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June 23, 2013


nice little camera

received this camera for Christmas 2012 and I am quite happy with it. I carry it everywhere as the size fits nicely into my purse and is easier to use than my other digitals. I have had some issues with macro focusing as of late which is frustrating. Don't fee that it is user end as this just started and seems to correct if I shut the camera off and the turn it back on. That is a bit disappointing as I have only had the camera 6 months. I, like other owners, am disappointed that it did not come with a manual. It is frustrating using the camera's battery to read instructions. Also feel that the direction for the insertion of the memory card should be "highlighted" as it is extremely small and hard to read. All things considered, it is a nice little camera and over all, I am happy with my purchase.

June 03, 2013


Great Camera

I have been using another brand for many years and am very pleased with the Olympus. The menu on the camera is better than others, less confusing to use and the camera comes with a disk that has complete operating instructions which I love - less paperwork. It comes with a cord to charge the battery with a computer and also works well using the USB port on my car. I took about 80 pictures the day I bought it without using the flash and was surprised that it used only 1/4 of the battery power, however, the next day I took about 15 photos with the flash and it about drained the battery - I purchased a backup battery. The camera makes itself ready to take a 2nd picture a bit too slow but faster than the other brand I have. The view screen on the back of the camera can be seen in full sunlight.

June 02, 2013


Good Camera

Just bought it and already far exceeds my expectations. Have taken photos here around the house and it is excellent. The zoom is outstanding, I've zoomed in on some birds out side and it brings then in like I have then in the palm of my hand. Recommended to one and all...hb

May 28, 2013


What a chore to use

It comes with a short length USB to camera cord which charges the camera via a Computor.There is NO Handheld Instruction Booklet however you do get a CD disc to download to your computor.Viewing it at home shows It Is a complicated camera to use.The Battery is the only way to get use to using it and you need to recharge it often and there is no memory card you need to purchace one seperately.The store suggested an SDHD for fast photo taking (the larger it is the more memory you get i.e. 2GB 20 min video , 4GB 40min video)
The photos I've taken are great photos however you WILL need a tripod to hold it still.Well I have to go now and read more about it so I can use it outdoors because NO of Handheld Instruction Manual !

May 23, 2013


Awesome camera

This is my third Olympus Camera. And the SZ15 has so many fine capabilities to make the shooting experience an enjoyable pastime.
I recently submitted a photo of an sunset to a local TV station on FB and have received over 400 likes for the pictures.
Am looking forward to taking more pictures in the future with a very compact and functional digital camera.

May 22, 2013



I had to buy a memory card. It should have come with an instruction book. Charging the battery through the camera is a pain, plus the charging cord is very short.

On trying out the camera, I liked the way it shoots indoors, even with poor light.

I think I will get familiar to its other features with more practice.

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