April 29, 2015


My TG-830 dead experiences

I have had two bad experiences with my camera, it stopped working, both related with trying to use it in a hot environment, a national park in the desert, where the temperature was high, 112 fahrenheit (more than 38 celsius).
The bad thing is that the battery was hot and after cooling it down, fortunately I was able to turn on the camera .
But my other two cameras (Canon and Nikon) didn't suffer similar problems, and I was using the three of them in the same conditions.

November 13, 2014


Tough but unreliable

I bought this camera just over a year ago to replace my Canon. I snowmobile in Canada and wanted something that could withstand the cold and take great pics and HD video out on my trips, as well as take a beating from 4 kids.

Sadly this camera was a big disappointment. First - it's broken after just 13 months (very little use) - after plugging into my computer it locks up and won't tun off or respond to any button functions. Of course the warranty is just 12 months. So I'm up the creek - Talk about Manufactured obsolescence!

Second it took poor pictures on the auto setting ( where I needed it too most) and has too many scenes to choose from on the scene setting ( where picture quality was better but who has 20 seconds for every picture to toggle through scene choices?)

Finally, I found the quality of the Video to be poor - even on its best setting. Pluses? It was tough and worked underwater and in the cold. It just didn't last or provide high quality pics or video. Can't recommend and am shocked at how many people here do.

June 19, 2014


Awesome Camera

I got this camera after I had a S/W series camera stolen from my apartment on Christmas Eve by a friend of a friend named 'Bear'. I LOVED my Olympus Stylus 770 SW and took it EVERYWHERE! It allowed me to take photos from places I otherwise wouldn't have been able to! I plan on taking this new Tough series camera all over the Highland Lakes and putting it to the test! So far, I am very impressed with the video options, new interface and the large number of features! Thanks Olympus for making a great product.

April 02, 2014



I purchased the TG-830 3/25/2014 at Boolchand's [5124 Dronningens Gade, St Thomas, USVI 00802] while on vacation as my other camera was becoming erratic.
 After unpacking the camera, reading the instructions and charging the battery the shutter functioned erratically.  The only way to take a still photo is to repeatedly push the shutter button until it took a photo.
Upon return to the continental USA, I looked for any software updates and tried to set up the GPS function. I use a MAC.  I downloaded the MAC version of OLYMPUS A-GPS Utility but was still unable to activate GPS: message: unable to contact camera.  SD card formatted for MS DOS (FAT 32). I called Olympus and described the shutter problem noted above. I was advised to send it back for repair. I mailed it 3/31.

March 30, 2014


Rare good product

As a jaded modern consumer, I assume most services and products I buy won't work as advertised. This Tough is a pleasant surprise. From sharks to family gatherings, this does it all and well. And, tough. Over the past couple of years, I've fallen down river banks with it, dropped it on rocks and used it in salt water for a month at a time, always expecting it to fall apart or just stop working. This could be the last camera I ever buy. OK, don't get a big head, Olympus. I'm sure some of your other products suck. This just isn't one of them.

March 06, 2014


toughest camera I have ever seen

I was deployed in Afghanistan and my job requires me to carry a small camera. The camera not only survived the deployment weather and dust, it was also run over by a Chevy 2500 truck. Blown up by an IED and dropped numerous times. In the end the camera still worked and was still waterproof. I am going to buy this brand for a long time. Hopefully it will last through my four girls...

February 28, 2014


Love it so far

I've only had this camera for about a week. It was purchased to replace Stylus 8010 that finally died after a rough life. I thought the 8010 was great, but this one is MUCH better.

February 27, 2014


Too soon...

I have had the camera a week. I have not had the opportunity to use it for the purpose I had intended which is underwater. All the water here is frozen right now. I will comment again when I get back from Maui in April.
So far, however, I like the little camera and if it is as tough as they say it is, I will be very happy.
Feels solid in my hands and I like that. For now, I will say four.

February 26, 2014


great camera

The camera takes great pictures. It fees sturdy like it would take a fall. I like that I can go out in freezing weather and take pictures. The instructions are easy to understand. I am happy I chose this camera.

February 25, 2014


Excellent Camera

This camera is a perfect choice for people who spend time outdoors. It is compact and rugged. The image quality is excellent. I fish and kayak a great deal. This camera has withstood all types of weather and the water shedding lens is great.

January 14, 2014


answered my needs

I recently had a seizure and damaged my right shoulder making my SLR photography impossible, I have to take pictures, I decided point & shoot was the answer as there is no such thing as a left handed camera this would be the easiest, so far, so good. 16MP was the big selling point for me. This will never replace my SLR, but is a definite asset.

January 14, 2014


Great camera

I researched waterproof cameras for about 2 months before deciding on this one. There is so much conflicting information on which is best it was very frustrating .I bought this for our trip to the Caribbean because we planned on doing a lot of snorkeling and beach time. Camera worked great! The underwater images turned out really well. Very durable. In one day went from beach pictures, wave runner and snorkeling. I did notice the clicking sound on the videos on the underwater images. I didn't know if was the underwater sounds it was picking up or what. I made sure to soak in fresh water for 10 minutes after having it in saltwater and have had no water seal problems. So far it has met my expectations.

January 13, 2014


Very nice camera.

I am still in the learning process but so far I am very impressed. I bought it mainly for durability and have yet to put that to the test. Not especially wanting to go under water with it but to be able to use it in the rain safely. I like all the variations to use while taking pictures. Don't really need all of them but they are still fun. I am mostly going to use it on backpacking and camping trips as well as family vacations. Can't wait to put it to more tests.

January 01, 2014


Takes a beating, and keeps on clicking

This camera was purchased to take on the motorcycle. I want something I can toss in the tourpack, and can handle heat, cold, water, dust, and has good battery life. For the short time I have had it, it meets my expectations for mid price point and shoot. Has some nice effects, does a good job on macro shots meaning less equipment I need to take for my D5200.
No unpleasant surprises. Better price, and meets what I wanted better than the Coolpix I had been considering.

December 29, 2013


Big camera features in a small, tough, take anywhere camera

Amazed at the 'big camera' features and control of the TG-830IS. Looking forward to taking it on kayaking and camping/hiking trips. Will get back to you after I"ve had a chance to use it 'in the field.'

December 09, 2013


Superb Camera

Great camera, easy to learn and use. Great Shots. I prefer it to my Nikon. Fun to use. One small quibble; The controls in the back are hard to read I have poor eyesight, an age thing, But all is not lost thanks to the icon guide I can read the descriptions of the buttons.I will gladly give this superb camera a 5 star rating,

November 29, 2013



Recently bought it, found it easy to use with great resolution. Then I started checking out all the bells & whistles and am amazed at what this camera is capable of. The added features make it almost impossible to take a "bad' picture.There are so many options to help you shoot different scenerios, it's unbelievable. The functions actually "show you" what they do. So far I'm very pleased & would recommend this camera to anyone who wants to take good quality pictures easily.

November 11, 2013


Good Tough Camera, but . . .

When taking video there is a mechanical clicking noise from inside the camera. Once played back, the clicking noise can be heard throughout the entire video. When I called customer support, they were aware of the problem and said it will be fixed in later versions of the camera. That does not help me and then they expect me to ship it back to them, with me paying for the shipping. I like the camera and the pictures that it takes and will have to live with the clicking in the video since I do not use the video option very often. Also, the placement of the video button should be in a different place, too easy to press on it when all I want is to take a picture. I will probably get used to this as time goes on, but, should not have to worry about it at all - maybe this button should be switched with the larger picture taking button, would make sense. Mostly satisfied, too bad about the video.

November 08, 2013


Battery Sucks

I bought the camera back in August and charged the battery per instructions. The first time I used it was end of September on my vacation. There was only 2 segments left on the battery as indicated on the camera. I took about 20 pictures before the camera frozen up no matter what button I pressed. Pushed the power button and no response. The only way to power up the camera was to take out the battery and re-insert it back in. I recharged the battery to get ready for the next day but the battery died again about 20 pics taken. It happened everyday during my vacation. I am very disappointed with the performance of the battery.

October 19, 2013


Better than expected, yet still learning

Takes good pictures even without using a flash. Don't like the dial but I'm getting used to it since it still means 25 formats to take pics. Loving the Fragmented, Mirror & Soft Feature within MAGIC. Too many steps to use Macro vs just 1 button as my previous Olympus did. Overall it's better than I expected, which makes it an improvement to my previous model, but takes some getting used to. Especially the child proof doors as I call them to get to the battery and plug. Have to be more mindful of my nails whereas the previous doors were rubber and didn't need two locks.

October 19, 2013


Better than expected, yet still learning

Takes good pictures even without using a flash. Don't like the dial but I'm getting used to it since it still means 25 formats to take pics. Loving the Fragmented, Mirror & Soft Feature within MAGIC. Too many steps to use Macro vs just 1 button as my previous Olympus did. Overall it's better than I expected, which makes it an improvement to my previous model, but takes some getting used to. Especially the child proof doors as I call them to get to the battery and plug. Have to be more mindful of my nails whereas the previous doors were rubber and didn't need two locks.

October 12, 2013


I love this camera

I needed something tough and smaller than my E-520. I have only had my TG-830 for a short time but have already taken well over 100 photos.
While it takes great low light photos I will will be taking my zoom photos with my E-520. The resolution isn't as good as my E camera but that is to be expected. The only complaint I have is that I didn't get a choice in color, I would have liked something other than black. I don't know why I didn't get a choice since the camera does come in red and blue also. I also wish I could charge the battery without it being in the camera. I bought a back up battery, but I can't use the camera while it charges.
I have not tried all the features yet but I plan to - so far no problems.

September 16, 2013


Excellent Functions, Excellent Quality Photos, Super convenience

I was incredibly impressed with both the quality of the photos and videos we were able to capture with the 830 iHS. It's extremely easy to handle, the zoom feature is amazing and overall the added bells and whistles are easy to access. It's a very user-friendly go-anywhere camera. Highly recommend.

August 27, 2013


Took good pictures, however failed to recharge after six weeks

I purchased this camera at the after the start of a long car time. While the camera took great pictures and I loved the panorama feature, after I returned home, the camera failed to charge or turn on. I feel that it is unacceptable for a camera billed as being "tough" to not survive being carried in a purse, then stored on a shelf. I

August 19, 2013


Great Camera

Simply stated this is a great camera and at this price where can you go wrong. I got beautiful landscapes day and low light. Great shots by the campfire light only...even the moon came out beautiful.

Easy to switch from video to stills. Battery lasted all weekend. Love this camera.

August 19, 2013


Terrific Camera

Just got back from an off road camping trip. This camera performed beautifully. Great shots in low light including the moon. Easy switch from video to stills. No issues. Recommend to everyone. Easily gets a 5 star.

August 04, 2013


Amazing camera !

This was a last minute purchase for our trip to Cancun. We were looking for a waterproof camera for when we went snorkeling, read all the reviews and decided to just go for it. The pictures and videos we took underwater where amazing! We even used it for everyday pictures on our vacation! It has amazing features for every day use. Well priced and great quality! Highly recommend this camera!
Lily D

August 02, 2013


Good Waterproof Digital Camera

I have a number of digital cameras, all with good resolution, low light performance, with moderate optical zoom. I needed one for use on the water and perhaps under but at least waterproof. In all my searching I found the TG-830 had the best combination of features for me with some very good reviews. My experience agrees with most of the good reviews. I do find the menus confusing (to take a macro shot I need to go to the underwater menu, for example) and the low light sensitivity less than desired, certainly not as good as my Ricoh CX3. But I would recommend this camera. This said, I have yet to get it wet....

July 30, 2013


Great camera!

My intention of buying this camera was because I will be going snorkeling soon. I did research on some other under water cameras but between an employee from Best Buy and my own judgment/what I was looking for I chose this camera. Mine is red.
Now, some reviews about this camera may sound a little bad and make you hesitant to purchase it but I have not ran into any troubles. The battery life is wonderful. If you charge it completely you're good to go! I have taken it in the water and it still works afterwards. haha I love all the different scene modes and other special features to customize your pictures, very fun! The zoom level is also a plus. Oh, and the software that comes with it is such a breeze to load onto your computer or laptop. And for me, this was such an upgrade compared to my old camera that was a 1.8 megapixel. Regarding moneywise, I say it is worth it because you can do so much with this camera. I completely adore this camera which is saying something because my old camera is a Kodak and I also like Cannon so I am partial to those brands. Olympus definitely made me a believer in their brand and my new TG-830... I have grown to adore:)

July 25, 2013

Lora Jane


I have been looking at waterproof cameras for a couple years wanting one. I can tell you comparing photos to a camera that I purchased last Christmas for my niece - these are more clear. I am more pleased with the photos than I thought I would be. Night photos are great. Photos at the pool are great and not worring about my DSL camera getting wet makes it easier to have fun. I would recommend this camera to others.

July 18, 2013


Awesome Camera

Camera takes great photos! I have not used it under water yet so I can't comment on that. Easy to use, portable but not too small. Plan to use it while on our Seadoo's this weekend!

July 14, 2013


Best camera I've ever had!

I bought this camera because it was waterproof and my family loves to be in the water! The fact that it could withstand being dropped or stepped on was just an added bonus! But, when I started using the camera, I truly began to feel lucky that I found this camera. It has amazing photo quality! I love all of the features, including the different scenes for taking pictures and the magic tool for cool effects (soft focus, pastel, punk). The Beauty option is awesome, as well, and we've been playing around with that, eliminating the dark circles under our eyes and other imperfections! Truly amazing camera! Well worth the price!

July 08, 2013


Great camera

Love this camera. My previous camera was an Olympus Tough series that I owned for about 7 years. Other cameras I have owned in the past have never lasted that long. The camera is great especially if you have young ones that might get a hold of it. Very durable and love the waterproof aspect since Im always at the beach.
The only complaint I have is the circular dial to change the settings is a little looser than my previous one. So if I take it out of my bag to take a picture 9 out of 10 times the setting has changed to something else.

June 20, 2013


family cam all the way

We have three very active kids and are an outdoors kind of family. I set it on sport shoot and let the camera take care of lighting and etc while I attempt to wrangle a 6yo a 4yo and a 2yo. even when the happen to take it in the pool its OK! great pics and video on the fly glad I bought it.

June 10, 2013



It's a great camera, worth every penny.

June 05, 2013


Great camera!

Best camera for an outdoor couple like us. We spend a lot of time outdoors and in the water and this camera was lost in the lake for 3 hours and it still works perfectly. Best camera I've ever owned!

May 22, 2013


The Best Tough YET!!!!!!

Well, Since Olympus began making the tough series, I have been buying the tough series. I decided to buy 2 of these, both of my employees are very different picture takers. We take pictures inside of very dark, sometimes very dusty environments. We have the cameras strapped to our necks as we climb a ladder 100 to 150 feet in the air, with steel on the oppisite side of the ladder, Does it smash into it, Oh yes sure does. Does it still work, OH YES YES It still does, are the pictures wonderful regardless! oh yes indeed, they sure are. Some times you can take pictures in the darkened room with no flash and they are great. Colors quite important in the industry I am in, as rust comes in all different shades of bad.
Easy to use, dependable, tough, small, easy to carry, great battery life, easy tap, huge zoom, and drop it intentionally it wont break. I am a true beleiver in Olympus and any time I called Customer service they have been hugely helpful. A++++ Olympus this is a keeper.

April 04, 2013



The picture quality, display, functionality, and overall build of the camera is outstanding. The pictures are great and it is designed to take a beating! I really really want to give this camera 5 stars but....

When taking video there is a mechanical clicking noise from inside the camera. Once played back, the clicking noise can be heard throughout the entire video. From other reviews I've read, the TG-2 has the same issue with video.... It gets worse when I called customer support. First off I couldn't understand what the lady was saying and she couldn't understand me, then they expect me to ship it back to them on my dime.... I am just dissapointed.

My rating: 2.5 stars