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June 06, 2013


Amazing for a tough, point/n shoot

I award five stars to TG-2 for the point'n shoot category of cameras. (Not fair to compare any point'n shoot to a pro SLR.)
This is an amazing, deck of cards-sized camera capable of taking excellent images in a wide range of situations. I added some inexpensive accessories based on my lifetime experience as a photojournalist. Added the accessory ring, a hard-coated, anti-glare clear filter, and a collapsable rubber lens hood to the front, and a cheap but effective, plastic, pop-up screen hood to the back. This combo still slips easily into a bicycle jersey pocket or the palm of my hand. You don't need these accessories ... but I have a thing about protecting lenses, minimizing flare ... and seeing screens in bright daylight. I'm still learning the amazing features of this camera, but can tell you that many photos are indistinguishable from photos taken with my pro SLRs and lenses. The fast F2 lens with range from (35mm equiv.) 25 to 100mm is useful. I shoot most slr pics with a 28, 105 or 135, all fast F2 for focus control.) Having wrung out the TG-2 and finding it useable, I have on order the accessory telephoto.

There's a reviewer on this page that says the TG-2 is no better than a cell phone camera. This is not possible, in my experience. It has the capability to take high-quality pics in most situations. Suggest he either study the TG-2 manual, or ask an Olympus rep for advice.

June 03, 2013


Pretty darn good

I purchased the camera primarily for the low light capabilty and GPS. It does work very well for low light. The waterproof feature is nice but really only need rainproof. The only downside is no lens cover, I'd hate to scratch the lens. The LCD screen would not be a killer.
All the other features can be very useful.

May 31, 2013

Dr. T O'Casey

A Fun Camera

I purchased this camera because of its rugged reputation. Hiking across a Lava Field on the Big Island during a night hike, I tripped and the camera went flying. Dings to the metal housing but it still keeps on shooting.

Cons: The camera froze up during a night dive photographing Manta Rays. This is NOT the time for popping out the battery and rebooting! I e-mailed customer help, and noted another reviewer had the same problem...but alas, no answer from Olympus.

The red cord, after frequent dives begins to smell like a very stale wet washcloth.

The cheap very plastic converter ring has now fused to the telephoto lens so I can no longer put on the lens cover without buying another very cheap plastic converter ring.

Would I buy it again? Well, my wife the biologist LOVES the macro and was always borrowing my to her absolute delight...yes, I bought a 2nd one.

May 26, 2013


Great Tough Travel Camera

I love this TG-2 his camera. It's tough and easy to use as advertised. I first read it in the travelers magazine as best camera for outdoors and now I know its true.

I tested the camera on my last trip for white water rafting in Grand Canyon. The camera was constantly wet and rough handled during my trip. I took it to the waterfalls and snapped great pictures while underwater. The camera takes awesome pictures in low light as long as you know which function to use.

The camera has many different user friendly options. If you switch to one mode, it has pictures and small description about each function that you going to use to make a better photo. The action mode is excellent too, as I have great moving pictures. The panoramic mode is fun and makes great pictures. Even night shots are fun to do, as it takes multiple pictures and processes to one good shot. There are too many functions, but as long as you know your camera you can get fantastic pictures.

The movie mode is great at 1080p. The sound is good and noise cancelation works fine.

The only thing I did not like was GPS mode. That sucks the battery out in minutes. I think that feature should be left on off at all times.

Overall, great camera for someone who travels or just needs tough point and shoot camera. I highly recommend and I love this camera.

May 20, 2013




I was excited for this camera to come out. Had it shipped the first day it was released.

I was sad to learn that no matter what I did the audio quality of the movies are terrible. You don't even want to use the video recording. It's an issue Olympus had with it's TG-1 as well and nothing has changed.

Even the image quality is bad until the lighting is amazing. My iPhone takes better images. Very sad... very very sad.

Olympus is worthless to work with as well. They will not replay the camera so me and thousands of others are out of luck.

May 20, 2013


Love the camera

Just back from trip to Honduras, with little time to practice with the new camera, although this is my 3rd Olympus. Previously owned Stylus line, so very similar menu.

Camera is loaded with menu options, almost too many. I love the quality of photos taken in all conditions from bright beach sun to dimly lit night shots.

Camera worked great underwater. I used scuba diving and learned that it has an audible depth warning as well as LED visual warnings. I know it's only "rated" to 50 feet, but it survived beyond 60', opps.

Fast lens, fast boot up so you don't miss shots waiting for camera to initiate. Super fast multiple consecutive exposure modes allow you to capture everything. Pet face recognition works wonderfully, I used to always miss capturing my cat's face, no more!

I experienced one problem in shooting at night with Scene mode - Night time hand held option, the camera totally locked up. I couldn't do a thing and the led screen just showed a small SD logo. I removed the battery and still nothing happened. I thought maybe I toasted the camera going beyond 60' with it... I tried re-installing battery and removing again and luckly it re-booted and all was okay. It did this twice to me. Can't explain, but it still took great photos in this mode.

Overall, I highly recommend this camera.
I agree with someone else's comment... I would like to have more of a lens cap to help protect it as I'm a bit tough on things. I tried to keep it in the camera case when possible. Camera is extremely versatile for a compact camera.

May 19, 2013


Excellent all-weather vacation camera

Purchased the TG-2 for a trip to Jamaica knowing that we'd need a low-maintenance camera that we could use on the beach, in the pool and while scuba diving. The TG-2 absolutely met our high expectations and, in some cases, exceeded them.

Pros: excellent video quality (we shot about 30 minutes of 1080p video while scuba diving at a depth of about 40 feet -- quality is fantastic); easy to use interface, good quality pictures above and below water; camera withstood numerous bumps, scrapes and shocks (including a jump from a 35-foot cliff into the ocean) and still looks brand new; GPS features are top-notch; manometer is useful for water enthusiasts/divers.

Cons: Ultra slow-mo 240 fps video, while a great feature, is pretty grainy; time it takes to snap a picture/reload time sometimes lags by a second or two; OLED display is hard to see in direct sunlight.

Overall, a very nice camera that absolutely delivers what it says it does.

May 12, 2013


Great camera to bring everywhere!

This camera is the one camera I can bring anywhere! It is fast in shutter speed and can take multiple shots, don't have any delay between shots. Tested it out on our cruise to Alaska and it took the best pictures! There was cold weather and wet weather, never missed a beat. This is the 3rd Olympus camera that I have owned and by far the best. Battery life is also much better! You will enjoy the camera if you get one!

May 11, 2013


Very good camera

very good camera, my best buy for any camera, very easy to use complete

April 29, 2013


Love it!

I just got my new Olympus TG-2 iHS and haven't had much time to play with it. So far, I love it! It is very user-friendly and easy to use! Takes great pictures, too!

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