August 30, 2014 by Chris
Great little camera!
I wanted something small enough to fit in my pocket but with good image quality. I shoot RAW exclusively and up to 800 ISO this little gem delivers! The image quality is way above the best smartphones, you also have access to full manual controls and the fast aperture allows for more depth-of-field control. It is also very fast at focusing and with almost no shutter lag. Only thing missing maybe is the lack of Wi-Fi.. Keep up the good work Olympus!
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April 17, 2014 by Ginter
Great for low light situations
I like digital cameras and this one has all the features one would normally need. I purchased the XZ-10 for the 1.8 lens for low light conditions in addition to the automatic high speed ASA settings under low light. The camera is a little heavy for a "compact" but it has a more than solid feel to everything. I have not yet used the advanced features of the camera and there is a little confusion about the screen options when the USB cord is connected, but I have transferred pictures off the camera and am impressed with image sharpness in low light. I would have expected a standard complete instruction manual to be shipped with a camera purchased from Olympus, especially a camera with so many advanced features, instead of just the quick "get started" flyer (hence my down-rating from five stars). Surely it only costs a few dollars each for a mass printing of these manuals,. Requiring the purchaser to study a downloaded or on-line manual or to print out a many-page manual using expensive printing ink does not seem like a purchaser-friendly position to take for Olympus.
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April 3, 2014 by Alexis
Great Great for the size
I wanted a small camera, one that fits in my pocket. Otherwise I bring my E-5. The XZ-10 at ISO 100 when correctly exposed and run through Olympus free software Viewer 3, using distortion correction and noise adjustment gives spectacular images. If you want a camera that is really small this is the answer. BTW if you compare this camera to most any camera AT ISO 100 you will be amazed. Down some images and check it out.
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March 29, 2014 by Patrick
Great lens on a great camera.
I have had Olympus digital camera's since the Camedia C5050 from about 12 years ago. That C5050 camera has a great F1.8 lens (still works, by the way). This XZ-10 camera also has a great F1.8. Bright, and very good in low light conditions. The XZ-10 camera gives you plenty of creative controls, art filters, really good 1080P HD video. Wireless connectivity if you put in a optional Toshiba Flash air card (I don't really care about this option). All at a very reasonable price (even better with recent deals). On top of all that, it is a very compact camera, that you will be much more inclined to take along with you. Just get it a small pouch with a belt loop, and you are good to go....anywhere.
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February 16, 2014 by joan
Great little camera with tons of features.
This is my fourth olympus camera, and their cameras are outstanding. The clarity of the pictures is great. I really like the extra art features and scene selections. The different frames and the touch screen and dial around the lens makes for easier access when taking pictures to go from one scene to another as well as focusing. For a compact camera it carries ALOT of awesome features.
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