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July 18, 2013



After lots of research (although apparently not enough) we choose this camera for a the proverbial 'once in a lifetime trip' to Australia. The features we liked were the max waterproof depth, and the interchangeable lenses.

We had the camera for 3 weeks. 4 days into our trip, the camera failed. Press the power button, get several rapid beeps, then nothing. International call to Olympus Support, explained the situation, they eventually said it was a frequent issue with this model, the only solution was to send it in for repairs. Obviously we were stuck overseas without a camera for the remainder of the trip.

That major issue aside, the images we were able to capture are significantly over processed, rendering colors in flat continuous tones, as if airbrushed.

Also, the interchangeable lens feature is misleading. They are not interchangeable, but add on lenses that attach over the top of the existing lens, and the interface between the lenses is not sealed, allowing dust and water into the gap between the add on lens and the built in lens. This is a huge design flaw for an rugged environment/underwater camera. The telephoto add on lens leaves a circular border around the image, significantly reducing the size of the captured image. Think of those really cheap stick on lenses for your iPhones' camera and you have the idea.

Currently, (18 July), our camera is still in Olympus repair facility since July 8th, 'waiting for parts'. Even though it failed after we owned it for only 3 weeks, Olympus has decided to repair the bad camera, rather than replace it. All this and we purchased the extended warranty to boot.

I was just asked by a friend if I would recommend a camera for her upcoming trip to the Caribbean, you can imagine my response.

July 16, 2013




July 13, 2013


Pleased and still learning the camera

I've had my TG-2 for about 2 months. It's given me some great pictures. Still pictures are the only application I've used so far. (Still learning). I purchased the extra zoom lens wich has been fantastic. Some bird pictures I've taken came out good. Still I wish there was another zoom with more power. One problem I had was I was out taking pictures of my grandkids one day and had the camera on all the time. At one point towards the end of the day it froze up and would not respond. I pulled the battery out and it came back to life. I thought I had lost the pictures I had taken because initially they did not show. Later on another outing I was looking thru what I had taken and they were saved. It turned out to be not a loss. I'm looking forward to using it in some snorkeling shots.
Overall it's my first digital and am pleased with it.

July 12, 2013



This is the 4th Olympus tough type camera I've owned. I bought the original when I first saw one because I bike alot, spend alot of time at the beach and other extreme locations and always want a camera with me. I've had one pickpocketed in Buenos Aires. The last one was years old, only a 8 mpx and broke a few weeks ago in Costa Rica. I ordered my TG-1iHS and had it shipped to Nicaragua for my last 2 weeks of vacation. I also got the fish eye lense. I this the best camera for active people, especially those of us that don't want to carry a 50 lb. camera backpack with a giant camera body and extra lenses. And the fact that it's still waterproof with the additional lenses makes it a no-brainer to buy

July 09, 2013


Pretty darn good, but there's a learning curve.

I'd been puzzling over which DLSR to get so I could take macro shots. By accident I learned of the TG-2's "super macro" capability. Well, costly DSLRs with weight and expensive lenses, begone! I've been experimenting with this little camera for about a week. While looking around for teeny things to capture, I'm liking the nifty panoramic feature. The directions (strictly in the computer) and the software are not working as well as I'd like. Even technical help didn't address my question of why the directions say I must format the card in order to use it -- yet the camera IS using it -- and I can't find a way to format the card anyway. And the software only seems to download the photos from the camera. Afterwards they're nowhere to be found in my PC, so I have to go in and do a copy-and-paste. And I hope the software really will stitch my manually-taken panoramas together. Overall, though, I'm quite happy with the camera and am resigned to the learning curve. This is my first Olympus.

July 06, 2013


Great Pocket Camera

I have been through the bulky DSLR's and my Pen Camera is not a pocket camera. I was looking for a fast camera that would fit in my pocket and be resistant to water and shock. I hike, bike ride, kayak, paddle board and photograph underwater as a scuba diver. This camera really takes great photographs. It does not use its onboard flash in low light. It does focus and shoot fast. I can pull it out of my pocket and hit the on button and get a photograph in seconds. I have not taken it diving yet, and if I do it will have to be shallow dives less than 45 feet. The GPS locates my location and adds the info to the photo. I use iPhoto to download the photos. The movies are sharp and very good. While not as wide as a GoPro the quality is very similar to the GoPro. The still photos I would say are equal to or better than my Pen photos. I soaked the camera in a pool with no leaks as the first test, about 10" depth as it float with the floating strap. I will lowered it to the bottom of the pool next. If it passes that test, I expect it will I will take it diving to about 25 -40 feet in a couple of weeks and check out the underwater photo quality. If it does a good job I will probably get the underwater housing and sell my Underwater Pen System. I will know more in about 4 to 6 weeks. If Olympus allows me to update this review then I will.

The cons: No lens cover and I am fearful of scratching the lens. I added a screen protector to prevent scratching the display.
The battery is charged in the camera, I see this as a negative because I can not use the camera if I need to charge the battery. I will search for an external battery charger. But, the good thing is you do not need to have an external battery charger. For these 2 items I subtract 1/2 star.

This camera fits my need for a pocket camera that takes great photos and with little shutter lag time and it can be dropped and it is waterproof.

July 05, 2013


Exceeds expectations

Before vacationing in Jamaica, I purchased the TG-2 to take under water photos and videos. All the pictures and videos came out great; even though I did not use the underwater mode on camera. The only issue was the noise of the focus and zoom motor. The main reason I selected the TG-2 was its ability to accept auxiliary lenses for digiscoping and afocal hookups to microscope and telescopes. The close coupling ability means no vignetting like that experienced with other Point & Shoot cameras. Photos of birds and the moon are great for a camera with no manual focusing mode. Very pleased with this camera.

July 03, 2013


Buyer Beware

Bought this camera after considerable research. During the couple weeks I have owned it I tested it, set it up and packed it for my family vacation. I am in Disney World with my family now and the camera stopped working (Power light blinks once when depressing power button, Charged battery). Called tech support and told them it will not power on. The "Tech support" agent asked me to turn it on. After I got her to understand the nature of my call she said I would have to bring it in. No hard reset, end of call
Now I am on family vacation with no camera.

June 28, 2013


Does NOT do well in low light

In "P" (Program) mode, the camera does not take good pictures in low light because the flash does not go off in any kind of logical pattern. Instead, the camera tries to compromise by altering other internal settings. The darker the room, the worse it functions. My Sony DSC WX150 does a much better job for approximately half the price.

However, I did not buy the TG-2 for low-light, indoor work. Although the camera is new and I have not really put it to the test, I plan to use the device in the Grand Canyon. I expect that it will do just fine in that environment. I was interested in a durable, waterproof, simple-to-use camera under those conditions. We'll see how it does and I'll report back.

June 28, 2013


Love it!!

I was hesitant to purchase this camera because I really wanted a larger DSLR camera. What I want to use this camera for made this camera the best choice. With my active life style I needed a camera I could throw in my backpack when hiking or pocket when snow skiing. I just bought tthis camera last week and am absolutely thrilled! This exceeded my expectations by far!! I love the macro mode and it is unbelievable the quality of the close up pictures at a mere few centimeters! I just got the TCON lens also and am thrilled with this as well. I set up a setting on Custom mode so I can easily switch to this lens. Love it, love it!!

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