June 10, 2014



Regret to say that this is one of the worst products I ever encountered.

The voice quality is horrible. Charging it is problematical and awkward at best - sometimes it worked other times not.

I sent it back for repair and nothing changed it came back with the same problems.

By contrast I owned one the of previous 600 series, and it was a superb product simple, decent sound quality, easy and uncomplicated to use.

Very disappointed.

Ary Kempler

October 31, 2013


Great Function, Good price

I bought my recorder to use with some meetings. I just turned it on, started recording, and put it on the table. It was a large table, and some of the folks were at the far end. It recorded all without a problem, and with about the same levels for all. After using this for three weeks, it has only used 1/4 of the battery. Only thing it does not do well is connect directly to my computer and load the recording for voice recognition. I strongly believe that is due to the voice recognition system I am using.

October 22, 2013


best of the best

its already the third Olympus digital voice recorder i bought and i can say they are doing great! even as a music player its the best!