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October 08, 2012


A really, really good camera

I bought this camera for two reasons: so that I could shoot HD video on trips without having to bring along a separate video camera, and to get better photos. I haven't been disappointed.

I came from an Olympus E-620 and the only thing I miss about that camera is the fully articulated screen. I've gotten very used to the small size of the E-M5, and in fact, love it. Because of my previous Olympus experience I was also quite used to the Olympus way of building menus in the camera, so that has never been an issue. But the fact that virtually every button is customizable is really a dream. I've got the camera set up for the way *I* use it, and that's great.

The 12-50 kit lens is wonderful, but I did buy a 14-150 to replace it on day-to-day shooting.

I like this camera so much, I can only find "nit-picky" things to complain about: I wish the MYSET settings could have customizable names; as it is, I have to have a piece of paper taped behind the viewing screen to remind me what MYSET3 is set up for.

Second, I'm not crazy about the way the camera focuses when in video mode. It seems I constantly have to half-press the shutter button to get video to refocus. Also, I bought the external mic attachment and although it works well, it also picks up more of the Image Stabilization motor noise. However, the video quality itself is magnificent, tho I do wish you could change exposure settings on the fly. But that's a minor nit.

Art filters? Who needs 'em? It'd have been nice if the dial presets were re-settable so that I could change "ART" to one of my MYSETs. Again, a minor nit.

Great job, Olympus! Please don't come out with a better camera in the near future... I can't afford to switch and like my E-M5!

July 27, 2012


Pro results from an efficient and elegant camera.

This camera works efficiently and looks great. I cannot comment on any of the auto modes as I have only shot in manual in the few months I have been experimenting with the EM-5. I like the speed of focus, the 9FPM aqnd the ability to easily and quickly make changes on the fly - a great improvement over my previous EPL-1.
No comment on video which is my next area of experimenting which I am anxious to use as opposed to reluctance to try video in previous cameras.
I have used this camera in various types of natural lighting , both day and night, and with flash and studio lighting indoors and out and have been amazed at the consistenly good results at a wide vaiety of settings.
I like that I can easily carry a variety of lenses and assorted other gear without being obvious. I carry it with 2 lenses, battery holder attached, fllashes(FL 36Rand FL 300), and a few accessories plus a minimum of "purse stuff" in a bag which doesn't scream photographer and am always ready to shoot.
The EM-5 is aesthetically pleasing, not klunky like larger DSLRs. As a person with limited hand strength I find this camera to be easy to hold and use. I used my daily bag as described as a carry on in a tote with a few other items on a recent trip via air and Amtrak and packed my extra gear in a second carry on in a wheeled bag. On this trip, I went directly from JFK to Central Park in NY for a shoot - a studio on the go with no need for an assistant! Working, I normally carry just the camera on a sholder strap with extra lenses, flashes, and assorted gear in a bag and my tripod on my sholder if needed and perhaps a second bag with a stand to hold an umbrella or fold-up reflector. If I need heavier or bulkier gear it goes in a wheeled bag.

July 25, 2012


Excellent camera let down by minor quality issues

I bought this camera at the end of May. The image quality is excellent, given the sensor size and compactness of the camera including lenses. The kit lens was much better than I expected. Operation is a joy, even though there is some small room for improvement. For instance, one cannot engage at the same time the horizontal/vertical gauge and the red/blue warnings for dynamic clipping. I would also have loved GPS. Unfortunately there are minor quality issues. The glue on my eyecup did not hold. I am still waiting for replacement and in the meanwhile, not having the protection, the glass behind the eye cup got slightly scratched. This happened even though my glasses are made from plastic and should be quite soft. The decorative metal plate on the lens cap also fell off.
Over all I am still happy with my purchase, I just wished that Olympus would not have skimped on delivering the quality of cheap parts such as eye cups.

July 25, 2012


As I am currently living abroad in Taiwan, I needed a camera that could deal with the wet summer weather and not break the bank, so the Olympus OM-D is the camera for me. I have not been disappointed by it at all. The image quality is fantastic, which is a relief as this is my first decent digital. I used almost exclusively film before switching to the OM-D and I have been pleasantly surprised.
Overall I'd say it's a better value than its competitors in a similar price range. It definitely competes on a higher level than that of a micro four thirds. The 12-50mm lens is fantastic and cannot wait to expand my lens kit.
The camera is small, light, and aesthetically pleasing. It is great for travel/street photography as it is not too imposing. I'd definitely recommend it to those looking to travel with it. It's already begun to save me from the rising cost of film.

July 24, 2012

The Underground

very nice. but...

very good image quality, solid build except for the view finder cover, who comes out easily.
very good video mode.
(very)high iso is unusable.
great creative filters and scenes mode. very good lcd and view finder.
hard orange and green pumping colours in auto-mode.
pocketable with a pancake lens (if you have large pockets in your trousers).
love it.

July 22, 2012

San Diego

Great camera, Mac support???

Love the camera, would love more accessories (strap colors, lens caps, bags) and descriptions of said items. Also not having Mac support is unforgiveable. How many camera enthusiasts have a Mac, I bet a whole lot. Lack of panorama (in camera) and HDR is a problem. Also would love tap for pull focus during video. Wish rapid capture images were grouped together smarter for quick deletion. No gps? In general love the camera, just could be best.

July 21, 2012

Bob In Boise

Love it

The look is great. I love the size and weight. I like the fact that the camera body and 3 lenses will fit in my coat pocket. The fit and finish is fantastic. Image quality is as good if not better than my other equipment. My only issue is that when using the high speed shooting mode the view finders will not keep up with the action till all the images are processed onto the card. Other than that I love it .

July 19, 2012


Olympus Got It Right!

I love everything about the OMD, it's perfect. I believe this is the last camera I will ever own, I don't need anything else. Everything I have ever wanted is in the OMD. Well okay a 360 articulating screen would have iced it, but I can live without that and am fine with the LCD. I never leave home without my OMD. Pictures are great, don't have to really say that, the colors are the best and the handling is perfect, don't even need the grip.

July 17, 2012


Love It!

I'm so in love with my new camera and find it hard to take a bad picture with all it's options. I've found the art filters to be so much fun and am enjoying exploring all the different settings. I certainly don't miss lugging my dslr around & haven't had a moment where I wish it was with me instead.

July 16, 2012


great camera. just what I was looking for

I was looking for a small camera for when my pro SLR isn't necessary. But it needed to be able to give me professional images. I found it in this camera. The size is great and the quality is, too. (and it doesn't hurt that it looks like a vintage, mini film camera. that's just fun.)

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