May 30, 2015



The SZ-16 is an excellent camera for the value! Researched many, and decided this had the best options - have been very pleased. I've had for about six months and keep discovering more options. While I am partial to Olympus, this one lives up to my expectations in every way. I've used the panorama, video, beauty, magic, sparkle, night+, sports, portrait, reflection, dramatic, and many other options the camera has to offer and have not been disappointed with any. I would recommend this camera for any novice or professional who wants an excellent little compact camera for any and all occasions. You just cannot go wrong with this little gem.

May 30, 2015


Excellent camera for the price!!

The SZ-16 is an excellent camera for the value! Researched many, and decided this had the best options - haven't been very pleased. I've had for about six months and keep discovering more options. While I am partial to Olympus, this one lives up to my expectations in every way. I've used the panorama, video, beauty, magic, sparkle, night+, sports, portrait, reflection, dramatic, and many other options the camera has to offer and have not been disappointed with any. I would recommend this camera for any novice or professional who wants an excellent little compact camera for any and all occasions. You just cannot go wrong with this little gem.

February 17, 2015



This camera is something else! Excellent pictures & videos in any setting. (This goes for the camera & what your shooting!) I love the
crisp clear pictures of close-ups from very short distances. That's one feature I really needed. Very good quality & a lot of bang for your

January 02, 2015


SZ-16 iHS - Outstanding value point-and-shoot camera!

This is an outstanding point and shoot camera. It replaced an older generation Olympus FE-370 (excellent small camera) and a current generation zoom camera from another manufacturer which was immediately sent back.

I'm still getting familiar with all the features of the SZ-16iHS, but the image quality and zoom are excellent. I've shot photos indoors in low light conditions (with and without flash), nature photos, and at a football game from mid-level stadium seating in daytime and night setting. The image quality is excellent - colors are accurate, image stabilization while in zoom great, and it was easy to manipulate ISO settings for outdoor shots at night. I was able to zoom in from row 60 mid-field seating and clearly see the players faces and names on jerseys, and get clear shots of the scoreboard that had extreme lighting and is usually distorted in digital photos. Like the FE-370 I had, the metal case is of very high quality and all the camera functions are easy to locate and menus easy to find.

While this clearly isn't made to compete with professional quality cameras, I rated 5-stars since it far exceeds the 16mp phone camera I have given the zoom, stabilization and sport mode features. I looked at a number of cameras in this price bracket and the SZ-16iHS is easily the best value I found. I've not tried the SH-1 or SP-100, as they're a higher price and I was looking for something for less money to travel extensively with.

September 07, 2014


Great little camera!

I bought mine as a Certified Olympus Refurbished, but it appears as new - - I've been a long time Oly user, and wanted something small with extra zoom that would make a good hiking camera. This fit the bill perfectly. The image stabilization works better than my old SP-565 UZ, and I love the 25mm wide angle. Battery life is good too. I'm not a huge fan of the in-camera charging system, but I'm getting used to it. Photo quality is great! Nice saturated blues and greens in landscape mode or i-auto, and it also does a nice job in lower light conditions. I wish it had a mode dial instead of the multiple button press menu, but really not a big deal as I'm getting used to it. Highly recommended and great value.

June 28, 2014


All around excellent camera

Love this SZ-16 iHS camera! I have owned several Olympus cameras and have never been disappointed. Best quality and easy to use. This one takes top quality pictures. Would recommend it to anyone novice or professional.

June 22, 2014


Great Camera

I have owned my camera for less than a month. It is reconditioned and I got it for a great price. I did lots of research and found it to be quite compatible with my needs and BOY was I Right! My first big use was at my nieces college graduation and got GREAT pictures and Great Videos of the ceremony. I am now just looking at all the different settings and trying them out and I am VERY pleased. I am no professional, but I feel like one using this camera.

May 23, 2014


Best camera I have ever had!

I have needed a new camera for quite some time as the digital I had been using did not take good pictures. (It was another well known brand). My husband bought me this Olympus camera as a gift and OMG! I am in love! I have been taking pictures of everything I can think of, under all kinds of conditions and I have not been disappointed. I have been zooming in on birds and squirrels and the pictures look professional! I am amazed at the focusing ability, the color, the quality of the zoom, not to mention all the wonderful features it has for taking pictures under all kinds of conditions as well as doing panoramic pictures, and you can even set it for dog or cat, and as you sweep the room, it will automatically take a picture of which you have chosen. Every time I pick it up and check out all the features, I learn something new. The on-line manual is great, but just playing with it will teach you a lot. I have had good cameras in the past (have been taking pictures for 50 years), but never have I had such a great one!

May 07, 2014


right now we're not friends

Was away for a week, and took loads of pictures. Focus was sharp, range was good. did well in sun light, overcast skies and indoors. The camera is very light, so the sharp focus is impressive. Shutter speed on auto is very good; caught action with no blur.

But:, I dropped it. from my hand, maybe four feet.
And all the pictures disappeared.
don't know how this could happen
but it did.

(Dropped another camera when I fell, backpacking, really dropped it, as in it slammed against rocks very hard. The camera was a mess, but the pictures were still there.,,)

The tripod is kind of iffy

And there are no additional lens available for this model.
My fault for not doing better research.

April 05, 2014


Outstanding camera

I would give this camera ten stars. I am a novice photographer who wanted to "Upgrade" and after much research decided on the SZ16. The photos taken are sharp, the colors perfect. My amateur pictures look like they were taken by a pro. I purchased the bound manual to carry with me for reference. It is 100% helpful. This afternoon I'm going to try out the video. I cannot recommend this camera high enough. It is outstanding. In addition I had some questions so I called Olympus for some help. Your customer service is top drawer. The gentleman I spoke to was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and able to answer my questions in a way that I could fully understand. I greatly appreciated that. For anyone reading this review I have one this camera. you won't be disappointed.

March 28, 2014


Great carry all the time camera

I purchased a refurbished model, love it. It's fast and takes great photos. Small enough for jacket pocket but yet good size for actual handling. Plan to carry it all the time.

February 03, 2014


Great Camera

I have had the camera for over a month and have taken quite a few pictures. I took it on a cruise our cruise and found it very easy to use. I used auto mode for most picture and also used sunset, landscape and hand-held starlight scenes mode for specialty shots. I have an Olympus Stylus 7010 which I have used for the past 4 years This camera gives me more options for my photos and better zoom and stabilization for distant photos. I am very happy with this camera.

December 04, 2013


perfect for my needs, except

I have owned this little gem for three days and have been trying out the different modes. For a point and shoot, the zoom is incredible and flash is good. Having owned one little Canon point and shoot for the past 8 years, this camera is perfect for my needs. The only caveat is not including a travel charger. Being accustomed to an external charger, I see the benefit. I will however, purchase one as I think they are indispensable. Price point (with two price match reductions) is ridiculous for what you get. Good job Olympus.

November 14, 2013


Great Camera

This is my second point and shoot Olympus camera. Love the zoom features. Gives me great pictures. Not a big deal but it would be nice if it came with a independent battery charger. Have downloaded the software and used it a little and like it. When time comes and I am looking for another camera I will be looking at Olympus first.

October 09, 2013

Wanda L

Great Little Point & Shoot

I am overall very happy with my purchase. My strongest buying point was the smart panorama and the zoom. My only disappointment is there isn't an actual (paper) manual to help navigate all the different settings for the camera.

September 28, 2013


great compact camera

I have owned SLRs and other digital cameras. Right out of the box this camera fits easily and comfortably in your hand, nice grip feature and ergonomic design. Solid feel even though it is lightweight. Easy to set up and charge, though I recommend also buying a charger that lets you charge a second, backup battery outside the camera (this charger charges in the camera). This is esp important if you plan to take it traveling.

The online manual is very helpful and the camera seems very intuitive in explaining the settings, esp. since I had previous digital cameras. I have been taking practice shots using the different settings to get a feel for what I like best, as I said the settings provide good explanations right on the camera screen.

I have not yet had a chance to use the software to download and edit pictures.

I spent months researching this camera and think I made a great choice. I plan to use it for travel and family events.

September 27, 2013


Great point-n-shoot camera

I needed to replace a 6 yr. old Canon and did a lot of research before picking this one. It kept coming out on top for the features I need. Now that I have the camera and have gone through the manual, I believe it to be the smart move.
The only thing I do not like is having to charge the camera battery in the camera via USB or AC adapter. The cover for both the USB and Video out connections is difficult to open and, IMHO, seems cheap compared to the rest of the camera. I need to be able to charge a back-up battery while I am shooting.
Because of this need and given that we travel a lot by car, I purchased an extra battery and a 'stand alone' charger with 'car adapter'.
Not really a big deal, I have done the same for my other cameras as well. Seems like there is always a camera battery or cell phone being charged while we drive.

September 26, 2013

Big Bill

A Great Camera with Many Fantastic Features

The SZ-16 iHS is a great photographic equipment companion for my E-620! I really enjoy the SZ-16's very long zoom, image quality, processor, and 4 image aspect choices (just like the E-620).

I just received the camera two days ago, so I am just now trying out all of the SZ-16's fantastic features. I will update my review at a later date after using the camera more.

If anyone has noise issues with any digital camera, I strongly suggest Noise Ninja or Photo Ninja software by PictureCode LLC. I have very successfully used Noise Ninja for quite some time now with my Stylus 9000 (which the SZ-16 iHS is now replacing).

September 20, 2013



love this camera. the zoom is amazing and the special features are fun. i have been having a blast with this camera and can't wait to try it out at a concert. the pictures come out sharp and it's very easy to operate. and the price can't be beat!! :)

July 25, 2013


love this little camera

I have an E620 and really like it, but I wanted something smaller for times when I don't want to haul the big one. I was attracted to this because I liked the zoom and the 16 megapixels. I've only had about a week and am still getting acquainted but so far I really like it. One thing I like that I didn't pay much attention to is the movie feature. I've never really cared for those video clips, but this is different and I am finding I like having it. It is different than the 2 minute clips you used to have. You can go forever on this is you want. The zoom is really good and the pics are coming out sharp, it is easy to use, lots of features. I would recommend this is anyone.
One suggestion I have for Olympus is to include the instruction manual. It is nice having a CD and I have printed it, but the size of your manual is more conducive to throwing it in the bag or purse. This of course prints on 8 1/2 x 11 and yes I can cut but what a pain. I know I can buy it from you for $10 but it is the principle of the thing. Include the manual!!

June 03, 2013


Great Camera

This is a great camera for a novice who still wants professional results. The use of the camera is very intutive and the zoom feature is awesome. I've owned several Olympus digital cameras and have never been disappointed, but this one exceeded my expectations, given the price point.