August 26, 2014


I love this Camera

I'm not going to get technical like some reviews, but I will tell you that the main reason I bought this camera was because of the reviews I read. I rented an underwater camera last year which I think was a TG830. It took some fantastic underwater shots. I previously had an ultra zoom Olympus, but it had gotten slow and old so I decided it was time for a new camera, one that could do everything I wanted. I'm not a professional photographer, but I like to take a good shot, and be able to have it printed out to a 16 x 20. This camera has great color. Start up time is amazingly fast. It has fun features, it can take multiple shots in a very short time, and the fact that it can go underwater and take great shots there too is an absolute plus for me as I am the type to snorkel for hours at a time. The macro setting is wonderful too. The only thing I would change is the zoom - I do wish it zoomed in a little farther, but other than that I haven't found a single flaw with it.

July 31, 2014


2nd year of snorkeling in Grand Cayman

I use this camera for snorkeling and it has done a great job so far. My husband got one this year and it did leak after 16 days of perfect use and it is still under warranty so we hope to have it repaired for our trip next year. I have used my TG-2 for 2 years and LOVE it!!! This year we tried night snorkeling and we thought it took some super pictures of an octopus, lion fish,eel and other sea creatures :) We don't know much about taking pictures underwater but we are trying to learn.

July 17, 2014


Great compact, rugged camera; sometimes won't focus

TG-2 is capable of great photos -- 11x14s that can be indistinguishable from my professional-grade SLR. Only complaint, sometimes it will not find a focus. Can be maddening, and has cost me some key photo opportunities. Seems to occur only at mid-distance to landscape type pics. I'm still trying to figure out what do do when it won't find a focus (ie. shows red rectangle, won't find a focus or display a green rectangle.) Of course, there's no way to manual-focus it. However, i.e.closeup and macro capability is amazing and so fast and simple, no focus problems. I also have the telephoto accessory lens and like it a lot -- comparable to a fast and sharp, 135mm lens on a full-frame SLR. I also have a second accessory ring, with a quality Olympus UV filter always in place to protect the camera's lens surface. Finally, I bought a set of the inexpensive, mylar, stick-on screen protectors, and an inexpensive plastic fold-up screen hood to make it easier to view in bright light. The UV filter on the front, and the screen hood on the back make the compact camera thicker by about half an inch ... but that's how I prefer to roll. I could take all the accessories off again if I need a really compact carry ... and it will still be a great camera.

June 10, 2014



Easy to use, never worry about weather or having to guard the camera around water in canoe's, fishing, swimming,or sport diving. Summer and winter outdoors with high quality photographs. The color underwater is superb, best I have seen to date from a point and shoot. Red body color is hard to loose. Like the lens options and have used other filters for stunning pictures. Video is noisy when using zoom but I rarely use it. This camera has met my expectations, I waited 6 months to write the review and put it to use in the elements. No issues or negative response.

June 01, 2014


For Wife

After years of using Olympus Stylus 760, for 4 years she loved the camera until we were forced to buy a new one after our trip to Alaska. After taken 475 pictures the camera just died. She love the way Olympus worked research what she loved and found it in TG-2 and we bought it. According to my wife the owner of this gift it was an outstanding camera. She told everyone on how good the TG-2 worked for her. Thanks Olympus for coming up with a great camera.

May 06, 2014

John H.

Excellent photos, average video, supermacro can destroy autofocus

The camera worked great when I first got it and I was very pleased with the photos it took (better than any other PnS rugged camera out there). The video is 'okay', but I knew that going in based on reviews (and also the noise & focus issues), but I did not get this camera for shooting video. Then I started playing with the supermacro mode. It was really cool and opened up a whole new world to me. Unfortunately, once I started using the super macro zoom, the autofocus went haywire with the camera so all of my regular photos were out of focus. I sent it in to Olympus for repair which was covered under warranty. They didn't acknowledge anything wrong with the camera, however, they ran a autofocus calibration and got the camera returned back to me in about 10 days (which is a pretty good turnaround). The autofocus seemed to work just fine, but then I used the supermacro mode again and the focus issues came back. Unfortunately, now the camera is out of warranty, so I will have to pay to have it repaired. What a bummer.

March 23, 2014


Excellent and tough little camera

I bought this camera for a trip to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. From ATV riding in the tropical rain forest to snorkeling offshore, this camera was exceptional. It is easy to use on the fly and was a great complement to the DSLR we didn't want to risk getting destroyed by the elements. I am so glad we decided to splurge on this camera for our trip!

March 21, 2014


Only one complaint

Went driving at 45 feet, very nice camera. Easy to operate, the only problem was I lost the bezel lens they supplied. The pictures and video were very good quality. Would have no problem buying again.

January 30, 2014



Took the kids to vacationing and bought the TG-2 knowing I would be using it underwater at the pool. It definitely did not disappoint. I would recommend this camera to anyone planning to do the same.

January 17, 2014


Perhaps color is better underwater!

I'm sure the TG-2 iHS is a good waterproof camera, but I'm disappointed in the hue of the colors of the photos taken. There is way too much red, which perhaps make for better photo colors underwater, but on dry land, you will need a photo editing software, such as Photoshop, to adjust the colors to more natural hues.

January 08, 2014


Great macro camera

I am a model maker and I often write on that subject. I was looking for a simple camera that does one thing well-take extreme close-ups. This camera meets the bill, although I have yet to master taking and merging multiple exposures to compensate for depth of field issues. The LED feature is a plus when lighting the subject is an issue, bit a whiter one or a color correction setting to overcome its blueness would be useful. It's not perfect, but it's a far sight better than anything else I've seen for this application. Excellent value for the money!

December 26, 2013


Held up in some rough conditions

Took great pictures at Mt. Rainier park in pouring rain, cold, snow. A few times I had condensation on the outside of the lense get into photos, but no other problems.

December 17, 2013


Descent camera with a few HUGE flaws they dont mention in reviews !

I "upgraded" from a first generation Sony TX-10.
I'm an avid outdoor photographer. I snorkel and scuba dive.
The TG-2 is a great all around outdoor camera. The Menus and programs are well laid out and effective. The camera is tough and does everything as advertised.
My main issue with this camera is video quality.
Besides the colors being totally over-saturated, the camera constantly tries to focus so often, the focus is never sharp.
The camera motor makes a distracting noise when you zoom and out. VERY bad for a 400 $ camera. My Sony TX-10 shot much better video and was totally silent, when the zoom was engaged.
Here is what I'm talking about for video. This camera shoots such bad video, it's unwatchable !

Surprizingly, my 3 year old Sony outperforms this camera in almost every way !

Not to mention the video format is .MOV. This is not compatible with windows. So PC users are out of luck. And you cant change the format. I have to convert all the videos, before editing. Terrible.

November 18, 2013


Good pictures and video but a major flaw

Quality of underwater pictures is excellent. Its better than the Panasonic Lumix I had purchased a few months earlier which was not bad either. Both cameras work well under water but the Olympus TG-2 pictures are brighter. The video was excellent as well. But there is a major issue with this camera. While taking video if you zoom in/out, the camera records a loud buzzing sound as if the gears are turning. In fact the sound is so loud that it becomes a distraction in playback. So I pretty much stopped using the zoom.

I did send an email to Olympus but they had no response. It's as if they don't even acknowledge the camera has a problem. If they had responded I'd probably give the camera 3 stars or even 4 stars. If they solve my issue, I'd give it 5 stars.

November 09, 2013


excellent photos; not tough when the screen scratches so easily

Great camera, but it has two really bad design flaws.

1. first time we used the camera we somehow managed to put a very bad scratch on the LCD screen. We were careful and had it in a soft case but now have a big scratch right across the image viewer. So what is the use of a tough camera if the screen can scratch so easily?

2. Unlike the online photos, it is metallic shiny red - just great for attracting barracuda

October 11, 2013


perfect camera to carry year round for outdoor pics

Used the TG-2 the past 2 days for fall foliage shots. With a polarize filter attached..took awesome landscape pics. Can't wait to use on our Grand Canyon trip in a few weeks.

October 08, 2013


No view Finder makes extreme weather conditions imposible to photograph.

I bought this camera over a year ago. I use it to photograph sports action in Alaska. When the sun is bright or it is raining I can't see a scene, I am lucky to find the horizon. I end up just shooting many shots and hoping to get one good one. Everything else about this camera is perfect. Why no view finder?

I have to take my OM2 on rides, which I can't shoot with while driving my atv. But I have to take this bigger camera so when I stop I can be sure to get at least some good shots. It only takes one flaw like this to make a great camera bad.

October 06, 2013


Just one complaint

The two bezels they supplied, one red and one black, were lost in a matter of a month. A better way to lock it in place until you actually wanted to take it off would be nice. Other than that this is my second tough camera and I like it so far.

September 27, 2013


Very Satisfied

I purchased the TG-2 iHS specifically for the durability features and waterproof features. Primarily, I have used this camera in the pool, on small boats and general indoor/outdoor settings. The camera has performed well and I have taken wonderful pictures. The video quality is pretty good for a camera. The menus are easy to navigate and there are plenty of filtering options if you like those. The waterproofing instructions seem silly, but I think they are important to maintain the quality of the camera. The only downside so far is that the lens is exposed, so I bought the optional lens adapter which came with a lens cover; problem solved. I also purchased the floating wrist strap and works as one would expect it to. I would recommend this camera to a friend.

September 23, 2013


Go anywhere do everything camera

I bought the TG-2 iHS to use while kayaking, hiking, biking and traveling. It has proven to be versatile, durable and convenient. I use it much more than I thought I would and generally leave the large DSLR at home in favor of this much smaller and tough Olympus.

The captured photos are of good quality for web based sharing and printing in smaller formats. We shot video in the back country of Alaska and were very pleased with the results using the optional telephoto lens. My experience with underwater shooting has been limited but successful with both still and video shots. I'll try it out in earnest on my next Hawaii vacation.

The menus have been easy to figure out and I have used mostly aperture priority and scene modes with excellent results. I've played with the magic filters and found the results to be entertaining but not really anything comparable to available photo-editing software.

Some have complained about the lack of a lens cover. I've remedied that by attaching the auxiliary lens adapter in place of the trim-ring and then using the auxiliary lens cover with only the adapter ring. Works great! My only complaint with the camera is the trim ring and it's attachment, which is not that secure. It works much better using the adapter ring.

I have recommended friends consider this camera over other similarly priced point and shoots, and if I were to lose it, I would buy another.

September 20, 2013



I don't know how wonderful it is to other people but it is and has been the worst camera I have ever had. I got this tg2 ihs last march and after 4 months, the screen was broken. I sent it back to olympus to have they check it out for me and it took them 1 month to finally tell me that it's a physical damage and the warranty won't cover it. I would have to pay 138 bucks to get it fix. That is ridiculous, I didn't drop my camera or anything and the screen just got broken by itself. I already paid more than 400 for the camera with all of my trust for Olympus and they just let me down for the first experience with their camera. I will never buy anything from Olympus again. And if you're planning to buy a camera, go to the store and get it. Don't buy it online.

September 02, 2013


Seems good!

Just have had for two weeks. Took on ocean fishing trip. It was rough and wet out there. Seemed to work well, no problems with getting wet. Battery life seems a little short.

August 20, 2013


2 weeks in

I bought the TG2 about two weeks ago as a sidekick for my Nikon D7000. I like to travel relatively light and carry on my Nikon a 18-200 lens that is very comfortable for most situations. Two things that are hard though is macro and getting it into the water. I find that the TG2 does wonderful macro and is okay for regular pictures. I haven't taken it into the water yet. Obviously I have to cut the TG2 some slack when i compare it to my Nikon D 7000 since the CMOS sensor is maybe 1/4 or 1/8 the size of the CCD the Nikon has. I notice the difference when zooming in on a picture and see that the edges of objects are a bit soft. I haven't seen a small digital camera yet that delivers the same quality as a digital SLR.

The menu is easy to use I find and i have a few favorite settings I have set the dial on which then makes it easy to switch between modes quickly. Under the magic setting it will do some fun stuff like creating a dramatic look but personally i would use those options very little. Under the SCN setting i have options like HDR and Panorama. I want to explore HDR further as i haven't noticed much difference in contrast yet between the regular picture i took and the HDR one. I found Panorama to be a disappointing setting. It gives a choice in three settings in which the 'auto' setting makes it very easy to align three images but the stitching usually goes horribly wrong and there is such a clear difference between the exposures that it really looks like 3 different pictures were glued together and then not even matching the transitions correctly. The second setting is 'manual' and allows you to match up your pictures yourself on screen but that may be very hard outside in bright sunlight on your view screen. The last option lets you take pictures and you then use the provided Olympus software later to match them up on your computer. I haven't tried this yet, but honestly i want this camera for ease and i would have that when I could you take a good panorama and be done with it.

As for the GPS, it would be nice to have the data but it really means you have to turn it on before you start to take any pictures if you want to spare your battery. I found it a drain on the battery and it limits the number of pictures you can take strongly. Switching the GPS on requires going into the menu and is not hard to do but i'd prefer the GPS to switch on automatically when i activate the camera. I understand that the GPS will need to find a location and that may take time but switching it on manually every time is something i don't see myself doing. An added feature would be the detail of the information the GPS gives me. If it would actually give me a street map of where I am i would think that a very useful application while roaming the streets.

For the rest I am loving this little camera that easily fits into my pocket.
It will do what i wanted it for, has a great lens for a camera this size and i consider it to be a great buy for it's price looking at what else is available in its range.

August 14, 2013



I have just started working with this camera and I love it already!! I have been waiting for a camera like this for years! I cannot tell you how excited I am about this camera.
It is so user friendly and easy to use. I love the Macro feature and I plan on using this camera exclusively for all my shots.
I cannot believe how lucky I was to have found this camera!!
And Olympus' reputation speaks for itself. I work in the healthcare industry and Olympus is the best of the best!!

August 14, 2013


Rafting trip

I bought the TG-2 for a rafting trip down the Colorado River in Utah. This camera survived me and the Colorado River. It took some nasty hits on the ground and rock and still took great pictures. I'm glad I put a floating strap on it, at one point when swimming I looked out near my hand and there was the top of my strap with the camera attached to it floating by. The camera still took fabulous photos after that. I had no issues of it not working. I was surrounded by chocolate colored water and sandy beaches. I had no sand issues with this camera at all. I did soak it in clean water once I got it home and let it dry before uploading pictures. The pictures of the trip were great. Love this camera.

August 13, 2013


A Lot of Good To Say about this Camera, A few Small Bad things

Bought Aug 1st 2013.
Had the Camera 2 weeks.

The Camera is Very easy to use.
The Camera Takes Very good Pictures.
The 4 way Selector Switch on the back Works Well even underwater with scuba gloves on.
The Menu is long, but is full of features that are actually useful.

Having said all that.....
Learning the GPS function, I thought I had it but guess not. I want it to tag the pictures. If I format my memory Card, does that turn off the GPS feature?

Probably the biggest Complaint is:
Lens Cover? It would be nice to have a lens cover to protect the lens when transporting the camera. Placing it in a small camera case is okay, but it is harder to look into a black case and make sure there is no debris to scratch the lens. If you had a Silver Dollar sized Lens Cap, that would be easier.

Then I lost the Lens Bezel on my Second Dive, don't know how. Someday it maybe found by another diver. What exactly is the function of that bezel?

In light of these small issues, I WOULD buy this camera again.
I have had several other point and shoot, this is the best so far. I also have had several Canon DSLR's 7D with L glass.
This is my second Olympus. So Far I really like this camera. I have shot a few hundred photos and a couple of hours of Video.

August 05, 2013


Hip pocket wonder

This is my third, and best, Olympus tough style camera. First one was lost under 20 feet of muddy water while cliff diving (someone else, not me) and second one was filled with salt water after five years due to operator error.
Not only does this new camera solve the problem of my operator error due to the double latch system, the ability to add a telephoto lens (which I did) AND the Automatic scene mode [where the camera is smart enough to realize I am taking pictures of a sunset or on a bright beach] are a gigantic step up from my previously well used model.
As a definite side benefit, is the similarity to using almost identical functions as my prosumer level DSLR camera {...although a couple of buttons between the two are reversed and I tend to forget which camera I am using and have to visually check while the learning curve is in the initial phases.}

In summary: A GREAT PURCHASE, especially if you can obtain it on sale!

July 30, 2013


Great Upgrade

I lost my Tough 8010 in a rafting mishap. While I may try to look for it, I quickly took advantage of the situation and ordered the TG-2. The pictures so far are a great improvement over my previous camera. Super shots right out of the box. Did not read the manual yet. I hike, bike, kayak and scuba dive and need a camera that can hold up. I can't wait until I can take it diving. I hope to replace my underwater camera with it in the future if all goes well. I will be investing in the assorted accessories for now.
The downside with the camera. I would like a lens cover for the camera itself. I will try to find one for it later. Also, I wish it would have a wireless remote to operate it in addition to the timer.

July 24, 2013


Great life proof camera

I just recently bought my TG-2 iHS, (June 2013), and played with it for about a week, before I took it on a 9 day cruise vacation to the Caribbean.

It worked perfectly, I dropped it on the ship's metal deck and in the mud in Jamaica...took it snorkeling in the Cayman Islands & in Cozumel.

Took pictures inside in the ship's show lounge, at the pool and on every island we hit.

And, the pictures all look great...

I like the feel of it...nice and sturdy. The charging system is odd, Olympus needs to supply a separate plug in battery charger, so we can have a charged backup, if needed.

Overall, my experience has been outstanding.

July 21, 2013


Great camera for novices

I needed a camera that could withstand the bangs and knocks that I dish out. This camera fits the bill!!! I dropped it while unwrapping it. Thought to my self, "crap, that is shot to he#$ now!!!. Picked it up, inspected it, turned it on, and wow--it works!! Good looking camera, has a sturdy, well built feel to it. I ordered the telephoto lens also. Took the red ring off, put it back in the box, will use the lens cover and ring adapter or the telephoto lens all the time. Ordered an extra battery to go with it, which is a good thing. Don't know if I had charged the battery that came with the camera all the way up or not, but did not get much of a life out of it. Going on vacation in a week, will know more about it then. Taking a cruise in Sep, will do some snorkeling with it, hopefully, the waterproof claims will be true.

July 18, 2013



After lots of research (although apparently not enough) we choose this camera for a the proverbial 'once in a lifetime trip' to Australia. The features we liked were the max waterproof depth, and the interchangeable lenses.

We had the camera for 3 weeks. 4 days into our trip, the camera failed. Press the power button, get several rapid beeps, then nothing. International call to Olympus Support, explained the situation, they eventually said it was a frequent issue with this model, the only solution was to send it in for repairs. Obviously we were stuck overseas without a camera for the remainder of the trip.

That major issue aside, the images we were able to capture are significantly over processed, rendering colors in flat continuous tones, as if airbrushed.

Also, the interchangeable lens feature is misleading. They are not interchangeable, but add on lenses that attach over the top of the existing lens, and the interface between the lenses is not sealed, allowing dust and water into the gap between the add on lens and the built in lens. This is a huge design flaw for an rugged environment/underwater camera. The telephoto add on lens leaves a circular border around the image, significantly reducing the size of the captured image. Think of those really cheap stick on lenses for your iPhones' camera and you have the idea.

Currently, (18 July), our camera is still in Olympus repair facility since July 8th, 'waiting for parts'. Even though it failed after we owned it for only 3 weeks, Olympus has decided to repair the bad camera, rather than replace it. All this and we purchased the extended warranty to boot.

I was just asked by a friend if I would recommend a camera for her upcoming trip to the Caribbean, you can imagine my response.

July 16, 2013




July 13, 2013


Pleased and still learning the camera

I've had my TG-2 for about 2 months. It's given me some great pictures. Still pictures are the only application I've used so far. (Still learning). I purchased the extra zoom lens wich has been fantastic. Some bird pictures I've taken came out good. Still I wish there was another zoom with more power. One problem I had was I was out taking pictures of my grandkids one day and had the camera on all the time. At one point towards the end of the day it froze up and would not respond. I pulled the battery out and it came back to life. I thought I had lost the pictures I had taken because initially they did not show. Later on another outing I was looking thru what I had taken and they were saved. It turned out to be not a loss. I'm looking forward to using it in some snorkeling shots.
Overall it's my first digital and am pleased with it.

July 12, 2013



This is the 4th Olympus tough type camera I've owned. I bought the original when I first saw one because I bike alot, spend alot of time at the beach and other extreme locations and always want a camera with me. I've had one pickpocketed in Buenos Aires. The last one was years old, only a 8 mpx and broke a few weeks ago in Costa Rica. I ordered my TG-1iHS and had it shipped to Nicaragua for my last 2 weeks of vacation. I also got the fish eye lense. I this the best camera for active people, especially those of us that don't want to carry a 50 lb. camera backpack with a giant camera body and extra lenses. And the fact that it's still waterproof with the additional lenses makes it a no-brainer to buy

July 09, 2013


Pretty darn good, but there's a learning curve.

I'd been puzzling over which DLSR to get so I could take macro shots. By accident I learned of the TG-2's "super macro" capability. Well, costly DSLRs with weight and expensive lenses, begone! I've been experimenting with this little camera for about a week. While looking around for teeny things to capture, I'm liking the nifty panoramic feature. The directions (strictly in the computer) and the software are not working as well as I'd like. Even technical help didn't address my question of why the directions say I must format the card in order to use it -- yet the camera IS using it -- and I can't find a way to format the card anyway. And the software only seems to download the photos from the camera. Afterwards they're nowhere to be found in my PC, so I have to go in and do a copy-and-paste. And I hope the software really will stitch my manually-taken panoramas together. Overall, though, I'm quite happy with the camera and am resigned to the learning curve. This is my first Olympus.

July 06, 2013


Great Pocket Camera

I have been through the bulky DSLR's and my Pen Camera is not a pocket camera. I was looking for a fast camera that would fit in my pocket and be resistant to water and shock. I hike, bike ride, kayak, paddle board and photograph underwater as a scuba diver. This camera really takes great photographs. It does not use its onboard flash in low light. It does focus and shoot fast. I can pull it out of my pocket and hit the on button and get a photograph in seconds. I have not taken it diving yet, and if I do it will have to be shallow dives less than 45 feet. The GPS locates my location and adds the info to the photo. I use iPhoto to download the photos. The movies are sharp and very good. While not as wide as a GoPro the quality is very similar to the GoPro. The still photos I would say are equal to or better than my Pen photos. I soaked the camera in a pool with no leaks as the first test, about 10" depth as it float with the floating strap. I will lowered it to the bottom of the pool next. If it passes that test, I expect it will I will take it diving to about 25 -40 feet in a couple of weeks and check out the underwater photo quality. If it does a good job I will probably get the underwater housing and sell my Underwater Pen System. I will know more in about 4 to 6 weeks. If Olympus allows me to update this review then I will.

The cons: No lens cover and I am fearful of scratching the lens. I added a screen protector to prevent scratching the display.
The battery is charged in the camera, I see this as a negative because I can not use the camera if I need to charge the battery. I will search for an external battery charger. But, the good thing is you do not need to have an external battery charger. For these 2 items I subtract 1/2 star.

This camera fits my need for a pocket camera that takes great photos and with little shutter lag time and it can be dropped and it is waterproof.

July 05, 2013


Exceeds expectations

Before vacationing in Jamaica, I purchased the TG-2 to take under water photos and videos. All the pictures and videos came out great; even though I did not use the underwater mode on camera. The only issue was the noise of the focus and zoom motor. The main reason I selected the TG-2 was its ability to accept auxiliary lenses for digiscoping and afocal hookups to microscope and telescopes. The close coupling ability means no vignetting like that experienced with other Point & Shoot cameras. Photos of birds and the moon are great for a camera with no manual focusing mode. Very pleased with this camera.

July 03, 2013


Buyer Beware

Bought this camera after considerable research. During the couple weeks I have owned it I tested it, set it up and packed it for my family vacation. I am in Disney World with my family now and the camera stopped working (Power light blinks once when depressing power button, Charged battery). Called tech support and told them it will not power on. The "Tech support" agent asked me to turn it on. After I got her to understand the nature of my call she said I would have to bring it in. No hard reset, end of call
Now I am on family vacation with no camera.

June 28, 2013


Does NOT do well in low light

In "P" (Program) mode, the camera does not take good pictures in low light because the flash does not go off in any kind of logical pattern. Instead, the camera tries to compromise by altering other internal settings. The darker the room, the worse it functions. My Sony DSC WX150 does a much better job for approximately half the price.

However, I did not buy the TG-2 for low-light, indoor work. Although the camera is new and I have not really put it to the test, I plan to use the device in the Grand Canyon. I expect that it will do just fine in that environment. I was interested in a durable, waterproof, simple-to-use camera under those conditions. We'll see how it does and I'll report back.

June 28, 2013


Love it!!

I was hesitant to purchase this camera because I really wanted a larger DSLR camera. What I want to use this camera for made this camera the best choice. With my active life style I needed a camera I could throw in my backpack when hiking or pocket when snow skiing. I just bought tthis camera last week and am absolutely thrilled! This exceeded my expectations by far!! I love the macro mode and it is unbelievable the quality of the close up pictures at a mere few centimeters! I just got the TCON lens also and am thrilled with this as well. I set up a setting on Custom mode so I can easily switch to this lens. Love it, love it!!

June 27, 2013



Very excited about my Tough TG-2. I went solely upon the Camera Store recommendation when I asked for a camera that was worthy of the Inca Trail & Machu Picchu but that could also do underwater shots in the Galapagos. It's not a vacation one does every day and so its not a vacation that you would just want to take any old camera. I'm so pumped I'm finding it hard to leave the house without it for everyday use. - but I'll have to wait 'cuz my son was so impressed with its quality and versatility that he has taken it on vacation with him and no doubt he will soon be buying his own. Even the people on the cruise were suitability impressed, no jealous, even though many one of had extremely expensive 'land' cameras with huge lenses and accessories. One of them even had an underwater housing for their brand name (as a wedding gift due to the high cost of a housing - quote, "almost as expensive as the camera itself"), putting a housing on a 'heavy camera' just makes it even heavier. The only downside is that the small plastic ring that tightens the strap on your wrist breaks easily (well after the 7th day of snorkeling twice per day), so I was fortunate to have a back-up and somewhat frustrated that an identical 'flat-strap' is neither a standard accessory either online or in the stores. What gives! The only straps seem to be for the pin-hole cameras and not the cameras with 'flat-strap' functionality. Even the 'float-straps' are of the 'pin-hole' variety. Looks like a Marketing oversight that can hopefully be resolved relatively quickly. Thanks Olympus and Saneal Camera. Kudos!

June 25, 2013

n h

Fine camera; few items need attention

I adopt and incorporate the review by David J dated June 9, as follows: I like the camera. It has a huge variety of capabilities for a pocket-sized camera. The picture quality is excellent for a small camera and the features that make it waterproof and tough are amazing. The one touch video button is a great feature. I only see a few issues. First; it needs a lens cap. It is too easy to finger print, or get dust and dirt on the glass lens protector. Perhaps the red ring could be replaced with one that accommodates a cap. Second, the menu system is very complex causing the learning curve to be steep. Third, the camera would greatly benefit from an optical viewfinder. In bright sunlight the rear viewing panel is hard to see. -N. H.

June 24, 2013


Great Camera!

I did not get this for a video camera I got it for an all around weather camera and it fits that perfectly.
I can take the TG2 to places that I would not think about taking my Nikon D700 and know that I am going to come away with some wonderful pictures!
The Magic feature adds some real fun to your shooting and I have enjoyed it.
If you get the adapter ring it comes with a lens cap so the lens is protected (should really come with the camera).
All in all I really like it and and would purchase it again hence the 5 stars.

June 22, 2013


Great Camera for Outdoor Activities

Nice size camera for WW Canoeing, watersports, and winter hiking. One of the best features is it ability to accept filters such as a polarizer. This is extremely helpful for good pictures while involved in active outdoor sports. Have yet to try it scuba diving but hope that it will work great for that also.

June 16, 2013



I previously had the TG-8010, well actually i still do and it still works but this camera is amazing in low light, bright light, in the bush and on the move. I find it brings the color out of anything that i go and take and take a picture of, I just LOVE this camera and your products, oh and the macro is just incredible you can not beat it unless of course you plan on spending 600 bones for a decent DSLR lens but no body got the money nor the time for that. As for the finally you guys get 5 stars and definitely deserve them

June 16, 2013


very nice camera

I just got my camera and really like it. I have been taking some fun shots around the house and took some yesterday outside just to see how it does in the sun. I got very nice photos. I am still learning what the camera will do, but I really like it. Definitely taking it with me on vacation, down the Colorado River through Cataract Canyon.The only down side to this camera is it is a power hog and can eat batteries. That's why I didn't give it 5 stars.

June 12, 2013


Worst then my old stylus 790

So this camera takes better pictures for sure but a drop from waist height cracked the casing on it.... My old stylus took many a dropped and is perfectly fine. The only reason I got the TG-2 was because it took so much better pictures and was suppose to be a tougher camera. Olympus is refusing to repair the damage saying that it's not covered. Way to not stand behind your product. Last camera I will buy from them.

June 12, 2013


The future is here

I have happily owned the original Tough 1030SW since it was released and have been more than happy with it. I have checked out every high end Tough camera since as I have upgradeitus. Not one single one has impressed me as much as the original 1030SW. Until now that is. I am blown away by this camera and all of its amazing features, everyone who sees the pictures this awesome machine takes is too. I have only scratched the surface of the things this camera can do and am in complete awe of its performance. The battery life is more than acceptable and I was even afraid to operate the GPS as on a previous model it flattened the battery in no time. Not this one. After returning from an outdoor adventure I sit down and upload the camera to my PC and within minutes the charge indicator light goes out. The only thing Olympus could have done to make this camera better would be a smaller size like the original 1030SW [but then you lose the huge 3" HD screen] and perhaps a Titanium body so the camera would float, and get rid of the annoying noise on movies while zooming.
Buy this camera and make this summer one to remember. If your disappointed with this camera, go see your doctor for some therapy because there's something wrong with you.

June 11, 2013


Among the best in service, oh yeah the camera is great too!

I pre-ordered this camera for my Disney vacation, the people at Olympus explained to me that the first shipment was already sold out, but the customer rep called me back twice; once to check when exactly I was leaving on vacation, and another time to check to see if the second batch of camera came on time, which it DID!!! To say the least the service blew me away. Service alone would not do it though; I am a professional photographer, and the only reason I wanted another camera was because of the cost and size of my pro gear did not seem conducive to a theme park. While this camera is not a "pro" dslr, it sure does some great shots, even in low lighting. My favorite function though is the super macro mode, fantastic!

June 09, 2013


Lots of great features; a couple of drawbacks

I like the camera. It has a huge variety of capabilities for a pocket-sized camera. The picture quality is excellent for a small camera and the features that make it waterproof and tough are amazing. The one touch video button is a great feature. I only see a few issues. First; it needs a lens cap. It is too easy to finger print, or get dust and dirt on the glass lens protector. Perhaps the red ring could be replaced with one that accommodates a cap. Second, the menu system is very complex causing the learning curve to be steep. Third, the camera would greatly benefit from an optical viewfinder. In bright sunlight the rear viewing panel is hard to see. Still, it will be my everyday camera

June 06, 2013


Amazing for a tough, point/n shoot

I award five stars to TG-2 for the point'n shoot category of cameras. (Not fair to compare any point'n shoot to a pro SLR.)
This is an amazing, deck of cards-sized camera capable of taking excellent images in a wide range of situations. I added some inexpensive accessories based on my lifetime experience as a photojournalist. Added the accessory ring, a hard-coated, anti-glare clear filter, and a collapsable rubber lens hood to the front, and a cheap but effective, plastic, pop-up screen hood to the back. This combo still slips easily into a bicycle jersey pocket or the palm of my hand. You don't need these accessories ... but I have a thing about protecting lenses, minimizing flare ... and seeing screens in bright daylight. I'm still learning the amazing features of this camera, but can tell you that many photos are indistinguishable from photos taken with my pro SLRs and lenses. The fast F2 lens with range from (35mm equiv.) 25 to 100mm is useful. I shoot most slr pics with a 28, 105 or 135, all fast F2 for focus control.) Having wrung out the TG-2 and finding it useable, I have on order the accessory telephoto.

There's a reviewer on this page that says the TG-2 is no better than a cell phone camera. This is not possible, in my experience. It has the capability to take high-quality pics in most situations. Suggest he either study the TG-2 manual, or ask an Olympus rep for advice.

June 03, 2013


Pretty darn good

I purchased the camera primarily for the low light capabilty and GPS. It does work very well for low light. The waterproof feature is nice but really only need rainproof. The only downside is no lens cover, I'd hate to scratch the lens. The LCD screen would not be a killer.
All the other features can be very useful.

May 31, 2013

Dr. T O'Casey

A Fun Camera

I purchased this camera because of its rugged reputation. Hiking across a Lava Field on the Big Island during a night hike, I tripped and the camera went flying. Dings to the metal housing but it still keeps on shooting.

Cons: The camera froze up during a night dive photographing Manta Rays. This is NOT the time for popping out the battery and rebooting! I e-mailed customer help, and noted another reviewer had the same problem...but alas, no answer from Olympus.

The red cord, after frequent dives begins to smell like a very stale wet washcloth.

The cheap very plastic converter ring has now fused to the telephoto lens so I can no longer put on the lens cover without buying another very cheap plastic converter ring.

Would I buy it again? Well, my wife the biologist LOVES the macro and was always borrowing my to her absolute delight...yes, I bought a 2nd one.

May 26, 2013


Great Tough Travel Camera

I love this TG-2 his camera. It's tough and easy to use as advertised. I first read it in the travelers magazine as best camera for outdoors and now I know its true.

I tested the camera on my last trip for white water rafting in Grand Canyon. The camera was constantly wet and rough handled during my trip. I took it to the waterfalls and snapped great pictures while underwater. The camera takes awesome pictures in low light as long as you know which function to use.

The camera has many different user friendly options. If you switch to one mode, it has pictures and small description about each function that you going to use to make a better photo. The action mode is excellent too, as I have great moving pictures. The panoramic mode is fun and makes great pictures. Even night shots are fun to do, as it takes multiple pictures and processes to one good shot. There are too many functions, but as long as you know your camera you can get fantastic pictures.

The movie mode is great at 1080p. The sound is good and noise cancelation works fine.

The only thing I did not like was GPS mode. That sucks the battery out in minutes. I think that feature should be left on off at all times.

Overall, great camera for someone who travels or just needs tough point and shoot camera. I highly recommend and I love this camera.

May 20, 2013




I was excited for this camera to come out. Had it shipped the first day it was released.

I was sad to learn that no matter what I did the audio quality of the movies are terrible. You don't even want to use the video recording. It's an issue Olympus had with it's TG-1 as well and nothing has changed.

Even the image quality is bad until the lighting is amazing. My iPhone takes better images. Very sad... very very sad.

Olympus is worthless to work with as well. They will not replay the camera so me and thousands of others are out of luck.

May 20, 2013


Love the camera

Just back from trip to Honduras, with little time to practice with the new camera, although this is my 3rd Olympus. Previously owned Stylus line, so very similar menu.

Camera is loaded with menu options, almost too many. I love the quality of photos taken in all conditions from bright beach sun to dimly lit night shots.

Camera worked great underwater. I used scuba diving and learned that it has an audible depth warning as well as LED visual warnings. I know it's only "rated" to 50 feet, but it survived beyond 60', opps.

Fast lens, fast boot up so you don't miss shots waiting for camera to initiate. Super fast multiple consecutive exposure modes allow you to capture everything. Pet face recognition works wonderfully, I used to always miss capturing my cat's face, no more!

I experienced one problem in shooting at night with Scene mode - Night time hand held option, the camera totally locked up. I couldn't do a thing and the led screen just showed a small SD logo. I removed the battery and still nothing happened. I thought maybe I toasted the camera going beyond 60' with it... I tried re-installing battery and removing again and luckly it re-booted and all was okay. It did this twice to me. Can't explain, but it still took great photos in this mode.

Overall, I highly recommend this camera.
I agree with someone else's comment... I would like to have more of a lens cap to help protect it as I'm a bit tough on things. I tried to keep it in the camera case when possible. Camera is extremely versatile for a compact camera.

May 19, 2013


Excellent all-weather vacation camera

Purchased the TG-2 for a trip to Jamaica knowing that we'd need a low-maintenance camera that we could use on the beach, in the pool and while scuba diving. The TG-2 absolutely met our high expectations and, in some cases, exceeded them.

Pros: excellent video quality (we shot about 30 minutes of 1080p video while scuba diving at a depth of about 40 feet -- quality is fantastic); easy to use interface, good quality pictures above and below water; camera withstood numerous bumps, scrapes and shocks (including a jump from a 35-foot cliff into the ocean) and still looks brand new; GPS features are top-notch; manometer is useful for water enthusiasts/divers.

Cons: Ultra slow-mo 240 fps video, while a great feature, is pretty grainy; time it takes to snap a picture/reload time sometimes lags by a second or two; OLED display is hard to see in direct sunlight.

Overall, a very nice camera that absolutely delivers what it says it does.

May 12, 2013


Great camera to bring everywhere!

This camera is the one camera I can bring anywhere! It is fast in shutter speed and can take multiple shots, don't have any delay between shots. Tested it out on our cruise to Alaska and it took the best pictures! There was cold weather and wet weather, never missed a beat. This is the 3rd Olympus camera that I have owned and by far the best. Battery life is also much better! You will enjoy the camera if you get one!

May 11, 2013


Very good camera

very good camera, my best buy for any camera, very easy to use complete

April 29, 2013


Love it!

I just got my new Olympus TG-2 iHS and haven't had much time to play with it. So far, I love it! It is very user-friendly and easy to use! Takes great pictures, too!

April 27, 2013


Absolutely Fantastic Camera.

I have had the camera now several weeks. Really impressed. Easy to use. Great photos. The zoom is incredible .
This is by far the best camera I've ever owned.

Curt Maxwell. M.D.

April 26, 2013


Excellent overall camera

I bought the TG-2 as an all around camera. For that purpose to works great. We went on a scuba diving trip to Bonaire. I used the camera on both day and night dives as is without a housing. I used it with and without flash. I was very pleased with the results. At night I pre-focused using the flashlight and then turned the beam away to take the shot. Got some great octopus pictures at night. The manometer appears accurate and displays a warning that you are getting too approaching the maximum depth (at .40 feet). It remained dry when used down to 45 feet.

It was nice that I could use the same camera to take underwater and normal pictures. I also took under water videos.

4 Stars because of the audible noise during video. zooming and focusing both create sounds. I am still very pleased with its performance as a camera.

April 23, 2013


vvgood Camera

i have a Stylus 1030sw before this one.
It`s a great update. Now i can make HD video with this one !! Nice !!
The only thing missing with this camera is a carry case when the camera have a teleconverter on it, Make it !!

April 09, 2013


Great quality for the price

This camera feels good in your hands. It's a great size and has just enough bulk to it to make it feel well built. I've taken this camera out on a number of outings now in varying conditions. The auto setting amazes me every time with how great it can make the images for you on the fly. This camera is a great turn on and snap a great picture kind of camera. With that said, the built in effect settings are also really awesome and fun to play around with. Super Macro Microscopic Mode is a little tricky to get to work - but when you do get it to the close up images are amazingly detailed. This camera can do a lot of cool things and is performing flawlessly so far. The tought features are an added and convenient bonus for someone who is taking pictures on the go. Great value in my opinion.

April 08, 2013


Good Camera....But...

I find the camera to be good. The smoothing out that some have mentioned by changing the compression to Fine instead of Normal. You will get fewer pictures on a memory card, but considering a 32GB will still hold over 4,000 I think you are doing good.

I did buy the lens ring adapter and a lens cap to protect the lens. This is really something that the camera should have come with though.

I haven't had any sound issues while recording, I believe I have the record volume set to medium, I know I did play with that.

Now, here are the items that I have noticed:
When recording video, watch where you use all of the image stabilization features, you can get some odd results when used in low light or you are far away from your subject.

I do not understand why they couldn't put the multirecord mode that allows photos while taking video into this camera. It is in the lower end TG-830IHS. This one is a big one and if they ever do come out with a TG-3 that has this, I would probably buy it. That being said, I would not return the TG-2 to get the TG-830, I think the TG-2 is a great camera.

April 01, 2013


Tough, but not from all aspects

I purchased this camera 3 weeks ago just before I left for my vacation to Cancun. Previously I owned an Olympus StylusTough-8010, another tough type camera with similar functions. I chose this camera as I wanted to have a tough construction, durability and above average picture quality.

I have tested this camera day, night, underwater, in badly lit places and also during snorkleing. I have not managed to drop this camera so far so I cannot tell anything about the real toughness.

The pros:

- This camera does take brilliant photos, the best function I like on it is the handheld night-mode shooting. I was very much surprised at the quality of the photos. The photos are quite good, however sometimes I feel that the focus is on the wrong spot and the other parts of the photo is quite blurred.

- The turning on time is 1-2 seconds which is already a great improvement compared to my previous olympus camera.

- The battery life is quite long, I have managed to take ~380 photos during snorkeling within 3 hours using the original Olympus battery.

- The GPS does work very well, however sometimes it takes quite a long time to find a position, it could take up to 5min even with full wide view to the sky. (Note that the GPS does not work underwater, this is due to the fact the water absorbs the radio waves used by the GPS.) The tracking function is also useful, however there are no additional settings for the plotting interval.

- The provided software could plot the photos on the map, it is similar to the iPad's function.

- The video does have a good quality as well, however the compression rate is very low so it takes up quite a lot of memory.

The big cons I have found with this camera:

- There is a dial on it to change the shooting mode, it is definitely not a smart idea! At the first time I took it into the sea the fine sand penetrated underneath the dial so I could not turn it for a while. (On my previous Olympus model there was no dial, only buttons, yes it took longer time to select the mode, but it had never got stuck.)

- There is no protector for the lens. I very much afraid that it is going to get scratched even in my pocket. Recently I took this camera for biking and put it into the pocket of my jersey, everytime I took it out it was steamed up and I had to wipe it. (Again on my previous model there was a lens protection. Well it took 5sec to fire up the camera, however I never had this kind of problem.)


I will stick with camera for a while as I am generally happy with it, however I am looking forward to some software update especially for the GPS and to get some extra manual functions on shutter timing. It was not the cheapest tough model on the market, but it is worth the price. I would like to try the extra lenses as well, which was not possible with my previous camera.

March 30, 2013


awesome camera!!

I bought the Tough TG2 to replace an older Olympus. This camera is incredible. Easy to use and perfect for our work, which involves being able to take EXCELLENT close-up photos of homes/buildings. It's rugged yet easy to carry & the picture quality is great. Aside from my DSLRs, the TG2 is probably the best camera I own! Thanks, Olympus!

March 28, 2013


Nearly perfect Tough Point&Shoot

I really like this camera.
Especially the aperture mode allows you to get great quality images out of the camera. If you pick the right aperture and limit the ISO to a reasonable value. You will get very good image quality out of it.

I was also very positive surprised by the output of the magic filters. It is very easy to create some amazing fun pictures with this camera.

One other very nice feature are the two custom modes, which allows you a fast switch to your preferred settings.

I am very sure I will have a lot of fun in the next years taking pictures with this camera.

For a perfect camera I would just wish tow more things:
- RAW image storage to allow optimized post processing (or at least a setting to define the level for noise reduction as there is very good noise reduction software available).
- make a little bit smaller so that it fits even better into jacket pockets.

March 27, 2013


Tg-1 vs tg-2?

When I heard this was coming out I made a deal and sold my tg-1 to a friend for $150. The super macro and updated resilience appealed to me. I Also didn't have a doubt in my mind that Olympus would address all the sound issues, noises, in video mode... Boy was i wrong, After reading the reviews and seeing the tg-2 actually got I worse rating from user I want my camera and $250 back :( I feel kind of stuck because I already have all the attachments for this camera. Just why in gods green earth would Olympus not fix a known issue on a previous model. As its well known Einstein's definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different result. So me next question is why? Or am I wrong and did Olympus do this knowingly..???? They had to of known, how could they not. Now did they factor in this major flaw and crunch numbers only to decide they will make enough of a profit to pull out ahead regardless, I Did notice Olympus blocked the reviews of the higer rated,older tg-1. Is that because they can't admit failure, to save face? Surely it is. To top it off the tg-1 has 3d, tg-2 no. The tg-1 is 9.8mp effective, the tg-2 9.7mp effective, also a few other items on the tg-1 make the quality better. really tg-2 is just slightly tougher with super macro as upgrades.I just though Olympus was better than this.

March 24, 2013


Great for travel cam

The camera lived up to everything. We went on a trip to 3 islands in Hawaii. Used it for hiking , Swimming and underwater shots. only complaint is the ring that goes on the lens area fell off several times the last on a boat and fell over board. Gone. Works fine without. I well continue to use my Larger full size cam for everyday use but this is a great pocket cam for travel and skiing.

March 18, 2013

Ken G.

Nice design, great features, TOO MUCH NOISE REDUCTION processing

I bought this camera to use while snorkeling, kayaking, fly fishing, and hiking. It certainly seems tough enough to handle all of that. I like the physical design of the camera. It has a fast 2.0 aperture when shooting at the wide-angle end of the zoom.

What I found to be a major issue is the amount of noise reduction Olympus applies to the images - the fine details come out looking like an impressionist painting. Too smoothed out, smeared. If this camera applied LESS noise reduction to it's images I'd have kept it, even without manual controls or the ability to shoot RAW images.

Hopefully Olympus and other manufacturers will offer a tough waterproof camera that puts out a less processed, finer detailed image in the near future. I'd buy that camera tomorrow.

March 17, 2013


Great Camera!

I have taken some amazing pictures with this camera and absolutely love the way it performs. I have had occasional issues in a dark environment or with extreme zoom with getting the camera to focus, but have otherwise had an easy time using this camera. The magic features work well, as does the aperture priority mode.

There is noise when recording video, but it doesn't really bother me.

Overall awesome camera!

March 15, 2013


The TG-2 iHS is the Best Camera I have Ever Owned!

I received my TG-2, Opened the Box, immediately read the manual and installed my new 32 gig (1080P) memory card. Then I took a few photos around my desk, trying out the different features, settings and options available on the TG-2.

I have yet to use it under water (wish I had owned the TG-2 during our last cruise, I could have used it on my snorkeling adventures) but from what I have seen thus far, I expect the underwater features will also exceed my expectations.

The most interesting trial shot I made involved taking a picture of a picture of my daughter. The original photo was pretty good but using the features available in the Beauty Settings I was able to make her look like a model straight out of a magazine. I showed the results to my wife of 36 years and she said that she wanted me to take some shots of her. Now that is an excellent advertizement of the capabilities of my new TG-2.

I made a short movie walking along the creek behind the house and the 1080P video was outstanding. I am already looking forward to making movies of my grandson's athletic endeavors this spring and summer.

Thanks - Olympus for making my photography efforts/results better than they have ever been!

March 14, 2013


Great Tough Camera

I ordered my Olympus TG-2iHS camera as soon as I could find one in stock. This is my 5th Olympus camera and again I am not disappointed. I love the features on this camera. I will start by saying that what you may have read about the noise on a video from the zooming in and out of the camera lens is true, but this doesn't bother me as I don't shoot many videos. The microphone on this camera is very sensitive and I see no way they could make it without picking up the lens zooming in and out. I bought this camera to be tough and to take great photos, and in that it shines. I like the lens being in the center of the camera and not in the top left corner as some of the Olympus cameras are. I love the new button to turn the camera on. I have arthritis in my hands and some of the other Olympus cameras are hard to turn on with the tiny button. The controls on this camera are simple to use and simple to understand. It takes great photos and very good low light photos. The only trouble I had was trying to view my videos on my computer. I called the Olympus Tech team and the gentleman talked me right though it. I had to download the software that comes with the camera, and I had not done that. You also have to have Quick Time on your computer and this is a free download also. After I did those 2 things everything was fine. Again I am glad that Olympus went to the SD card storage system as they are available at a reasonable cost almost anywhere. I do a lot of trail camera photography and it is so nice to be able to take the card out of your trail camera and pop it in your TG-2 iHS camera and it works great. And the large viewing screen on the Olympus gives you a good view of the photos from the trail camera. Also as in all Olympus cameras I have used, the viewing screen is easily seen outside in bright sun light. I have not used this camera under water, but I feel certain it would do a good job. Overall I am greatly pleased with this camera.

March 12, 2013


Makes noises when recording video

I wanted to like this camera mainly because of all of its features for travel i.e. waterproof, drop proof, freeze proof, dust proof.

The pictures are pretty good

The main issue with the camera are the noises it makes when recording video. There is no end of clicks, grinds, beeps etc as it, I am assuming, tries to adjust focus. They are actually quite loud when you play back the video. Also when you zoom in there is a fairly loud buzzing sound.
These sounds for the most part make the video almost useless.

if they fix these sound issues, this would be a great travel camera. The way that it is now, this camera is almost useless for travel