April 15, 2015 by leesea
Good camera but...
I looked at XZ-1 before when I bought a Canon S90. Now that Canon has gone away, I relooked at XZ-2. Other reviews sounded good, but..... Initial observations, this camera is HEAVY and bigger compared to Canon S series. NOT as pocketable. The controls are all there, easy to operate, but the settings are (in usual Oly form) difficult to figure out. Not as user friendly. The lens cap is a bad design just as it was on the old C series of which I owned three. I had to buy a newer type lens cap for $25! Should be standard equipment PROs are: good lens, nice but big rear screen. Ring, dial etc nice to use. Nice that I can use my existing EVF and flash unit on the XZ-2. CONs are: mixed results using iAuto exposure mode and even the Program mode is tricky. Color balance is far different. Have not figured out the Auto WB as yet? Worse feature: battery can ONLY be charged IN the body. NOT a good design.
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April 4, 2015 by Jerrold
A great walk-around camera
I got this for a walk-around camera for when my E-510 was not flexible enough. you know I need a wide angle, then the need for a tele. Well this fills that need. I gave it 4 stars and I'll add one for the external viewfinder, this was added after my trip and makes the whole package 5 STARS!
September 18, 2014 by boB
good camera, but ... #2
Just returned from holiday in Italy. Gave this XZ-2 a good workout. My comments: the good: 1) fast lens takes great pics in low light, with no flash. 2) Swing out lcd screen. Used this 2-4 times a day. But when you need it for the overhead or ground level pic, it is great. Would be nice if it opened to 180 for 'selfies.' 3) touch screen for focus. BUT, see below. 4) fits in pocket of baggy jeans, barely. 5) took most pics in 'p' program mode; jpg only. 6) saw lots & lots of folks lugging the large dslr camera with grande zoom lens. Not me. 7) movies are good enough for most shots; take a movie when you want a panoramic view point. 8) pics are great; good color & exposure & focus. I will have little to do in photo editor. 9) battery always got me through the day, although I kept a charged spare on hand. the bad: 11) Double pics. press shutter button & camera takes two pics. Happens sometimes 20-25% of shots. Reported elsewhere. Not a show stopper but a real pain. Come on Olympus, you can fix this. 12) flash is weak; knew about this 13) short zoom; knew about this 14) proprietary cable & battery. Lost the camera cable with the lost luggage. This almost put me out of business. 15) BUT the control for the touch screen focus function is *on* the screen. Bump the screen and the touch screen now takes the photo. Olympus; put touch screen control on menu. 16) panorama requires you to take a series of manual photos. Apple's phones do this automatically, as user rotates the phone. Olympus; fix panorama.
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August 24, 2014 by Efrain
Enhancing HDR bracketing to +3 ev to -3 ev
This camera is a bargain at $300. I bought it for its RAW output and HDR capability. At first I was disappointed by the +1 ev to -1 ev limitation for its HDR bracketing feature. Fortunately, I was able to increase exposure compensation to a limit of +3 ev to -3 ev by pressing the arrow ring at its top to set it for exposure compensation, then rotating the arrow ring to increase or decrease the total exposure compensation. Works like a charm although it does result in some duplicate photos among the 3 sets of bracketed photos I usually end up taking. Use a steady tripod and a remote shutter trigger and the system is stable enough so there is no need for image stabilization or lining up the separate photos after you download to your HDR-capable program.
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June 21, 2014 by Joel
Just love it!
I had a Canon G10 and found the Olympus XZ-2 a better replacement primarily due to the faster lens, lighter weight and smaller size. I have been using this camera now for 4 months, shot over 4,000 pics and am very happy with the results.
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