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December 17, 2013


Amazing Camera

I tested this camera for 1.5 hours at the dealer before purchase. The image stabilizing system is beyond belief. Hand held photos at 2x zoom are sharp even at 1/4 second and 1/2 second. All metal chassis with chrome finished metal covers just like the classics of the past. An afternoon at Downtown Disney yielded a fantastic series of photos of children at play with images razor sharp on 24"x36" print enlargements. Lenses the surpass the sensor in many cases. The only shortcoming is the manual. Most of the negative reviews are owners who never read and understood the full CD manual. Most complaints are easily solved if you tune the camera adjustments. Even the current manual is too short to demonstrate the critical features and capabilities. As a tech writer with 30 years experience as a Pro photographer, this camera needs a manual of at least 250 pages to tap it's fantastic capabilities. A full size book. Yes most customers are not going to read it, but those who do will fall in love with this system. 2 of our local news photographers with 4 Pulitzers have switched entirely to this camera system.

December 15, 2013



I am sure this camera has some great features. However, the MANUAL is comprehensible, the display is too quick, navigation is difficult...I am learning by random selection...have lost some functions while doing so.
The 'illustrations' (minute, tiny little illustrations) in the manual are not at all 'illustrative'. Big expense...STEEP learning curve to do anything other than iAUTO.

November 27, 2013


Great image quality; tough to set up

I recently sold a Lumix GH2 and a nice legacy lens collection to finance the purchase a full-frame Sony A99 and a few good modern lenses. But the full-frame kit cost twice as much as my MFT kit, and I only have a third as many lenses

I've missed the fun of shooting legacy lenses and recently received a OM-D E5 and started re-building my legacy glass collection. I've only spent a few days with the OM-D, but have a few initial impressions:

- The OM-D's image quality is the near equal of the Sony A99's in most lighting and dynamic range situations.

- The exposure is always spot on.

- JPEG's have acceptable noise up to ISO 6400.

- The camera is feature-rich, but the user interface is very hard to set up because the manuals are poorly written. It took me about 5 hours of fiddling around and web research to get the camera set up the way I wanted it.

- The indicators for under and over exposing highlights and shadows are a terrific feature, as is the ability to get a stabilized view when using the magnify option for accurate focusing.

- Build quality is excellent ... like a little tank!

- The in-body stabilization makes the OM-D a much better camera for using legacy lenses than those without it.

Aside from the poor manuals, the only real complaint I have is its small grip size, something that has been re-worked in the M1.

November 21, 2013


Like the camera. alot to learn. very challenging!

I think the OM-D E-M5 is superior in many ways. To me after searching for the ultimate perfect camera...I feel I have found that. However, a perfect camera? I think there never will be one. But, believe me, this run's in first place.
I have not used the camera very much as yet, due to the learning curve with it. I do think though that the learning curve is most of that. So I will increase that. What use I have gave it has provided me with the awe factor. It is a fun camera, and smaller in size than the cannon xsi I had. If you are searching for the ultimate camera...this would be one to add high on your list. Olympus did superior work here...reaping in superior fund's as well, I'm sure.

October 13, 2013


Evaluation of Olympus E-M5

To start, I am an "enthusiast" photographer and not a pro. However, I have been in photography for over thirty years. I know that this will upset many DSLR users but this camera is great! I originally purchased this camera as a travel and back up camera to my Sony A700. The Sony is older technology but still a good camera especially when paired with the 75-200mm F/2.8 G lens. The pictures from the Olympus E-M5 are rich in color and tack sharp...I mean tack sharp! My brother is a professional photographer and we recently did a "shoot" together for family portraits. The quality of the Olympus E-M5 was on par with his Nikon D4! I know it has a smaller sensor but the noise levels are superb! Best camera choice I have ever made! If you have the dough, pair it up with the Panasonic 35-100mm f/2.8 lens. All I can say is WOW!
Now the not so good news. Olympus...wait for it...fix the battery life issue. You claim that one can get 350 shots or so. I have only been able to get approximately 145 raw shots before the battery died. I ended up buying four more Chinese made batteries to make it through a shoot. Your engineering staff really needs to work on this or, great camera or not, you will loose out to the Sony NEX system! Oh, Olympus upper management (board, service, marketing, and etc.), you have a very good product here. Instead of focusing on profit and bottom line only, fix your lousy customer service!! You might also update your accessory store with camera products someone might actually buy like a quality remote shutter, a decent wifi dongle that will transmit RAW files to a tablet and etc. Quality, where is your Six Sigma? Eye cup and dials coming off? Really, for a 1000+ camera?

October 11, 2013


Love the E-M5

I have a P-3 and a PL-3 and XZ 2 and 1. I was going to get a APC camera, but after reading the reviews on M5, I decided to get it and so far very satisfied even though had it less than week. I heard about the new M 1, but could not afford to get it. Looking forward to the new lens 12-40 2.8. Also want the 60 macro. But been very happy with Olympus cameras.

October 11, 2013


From carrying my labrador on my back to carrying my mini poodle in my hands.

You guested it, I was tiered on all my trips to carry my Canon 5D Mark II, my 17-40 L and my 70-300 L. Walking for 4 to 5 hours a day with all that stuff was exhausting for a 68 year old.
But I was not ready to give up on quality.
I eared on Québecphoto site about the OM-D E-M5, and how happy was the professional photographers who used it.
They where right. I love everything about this camera. I bought the kit with the 12-50 and the 65-300.
The stabiliser is unbelievable.

October 10, 2013


Great Camera

I am switching over from a Canon full frame system and I absolutely love this camera. I was a little worried that the image quality wasn't going to be as good as my Canon system. I have only had for two weeks but JPEG's out of the camera are amazing. The ability to customize the camera to fit your shooting style is unbelievable and the reason I switched over in the first place was the size. My only complaint has to be that the controls are a little cramped but I am sure I will get used to it or customize the layout to resolve that issue.

October 02, 2013


Best New Camera

Shooting pictures over the course of the past several weeks has been amazing. The camera build quality is exceptional, the picture quality is top notch (better than my old Nikon D90), the image stablization system is second to none, and the speed can't be matched. Special effects such as Art Mode and Scene Mode offer a tremendous opportunity to be creative, and both the panorama and 3d settings work beautifully.
This camera is the best so far, transportable, light, easy to use, intuitive in all aspects, and the packaged software is about as good as it gets.

September 20, 2013



The basic functionality and idea of this camera is outstanding. However, it falls short in several critical areas:

1) Fairly small
2) Lightweight for quality
3) Many features
4) Excellent in low light and high quality photos most of time

1) Definitely not user friendly when it comes to the menu and functions.
2) Randomly does not power off when switched off. There are other folks who've complained about this on the forums and I have a friend with the same issue.
3) Hot shoe cover falls off easily leaving the camera exposed. I've replaced 3 so far.
4) Eyecup falls off easily leaving the viewfinder exposed to scratches and allowing light in when it shouldn't.
5) Non-standard plug
6) Very limited on a customizable timer.
7) No wireless remote available
8) Non-standard connection for wired remote,
9) Paint wears off much easier than similarly priced cameras.
10) Cannot be used easily with purchasing an additional pricey grip, which must be removed in order to recharge battery. They could opt to sell a less expensive grip without all the fancy buttons and features, but they don't.
11) Customer service is terrible. When I called about the eyecup that mysteriously disappeared after just a few uses, they insisted I mail in the camera. There are many others complaining about this on the forums, so it is clearly a design issue. Mailing it in takes time and money. I think they required this just to discourage people from asking for replacements.

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