stars because the small camera takes great pictures. But please, note all the caveats.

October 07, 2013


Exceptional Machine

I come from the film OM series and moved to P&S as I did not want the bulk of conventional DSLR. It's sure nice to be back to a professional / advanced amateur machine !

I paired the E-M1 to a Zuiko 4/3 14-54 II via the MMF-3 adapter and the results are brilliant, with sharp and color-gorgeus images. I particularly like the famous Olympus reds.

The E-M1 can be customized in a million ways and it's extremely quick to start up, to focus, etc.

Highly recommended !