January 8, 2014 by Daniel
Great macro camera
I am a model maker and I often write on that subject. I was looking for a simple camera that does one thing well-take extreme close-ups. This camera meets the bill, although I have yet to master taking and merging multiple exposures to compensate for depth of field issues. The LED feature is a plus when lighting the subject is an issue, bit a whiter one or a color correction setting to overcome its blueness would be useful. It's not perfect, but it's a far sight better than anything else I've seen for this application. Excellent value for the money!
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December 27, 2013 by Tina
Held up in some rough conditions
Took great pictures at Mt. Rainier park in pouring rain, cold, snow. A few times I had condensation on the outside of the lense get into photos, but no other problems.
December 17, 2013 by James
Descent camera with a few HUGE flaws they dont mention in reviews !
I "upgraded" from a first generation Sony TX-10. I'm an avid outdoor photographer. I snorkel and scuba dive. The TG-2 is a great all around outdoor camera. The Menus and programs are well laid out and effective. The camera is tough and does everything as advertised. My main issue with this camera is video quality. Besides the colors being totally over-saturated, the camera constantly tries to focus so often, the focus is never sharp. The camera motor makes a distracting noise when you zoom and out. VERY bad for a 400 $ camera. My Sony TX-10 shot much better video and was totally silent, when the zoom was engaged. Here is what I'm talking about for video. This camera shoots such bad video, it's unwatchable ! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8HUFzjuBD4 Surprizingly, my 3 year old Sony outperforms this camera in almost every way ! Not to mention the video format is .MOV. This is not compatible with windows. So PC users are out of luck. And you cant change the format. I have to convert all the videos, before editing. Terrible.
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November 19, 2013 by Guitarkar
Good pictures and video but a major flaw
Quality of underwater pictures is excellent. Its better than the Panasonic Lumix I had purchased a few months earlier which was not bad either. Both cameras work well under water but the Olympus TG-2 pictures are brighter. The video was excellent as well. But there is a major issue with this camera. While taking video if you zoom in/out, the camera records a loud buzzing sound as if the gears are turning. In fact the sound is so loud that it becomes a distraction in playback. So I pretty much stopped using the zoom. I did send an email to Olympus but they had no response. It's as if they don't even acknowledge the camera has a problem. If they had responded I'd probably give the camera 3 stars or even 4 stars. If they solve my issue, I'd give it 5 stars.
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November 9, 2013 by Leonard
excellent photos; not tough when the screen scratches so easily
Great camera, but it has two really bad design flaws. 1. first time we used the camera we somehow managed to put a very bad scratch on the LCD screen. We were careful and had it in a soft case but now have a big scratch right across the image viewer. So what is the use of a tough camera if the screen can scratch so easily? 2. Unlike the online photos, it is metallic shiny red - just great for attracting barracuda
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